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Joke: Six levels of men’s lust

Joke: Six levels of men’s lust

All men will be moved by beauty, after all, everyone loves beautiful things.

But appreciation and appreciation should be limited, and there should be a limit to behavior.

    Even if his reasons are many and sounding, how to sweetly explain his “irresistible urge” cannot exceed the boundary and cause a shadow in you and his heart.

So, pay attention to the following six situations. If yours is one of these facts, you should really consider “maybe the next man will be better”.

    We have summarized the six worst examples of men in color, each of which should be severely “sanctioned” by female compatriots, and the existence of a certain kind of infidelity not only makes women sad, but also a shame for men.

    Prideful ecstasy: If your boyfriend is greedy for beauty and has a stiff neck, you must go to an orthopedist for treatment, which means that he is too much!

If you can bear it at a glance, it ‘s a little bit too much. If the first dish has n’t been served yet, he looks at the other person ‘s five eyes.

    Old cow eats tender grass type: Unless he is only eighteen years old, or has any dissatisfaction with you, if he always likes to mix with his high school age sister, not right!

If he dares to ask you “Why not?

“So, make an appointment for a counselor for him!

    Family type, young and old: Never allow him to move his mind to your sister, grandma or even your mother!

Unless you want to be the protagonist of the social edition or the character of the month in gossip magazine.

    Love House and Wu Xing: He doesn’t even let your friends down. This kind of embarrassment shouldn’t let him in even the door. With this kind of boyfriend, insulting others, your face is even bigger.

    Good-near-neighborly type: Absolutely prevent him from touching your roommate.

You share the rent, but you don’t have to share the same boyfriend.

    Behavioural: What makes him show off?

Is it the cheerful voice of a rocky sandpiper, charming words to other women, or the lips purring when she sees a beautiful woman?

When the beauties pass by, they will start the car engine and slam the horn, or will they slobber and slobber?

Any kind of behavioral language that does not represent noble behavior may find out whether your boyfriend is a standard lascivious, apprentice.

    Think about it, is your boyfriend a lecher?

Does his eyes always chase every beauty in the street?

Should you punish him?

Or pretending not to see it, just because it was one of his male instincts?

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7 benefits of saltwater freckle whitening and light saline face wash_1

7 benefits of salt water freckle whitening

Salt is one of the inedible foods in people’s daily life. Do we need 6?
10 grams of salt can maintain the normal physiological activities of the human body. Salt is the carrier of salty taste and the most commonly used condiment in substitution. It is known as the ancestor (king) of “Baiwei”.

Nowadays, salt can not only be eaten in the stomach, but also people who love too much beauty also make extensive use of hay beauty. Some say: salt water to wash their face.

Will you wash your face with salt water?

  Most women are now using cosmetics, and Japanese women with good skin have recently advocated “salt beauty.”

The use of salt for beauty can remove the accumulated oil, acne, pores, and “blackheads” exposed on the skin, as well as keratin and dirt on the skin surface.

Generally, after a week of salt beauty, the skin can show a fresh and transparent feeling.

The salt cosmetic method can promote the metabolism of the whole body’s skin, and it can help to improve the self-care effect.

  Washing your face with salt water can well remove the accumulated oils, acne, “blackheads” exposed on the skin, and the horny and dirt on the skin surface.

  Washing your face with salt water has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, achieving deep skin cleansing, anti-inflammatory, and sterilizing effects.

  Washing your face with saline water also shrinks pores, astringes the skin, and soothes flush skin.

  Salt also has a tomahawk effect. In fact, salt is also useful for the “stubborn diseases” with acne behind.

Also, washing your face with saline makes your eyes brighter.

  The benefits of washing your face with fresh salt water1. After washing your face in the morning and evening to brighten the complexion, put a small spoon of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add water 3?
5 drops, use your fingers to carefully stir the salt and water evenly, dipped in salt water from top to bottom, and massage.

