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Gourmet mix to eat sexy body

Gourmet mix to eat sexy body

In fact, it doesn’t matter at all, you can make yourself more beautiful and more eye-catching.
According to the following, you can eat luxurious hair and slender waist like a star. You want to: Have a luxurious hair like Hollywood famous actress Ashley Judd.
  You should eat more: beef, chicken, fish, chicken liver, eggs, sardines and fruits such as raisins and apples.
  Why: Do you know?
Your hair should contain 97% protein.
Hair expert Aiya said that no matter when your hair is dull, hairy, or even hair loss, it means that your hair lacks certain minerals such as vitamin B12, iron, amino acids and protein.
Beef, chicken and fish are just rich in these nutrients.
  You want to: have a sharp face like the versatile Hollywood movie star Scarlett Johansson.
  You should eat more: Almond Barley Pudding Why: When you feel the face is more bloated, eat almond barley pudding as a dessert.
Molding expert Mary gave this remedy as a gift to her clients.
Almonds contain a lot of protein and minerals, and barley is also rich in vitamins and minerals.
Nutrition experts at the Weight Loss Center point out that all of these factors help to remove a lot of excess water from the face, making the face look more compact and stylish.
  You want to: Have the delicate skin of the Australian star, Nicole Kidman, the main character of the red mill.
  You should eat more: bird’s nest, nuts, fish, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, papaya.
  Why: Bird’s nest is rich in protein, and the most important thing is that bird’s nest can make and replenish collagen in the skin.
Of course, this requires a lot of money. If you don’t have so much money, it is not bad to buy a packet of pistachios, almonds or walnuts.
According to nutrition experts, nuts are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, as well as fatty acids that keep your skin full.
In fish, papaya and vegetable buds, zinc and vitamin C are very beneficial for skin health.
Salmon also contains fatty acids that make the skin more elastic and vital.
  You think: you have the slender waist of the smashing sex video on the Internet, and the patron of the international hotel industry giant Hilton family, Paris Hilton.
  You should eat more: chicken fried with mushrooms and scallion Why: Chicken and mushrooms are rich in high protein and vitamin B, and the scallions are also rich in minerals, which help the body to drain excess water.
According to nutritionists, these substances will speed up the body’s metabolism and blood flow.
As your body’s circulation speeds up, you will no longer have constipation and other phenomena, and the excess water in your body will be completely removed. This way, having a slender and sexy waist is no longer a difficult thing for you.
  You think: Have a beautiful and healthy black movie star Halle Berry’s moving eyes You should eat more: 枸杞 Why: Fortunately, for people nowadays, myopia is no longer an incurable disease.
However, do you know how to make your eyes more vivid?
Eat it, it can make you have a pair of clearer, brighter, more moving eyes.
Spend two tablespoons, brew it with hot water the evening before, and then drink it, whether it is cold or hot.
Because our body will repair itself at night, drinking in the morning on an empty stomach will have a multiplier effect.
  You think: I have the long legs and arms of the European and American actress Terry Hatcher, who is famous for her “Desperate Housewives.”
  You should eat more: red bean stewed fish and tomatoes Why: According to nutrition experts, these substances are rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, which can increase blood circulation and reduce excessive water in the body.
In this way, the muscles of your legs and arms will no longer appear slack and weak.
Cook a pot of red beans, then fry the fish with oil, ginger, shallots and a little red wine. Finally, pour the red bean soup into the frying pan and simmer for 8 minutes.
Tomatoes should be eaten more because they contain natural amino acids that speed up the body’s metabolism.
At this time, the kidneys will release more water, which can help the body to remove toxins and remove the fat that has been deposited for a long time.
These fats are excreted through the urination system.
You can try canned tomatoes because it is the essence of being squeezed out of excess water.
Therefore, it is more nutritious than eating raw tomatoes.
  TIPS: Healthy body food with eating Pig liver & spinach: Pork liver and spinach have the power of blood, one by one, and the combination of food for the treatment of anemia has special effects.  Beef & Potato: Beef has a high nutritional value and has a spleen-stomach effect, but the beef is rough and will irritate the stomach mucosa.
Potatoes and beef can be used to protect the gastric mucosa.
  Kelp & Tofu: Tofu is rich in nutrients, and its saponin can promote the discharge of iodine in food and is absorbed by the body.
Kelp contains a lot of iodine, and the two can improve the nutritional efficiency.
  Mutton & Ginger: Mutton is yang, ginger is cold and warm, and it can be used together to exhale evil and treat abdominal pain.
  Chicken & Chestnut: Chicken spleen and hematopoiesis, chestnuts and spleen, the combination of the two is beneficial to the body to absorb the nutrients of the chicken, and the hematopoietic function will also increase.
  Duck & Yam: Duck meat can make up the yin, with anti-inflammatory and cough effect.
The power of yam is stronger, and it can be used with duck meat to eliminate greasy and good results.
  Lily & Eggs: Lily has the effect of clearing simmering fire, tonifying kidney and qi and blood. Eggs can supplement yin and blood. Both of them can be cooked and added with appropriate amount of white sugar. They can nourish yin and moisten, clear heart and calm the nerves, and have unique health effects.
  Fruit & Meat: Fruits generally contain large amounts of potassium and sodium salts. Participation in human metabolism can make body fluids weakly alkaline.
Meat contains a lot of fatty acids, which are easy to make body fluids weakly acidic after being metabolized in the body.
The same food can maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids, which is good for your health.

