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Infants and young children under the age of 2 drink soy milk with caution!


Infants and young children under the age of 2 drink soy milk with caution!

Affected by the problem of the milk powder incident, many citizens in Jilin have changed their long-term drinking habits and aimed at the soybean milk machine market.

Soymilk machines in Jilin City have been selling continuously for a long time.

  Citizens: I am most assured of making soy milk by myself. Many citizens said that after exposure to problematic milk powder, people feel that drinking milk is no longer safe, and that homemade soy milk is more reliable.

  Ms. Li said, “My son is 10 years old. He also drank milk for many years in order to supplement calcium. But after the liquid milk was disclosed, I went to the supermarket a few times, and almost no one asked about dairy products.

In the end, I bought a soymilk maker and made soymilk with ease.

Aunt Liu also bought a soybean milk machine and a juicer.

“Before, my wife and I had a bag of milk every day. After knowing the problem milk powder, I think it is safest to make it myself. According to the recipe, I put everything myself, and I can feel it, no pigment, and no poison.

“Dealer: Soymilk machine sales increased by 50%. Later, the reporter came to a supermarket and found that the soymilk machines were placed in a more prominent position. The promoters of a certain brand of soymilk were screaming hard.Natural, can add grains and fruits and vegetables, suitable for the whole family. ”

At the same time, he also produced several soymilk machines on the spot, consumers can taste on the spot, several consumers bought soymilk machines after tasting.

“These days are selling very well. Two soymilk machines are out of stock. It is no problem to sell more than 50 units a day.

“Take a brand of soybean milk machine as an example. There are nearly 20 stores in Jilin City, including image stores, supermarkets, and appliance stores.

Manager Wang, who is in charge of the image store, said that in the fall, it is the peak season for soymilk machines, but after the problem milk powder is exposed, the soymilk machines are really selling.Most people.

“Through this incident, it is likely that many people will change their eating habits and let everyone make their own food.

Manager Wang said that, overall, the sales volume of the brand’s soymilk machines has increased by more than 50%, catching up with the previous Golden Week each year.

  The reporter found in the vegetable market that the price of soybeans has also risen. The original price of soybeans from 5 yuan / kg has risen to 6 yuan / kg. Traders said that in recent days, the sales of soybeans have surpassed the best-selling millet.

  Experts: Infants and young children drink soy milk carefully. Pediatric experts at the Children’s Hospital of Jilin City remind infants and young children under the age of 2 to drink soy milk carefully, because the gastrointestinal function of infants and young children at this age has not yet fully developed, and the digestive enzymes in the stomach have not broken down beans.In addition, soy milk cannot replace breast milk and milk powder with similar nutritional content to breast milk.

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Joke: Six levels of men’s lust

Joke: Six levels of men’s lust

All men will be moved by beauty, after all, everyone loves beautiful things.

But appreciation and appreciation should be limited, and there should be a limit to behavior.

    Even if his reasons are many and sounding, how to sweetly explain his “irresistible urge” cannot exceed the boundary and cause a shadow in you and his heart.

So, pay attention to the following six situations. If yours is one of these facts, you should really consider “maybe the next man will be better”.

    We have summarized the six worst examples of men in color, each of which should be severely “sanctioned” by female compatriots, and the existence of a certain kind of infidelity not only makes women sad, but also a shame for men.

    Prideful ecstasy: If your boyfriend is greedy for beauty and has a stiff neck, you must go to an orthopedist for treatment, which means that he is too much!

If you can bear it at a glance, it ‘s a little bit too much. If the first dish has n’t been served yet, he looks at the other person ‘s five eyes.

    Old cow eats tender grass type: Unless he is only eighteen years old, or has any dissatisfaction with you, if he always likes to mix with his high school age sister, not right!

If he dares to ask you “Why not?

“So, make an appointment for a counselor for him!

    Family type, young and old: Never allow him to move his mind to your sister, grandma or even your mother!

Unless you want to be the protagonist of the social edition or the character of the month in gossip magazine.

    Love House and Wu Xing: He doesn’t even let your friends down. This kind of embarrassment shouldn’t let him in even the door. With this kind of boyfriend, insulting others, your face is even bigger.

    Good-near-neighborly type: Absolutely prevent him from touching your roommate.

You share the rent, but you don’t have to share the same boyfriend.

    Behavioural: What makes him show off?

