How to eat black food before re-nutritional

How to eat black food before re-nutritional

Black food is rich in a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body. Regular eating can strengthen the body’s resistance, cold resistance, fatigue resistance, hypoxia resistance, and improve the body’s immunity and delay aging.

Many people know that black foods have high nutritional value and are beneficial to eat more, such as black sesame, black rice, black dates, black beans, black fungus, kelp, etc.

But people make some mistakes when eating, which affects the absorption of food and nutrients.

  Black sesame must be ground into powder and eaten. Black sesame is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can be used for brain health, nourishment, anti-aging, and the zinc necessary for human body.

Many people often eat whole black sesame seeds, but this is not good for the body to absorb.

If black sesame is ground and eaten, the nutrients in it will be more easily digested and absorbed.

For those who like to eat black sesame seeds, it is best to prepare a small mortar at home, or use a grinder directly to eat and grind.

  Eggplants, grapes with skins. When many people eat grapes and eggplants, they are accustomed to throwing away their skins. This way of eating virtually loses many nutrients.

This is because the dark outer skin can be supplemented with vitamins, fiber and various trace elements.

For example, purple grapes contain antioxidant groups that slow down the effects of aging, and its content in the skin far exceeds the pulp.

Eggplant is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P. It has the functions of lowering cholesterol and improving capillary elasticity, and it has a good protective effect on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. In the skin of eggplant, these nutrients are the highest.

  Black bean products can be eaten more. Most people are aware of the fungus, fungi, and seafood in black food, but they ignore a kind of black food-black beans.

Black beans can nourish the kidney, expel wind, and diuretic. It is both a drug and a food. It can improve the body’s immunity and lead to a reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

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