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8 yoga moves to eliminate Little Belly

8 yoga moves to eliminate “Little Belly”

Sedentary, do not love sports, but also a little sweet, even if the woman is not fat, the abdomen will inevitably have some fat.
With the continuous feast, do we really want to be a veritable little belly?
Abdominal weight loss?
8 thin abdomen movements specifically target stubborn fat in the abdomen and completely eliminate it!
Start acting now!
銆€銆€Action 1 Stand, separate your feet, flex your elbows and clench your fists to your ears, recover the elbows inward, lift your left leg forward and bend your knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground, hold for 5 seconds, retract your arms and thighs, and returnInitial state.
The change side was repeated 20 times.
銆€銆€Action 2 Sit in the front half of the chair, put your feet together, lift your arms flat in front of your body and shoulder width, and gently touch your fists; keep your arms flat and slowly turn your body to the left, then slowly pullGo back to the front.
Change the side and repeat the action 20 times.
銆€銆€Action 3 Sit in the chair, put your feet together, your upper body is straight, your right hand is akimbo, the left hand is lifted to the right, take a deep breath, hold your chest and abdomen, keep your posture for a few seconds, then restore.
Change side, repeat multiple times.
銆€銆€Action 4 Prone, try to make the waist and hip bone close to the floor, adjust the breathing, lift the shoulder blade, lift the spine and hips up, straighten the right leg, perpendicular to the floor, exhale, and then slowly return to the prone position.
Repeat this action 5-10 times.
銆€銆€Action 5 Sit on the floor, feet close together, slightly lifted up, hands stretched forward parallel, parallel with the ground, abdomen, while the upper body is also lifted off the ground, take a deep breath, hold for 5 seconds, return to the initial state.
Repeat multiple times.
銆€銆€Action 6 Stand up, naturally separate your feet, hands on your hips, lift your left leg, bend your knees until it is parallel with the ground, then inhale, raise your head, chest, abdomen, keep the state for 5 minutes, then repeat the movements.
銆€銆€Action 7 Lying on your back, your toes are straight, hold your left knee tightly, straight up the upper body, and straighten your left leg 45 degrees obliquely, and your toes are straight.
Correct use of abdominal strength to maintain balance.
Adjust the breath, alternately bend the left and right legs and repeat 10 times.
銆€銆€Action 8 Lie on the floor, legs close together, lift the calf and feet, put them on the chair, bend the arms together, and lift them to the chest position, slowly lift the upper body until the elbowsHit your knees, hold your position for 2 seconds, and lay back on the floor.
Repeat the action 20 times.

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Check if he or she has you in your heart

Check if he or she has you in your heart

Translation: Please follow the current intuition and replace the word “new, hand, up, road” from the following words to predict whether he or she has you in your heart?

  ☆ New ☆ Hand ☆ Up ☆ The analysis of the results: ☆ The newly selected “New” is “Dear at first sight, the closer you miss”: The new “Dear” must start the end of “Near”, indicating that the other person’s heart is close to youSo he has you in his heart.

  ☆ The “Hand” is “Hand in Hand, Heart-to-Heart Admiration”: The hand is “carrying” the hand, the hand is “Palm” together, the other person worships you very much, and there is you in the other person’s heart.

  ☆ The top choice is “half of the wing, and there is no branch”: the top is half of the wing, and only half of the “harmony” means that there is no you in the other person’s heart.

  ☆ Road selection “The road is” distance from distance, running away from each other “: the road is opened by individual feet, each running separately, the other side does not have you in your heart.

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Don’t forget to disinfect your refrigerator.


Don’t forget to disinfect your refrigerator.

Many people almost never clean the refrigerator, let alone disinfect the refrigerator.

As everyone knows, long-term use of refrigerators may become a “pollution box.”

According to the relevant departments, the detection of unsterilized refrigerators in use shows that the total number of bacteria in the refrigerator is as high as 1?
30,000 / square centimeter.

Therefore, regular cleaning and disinfection of the refrigerator is an important matter that cannot be omitted. At least one disinfection should be carried out every month.

銆€銆€Before disinfecting the refrigerator, first remove the food stored inside, unplug the power plug, insert it, then defrosting and wiping the inner tank and accessories, then disinfection.

The disinfection method can be replaced by the following one: First, use a soft cloth to draw 75% alcohol or acetic acid solution, or 0.

Wipe with 1% of the new benzalkonium solution.

Close the door 15?
For 30 minutes, then scrub with water and dries.

銆€銆€Second, use 0.


Spraying 1% peracetic acid solution, the concentration of peracetic acid solution is too high, which has a certain corrosive effect on the metal, so pay special attention to the concentration.

Close the box door 20?
After 30 minutes, scrub again.

銆€銆€Third, spray with 2% aqueous solution of alkaline glutaraldehyde, close the door for 30 minutes, and then scrub.

The glutaraldehyde solution has less odor, mild toxicity, no corrosive effect on metals and plastics, and its disinfecting effect is better under alkaline conditions.

Add 0 before use.

3% sodium bicarbonate is activated, but the stability of alkaline glutaraldehyde is poor, so it is best to use it now.

