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How to eat black food before re-nutritional

How to eat black food before re-nutritional

Black food is rich in a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body. Regular eating can strengthen the body’s resistance, cold resistance, fatigue resistance, hypoxia resistance, and improve the body’s immunity and delay aging.

Many people know that black foods have high nutritional value and are beneficial to eat more, such as black sesame, black rice, black dates, black beans, black fungus, kelp, etc.

But people make some mistakes when eating, which affects the absorption of food and nutrients.

  Black sesame must be ground into powder and eaten. Black sesame is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can be used for brain health, nourishment, anti-aging, and the zinc necessary for human body.

Many people often eat whole black sesame seeds, but this is not good for the body to absorb.

If black sesame is ground and eaten, the nutrients in it will be more easily digested and absorbed.

For those who like to eat black sesame seeds, it is best to prepare a small mortar at home, or use a grinder directly to eat and grind.

  Eggplants, grapes with skins. When many people eat grapes and eggplants, they are accustomed to throwing away their skins. This way of eating virtually loses many nutrients.

This is because the dark outer skin can be supplemented with vitamins, fiber and various trace elements.

For example, purple grapes contain antioxidant groups that slow down the effects of aging, and its content in the skin far exceeds the pulp.

Eggplant is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P. It has the functions of lowering cholesterol and improving capillary elasticity, and it has a good protective effect on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. In the skin of eggplant, these nutrients are the highest.

  Black bean products can be eaten more. Most people are aware of the fungus, fungi, and seafood in black food, but they ignore a kind of black food-black beans.

Black beans can nourish the kidney, expel wind, and diuretic. It is both a drug and a food. It can improve the body’s immunity and lead to a reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

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Men’s mental health from smoking attitude

Men’s mental health from smoking attitude

Want to know the inner world of your husband and the men around you?

Men’s mental health viewed from smoking attitude.

  Their smoking attitude can tell you the health of men.

  A, extinguish cigarette B with water. If the cigarette is still burning, throw it directly into ashtray C. I like to step out cigarette D with my feet. The ash is already long, but I don’t care about E. The cigarette is burning to the mouth and smoking F.I like to hold a cigarette in the corner of my mouth, but the cigarette end is slightly tilted. Answer: A, analysis: This type of person has a neurotic personality. When doing things, he considers the feelings of others and pursues the perfect ending.

Although he can show a sense of responsibility and meticulous care for others, he often loses something that should not be lost because of too much thought.

  B. Analysis: This type of person is not self-controlling, and often expresses or imposes his feelings arbitrarily.

Do things irresponsibly, freely, carelessly, and often inadvertently hurt others.

  C. Analysis: This type of person has a sexual abuse side. No matter what happens, he wants to attract the attention of others and seduce people around him.

Sometimes I deliberately pursue some new and exciting stimuli that come from my satisfaction, and are often aggressive and refuse to give in easily.

  D, Analysis: This type of person is very cautious, generally has deep intentions, and is good at hiding himself, very confident.

It is often misunderstood because of poor communication.

Although it is more thoughtful to consider the problem, it may also cause fighters to miss out and lose opportunities.

  E, Analysis: People of this type often believe too much in their abilities and sometimes cannot objectively analyze the current scale.

They belong to a highly developing type.

  F, analysis: this type of people lack confidence in themselves, always lingering between ideal and reality, often attribute failure to itself, like self-blame.

However, if someone has a positive attitude, he will use this feature to lead himself to a relatively high goal, continuously pursue, and ultimately succeed.

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Daily healthy mango is healthy food

Daily healthy mango is healthy food

According to the Daily Health website, we often eat large amounts of fruit.

Mango has become a healthy food recommended by nutrition experts because of fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C.

  The report quoted nutritionists as saying: “A mango contains about 135 calories of conversion.

“Because mango is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C, calcium, and magnesium, it has a certain resistance to certain cancers, especially it is very good for the kidneys and cleansing the blood, so it is anorexia, irritabilityFor the first time, people who have difficulty sleeping can help and promote human health.

In addition, nutritionists believe that mango is the best fruit to prevent wrinkles.

“Because mango is rich in carotene and unique enzymes, it can stimulate skin cell vitality, promote metabolic transfer, help maintain collagen elasticity, and effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles.

“Nutritionists suggest that you can squeeze the mango or mix it into a fruit salad to maintain its nutritional content.”

