Men’s mental health from smoking attitude

Men’s mental health from smoking attitude

Want to know the inner world of your husband and the men around you?

Men’s mental health viewed from smoking attitude.

  Their smoking attitude can tell you the health of men.

  A, extinguish cigarette B with water. If the cigarette is still burning, throw it directly into ashtray C. I like to step out cigarette D with my feet. The ash is already long, but I don’t care about E. The cigarette is burning to the mouth and smoking F.I like to hold a cigarette in the corner of my mouth, but the cigarette end is slightly tilted. Answer: A, analysis: This type of person has a neurotic personality. When doing things, he considers the feelings of others and pursues the perfect ending.

Although he can show a sense of responsibility and meticulous care for others, he often loses something that should not be lost because of too much thought.

  B. Analysis: This type of person is not self-controlling, and often expresses or imposes his feelings arbitrarily.

Do things irresponsibly, freely, carelessly, and often inadvertently hurt others.

  C. Analysis: This type of person has a sexual abuse side. No matter what happens, he wants to attract the attention of others and seduce people around him.

Sometimes I deliberately pursue some new and exciting stimuli that come from my satisfaction, and are often aggressive and refuse to give in easily.

  D, Analysis: This type of person is very cautious, generally has deep intentions, and is good at hiding himself, very confident.

It is often misunderstood because of poor communication.

Although it is more thoughtful to consider the problem, it may also cause fighters to miss out and lose opportunities.

  E, Analysis: People of this type often believe too much in their abilities and sometimes cannot objectively analyze the current scale.

They belong to a highly developing type.

  F, analysis: this type of people lack confidence in themselves, always lingering between ideal and reality, often attribute failure to itself, like self-blame.

However, if someone has a positive attitude, he will use this feature to lead himself to a relatively high goal, continuously pursue, and ultimately succeed.

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