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Liu Shen Wan is not symptomatic and is susceptible to poisoning

“Liu Shen Wan” is not symptomatic and is susceptible to poisoning

The Chinese medicine Liushen Pill has been used in China for more than 250 years. Because it has some valuable medicinal ingredients, it is considered a “good medicine” in many people’s minds and has become a standing medicine in the home.
However, in recent years, some families have caused toxic and side effects and even life-threatening due to improper use of Liushen pills.
In this regard, the reporter recently interviewed some Chinese medicine experts who gave the following medication knowledge to explain the drug.
銆€銆€Liushen Pill is mainly composed of bezoar, musk, medlar, realgar, borneol and pearl. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and relieving pain. It is often used for sore throat, tonsillitis, tongue erosion, gingivitis and acne scars, and anonymous swelling.Pain and so on.
In recent years, through pharmacological research, it has been found that Liushen Pill has a strong heart, anticonvulsant, and sedative effects, so its use has expanded to the treatment of diseases such as internal, external, women, children, facial features, and skin.
However, if you abuse the Liushen pill, it is easy to cause adverse reactions, and serious people will be life-threatening.
But people have not paid enough attention to this.
銆€銆€For example, one newborn had an umbilical infection, and the mother fed 30 capsules of Liushen pills, which caused drug poisoning and died on the day of the rescue.
Another example is a 4-year-old girl who has fever, cough, and sore throat for 5 days. His father took Liushen pill 3 times in 15 hours, 15 capsules each time. The girl soon appeared flushed, cold and wet limbs, chest tightness, nausea,Symptoms of drug poisoning such as vomiting, purple lips, irregular breathing, and unfortunate death after full rescue.
For example, some parents in order to clear the baby’s “fetal poison” or prevent lice and sores, 10-30 tablets of Liushen pills, the result of the baby spit milk, shortness of breath, lethargy, ECG showed complete atrioventricular block, frequencyPrimary ventricular premature beats, after rescue, although most babies can turn to safety, but a small number of babies eventually died of circulatory failure.
In addition, heart disease patients taking digitalis drugs such as digoxin, even with the usual dose of Liushen pills, can cause drug poisoning.
銆€銆€Why does taking Liushen pills cause drug poisoning?
Mainly because Liushen Pill contains glutinous rice cake, its active ingredient is scorpion toxin.
Once Liushen Pills are abused, some people are poisoned when they take too much. Some people take too many doses and are poisoned. The poisoning time is 20 minutes faster and 0% slower.
5-2 hours, individually over 12 hours.
Therefore, the indications and dosage of Liushen Pill should be strictly controlled, especially for children should be used with caution, and neonates should be banned.
銆€銆€Liushen Pill can also cause allergic reactions.
This has nothing to do with the amount of the drug, and it takes place both internally and externally.
The allergic reaction of Liushen Pill occurs mostly within 24 hours of medication. It is characterized by drug eruption, its shape is irregular, itching is unbearable; some people with allergies have throat edema, and some severe cases may also develop anaphylactic shock, which needs immediate rescue.
銆€銆€Chinese medicine experts also remind everyone: Liushen Pill contains musk and other ingredients, can cause uterine contractions, so pregnant women are banned.
In addition, Liushen Pill also contains arsenic compound realgar, which is not suitable for digestive multi-enzyme tablets, pepsin and anti-anemia fuma iron, because it will reduce or lose the effect; it is not suitable for the combination of antispasmodic and analgesic drugs.Use, because it will promote the oxidation of realgar, increase the toxicity.

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Why are you eating too little and fat?


Drinking saliva is long meat?

Why are you eating too little and fat?
Drinking saliva is long meat?

We often hear an old saying that people are unlucky, and they drink cold water and stuff their teeth. But now many people will say that people are fat, and they drink long water. Why don’t you have the kind of fat that you can’t eat?Let’s see why it is why you are so fat?

The basal metabolic rate is low, and the basal metabolic rate is highest in infants.

2, after the age of 20, the basal metabolic rate is inversely proportional to the age. The female hoarding aunt is more likely than the male because the basal metabolic rate of women is 6-10% lower than that of the male. In the case of low BMR, there is no consumption, soSlight form storage, while women are most likely to store in the hips, waist, abdomen, arms, thighs.

Therefore, improving the basal metabolic rate of the body is a more effective way to lose weight than eating less.

There are three main ways of energy consumption in the human body: one is diet, which accounts for 10, two activities, which accounts for 20, and the third is the basal metabolic rate, which accounts for 60?

Therefore, the basal metabolic rate is the main key to the consumption of free radicals.

It can be seen that if you want to lose weight, it is better to improve the basal metabolic rate with the hard-working diet.

More exercise, more water, frequent bathing, diligent massage, etc. are all effective ways to increase the basal metabolic rate.

銆€銆€Reduce the amount of activity, eat less and use less diet to lose weight. Some exercise habits suddenly stop or decrease, eat less, although the instantaneous replacement is reduced, but stop the exercise also reduces the consumption time, eat less and lessThe result is still slim.

Adolescents have a large amount of activity, although they can eat more, but their body weight can still be maintained. Once the lifestyle changes, or the age increases, lack of exercise, and the food intake does not change, it is easy to get fat, so the amount of activity is reduced, and there is a lot of nowhere to consume.It will cause excessive hoarding of adults.