After a few minutes, when the fractured saline is dry and powdery, washing the face with warm water can effectively remove the accumulated oil and acne in the skin.

If saline drips into your eyes, rinse them with water as soon as possible.

Avoid skin around the eyes during massage, and use with caution on sensitive skin.

  2. Freckle removal salt can remove facial freckles to a certain extent. Some beauty experts believe that washing face with salt is better than many face cleansers, because salt can effectively eliminate the accumulated oil, acne, blackheads, dead skin, etc. when the face rubs.

Salt removes dirt, and has anti-inflammatory effects, which can accelerate the rate of acne fade. If you add lemon juice as an ingredient, you can also remove facial freckles.

  The specific method is: when washing your face in the morning and evening, you can season a teaspoon of salt and add some lemon juice with whitening effect, add water to dissolve it, apply it on your face, wipe it from top to bottom, and do a circular massage while rubbing.After half a minute, thoroughly cleanse the face with warm water, then apply moisturizing lotion or continue with normal skin care procedures.

After washing your face every morning and evening, your face will look rosy and transparent after about a week.

  3. Control the secretion of oil in the T zone. For the t-shaped zone with strong secretion of oil, even in autumn, the “oil production” of many oily skins is continuous.

For local areas, you can use fine salt on the pre-aligned skin, gently massage and rest for 3 minutes, and then use the middle finger pads to squeeze the massage from the bottom to the top of the pores on the sides of the nose.

  4. Remove the acne marks and smooth the unevenness of the skin, apply a small amount of salt to the fingertips, massage the acne marks or uneven areas three times in a spiral, and then apply enough salt to the area that needs to be “solved”, and wash after five or six minutesgo with.

Note: Do not massage the growing acne.

  5. Remove the rough skin and dark spots and apply the salt to the skin with water. Massage for 1 minute. The force is the same as when washing the face. Use the nose as the center to draw a big circle from bottom to top.

Then rub your fingertips in circular motions on the dark spots.

  6, improve the pores clogging do not use cold water when washing your face.

Because when the skin encounters cold water, the pores are closed immediately after being stimulated.

Neither the dirt nor the dirt inside could be cleaned up.

So it is recommended to wash your face with warm water.

After washing your face with warm water, replace some small soft brushes and gently swipe back and forth several times at both ends to remove some of the dirt in the pores.

  7, cool detoxification, anti-inflammatory sterilization can be rubbed back and forth with fine salt on the chin after washing the face at night, and then washed away with water, this can effectively improve the symptoms of skin pores blocking.

It is said that since the Song Dynasty, court women used salt water to wash their faces.

It is also recorded in ancient medical books that salt has the effect of cooling and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing.

  Notes on washing your face with salt water Washing your face with salt water can well remove the oil, acne, keratin and dirt on the surface of the skin.

After washing your face with saline, you can make the skin appear smooth and delicate, but remember that if the method is not correct, it will only show bad results.
  As a common condiment, salt is not a professional cosmetic. It must be used with care. The following points must be kept in mind: The selected salt must be fine salt or professional beauty salt. Do not use the common salt.salt.

Because this kind of salt generally has cracks on the skin, it will scratch the skin during the washing process, and severe cases will lead to peeling, so you must choose carefully.
  Wash your face with beauty salt. Never apply it directly to the skin, as this will irritate the skin.

So be sure to change the salt before using it to wash your face to reduce salt damage to the skin.

  Do not wash your eyes with salt water. This can easily hurt your eyes.

  People who have acne or wounds in their bladder should not use saline to wash their faces, as this may cause a tingling sensation and lead to a secondary infection.

For people with sensitive skin, do not use this method.

  Washing your face with salt water has certain benefits to the human skin. Generally, after a week of salt beauty, the skin will be fresh and transparent.

But do not avoid washing your face with salt water. Washing your skin too many times will make your skin dry and resistant to external contamination.