Is it the cheerful voice of a rocky sandpiper, charming words to other women, or the lips purring when she sees a beautiful woman?

When the beauties pass by, they will start the car engine and slam the horn, or will they slobber and slobber?

Any kind of behavioral language that does not represent noble behavior may find out whether your boyfriend is a standard lascivious, apprentice.

    Think about it, is your boyfriend a lecher?

Does his eyes always chase every beauty in the street?

Should you punish him?

Or pretending not to see it, just because it was one of his male instincts?

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How to ensure the expected hygiene when exercising

How to ensure the expected hygiene when exercising

Many fitness male friends will experience one or another discomfort during the fitness process.

In fact, most of the reasons are due to our inattention to supplementary health.

Such as running stomach pain, exercise hypoglycemia and so on.

These situations can be avoided if we pay attention to the following supplements before and after fitness to ensure that the expectations are reasonable.

Below I will show you how you can ensure the expected hygiene during your fitness.


Exercise when not on an empty stomach: The blood sugar in the human body decreases when fasting, which can cause dizziness, weakness in the limbs, and even fainting.

In addition, fasting exercise can cause a feeling of obesity, abdominal pain may occur, which will inhibit the secretion of digestive juice, reduce digestive function, and are prone to accidents.


Do not exercise a lot after meals: After meals, digestive organ activities require a lot of blood supply. This is involved in fitness exercises. Due to the large amount of blood flowing to the limb muscles, the blood flow in the stomach and intestines is reduced, which affects the digestion and absorption of food.

In addition, after the gastrointestinal tract is oppressed by the device or its own load, the peristalsis is restricted, which is likely to cause mechanical dysfunction, resulting in gastric ulcer penetration, abdominal pain, sweating or vomiting.

So usually after a meal.

Start exercise in 5-2 hours.


Do not drink a lot of water during exercise: Excessive water intake will cause the stomach to expand, hinder diaphragmatic activity, affect normal breathing, transform the stomach, and harm the heart.

Drinking a lot of water during exercise will cause the secretion of juice to be strengthened reflexively, causing the body to lose too much salt, leading to limb weakness and cramps.

Some people’s thirst during exercise is caused by evaporation of water in the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, or dry air and reduced saliva secretion, which can be solved by gargle.

Also remind male friends specifically not to drink cold water during exercise.


Do not eat more greasy or overly salty foods: especially before exercising, don’t eat greasy foods.

Because it requires more blood and liver to produce a large amount of bile to cope with these indigestible greasy foods will cause discomfort such as bloating, and the stomach will compete for blood vessels with sports organs.

Do not eat salty foods before exercising.

Because it can cause dry mouth, quoting a large amount of water can cause bloating.

At the same time, excessive salt will make the body tired and weak, and the heart rate will increase, which will affect the exercise effect.

  I am used to eating a whole wheat bread and a bottle of about 300 ml of yogurt before exercise at night, rest for an hour, and then start exercising. I feel that the state of exercise is very good.

If you exercise in the afternoon, you can eat a small amount at lunch, which is the staple food. Add the same proportion of beef and vegetables, and then rest for about two or two hours, then exercise, and feel good physical strength.

I hope that everyone can develop their own eating habits, so that in conjunction with regular fitness, the body will become better and better.

  Through the above introduction, I hope that my friends will also take more vitamins and minerals in daily life, ensure a reasonable diet structure, develop good substitution habits, and reduce your sustainable reduction in fitness, and the fitness effect will be more ideal.

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How to maintain health


How to maintain health

The cold weather is the coldest solar term in the twenty-four solar terms.

There are ancient statements of “hot in three volts” and “cold in three nine”, and this “three nine days” is just in the cold weather.

How should it be healthy?

Xiao Yuling, deputy director of the Department of Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tangshan City, said that the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records: “Winter March, this is closed.
“All things are born in spring, longer than summer, closed in autumn, hidden in winter, and people should also.”

The ancients believed that the winter season, the yin and yang decline, the “living lurking, yang qi inside” season should pay attention to “the way to protect Tibet.”

Winter health should be “no nuisance”, that is, do not damage the body’s yang.

Therefore, in winter, the health must be warmed away from the cold, and the sun is protected.

In order to make the yin and yang relatively balanced and healthy.

Winter is the best time to maintain and save in all seasons.