Dieting also reduces basal metabolism. The human body has a very fine adjustment mechanism to maintain basic metabolism and daily weight, thus balancing energy absorption and consumption. It has been 鈥減rogrammed鈥?to design your 鈥渄aily energy鈥?needs.

銆€銆€If you are crazy about dieting and permanently reduce the “everyday energy” alternative, the brain’s center for regulating energy balance will mistakenly believe that you are “tolerating death”, which will inhibit energy consumption, save energy to survive, and thus keep breathing, heartbeat, etc.Will the basal metabolism be automatically reduced by 20%?

銆€銆€Because of the reduction in basal metabolism, even if you diet reduces the intake of 鈥渆veryday energy鈥? it still exceeds the body’s consumption, and the body weight is naturally difficult to eliminate.

銆€銆€Then, in a situation where the diet structure is relatively reasonable, you should insist on doing aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, and pay attention to the fact that you can walk without repeating, try to take the elevator up and down the stairs, and take a walk after dinner (fast and uniform)Handing over 40 minutes or more can consume a lot of energy.

Physical differences in animal foods – acidic physique; vegetal foods – alkaline physique.

銆€銆€1, acidic foods have more metabolic wastes, metabolic processes are contradictory, and there are many toxins in the body, resulting in low basal metabolism.

銆€銆€2, alkaline foods come from fruits and vegetables, less metabolic waste, so the diet should be improved to a healthier weak alkaline.

Deviation of eating habits 1. The speed of eating is fast from the mouth to the full nerve for at least 20 minutes. If you can’t get too late, you can eat most of it. If you eat slowly, you can reduce it.

銆€銆€Therefore, we should chew and chew it, eat it, taste it, and chew it more than 30 times per mouth.

The longer you chew, the higher the energy consumption after a meal.

If the time is not more than 20 minutes, the brain will not give a signal of satiety.

So eat leisurely.

2, partial eclipse is easy to lack certain elements, resulting in incomplete metabolism, modern people think that protein inadvertent intake of fruits and vegetables, because of the increase in non-performing rate, and lack of fiber, long-term chronic diseases and obesity occur.

3, the program of eating Chinese food: the use of rice and soup to cause excessive intake.

銆€銆€Correct: soup 鈫?vegetables 鈫?protein 鈫?(fish or chicken) 鈫?meals (0.

5 hours) 鈫?fruit.

In the initial stage, excessive concentration of food.

4, in order to lose weight, do not eat breakfast, many people mistakenly think that if you do not eat breakfast, you can lose your stomach, so go to work hungry belly.

In fact, not eating breakfast will make your micro-proportion higher. When you don’t have breakfast, you will not be able to consume your body’s protein in the morning, and you will eat a lot of snacks or eat a lot of snacks at night.Quantity, but you have not rested, so the body has to convert these changes into feces for storage (about 7,000 calories can be 1 gram).

銆€銆€So no matter how busy you are, don’t eat less breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast, you can’t lose weight and you may get fatter.

5, eat less dinner, but eat more snacks or stay up all night, although eat less lunch, but eat more afternoon tea?

Eat less dinner, but eat more late night?

Of course, this is not effective.

And it will make your body easier to get fat.
銆€銆€It is very simple to say, but it is easy to be ignored.

You might think that a small cake, a cup of pearl milk tea or a bowl of meat soup should not be a big deal, but the fact that you tell me is that everything in these foods is really amazing.
This is why dietitians always lick the essence of our regular meals, and can avoid eating high-conversion foods that are not available.

6, some meals do not have a meal to disrupt the law of eating three meals a day, regular eating: normal diet life, can reduce physical fitness.

It’s just a meal that doesn’t have a meal. In fact, the body can figure out the correct energy absorption time. At this time, the body’s self-protection mechanism will be activated. As a result, two things will happen: First, once food energy enters,The body will absorb a large amount of brake storage and spare.

Second, the body will automatically store a small amount of micro-organism, but instead break down the muscle tissue to provide energy.

As a result, the muscles are getting less and less, so the proportion of adults is getting higher and the body is getting thinner and thinner.

7, 3 before going to bed?
4 hours of eating and eating time is also related to the fat and thin body.

Although you have eaten less, but you only eat the last meal before going to bed, you go to sleep when you are full, and the energy stored in the body is completely unconsuming, so it becomes aunt.In the body.

銆€銆€3 before going to bed?
4 hours to develop a good habit of not eating, so as to avoid food can not be consumed and hoarded in the body to become fat.

If you eat less than one meal, you should also eat smart time, so that you can effectively lose weight.

It is recommended to do some light exercise before going to bed, to relax the lower bones, which can consume heat, sleep and turn.

Takeaways eating tips Many people are now taking out the family. In the process of take-out cooking, the proportion of seasonings will be increased, and the relative content is naturally unstoppable.

Weight loss, diet regulation is very important, in fact, “less eat” is not as good as “smart eating”, master some diet skills, master the principle of less oil, less sauce, simple, we will not be the protagonist of the fat group.

銆€銆€路If the rice staple food can choose flour rice, do not choose white rice. Because the GI value of the granular rice is low, it can ease the speed of digestion and absorption, so it is not easy to be hungry.