  For dry skin, it is better to add some chronic massage cream to reduce skin irritation.

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10 tricks to make dry babies fall in love with drinking water


10 tricks to make “dry” babies fall in love with drinking water

The mothers in the community often worry about the problems of babies not eating, porridge, paste, appetite and so on.

I heard that all methods are exhausted: picking up in the hospital, taking Chinese medicine, western medicine . the situation has not improved.

I summarized that all the babies who have the above problems have one thing in common-do not like to drink water.

My daughter didn’t like drinking water before. Since she was very young, I have tried everything to make her fall in love with drinking water, at least not to refuse boiled water.

Here are some of my water-feeding experiences: 1. Beginning to feed thinned fruit juice, each time it is thinner than the previous one, so that she slowly adapts to the faint taste.

2. Sometimes when she has a good time, she feeds one or two sips. If she doesn’t refuse, she feeds again. If she cries, she won’t feed. Generally, her daughter will not refuse when she is in a good mood.

3, sometimes use games to coax the daughter to drink water, first feed the bear (the doll that the daughter usually prefers), the mother takes another sip, pretends to taste good, and then the baby drinks it.

At that time, the daughter would drink very well. When the baby drank it, she would say “good”, and she would be very happy.

4. Babies like to drink adult’s things. If she doesn’t like to drink with her own cup, I will use her own cup to drink for her.

5, the baby likes to do it by myself, I let her pour water to drink, or poured it into the cup a little bit, let her hold and drink.

Don’t forget to praise your baby. Properly encourage your baby to be more willing to drink water.

6, a cup has been used for a long time, the baby will not feel fresh, sometimes I will change the other utensils to give her water to drink, the baby will love it.

7. The cups I give my baby have animal patterns. When the baby refuses, tell her to kiss the animal in the cup. I will kiss one first, and then the baby will kiss, so the baby will be veryDrink well.

8. Almost all babies love to play with water. I sometimes feed her half a glass of water while bathing. When I have fun, I will never refuse.

9. The baby likes someone to talk to her. I talk to her and feed her water.

10, the baby also has a “herd effect”, go to the community and watch other babies drink water!

Naturally follow suit.

Mom added: I refuse to give my baby sweet water or flavored water except for fresh juice.

In the process of feeding water, it is very important not to force the baby, try slowly and repeatedly, and wait patiently for the results to appear.

Don’t forget to cheat in the process. When she completes the task of drinking water, she should brag about her good behavior. The baby will be happy to be exaggerated into good behavior, and will be happy to do it next.

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Autumn and winter sleep health tips


Autumn and winter sleep health tips

Is there any way to save the most health?

If you ca n’t eat or move, close your eyes and wake up to achieve health effects. I believe this is very attractive to urban people who are afraid of trouble.

In fact, one third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. The correct way of sleeping and good sleep are closely related to health.

Traditional Chinese medicine advocates “prevention before disease” and “work to cure disease”, noting physical and mental conditioning, known as “adequate cold and heat during the four seasons, and live in a place where mood and anger live, and tune yin and yang while being rigid and soft”,Promote health perspectives that focus on improving righteousness and disease resistance.

The so-called “existence of righteousness, evil can not be done”, by adjusting daily methods, you can maintain health and prevent disease.

Due to sleep health, Chinese medicine naturally has unique secrets.

  Focusing on sleep can be good for both health and sleep.

“Good sleep can replenish energy, restore vitality, and have the effect of” Yin Yang Pei Yuan “.

Therefore, to master the essentials of sleep and health, change to a simple and easy way of health.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has inferred the holistic view of “the unity of heaven and man”. The human body must maintain harmony in the internal circulation and pay attention to harmony with the external environment of nature.

Chen Xiuhua, deputy director of the Traditional Therapy Center of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after spring, summer long, long summer, autumn harvest, winter and Tibetan season changes, the human body must adapt to it, so there is a saying of “four seasons health”.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the yang of the natural world gradually converges and is closed. At this time, you should pay more attention to maintaining the yin of the inner guard, which is the right time for sleep and health.