The kidney is corresponding to the winter, and the kidney essence is the essence of the five internal organs. In ancient times, the expression “winter does not hide, the spring must be warm”, so winter is a good time to solidify the kidney.

Winter cultivation of Tibetan essence, winter kidney,” the main kidney essence.

If you have sex, you can achieve the effect of maintaining “yang” and replenishing your batteries.

Prominence should avoid excessive fatigue, pay attention to abstinence, drink less, and avoid the improvement of kidney essence caused by excessive wine color.


Diet: In the winter, the yang is in the air, and the spleen and stomach are turning to prosperity. At this time, the tonic can play a better role.

Since ancient times, there has been a statement that “three nine supplements one winter, no pain in the coming year”.

People have experienced the consumption of spring, summer and autumn for nearly one year. The visceral yin and yang qi and blood will improve the bias and weaken. The reasonable supplement can timely supplement the blood and body fluid, nourish the body, enhance the physical fitness, resist the cold and invade, and enableIn the coming year, there will be fewer diseases, so as to achieve the goal of doing more with less.

After the winter solstice, the halogen is positive, and at this time, the yang in the human body gradually grows, and it is most easy to absorb the external nutrition and exert its nourishing effect.

Nowadays, all kinds of medicated hot pots have become delicious dishes for the people of the whole country.

In particular, young people, from the body to the strong and heavy food, hunger and cold, and eventually lead to endless troubles.

In the winter tonic, it should be based on food supplement and adhere to the principle of tonic: less meat and more vegetables, less salt and more vinegar, less sugar and more fruit, less alcohol and more water, less medicine and more practice.

Need to be reminded that before the tonic, we must first identify the “cold and hot” attributes of the constitution, and then select the appropriate Chinese herbal medicines.

“Cold” physique is suitable for “hot”, such as ginseng, astragalus, angelica, rehmannia, Cordyceps sinensis, etc.; “virtual heat” physique is suitable for “flat”, such as sand ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, sarcophagus, lily, white fungus and so on.

People with poor gastrointestinal function should first adjust the gastrointestinal function and then supplement it. Otherwise, it will not only absorb, but will increase the burden on the stomach.

Of course, the choice of winter tonic time varies from person to person.

In winter, the cold food should be warm, and it can increase appetite and restore fatigue, but not excessive.

Reduce salt and increase bitterness to replenish your heart and strengthen your kidneys.

Avoid eating cold and sticky foods to prevent damage to the spleen and stomach.

It is suitable for people to use, in addition to ginger clothes in the morning, to drive the wind to keep out the cold.

Advocate hot porridge in the morning, and diet should be diet to raise stomach.

Moderate amount of carrots, rapeseed, spinach, mung bean sprouts, dates, walnuts and so on.

People who are partial to qi deficiency and yang deficiency can take mutton, chicken, ginseng, American ginseng, antler, walnut, etc.; blood deficiency, yin deficiency can eat glutinous meat, duck meat, donkey-hide gelatin, angelica, white fungus, rehmannia, etc.;After the winter solstice, the yin began to subside and the yang gradually rose.

Chinese medicine believes that “medicine supplements are not as good as food supplements.”

That is to take the nature of food, fill the body of the virtual, correct the yin and yang.

Such as beef sweet, special to fill the spleen; mutton sweet and hot, can benefit Qi tonic, warm in the warm; chicken meat is gentle and warm, can be warm, Qi, replenishing, adding marrow, where the virtual win thinAll can be used; white duck meat is sweet and cool, can nourish the yin of the five internal organs, clear the heat of labor, so the body yin deficiency can be eaten.

銆€銆€Jujube: Autumn and winter food red dates are yin-yang moistening, suitable for lung qi and clear food, if it can be better with white fungus, lily, yam foraging.銆€銆€Third, the daily life of the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” records that “early nights and nights, must wait for the sun,” “to the cold, warm, no skin,” this changed the principle of winter living.

In the winter when the vitality is lurking and everything is closed, it is necessary to recharge and recharge the yang.

The specific method is to “get up early and get up late”, and ensure enough sleep in winter to get up early and get up late.

This “late” is based on the time the sun is born.

Go to bed early to raise yang, late to solidify Yin.

And pay attention to the body’s warmth, so as to avoid yang venting.

General family room, room temperature should be maintained at 15QC-2OoC.