銆€銆€路 The rice in the takeaway, don’t drizzle or sauce, although it smells very sweet.

銆€銆€路 Do not order fried foods (such as fried pork ribs), alternately steamed, stewed, and marinated foods.

銆€銆€路 The take-away buffet meal has high oil content. It is recommended to prepare a cup of hot water before eating. If you feel that the taste is too light, you can add some soy sauce to taste.

銆€銆€路 For meat, the white meat transition will be less than red meat. It is recommended to choose chicken, duck, seafood, and peeled before eating.

銆€銆€路 Try to mix simple foods when ordering.

銆€銆€路 Those who like to eat noodles, with noodle soup as the first choice, do not choose “缇? pasta.

The food contains a lot of white powder and oil, which is very high. If you want to eat, remember to drain the soup and eat it.

銆€銆€路 You can choose foods that take time to eat but don’t eat too much (such as crabs).

銆€銆€路 Beverages are supplemented with sugar-free tea or boiled water, and can also be supplemented with sugar-sweetened drinks.

銆€銆€路 Those who like to drink soup use broth instead of soup.

銆€銆€路 Those who like to eat salad are advised to replace salad dressing with vinegar or lemon juice.

銆€銆€路 Avoid choosing foods that are sweet and savory.

銆€銆€路 Eat fast-food fried chicken to peel.

銆€銆€路 Avoid heavy foods that will induce your appetite to open.

銆€銆€路Processing meat, sweet and not spicy, pig large intestine and other oil content is high, it is recommended not to choose.

Moving faster and thinner can increase “basal metabolism.”

Exercise increases muscle tissue, while those with a higher proportion of muscle tissue have higher basal metabolism.

銆€銆€As the age increases, the basal metabolic rate of the human body decreases, but if strength training is performed, the metabolic rate can be restored to the past.

銆€銆€In addition, exercise can increase energy consumption.

Because the main force of exercise is muscle, and 0.

The energy of 5 kg of muscle is 9 times that of the equivalent amount.

銆€銆€Exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, so that the heart rate reaches 130 beats / minute, you can easily achieve weight loss.

銆€銆€Rehabilitation and easy weight loss methods include swimming, brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, dancing, climbing, etc.
Old Chinese medicine[can no longer be fat]Old Chinese medicine can no longer be fat. The plants of the same origin, such as hawthorn, cassia seed, glutinous rice kernel, etc., are made by baking, pulverizing, etc., and brewing after pulverization is more conducive to promoting the dissolution of raw materials.The effect is better.

Easily and enjoy every process that wants to be thin.

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Fattening delicious recipe: Songren 鹌鹑_1


Fattening delicious recipe: Songren

The meat and eggs are high in nutritional value and rich in protein and vitamins. They are excellent nutritional supplements. They are called 鈥済inseng鈥?and are a feast for the feast.

Introducing a fattening recipe – Songren 楣岄箲, is a good choice for thin meat and long meat!

銆€銆€Ingredients: 300 grams of clam meat accessories: pine nuts 75 grams seasoning: 25 grams of green onions, 25 grams of sesame oil, 5 grams of MSG, 25 grams of soy sauce, 15 grams of cooking wine, 1 grams of salt, 10 grams of white sugar, 25 grams of ginger, peanut oil 100Features: The color is brownish red, the fragrance is sharp, and the meat is smashed.

銆€銆€Practice: 1.

Wash the 楣岄箲 and change it to 1.

5 cm square block, slap on the knife; 2.

Heat the wok on the fire and pour in the cooked peanut oil. When it is cooked to 160 掳 C, the poultry meat is fried into golden yellow and drained; oil 3.

Then the pine nuts are fried and ready for use;

The wok is said to be net, put 25 grams of peanut oil to heat, the onion section, the ginger piece stir fry the fragrance;

Then add soy sauce, salt, Shao wine, sugar, MSG, chicken soup, boil; 6.

Pour the fried simmered meat, remove the froth, and simmer the simmer until the meat is rotten;

Under the pine nuts, use the big fire to collect the juice, drench the sesame oil, pour it into the dish and let it cool.

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How to maintain health


How to maintain health

The cold weather is the coldest solar term in the twenty-four solar terms.

There are ancient statements of “hot in three volts” and “cold in three nine”, and this “three nine days” is just in the cold weather.

How should it be healthy?

Xiao Yuling, deputy director of the Department of Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tangshan City, said that the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records: “Winter March, this is closed.
“All things are born in spring, longer than summer, closed in autumn, hidden in winter, and people should also.”

The ancients believed that the winter season, the yin and yang decline, the “living lurking, yang qi inside” season should pay attention to “the way to protect Tibet.”

Winter health should be “no nuisance”, that is, do not damage the body’s yang.

Therefore, in winter, the health must be warmed away from the cold, and the sun is protected.

In order to make the yin and yang relatively balanced and healthy.

Winter is the best time to maintain and save in all seasons.


The kidney is corresponding to the winter, and the kidney essence is the essence of the five internal organs. In ancient times, the expression “winter does not hide, the spring must be warm”, so winter is a good time to solidify the kidney.

Winter cultivation of Tibetan essence, winter kidney,” the main kidney essence.