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Prescription drug online sales or delayed e-commerce running to punish

Prescription drug online sales or delayed e-commerce “running” to punish

In the past two months, rumors about the final list of online prescription drugs are coming, but they have not been confirmed.
At the same time, the news that 鈥減rescription drugs are sold online or temporarily put on hold鈥?has spread in pharmaceutical companies and associations.
Industry experts pointed out that the online prescription drug program can not come out in a short period of time, because the release of prescription drugs on the Internet will involve a number of factors, such as security and payment. The actual implementation and supervision face many challenges.
However, in the long run, the liberalization of online prescription drugs is the general trend.
銆€銆€Rumors of opening time continue. In May last year, the State Food and Drug Administration announced the “Internet Food and Drug Administration Supervision and Management Measures (Draft for Comment).”
Article 8 clearly states that: Internet drug operators should sell prescription drugs according to the requirements of drug classification management regulations; prescription standards, format, validity period, etc., should comply with the relevant provisions of prescription management.
This is interpreted by the industry as clear that the B2C platform can sell prescription drugs.
銆€銆€Since then, when the online sales of prescription drugs opened, it has become the focus of attention in the industry.
It has been reported that the regulatory authorities have been studying the first batch of open drug catalogues, which will be mainly based on chronic diseases, and will be used for long-term use of patients with low risk of drug use.
銆€銆€The rumors are also “speaking hard,” saying that at a coordination meeting held by the State Food and Drug Administration, it has been basically determined that the State Administration of Foreign Affairs may no longer formulate an “online catalogue,” but rather a list of drugs that cannot be sold online.It is a so-called “negative list”, and prescription drugs other than the negative list can be sold online by prescription.
銆€銆€Later, it was reported that the first batch of prescription drugs that were released online will eventually be published in the form of 鈥減ositive list鈥? and basically more than 200 varieties have been identified.
The quality in the catalogue is the type of prescription drug that the state allows online sales.
However, the inventory list is still at the stage of discussion and the time of publication is not yet clear.
銆€銆€However, from the “National Day before and after” version, to the “New Year’s Day” version, to the latest “two before and after” version, the news that the prescription drug online sales policy is planned to be released has been transmitted many times, but so far “only the stairs are ringing, no one is seen.Come down.
鈥濄€€銆€澶勬柟鑽綉鍞垨閬欢杩熴€€銆€浠婂勾3鏈堝垵锛屾湁鏈€鏂版秷鎭О鐩墠缃戝敭澶勬柟鑽殑姝i潰鐩綍姝e湪淇锛屾斁寮€澶勬柟鑽綉鍞寚鏃ュ彲寰咃紝鐒惰€岋紝闅忓悗灏辨湁鍖椾含鍖昏嵂鐣屼汉澹洖搴旓紝绉板鏂硅嵂缃戝敭鍥犺嵂鐩慏epartment personnel changes, or delayed.
銆€銆€”The relevant departments during the two sessions have not yet released the ban on prescription drug sales, which has already transmitted a signal to the outside world. The relevant departments have not yet reached an agreement on the release of online sales of prescription drugs.
Some insiders told the media that “the sale of prescription drugs online should be temporarily put on hold.”
It is said that due to personnel changes in the drug supervision department, it is worried that it is not well regulated.
It is said that 鈥榚ntities (retail pharmacies) are still not well managed, and there is so much energy to manage the sale of prescription drugs online’.
The above-mentioned person said that the situation he obtained was that after the personnel changes in the relevant departments, there was another layer of consideration for the release of online sales of prescription drugs, and it was still in the supplementary study.
It believed that it would be a shame if this matter was completely shelved.
This news has also been confirmed by senior officials of several major pharmaceutical industry associations in Beijing.
銆€銆€On March 27th, at the Boao Forum for Asia, Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the State Health Planning Commission and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the online prescription drug program would not come out in the short term.
This is because the liberalization of prescription drugs on the Internet will involve many factors such as security and payment, and there are many challenges in real implementation and supervision.
銆€銆€In response to the problem of the release of prescription drugs online, Lin Ruichao, dean of the School of Chinese Medicine of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview that the drugs are different from other things. The State Food and Drug Administration has been studying management methods.
Because once released, the quality of the drug must be guaranteed.
If you can’t guarantee quality, you should be careful.
銆€銆€E-commerce “running” was punished For the delay in the release of prescription drug online sales, Yu Mingde, president of China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, insisted that the news was “inaccurate.”
“Although personnel has been adjusted.
It is estimated that there will be no major changes.
Letting go is the trend of the times. They have been discussed for countless times. See what they will repair and change.
“The president said to the media.
銆€銆€The market for prescription drugs exceeds 800 billion yuan, but more than 80% is sold in hospitals, while the domestic pharmaceutical e-commerce industry has experienced slow growth for a long time, which is less than 1% of the pharmaceutical retail market.
Mr. Yu believes that the liberalization of online sales of prescription drugs is a major positive for the industry, because liberalization will foster a new trading model that is not only efficient, transparent and convenient, but will also help to reduce the cost and efficiency of drug circulation.
銆€銆€Under the expectation that online prescription drugs will be released soon, e-commerce platforms, pharmaceutical companies, and pharmaceutical companies have all invested in the distribution of pharmaceutical e-commerce.
As of December 23 last year, Ali, Jingdong, and No. 1 stores all received the Internet Drug Trading Platform certificate.
Pharmaceutical e-commerce companies such as Kang Aiduo, Qi Lekang, and Yao have been preparing for the logistics of the upcoming prescription drug network after they have received financing.
For online prescription drugs, the head of Jiuzhou Tong Medicine E-commerce said that the company’s preparations for online sales of prescription drugs are basically ready. If the policy is released, it is only necessary to put the prescription drugs in the warehouse on the shelves to achieve sales.銆€銆€In addition, good pharmacists, Neptune and other traditional pharmacies have begun to lay out online pharmacies.