Therefore, remind friends who are used to getting up early and go out in the winter season. In the winter season, they should wait for the sun to appear, and do a good job of keeping warm and then go out to avoid being exposed to cold due to excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

It is necessary to prevent cold from attacking when it is cold.

But you can’t be warm, especially avoid heavy clothes, drunkenness, baking belly, warm sweat.

The clothes should be warm, loose and soft.

Pay attention to cold and warmth, especially to prevent bad wind and cold weather to the bad stimulation of the body.

At the same time, it should also cope with cold-resistant exercise, improve the ability to protect against cold and disease, and prevent disease.

Do it at sunrise to avoid the cold and seek warmth.

銆€銆€Fourth, the spirit of winter nursed back to health, to maintain a calm mood, to maintain emotional stability, not anxious, happy, avoid annoyance and venting too much, so that the body’s yang can continue to hide.

The principle of raising people in winter.

Multi-activity is a good medicine to eliminate winter boredom.

銆€銆€V: Sports: Strengthen your health and exercise in the winter. You can stretch your muscles and circulate blood.

Adhere to exercise, dynamic and static combination, “winter moves, less trouble sick; winter lazy lazy, drink a bowl of medicine.”

To move, it is necessary to carry out appropriate activities and sweat slightly, which can enhance physical fitness and enhance cold tolerance.

Quiet, don’t be too tired.

For example, jogging should not exceed 30 minutes, with a slight sweat as a degree, should not sweat too much, soaked the underwear, it will cause a cold.

Winter exercise is mainly indoors. When the weather is fine, you can walk on the bench, play Tai Chi, do exercises, and dance and entertain.

However, if it is strong, cold, or foggy, avoid going out.

In addition, exercise should not be too early.

The amount of exercise should not be too large.

Special reminders that you should not go outdoors during the smoggy weather.

At the same time, we must pay attention to keep warm, add more clothes, and avoid the cold to warm up with yang.

銆€銆€Six: anti-drying winter climate is cold and dry, people often have nasal dryness, dry tongue, dry skin and other symptoms, vitamin B2 and vitamin C supplementation is very necessary, run the lungs and eat food should also eat more.

Such as: 钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?鐢?鐢?鐢?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?钘?
銆€銆€In addition, drink plenty of water: less sweating and urination in winter, but the cells of the brain and various organs of the body still need water to nourish, to ensure normal metabolism.

In winter, the daily hydration is more than 2000?
3000 ml.

Drinking two waters: Drinking water is both a physiological need and an ideal means of health care, especially in the morning and evening.

Because of the cold climate, the heated house is relatively dry. During the night’s sleep, the metabolism of the breath and the skin, the discharge of urine, the loss of water in the body, the blood in the blood is reduced, the viscosity of the blood is increased, and the heart is easily caused.Cerebrovascular disease is sudden.

Drinking a glass of water before going to bed can alleviate the lack of water in the body and keep the blood vessels open.

Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning can be quickly absorbed into the blood circulation to supplement the lost water at night. It can promote blood circulation and prevent cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction.

In addition, a cup of water in the morning can enhance the excretory function of the liver and promote metabolism.

Drinking an appropriate amount of water regularly and regularly at regular intervals can play a preventive role in hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

It is better to have good air: the degree of indoor air pollution in winter is several times more serious than serious ones. Some people should pay attention to the ventilation of the doors and windows to clean the air and refresh the brain.

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How many big health mistakes you have to know


How many big health mistakes you have to know


Eating only healthy foods is harmful to your health?

銆€銆€As long as you eat healthy food, there will be no health problems.

Maybe, but there is a “degree” in everything.

This year, doctors discovered a diet-related illness: obesity (orthorexianervosa).

People with this disease will force themselves to eat some healthy foods to improve their health or treat certain diseases.

銆€銆€Some patients pursue extremes in their diet (some eat raw foods), but end up with a lack of vitamins.

Some patients prefer to buy foreign imported food or organic food at a very high price.

When a person is enthusiastic about pursuing healthy foods, eating behaviors fall into most of the day, and even raising the diet to a moral level will seriously affect his mood, this is the performance of 鈥渃rime鈥?

銆€銆€Not all doctors believe that obsessive-compulsive disorder for health food is indeed a condition, but given the people’s awareness of health and nutrition, the probability of this 鈥渃onsequence鈥?is increasing.