If you have sex, you can achieve the effect of maintaining “yang” and replenishing your batteries.

Prominence should avoid excessive fatigue, pay attention to abstinence, drink less, and avoid the improvement of kidney essence caused by excessive wine color.


Diet: In the winter, the yang is in the air, and the spleen and stomach are turning to prosperity. At this time, the tonic can play a better role.

Since ancient times, there has been a statement that “three nine supplements one winter, no pain in the coming year”.

People have experienced the consumption of spring, summer and autumn for nearly one year. The visceral yin and yang qi and blood will improve the bias and weaken. The reasonable supplement can timely supplement the blood and body fluid, nourish the body, enhance the physical fitness, resist the cold and invade, and enableIn the coming year, there will be fewer diseases, so as to achieve the goal of doing more with less.

After the winter solstice, the halogen is positive, and at this time, the yang in the human body gradually grows, and it is most easy to absorb the external nutrition and exert its nourishing effect.

Nowadays, all kinds of medicated hot pots have become delicious dishes for the people of the whole country.

In particular, young people, from the body to the strong and heavy food, hunger and cold, and eventually lead to endless troubles.

In the winter tonic, it should be based on food supplement and adhere to the principle of tonic: less meat and more vegetables, less salt and more vinegar, less sugar and more fruit, less alcohol and more water, less medicine and more practice.

Need to be reminded that before the tonic, we must first identify the “cold and hot” attributes of the constitution, and then select the appropriate Chinese herbal medicines.

“Cold” physique is suitable for “hot”, such as ginseng, astragalus, angelica, rehmannia, Cordyceps sinensis, etc.; “virtual heat” physique is suitable for “flat”, such as sand ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, sarcophagus, lily, white fungus and so on.

People with poor gastrointestinal function should first adjust the gastrointestinal function and then supplement it. Otherwise, it will not only absorb, but will increase the burden on the stomach.

Of course, the choice of winter tonic time varies from person to person.

In winter, the cold food should be warm, and it can increase appetite and restore fatigue, but not excessive.

Reduce salt and increase bitterness to replenish your heart and strengthen your kidneys.

Avoid eating cold and sticky foods to prevent damage to the spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for people to use, in addition to ginger clothes in the morning, to drive the wind to keep out the cold.

Advocate hot porridge in the morning, and diet should be diet to raise stomach.

Moderate amount of carrots, rapeseed, spinach, mung bean sprouts, dates, walnuts and so on.

People who are partial to qi deficiency and yang deficiency can take mutton, chicken, ginseng, American ginseng, antler, walnut, etc.; blood deficiency, yin deficiency can eat glutinous meat, duck meat, donkey-hide gelatin, angelica, white fungus, rehmannia, etc.;After the winter solstice, the yin began to subside and the yang gradually rose.

Chinese medicine believes that “medicine supplements are not as good as food supplements.”

That is to take the nature of food, fill the body of the virtual, correct the yin and yang.

Such as beef sweet, special to fill the spleen; mutton sweet and hot, can benefit Qi tonic, warm in the warm; chicken meat is gentle and warm, can be warm, Qi, replenishing, adding marrow, where the virtual win thinAll can be used; white duck meat is sweet and cool, can nourish the yin of the five internal organs, clear the heat of labor, so the body yin deficiency can be eaten.

銆€銆€Jujube: Autumn and winter food red dates are yin-yang moistening, suitable for lung qi and clear food, if it can be better with white fungus, lily, yam foraging.銆€銆€Third, the daily life of the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records that “early nights and nights, must wait for the sun,” “to the cold, warm, no skin,” this changed the principle of winter living.

In the winter when the vitality is lurking and everything is closed, it is necessary to recharge and recharge the yang.

The specific method is to “get up early and get up late”, and ensure enough sleep in winter to get up early and get up late.

This “late” is based on the time the sun is born.

Go to bed early to raise yang, late to solidify Yin.

And pay attention to the body’s warmth, so as to avoid yang venting.

General family room, room temperature should be maintained at 15QC-2OoC.

Therefore, remind friends who are used to getting up early and go out in the winter season. In the winter season, they should wait for the sun to appear, and do a good job of keeping warm and then go out to avoid being exposed to cold due to excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

It is necessary to prevent cold from attacking when it is cold.

But you can’t be warm, especially avoid heavy clothes, drunkenness, baking belly, warm sweat.

The clothes should be warm, loose and soft.

Pay attention to cold and warmth, especially to prevent bad wind and cold weather to the bad stimulation of the body.

At the same time, it should also cope with cold-resistant exercise, improve the ability to protect against cold and disease, and prevent disease.

Do it at sunrise to avoid the cold and seek warmth.

銆€銆€Fourth, the spirit of winter nursed back to health, to maintain a calm mood, to maintain emotional stability, not anxious, happy, avoid annoyance and venting too much, so that the body’s yang can continue to hide.

The principle of raising people in winter.

Multi-activity is a good medicine to eliminate winter boredom.

銆€銆€V: Sports: Strengthen your health and exercise in the winter. You can stretch your muscles and circulate blood.

Adhere to exercise, dynamic and static combination, “winter moves, less trouble sick; winter lazy lazy, drink a bowl of medicine.”

To move, it is necessary to carry out appropriate activities and sweat slightly, which can enhance physical fitness and enhance cold tolerance.