For pharmaceutical companies, they have set up their own online pharmacies like Yiling Pharmaceutical, while Guangyao Baiyun Mountain has successfully handed in Ma Yun to force medical e-commerce.

The official website of Shenwei Pharmaceutical Group, Shenwei Health Net, was officially launched on March 18 this year, marking the official launch of Shenwei into the military medical Internet.

銆€銆€Shanghai Pharmaceuticals also announced in a recent announcement that it will jointly invest in the establishment of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Health Co., Ltd., a wading medical e-commerce company with the third runner-up of natural persons. The core is to create three platforms: 鈥渆lectronic prescription鈥? 鈥渄rug data鈥?and 鈥減atient data鈥?Online online solutions have become the focus of future sales for online sales of prescription drugs.

銆€銆€However, the new policy of online prescription drugs has not come out. In the face of this huge market cake, e-commerce companies can’t help but 鈥渞un鈥?

On January 9, the Guangdong Food and Drug Administration issued a notice stating that 鈥渟ome Internet drug trading service companies in the province illegally sold prescription drugs, so they have ordered the relevant enterprises to suspend trading services鈥? There are 10 enterprises involved, accounting for Guangdong Province.The near-allocation of the total number of online pharmacies (33) that have obtained C certificates, and nearly half of the operating companies (23).

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Check if he or she has you in your heart

Check if he or she has you in your heart

Translation: Please follow the current intuition and replace the word “new, hand, up, road” from the following words to predict whether he or she has you in your heart?

  ☆ New ☆ Hand ☆ Up ☆ The analysis of the results: ☆ The newly selected “New” is “Dear at first sight, the closer you miss”: The new “Dear” must start the end of “Near”, indicating that the other person’s heart is close to youSo he has you in his heart.

  ☆ The “Hand” is “Hand in Hand, Heart-to-Heart Admiration”: The hand is “carrying” the hand, the hand is “Palm” together, the other person worships you very much, and there is you in the other person’s heart.

  ☆ The top choice is “half of the wing, and there is no branch”: the top is half of the wing, and only half of the “harmony” means that there is no you in the other person’s heart.

  ☆ Road selection “The road is” distance from distance, running away from each other “: the road is opened by individual feet, each running separately, the other side does not have you in your heart.

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Three days of health need to remember these four sentences, help you to raise your body, less sick in a year


Three days of health need to remember these four sentences, help you to raise your body, less sick in a year

After entering the three days, it means that the hottest and opposite solar terms in the year come. This time often lasts longer and the number of rainstorms is very high.

The Central Meteorological Observatory has issued continuous warnings of high temperatures and heavy rains.