Does running hurt damage?

銆€銆€Many doctors usually advise us that swimming or walking is better than running if you want to exercise, because many people think that running often can cause damage.

However, the latest research shows that running does not cause damage, but also has a protective effect on a few.

銆€銆€Last year, the article published by Skeletal Radiology caused controversy.

In 1997, scientists in this study began to observe the health of athletes participating in the long-distance running of the Vienna Marathon.

Of the eight athletes, only one had problems.

However, the athlete’s cardiovascular health problems occurred long before the marathon, and after years of training, his correction problems disappeared.

In the subsequent training and competitions of the other seven athletes, there has been no problem in the series.

銆€銆€Scientists at Stanford University also published a research report last year that they have been tracking the health of retired long-distance runners from 50 to 70 years in 20 years.

At the beginning of the study, about 7% of athletes had pain in their bodies, but since they insisted on running, their implants were healthier than they were 20 years later.

In a certain period of time, although 100% of the people were healthy at the beginning of the study, after 20 years, 32% of the people had problems.

銆€銆€These studies have shown that running does not cause damage.

Conversely, shrinkage is usually compromised by external impact or running too little.

Rapidly re-damage, the human body may make a compensation response, change the pace of walking, break the balance of damage, and quickly a series of problems.


Sun bath: cure or cause disease?

銆€銆€Before the 20th century, people in many countries tried to avoid direct sunlight, but this phenomenon changed in the early 20th century.

銆€銆€At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists discovered that ultraviolet light and sunlight (containing ultraviolet light) can treat rickets.

The cause of the disease is the lack of vitamin D, the disease is very easy to fracture, and there are symptoms of skeletal deformities.

Niels Ryberg Finsen, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1903, found that the variety of light in the sun has a medical effect, and this step caused a sunbathing boom that lasted for many years.

銆€銆€Today, we all know that ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer, and this year, the sun has been regarded as a high-risk carcinogen like cigarettes, asbestos and other substances.

UV is no longer a possible carcinogen?



It is a carcinogen.

It has been thought that sunbathing is safe because the dose of ultraviolet radiation is small enough to cause cancer.

Indeed, small doses of sunlight are necessary for the production of vitamin D, but the dose is so small that it is still the focus of controversy in the scientific community.銆€銆€4.

Eat eggs often, the mortality rate is high?

銆€銆€In recent decades, many people think that the amount of traces and cholesterol in eggs is high. Doctors also recommend that people eat less eggs, so the health of eggs in the public mind has been greatly discounted.

銆€銆€Last year, the report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even pointed out that the mortality rate of men who regularly eat eggs will increase by 22%. If it is diabetic, the probability will double.

銆€銆€However, don’t be scared by death.

At the lowest point, the cholesterol in the eggs (each containing about 200mg) does not increase the concentration of cholesterol in the blood like the slightness in the paste and meat, and the eggs are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.And other nutrients.

銆€銆€In addition, the increase in the minimum mortality rate of eating eggs has increased, although more doctors do not recommend eating eggs regularly, but more and more doctors have regarded eggs as an irreplaceable part of healthy food.


Is a piece of vitamins healthy every day?

銆€銆€One of the greatest medical advances of the 20th century was the discovery of vitamins and minerals.

Simply transforming the food structure and increasing the intake of certain vitamins can end diseases such as rickets, scurvy, retinopathy, and goiter.

銆€銆€In this case, why not eat a piece of vitamin tablets every day?

It sounds logical, and in the 1990s, doctors suggested that someone do this.

Thus, this suggestion raises some strange questions: high doses of beta-carotene increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers; high doses of vitamin C can make experimental mice more susceptible to cancer; vitamin E increases secondary heart diseaseDisease risk.

銆€銆€In 2006, the National Institutes of Health pointed out that there is no convincing evidence that adhering to vitamin tablets every day is definitely good for your health.

Today, the more objective suggestion is that you don’t have to stop taking vitamin tablets, but you don’t have to start taking vitamin tablets.

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Expert recommended weight loss diet formula


Expert recommended weight loss diet formula

Raw food is the most ideal and best food among all the foods that lose weight.

Professor Xu Bangyuan recommended the hawthorn diet formula, try it!

銆€銆€Practice: 500 grams of raw hawthorn, 250 grams of honey, go to the hawthorn fruit handle and fruit core, add water to the pot, fry until the seven mature, the water will be replaced when adding honey, and then boiled and cooked with a small fire.