Quiet, don’t be too tired.

For example, jogging should not exceed 30 minutes, with a slight sweat as a degree, should not sweat too much, soaked the underwear, it will cause a cold.

Winter exercise is mainly indoors. When the weather is fine, you can walk on the bench, play Tai Chi, do exercises, and dance and entertain.

However, if it is strong, cold, or foggy, avoid going out.

In addition, exercise should not be too early.

The amount of exercise should not be too large.

Special reminders that you should not go outdoors during the smoggy weather.

At the same time, we must pay attention to keep warm, add more clothes, and avoid the cold to warm up with yang.

銆€銆€Six: anti-drying winter climate is cold and dry, people often have nasal dryness, dry tongue, dry skin and other symptoms, vitamin B2 and vitamin C supplementation is very necessary, run the lungs and eat food should also eat more.

Such as: 钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?鐢?鐢?鐢?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?
銆€銆€In addition, drink plenty of water: less sweating and urination in winter, but the cells of the brain and various organs of the body still need water to nourish, to ensure normal metabolism.

In winter, the daily hydration is more than 2000?
3000 ml.

Drinking two waters: Drinking water is both a physiological need and an ideal means of health care, especially in the morning and evening.

Because of the cold climate, the heated house is relatively dry. During the night’s sleep, the metabolism of the breath and the skin, the discharge of urine, the loss of water in the body, the blood in the blood is reduced, the viscosity of the blood is increased, and the heart is easily caused.Cerebrovascular disease is sudden.

Drinking a glass of water before going to bed can alleviate the lack of water in the body and keep the blood vessels open.

Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning can be quickly absorbed into the blood circulation to supplement the lost water at night. It can promote blood circulation and prevent cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction.

In addition, a cup of water in the morning can enhance the excretory function of the liver and promote metabolism.

Drinking an appropriate amount of water regularly and regularly at regular intervals can play a preventive role in hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

It is better to have good air: the degree of indoor air pollution in winter is several times more serious than serious ones. Some people should pay attention to the ventilation of the doors and windows to clean the air and refresh the brain.

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Three days of health need to remember these four sentences, help you to raise your body, less sick in a year


Three days of health need to remember these four sentences, help you to raise your body, less sick in a year

After entering the three days, it means that the hottest and opposite solar terms in the year come. This time often lasts longer and the number of rainstorms is very high.

The Central Meteorological Observatory has issued continuous warnings of high temperatures and heavy rains.

Therefore, at this time, if you want to spend it safely, it is best to remember the following four sentences to reduce the risk of disease.

Remember to drink less water in the three days: in this weather, the most taboo thing is to drink less water.

The body will cause different degrees of influence on tissues and organs such as the stomach, liver, and kidneys due to plasma.

At the same time, people in certain circumstances, coupled with the lack of timely replenishment of water, prefer some cold food, it is easy to have problems with the central regulation of the human body, which leads to our appetite decline.

Therefore, it is very important to drink plenty of water in the three days.

At the same time, what you need to remember is that you don’t have to wait until you are thirsty to replenish water or drink plenty of water. These are unhealthy ways to drink water and do not make the body absorb water better.

The correct way is to let everyone do a small mouthful of slow drinking and drink some while not feeling thirsty. It is the best for good health.

Remember to don’t use cold water to rush into the sky: For those who often go out on a tripgy day, when they come to the comfortable environment of their home, they want to wash the sweat of this body quickly.

Although this is a good measure to protect the skin, it is important to remember that you should not use a very cold shower.

Especially for people who happen to have cardiovascular disease and poor heart health, because of the stimulation of a lot of cold water, even in a short period of time, cold water will stimulate our skin, and the blood pressure will increase, bloodThe cycle slows down and the health of the corresponding blood vessels is very dangerous.

Severe impending myocardial infarction, sudden death, thrombosis and other acute diseases, its very serious disease, life-threatening.

The best choice is to take a bath with your body temperature to avoid more health risks.

Three days to remember not to train in the morning: the morning is often when the sun is strong, the ultraviolet rays at this stage are often very large, even if it is a healthy thing to exercise, it may also increase the probability of heat stroke.

In addition, exercise at this time, it is easy to cause serious damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays.

It is prone to allergies, dry skin, long wrinkles, etc., especially at 9-10 o’clock, it is best not to exercise in the three days.

You may wish to change this time period to early morning, and it is a good exercise time at night.

Three days to remember often dehumidification: this time the weather is often relatively short, coupled with the reason that people often blow air conditioning, it is easy to let the body infected with damp heat, or cold wind invasion.

For people with rhinitis, it is also easy to increase the probability of rhinitis.

Every day, when the temperature drops, open the window to ventilate, or buy a humidifier, etc., is a good choice.

Dear friends, how do you keep your health in the three days?

Is there any good way to maintain your health?

Please leave a comment in the comments below and share it with our nutritionist.