Therefore, at this time, if you want to spend it safely, it is best to remember the following four sentences to reduce the risk of disease.

Remember to drink less water in the three days: in this weather, the most taboo thing is to drink less water.

The body will cause different degrees of influence on tissues and organs such as the stomach, liver, and kidneys due to plasma.

At the same time, people in certain circumstances, coupled with the lack of timely replenishment of water, prefer some cold food, it is easy to have problems with the central regulation of the human body, which leads to our appetite decline.

Therefore, it is very important to drink plenty of water in the three days.

At the same time, what you need to remember is that you don’t have to wait until you are thirsty to replenish water or drink plenty of water. These are unhealthy ways to drink water and do not make the body absorb water better.

The correct way is to let everyone do a small mouthful of slow drinking and drink some while not feeling thirsty. It is the best for good health.

Remember to don’t use cold water to rush into the sky: For those who often go out on a tripgy day, when they come to the comfortable environment of their home, they want to wash the sweat of this body quickly.

Although this is a good measure to protect the skin, it is important to remember that you should not use a very cold shower.

Especially for people who happen to have cardiovascular disease and poor heart health, because of the stimulation of a lot of cold water, even in a short period of time, cold water will stimulate our skin, and the blood pressure will increase, bloodThe cycle slows down and the health of the corresponding blood vessels is very dangerous.

Severe impending myocardial infarction, sudden death, thrombosis and other acute diseases, its very serious disease, life-threatening.

The best choice is to take a bath with your body temperature to avoid more health risks.

Three days to remember not to train in the morning: the morning is often when the sun is strong, the ultraviolet rays at this stage are often very large, even if it is a healthy thing to exercise, it may also increase the probability of heat stroke.

In addition, exercise at this time, it is easy to cause serious damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays.

It is prone to allergies, dry skin, long wrinkles, etc., especially at 9-10 o’clock, it is best not to exercise in the three days.

You may wish to change this time period to early morning, and it is a good exercise time at night.

Three days to remember often dehumidification: this time the weather is often relatively short, coupled with the reason that people often blow air conditioning, it is easy to let the body infected with damp heat, or cold wind invasion.

For people with rhinitis, it is also easy to increase the probability of rhinitis.

Every day, when the temperature drops, open the window to ventilate, or buy a humidifier, etc., is a good choice.

Dear friends, how do you keep your health in the three days?

Is there any good way to maintain your health?

Please leave a comment in the comments below and share it with our nutritionist.

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The book of fattening: the principle of supporting

The book of fattening: the principle of “supporting”

The topic of fattening has increasingly become a hot topic in society.
Children with partial eclipse anorexia, adolescent dysplasia, severe insomnia in young people, middle-aged physical exhaustion, and long-term illness and physical weakness are not new topics.
Poor living habits and lack of health concepts have led to more and more people being thinner and physique, and proper fattening has become the pursuit of many people.
So what is the good way to increase fat?
銆€銆€It is well known that the strength of physical fitness depends on the immunity against virus intrusion, the ability to repair the body after damage, and the ability to metabolize waste excretion and nutrient absorption.
However, the modern people’s lifestyle is generally fast-paced, stressful, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, coupled with public opinion on the exaggeration of weight loss, causing many people to lose weight blindly, such as overdose diet pills, long-term hunger anorexia, leading to suchGastrointestinal function damage, low immunity, endocrine disorders and other diseases.
Therefore, the thin bamboo raft is not beautiful, but the morbid, poor constitution, qi and blood, insomnia, and more dreams should pay attention to the alarm from the body, ask the doctor as soon as possible, enhance physical fitness, and properly increase fat.
銆€銆€Nowadays, the popular fattening methods in the market are various, the energy consumption of fitness and fattening is slow, the diet is long and difficult to last, and the risk of drug fattening is high.
So is there a way that is truly efficient, healthy and easy to operate?
銆€銆€Today, we will introduce you to the healthy, safe and efficient method of fattening in Japan: the three-in-one-in-one-fat method can be simply summarized as: 鈥渘utrition + nursed back to health care鈥?
銆€銆€Nutrition is the various nutrients required by the human body. As long as the diet is reasonable, the three meals can be in accordance with the law; the nursery is to regulate the body tissues and organs through the in-depth treatment of traditional Chinese medicine; while the maintenance is dynamic and static,It is necessary to exercise daily to improve the physical condition, and also needs a proper rest to restore the body.
It should be noted that exercise should be based on strength training to increase muscle strength. Aerobic exercise mainly consumes fat and can be appropriately reduced.
銆€銆€In addition, the thin friends need to pay attention to the fact that although there are many kinds of fattening products on the market, they generally contain estrogen. Although they can promote fattening for a short time, they are easy to rebound, and at the same time lead to feminine characteristics, female endocrine disorders, menstruation.Increased symptoms and other symptoms have a greater impact on adolescents at the development stage, so please remember not to be confused by ads that falsely exaggerate the effect of fattening. Be careful when choosing fattening products.