  ”Early morning and early morning in autumn, early morning in winter and late in winter” is the main sleep regimen at this time.

For specific sleep time, it is recommended to take a rest every night at 9 o’clock (that is, 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock), which helps to fall asleep at 11:00 o’clock.

Because when the child is the weakest yang, when the yin is the strongest, and then sleep, it can nourish the yin most and the sleep quality is the best. It can often achieve a health effect that is more effective.

  There are different claims about the direction of sleep, which is surprising.

Some studies have pointed out that due to the influence of the earth’s magnetic field, when people sleep, they adopt the orientation of head and foot south, so that the magnetic field lines run smoothly through the human body, which can reduce the interference of the earth’s magnetic field instead.

However, previous ancient health experts believed that the sleeping direction of people should change with the alternation of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

A famous medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, mentioned in Qian Qian Fang: “The mortal lie down, spring to summer and east, and autumn and winter to west.

“This is because of the fact that” they should lie down at all times. “Because the five seasons of Chinese medicine correspond to the five parties, there are Chundong, Xianan, Changxiazhong, Qiushixi and Dongbeizhi, so sleepThe position also corresponds to the solar terms at that time.

  Associate Professor Chen Xiuhua pointed out that although these theories have some truth, in actual life, they are affected by the orientation of the house and the layout of the home, and there are certain limitations. The citizens don’t actually have to stick to these theories too much, causing unnecessary worry.

Instead, it is recommended that you pay attention to ensuring adequate sleep time. Before going to sleep, you should be calm and calm, drink hot milk or royal jelly, or use warm water to bathe your feet. It is best to supplement it with foot massage, etc.Intersect “. these measures have a more pronounced effect on improving sleep quality.

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Eat boiled cucumber before dinner can promote detoxification

Eat boiled cucumber before dinner can promote detoxification

Cucumbers are rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, carotene, and potassium. They also contain ingredients that inhibit bacterial reproduction.

Therefore, from a nutritional point of view, cucumber is one of the vegetables suitable for long-term consumption.

  However, cucumber is a cold food, and 96% of the ingredients are moisture, which can eliminate the heat in the body and have the effect of removing heat and detoxifying.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that cold food is not conducive to blood circulation, will hinder metabolism, and cause various diseases.

Therefore, even in the hot summer, eating cucumber after heating can not only retain its swelling effect, but also change its cooling properties, and avoid adverse health effects on everyone’s body.

  The best way to eat cucumbers is to cook them directly. Although the taste is slightly inferior to that of fried ones, the nutritional value can be well preserved and it can alleviate the edema in summer.

The most suitable time to eat and cook cucumber is before dinner. Be sure to take it before eating other meals.

Because boiled cucumber has a strong detoxifying effect, if it is first entered into the body, a small amount of food that can be absorbed later, salt, etc. can be used to replace the body.

Adhering to this method can also reduce weight.

Of course, cooking soup with cucumber is also a good choice.

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How can men have good skin


How can men have good skin

In daily skin care, the mask is a product with a relatively high usage rate. Many male friends say that they have been using the mask at the same time, but their most question is: Why are the masks I use all branded and can’t have too obvious effects?

Later analysis was that their usage was incorrect!

Of course, it is certainly not the desired effect.

So here is a brief introduction to men’s facial masks for male fellows.

  First, mud masks are mostly made of kaolin clay and green clay clay. Some brands use natural volcanic mud, Dead Sea mud, hot spring mud (Japanese Hisamitsu Hot Spring mud mask) and so on.

The clay mask is rich in minerals and trace elements, which can effectively soften the hardened sebum that breaks the capillary pores, deeply cleans skin dirt and toxins, promotes skin metabolism, accelerates the metabolism of aging cutin and acne.