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Chinese medicine first aid three treasures

Chinese medicine “first aid three treasures”

Nowadays, many families have their own Angong Niuhuang Pill as a first-aid medicine. Especially after a stroke, they take it without asking the symptoms and without the guidance of a doctor. They feel that it can be brought back to life.
However, Yao Weihai emphasized that this idea is completely wrong.
銆€銆€Speaking of first aid, very few people think of Chinese medicine.
In fact, Chinese medicine also has “first aid three treasures”, namely Angong Niuhuang Wan, Zi Xuedan, Zhibao Dan.
Compared with Angong Niuhuang Wan, Zi Xuedan and Zhibao Dan are little known.
Yao Weihai, chief physician of the emergency department of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, pointed out that at present, Angong Niuhuang Pills are used the most, and Zi Xuedan is relatively rare, and Baodan is basically not used.
銆€銆€The three treasures are all “old-fashioned” Angong Niuhuang Pills from the “Warm Diseases” of the Qing Dynasty, from Niuhuang, Rhinoceros, Musk, Coptis, Astragalus, Raw Scorpion, Cinnabar, Pearl, Borneol, Mingxiong,Yujin composition.
Chinese medicine believes that the heart is like a monarch in the human body, and the pericardium is the palace of the heart.
“Angong” describes the drug as “a house in the palace”.
Yao Weihai introduced that, to this day, the formula of Angong Niuhuang Pill has changed a little. For example, artificial bezoar is used, and rhino horn is also replaced with water horn concentrate.
But Yao Weihai believes that this does not affect the efficacy.
“The examples over the years have shown that a large number of buffalo horns are comparable to the rhinoceros.
Zi Xuedan has the longest history in Sanbao, because the appearance is like “frost and snow purple”, and the drug is cold, cold and frosty, so it is named Zi Xuedan.
The medicine includes gypsum, cold water stone, talc, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn, woody incense, agarwood, yuan ginseng, cohosh, licorice, clove, pudding, saltpeter, musk and cinnabar.
More on the market today is another drug of the drug, Zi Xue San.
銆€銆€Zhibao Dan has a large number of valuable medicinal herbs in one body, and its curative effect is outstanding. The person who got it is the best, so it gets its name.
The party first appeared in the book “Lingyuan Fang”.
The ancient recipes of Baodan did not only have expensive herbs such as musk, rhinoceros and amber, but also 50 pieces of gold and silver foil. This is to enhance the effect of amber and cinnabar in the prescription.
Nowadays, the rhinoceros horn in Zhibaodan has also been changed into buffalo horn concentrated powder. At present, the common one on the market is 鈥渢he bureau Fang Zhibao鈥?
銆€銆€Sambo attending fever and coma TCM is a clinical discipline of acute febrile diseases and infectious diseases. “First aid Sambo” is mainly used to treat infectious and infectious diseases, and is a representative drug for clearing away heat.
Therefore, it is also known as “the three treasures of warm disease.”
But the three drugs are different, Angong Niuhuang Pill is the coolest, followed by Zi Xuedan, and again to Baodan.
Angong Niuhuang Pill is suitable for patients with high fever, unconsciousness, and faintness.
Zi Xue Dan is suitable for patients with convulsions, irritability, convulsions of hands and feet, and often vocalization.
Zhibao Dan is more suitable for patients with coma and fever, unconsciousness and silence.
Incorporating these characteristics, the use of Chinese medicine by word of mouth has become “ping-pong ping-pong purple snow Dan, not sounding to Bao Dan, sloppy Niuhuang Wan”.
銆€銆€TCM syndrome differentiation of heat-clearing pericardium, Western medicine diagnosis of epidemic encephalitis, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, acute cerebrovascular disease, hepatic coma, stroke, respiratory diseases, febrile seizures in children, and high fever caused by infection or poisoning,Anyone can use Angong Niuhuang Pills.
In 1956, large-scale Japanese encephalitis broke out in Beijing and Hebei. At that time, a large number of Chinese medical scientists pointed out that the use of Angong Niuhuang Pill may be better, so Mao Zedong also gave instructions to encourage the use of the drug.
銆€銆€Zhibao Dan is suitable for Western-type diagnosis of epidemic encephalitis, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, uremia, heat stroke, epilepsy, etc. TCM syndrome is a heat-closed pericardium.
In addition to clearing away heat, Zi Xuedan is especially suitable for patients with high fever and coma with convulsions and limb twitching.
Nowadays, many young children will cause febrile seizures due to inflammation and suppuration of the tonsils. Zi Xuedan has a good antipyretic and antispasmodic effect. Therefore, if you have children, you may wish to use Zi Xue San under the guidance of a doctor, and otherThe soup is treated.
銆€銆€It is necessary to be cautious when taking Sambo. Many families now have Angong Niuhuang Pill as a first-aid medicine. Especially after a stroke, they take it without asking the symptoms and without the guidance of a doctor. They feel that it can be brought back to life.
However, Yao Weihai emphasized that this idea is completely wrong.
銆€銆€First of all, Chinese medicine should pay attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, or life-saving medicines may become “poisons”; “warm disease three treasures” are all medicines of big cold, people who are physically weak may not save their lives, so they can not be used without authorization.
Second, these drugs are expensive and not suitable for long-term preservation.
Finally, there are many contraindications when taking Sanbao. If it can only be used for a short period of time, it is not suitable to eat spicy, greasy, and sputum during the medication. Pregnant women should avoid it. For patients who are physically weak but must be used, they should pay attention to the delivery method.If you take Angong Niuhuang Pills and supplemented with ginseng soup, you need to do it under the guidance of a doctor.

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