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The top ten truths of the overnight meal!

99% of people still don’t know

The top ten truths of the overnight meal!
99% of people still don’t know

Will the overnight meal cause cancer?

The food will rot in the refrigerator?

Read the full article and you will learn about the ten truths about the overnight meal.

1. What is the length of food stored at room temperature?

The US Food Safety Authority clearly stipulates that food stored at room temperature should not exceed 4 hours, and food storage under cold storage conditions can only last for 6 hours.

But most people who go to work with lunch far exceed this standard.

2. Why is there a special “taste” for overnight meals?

The most common breeding bacteria in normal temperature foods are rancid bacteria, which are bacteria that prefer a warm environment.

The bacteria especially like to eat nutritious foods, they will release a savoury smell after a meal, which is the reason for the “taste” of overnight meals.

3. What is the most scary thing in the overnight meal?

The most scary thing in the overnight meal is nitrite. In fact, this is the microbes in the air that enter the leftovers and produce a reductase that converts the nitrates in the meals into nitrites.

It can oxidize methemoglobin in blood into methemoglobin and lose oxygen function.

Adult adult 0.

2 to 0.

5 grams of nitrite can cause poisoning, 3 grams as long as death.

4. Which vegetables have high nitrate content?

In vegetables, the nitrate content from high to low is: petiole, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, bulbs, fruits, seeds, transformed beans, cucumber, the fruit is relatively safe, celery, amaranth is relatively easy to nitrate content.

5, eating overnight meals to increase the risk of gastric cancer?

Nitrite itself is not carcinogenic, but it reacts with protein decomposition products under acidic conditions to produce a variety of carcinogens.

And online madness “eat overnight meals to increase the risk of stomach cancer.”

6 times this statement is purely Hu Yu, do not talk about the dose of talk about toxicity is a rogue, the impact of an overnight meal is not as great as pickled food.

6, overnight tea causing cancer?

Also “carcinogenic” is overnight tea, which is rich in tea polyphenols and vitamin C, both natural inhibitors of nitrosamines, and the inhibitory effect on other carcinogens is also quite obvious.

Although it is not recommended to drink overnight tea, the undeteriorated overnight tea is rich in nitric acid, which can accelerate the condensation of blood. The oral bleeding can contain overnight tea to stop bleeding.

7, eat a meal overnight will be poisoned?

In the leftover food, the nitrite content of vegetarian and meat dishes placed in the refrigerator for 24 hours is 5 respectively.

36mg / kg, 5.

52mg / kg, there is still a long distance from the new standards set by the Ministry of Health.

So those friends who are worried about poisoning overnight meals, I can guarantee that they will be killed if they are not poisoned.

8, nitrite content standards?

In 2012, the Ministry of Health removed the restrictions on the nitrite content of vegetable products and meat products in the “Maximum Standards for Foods”.

Because vegetable products are not well set due to different varieties, seasonal differences, etc., the nitrite in meat products is as long as it meets the food additive standard of 30-70 mg / kg.

9. Why does the food rot in the refrigerator?

In addition to nitrite, one of the hazards of overnight meals is microbial contamination. Even in a cold storage environment of 4 掳 C, cold-resistant bacteria such as Listeria and mold still multiply, which is also the culprit that causes food to rot in the refrigerator.10. What harm does it bring to the food repeatedly?

Another hazard of overnight meals is repeated heating. The chemical toxins released by the bacteria in the food cannot be removed by heating, but may be more toxic.

The heating of the wok will cause secondary high temperature degeneration damage, which in turn will produce carcinogens such as trans fatty acids and benzopyrene.

Although eating an overnight meal will not cause cancer, but for the sake of safety and health, do you still eat less overnight meals?

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