Some mud masks will continue to promise other benefits. Some Yanike Lanzhe black mud full-face masks (yalee) also have the function of stimulating the healing and regeneration of wound tissues, effectively soothing pain and reducing dry cracks.

The mud mask has a very good cleansing, oil-controlling effect, and a certain moisturizing effect. The nutrients in it can be well absorbed by the skin, making the skin feel refreshed like never before.

However, some masks are too dry and we can use them together with nutritional masks.

  Second, skin care masks Some skin care masks are gel-like, some are emulsion-like or cream-like, requiring a thin layer to be applied directly.

It can be washed directly or wiped with tissue paper after use, and some products also claim that they do not need to be washed. This type of mask is mostly a daily maintenance.

Skin care mask has moisturizing, nourishing, and conditioning functions. Long-term use can effectively delay skin aging.

Sleeping masks are our most common.

  Follow the functional component analysis for efficacy 1.

Oil-controlling, cleansing Oil-controlling cleansing masks mostly appear as mud-like masks, which include kaolin, green clay, enzymes, salicylic acid, etc. Some brands will use natural volcanic mud, Dead Sea mud, hot spring mud, etc., rich in richMinerals, trace elements and other skin care ingredients, the main function of this type of mask is to absorb oil, deep clean and remove old dead skin.


Moisturizing The mask with moisturizing as its main demand, usually appears as a film mask. The essence of each mask generally contains hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, glycerol, amino acid, collagen, vitamin B5 or oils and other moisturizing ingredients.

After applying the face, the skin will feel full and supple.

It should be noted that after applying the moisturizing mask, be sure to rub the lotion to prevent water evaporation and retain the moisturizing effect, otherwise, it will soon become dry again.


Whitening and whitening masks are the star products in the market, and they are mostly film-like. The essence contains whitening ingredients such as fruit acid, vitamin C, arbutin, placenta, mulberry extract, kojic acid, etc.In fact, it speeds up the absorption of whitening ingredients into the skin and achieves the effect of quickly diluting melanin.

Titanium dioxide-containing whitening mask can obtain temporary whitening effect after application.

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Daily healthy mango is healthy food

Daily healthy mango is healthy food

According to the Daily Health website, we often eat large amounts of fruit.

Mango has become a healthy food recommended by nutrition experts because of fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C.

  The report quoted nutritionists as saying: “A mango contains about 135 calories of conversion.

“Because mango is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C, calcium, and magnesium, it has a certain resistance to certain cancers, especially it is very good for the kidneys and cleansing the blood, so it is anorexia, irritabilityFor the first time, people who have difficulty sleeping can help and promote human health.

In addition, nutritionists believe that mango is the best fruit to prevent wrinkles.

“Because mango is rich in carotene and unique enzymes, it can stimulate skin cell vitality, promote metabolic transfer, help maintain collagen elasticity, and effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles.

“Nutritionists suggest that you can squeeze the mango or mix it into a fruit salad to maintain its nutritional content.”

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Four types of abdomen exercises

Four types of abdomen exercises

Four-type abdomen exercise: First put your hands behind the neck, bend your legs, and then step on one leg alternately. Pay attention to the distance between the legs of the pedals and the ground, but not too high, and your feet should not touch the ground.Then the other side.

The elbows on the top and the knee joints on the other side should be as close as possible, and at the same time controlled by the lateral abdominal muscles, each leg must be pedaled at least fifteen times for a total of three groups.

  You do n’t need professional equipment or special venues. At home, you can simply and happily slim your belly. This is the home slimming exercise. Let us teach you how to slim your belly at home and give you a belly.waist.

  Abdominal breathing method of thin abdomen exercises Abdominal breathing method is to make the belly bulge when inhaling, and make the belly tighten when exhaling.

This is the most basic training for a MM practicing yoga or vocalization.

The advantage of the abdominal breathing method is to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, which can promote the discharge of waste in the body and thus smooth the air flow.