Keep it cold, put it in a bottle and store it, and take it several times a day.

銆€銆€Modern people consume a high dose of food. Modern people do not like sports. They pursue comfort and enjoyment, so that a large amount of energy cannot be consumed and become unfortunately trapped in various parts of the body.

Research shows that 7.

The 700 kcal transmission can be converted into one kilogram.

銆€銆€So, since the principle of human obesity is so simple, is it necessary to eliminate the redundant principle?

The answer is yes.

As long as you can eat less, exercise more, and less stress, you can naturally burn the body slightly to achieve the goal of healthy weight loss.

銆€銆€The primary task of controlling obesity is not to overeating.

Try to give back sugar-based foods, and try to choose a grain-rich food that is easy to produce fullness.

Vitamins, minerals rich in vegetables, mushrooms, seaweeds, fruits, although very good, but because of the excessive moisture of the fruit, if you eat at night will increase the number of urination, affect sleep, and increase the burden of high blood pressureIt causes systemic edema and reduces metabolic function, which makes it difficult to lose weight.

This must be remembered.

銆€銆€Raw food is the most ideal and best food among all the foods that lose weight.

This is also why in the 21st century, the use of raw food to lose weight has become the primary of fashion.

銆€銆€Specifically, raw food has the following salient features: (1) The energy efficiency of raw food produced in the human body is more than 6 times that of general fire food, but the conversion it produces is very low.

A raw food (about 40 grams) produces only about 160 kcl, which can be said to be super-small, but the body needs little nutrients.

This cuts off too many possibilities from the source.

銆€銆€(2) Raw food is whole grain food, cereals, beans, vegetables, wild vegetables, seaweeds, etc. The plant fiber is quite rich, and it is easy to produce fullness when entering the human body.

In particular, raw foods and more drinking water, plant fibers will expand rapidly in the intestines.

According to the results of expert research, plant fibers can expand up to 500 times in water.

So even eating very little, there is no feeling of a newborn.

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The key to health is not to supplement but to focus on “disinfection”

The recent research results of health experts show that the key to health care is not the supplement of traditional theory, but should focus on 鈥渄isinfection鈥?
銆€銆€While the progress of society brings material civilization to mankind, it also brings certain pollution to the living environment of mankind.
When food, fruits and vegetables, water and air are slightly polluted by poisons, people will unknowingly eat and inhale poisons, accumulating too much and causing chronic poisoning.
If the pollution is serious, too much poison will be ingested one or several times, which will cause acute poisoning. In severe cases, it may be life-threatening.
銆€銆€With the improvement of living standards, excessive intake of certain nutrients will become a “poison” that is harmful to health.
Excessive intake of protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, trace elements and plant cellulose can cause poisoning or nutritional imbalance and damage health.
Bad hobbies, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and drug use, are also “poisons” that are harmful to health.
銆€銆€The development of medical and health care, the convenience of taking medicines, and the serious side effects caused by too much, excessive or excessive use of tonics, supplements or treatments can endanger health. This is “over-compensation, medicine is also poisonous”reason.
銆€銆€”Poison” must be “sterilized” when it enters the human body, otherwise it will become a hidden danger to health.
How to “disinfect”?
First of all, we must adhere to appropriate sports, promote blood circulation, enhance physical fitness, improve the body’s anti-virus ability and accelerate the excretion of poisons.
Secondly, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet and balanced nutrition. In general, you can eat more foods rich in cellulose, such as coarse grains, vegetables and fruits, to keep the stool smooth, which is conducive to the discharge of garbage and poisons in the intestines.
The third is to choose foods that are free from pollution or light pollution. Before eating, they should be thoroughly cleaned, soaked or peeled according to the pollution situation. Also pay attention to smoking cessation, detoxification, less alcohol consumption, and minimize the entry of poisons into the body.
Fourth, you can often choose foods that have anti-pollution and blood-clearing effects, such as pig blood, fungi, mung beans, kelp, celery, fresh juice, etc., to ensure blood purity and reduce the risk of disease.
In addition, drinking plenty of water can also accelerate the excretion of poisons.
Fifth, we must pay attention to protecting the environment, avoiding or reducing the pollution of poisons to the environment, creating a good natural environment and a clean living space.

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