  And when we are walking or almost at ordinary times, as long as the abdomen is strongly reduced, and abdominal breathing is used, the lower abdomen muscles can be tightened, and your goal of thinning the abdomen can be achieved.

It may not be very accustomed at first, so be sure to stick with it.

  The toes of the thin abdomen exercise method are to lie down first.

Bend your thighs at a 90-degree right angle, while your calves are parallel to the ground.

The hands are naturally flat on the sides of the body, with the palms facing down.

At this point, your upper body should be tight and your back should be close to the floor.

  Then lower your left leg in two steps, starting with your hips only, your toes rushing to the ground, and your toes cannot really land.

Then exhale, return the leg to the starting position in two steps, and then change the right leg to do the same.

Repeat this action with your legs alternately, doing each leg twelve times.

  Slimming exercise with supine alternation method The main exercise part of this supine alternation method is the lateral abdominal muscles.

  First put your hands behind your neck, bend your legs, and then step out on one leg alternately. Pay attention to the distance between the legs of the pedal and the ground, but not too high. Do not touch your feet with the ground, then the other side.

The elbows on the top and the knee joints on the other side should be as close as possible, and at the same time controlled by the lateral abdominal muscles, each leg must be pedaled at least fifteen times for a total of three groups.

  The stovepipe method of flexing the legs and abdomen method, and this bent leg method of abdomen exercise is the lower abs.

  First, keep your upper body still, keep your hands on both sides of your body, and let your back flex your legs and abdomen. When your legs are down, straighten your legs and keep your feet away from the ground.You can rest for thirty to forty seconds in the middle.

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How should men know how to decompress themselves?

How should men know how to decompress themselves?

Lead: Psychologist research suggests that 40?
65-year-old men suffer from cardiovascular disease three times more often than women. Unless women are related to hormonal hormone protection, it is more likely that men will be more stressed than women, and they are usually not well resolved.

When the stress reaches its limit, it will eventually stagnate.

Not only cause mental illness, but also affect physical health.

  Men and women experience all kinds of stress in life, but women seem to be more easily relieved by stress than men.

For example, when a woman is depressed and distressed, she may talk to her friends for understanding and help. When the pain is unbearable, she may even cry a lot to ease the emotion temporarily.

Men are different. They are good at careers or yearning for success, they don’t know how to decompress themselves.

In order to relieve stress, some men often develop bad habits such as overeating, excessive drinking and smoking, but these behaviors are not only helpful to relieve stress, but also cause harm to health.

  Psychologist research suggests that 40?
65-year-old men have three times the prevalence of cardiovascular disease than women and are associated with hormonal hormone protection in women. Substitution is associated with higher stress in men than in women, and is usually not well resolved.
When the stress reaches its limit, it will eventually stagnate.
Not only cause mental illness, but also affect physical health.

More unfortunately, men are unwilling to seek medical treatment in time when they are ill, claiming to be strong and ignoring the serious consequences of the disease.

Analysts believe that men are less concentrated when driving, and are more likely to be angry, worried, and bored, which is also related to the normal psychological stress.

  Therefore, men must learn to relieve their pain. When they feel that they are under too much pressure, they should talk to someone instead of hiding in their hearts.

If you encounter a problem that is not easy to solve, or you are unwilling to tell your family and spouse, it will not prevent you from actively seeking the help of a professional, such as a psychologist, and you can get pressure relief in the process of talking.

This will prevent frustration and stress and prevent disease.

  Xiaobian warm reminder: more unfortunately, men are unwilling to seek medical treatment in time, claiming to be physically strong, ignoring the serious consequences of the disease.

Analysts believe that men are less concentrated when driving, and are more likely to be angry, worried, and bored, which is also related to the normal psychological stress.

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How to escape the psychological menstruation period

How to escape the “psychological menstruation” period

In psychological consultation clinics and general hospital clinics, sometimes such patients can be seen: One week before menstrual cramps, women who are usually emotionally stable and have normal mood suddenly become depressed, their ability to work and social activities decline, and some people become irritableUneasy, often arguing about small things, yelling at children, affecting the relationship with colleagues in the unit and the harmonious atmosphere of the family.
In addition, some patients have symptoms such as excessive diet, excessive sleep, and craving for sugar.
What’s more, the idea of resignation arises because it can’t stand this recurrent bad mood.
For this reason, many women can’t help but be confused-premenstrual tension syndrome, also known as premenstrual reaction, premenstrual discomfort.
Specifically, some women may have abnormal moods about one week before menstrual cramps, and their tempers may become irritable, arguing with others, and feeling upset.
However, some people’s emotions are opposite, such as being silent and depressed.
In addition, there may be physical symptoms and instinct abnormalities, such as increased appetite, bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc. These symptoms and signs can heal on their own and do not require treatment, but the problem is that before the next menstruation, the above symptoms and signsAnd return to the old state.
So what are the causes of PMS?
  Physiological phenomena determined by biological factors are only partially affected by mental factors.
The current consensus on the cause is normal ovarian function, rather than cyclical biochemical changes caused by hormonal imbalance alone.
  Who is susceptible to PMS?
Studies have found that the following factors are associated with premenstrual syndrome: insufficient vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids, imbalanced calcium and magnesium ratios, unstable blood glucose, food allergies, and imbalanced estrogen and progesterone ratios.
  Some symptoms, such as breast tenderness, may be related to the imbalance of prolactin, a hormone that produces milk.
At the same time, women who have experienced such a life are prone to premenstrual syndrome: personal or family history of depression (2/3 of women with depression also have premenstrual tension syndrome, and premenstrual tension syndrome patients have45% to 70% of people have a history of depression), a history of migraine, a history of postpartum depression, excessive smoking and drinking.
Certain mental illnesses are also risk factors for PMS.
  It is understood that in the treatment of premenstrual tension syndrome, there are the following methods for reference: Natural remedies: Some women can change their diets to significantly relieve symptoms.
Excessive intake of sugar, salt, dairy products, and refined flour can aggravate symptoms, while stopping caffeine, alcohol and high-sugar foods, eating small meals, eating enough protein and cereals, and rich fresh vegetables and fruits can be beneficial.
In particular, you should eat more bitter foods, such as bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, green tea, etc. They have a good role in regulating nerves, clearing minds, refreshing, and refreshing nervousness, and help the cerebral cortex to eliminate fatigue.
It is worth noting that caffeine is not only derived from coffee, it is also found in tea, soft drinks (non-alcoholic), chocolate and some over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.
  Regular physical exercise is also important.
For example, do aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time.
Its benefits are reflected in helping the cardiovascular system to maintain muscle coordination, controlling weight, and reducing fluid retention, thereby enhancing confidence.
  To relieve dysmenorrhea, hot water can be applied to the abdomen or hot bath, which can improve blood flow and relax muscles.
  Usually most people sleep 7 hours per night is enough, but more rest before the menstrual period will make you feel physically and mentally comfortable.
This can be seen from the performance of some women. In the first week of menstruation, they often need extra sleep to ensure normal status.
  If natural remedies do not work, take appropriate sedatives under the guidance of a doctor to relieve anxiety.
If symptoms persist, try vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin B6 (total daily 100mg) can reduce the symptoms of depression. Daily supplementation with calcium carbonate containing 1200mg elemental calcium can alleviate symptoms throughout the luteal phase, and daily oral magnesium 200mg (at least two months) can reduce the premenstrual tension syndrome.Water retention symptoms.
  Those who do not respond to the above treatments can be given medications, and treated with antidepressants, anxiolytics, and drugs that inhibit ovulation. Some experts have suggested that progestins, androgens, or contraceptives be used as appropriate.

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