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152 people in Italy infected with new crown virus have not found patient zero

152 杭州夜网论坛 people in Italy infected with new crown virus have not found “patient zero”

Xinhua News Agency, Rome, February 23 (Reporter Chen Zhanjie) The Italian government said on the 23rd that a total of 152 people in Italy have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, of which 3 died and 1 was cured and discharged.

The confirmed cases are mainly concentrated in four regions in the north of the country.

  Italy’s Minister of Citizenship Protection, Commissioner of the New Coronavirus Emergency Committee, Angelo Borelli, told the media on the 23rd that a person with a new coronavirus infected with a basic disease such as cancer died on the 23rd, killing the infected.Increased to 3 people.

Except for 3 cases of death and 1 cured and discharged, the remaining confirmed patients include 110 in Lombardy, 21 in Veneto, 9 in Emilia-Romagna, 北京夜网 and 6 in Piedmont, Lazio Region 2 people.

  No zero patient has been found in Italy. The Italian suspected by the pilot who returned from Shanghai and several Chinese who frequented the same café were negative.

  Concerning the development of the Italian epidemic, Italian Prime Minister Conte told the media that it is understandable, but panic is not necessary.

  In Italy, some cities and towns with at least one confirmed case have been closed by law.

These measures include prohibiting anyone from entering or leaving the closed town, but the internal movement of the town is not disturbed temporarily; suspension of party activities or meetings in public or private places; suspension of educational activities and related travel; closure of museums, offices, and other than pharmacies, food storesStores; restrict or suspend passenger and cargo transportation, etc.

Police and others are responsible for implementing the above measures and offenders will be prosecuted.

  Affected by the epidemic, the Venice Carnival and four Serie A football leagues in the northern region have been suspended.

Original title: Italy’s new crown virus infected rose to 152 people

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Luoyang Molybdenum Industry (603993): Metal prices in various sectors are downward, camping revenues are under pressure

Luoyang Molybdenum Industry (603993): Metal prices in various sectors are downward, camping revenues are under pressure

Event description: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue of 99 in the first half of the year.

79 trillion, a year-on-year decrease of 29%, and net profit attributable to mothers was 8.

08 billion, down 74 a year.

12%, with a budget benefit of zero.

04 yuan / share.

Gross profit margin was 22% and net sales margin was 7.


Event comment: The trend of metal prices in various sectors has declined, and revenue and profits have been under pressure.

The company is mainly engaged in copper, molybdenum, tungsten, cobalt and other metals mining, smelting, deep processing and other businesses.

In the first half of 2019, the company achieved zero output of molybdenum metal.

73 cobalt, tungsten metal production 0.

52 ounces.

TFM copper-cobalt ore achieves copper metal production8.

85 cobalt, cobalt metal production 0.


Based on 80% equity, NPM achieves copper metal production 1.

4 coins, gold production 9834 coins.

In the first half of the year, the company’s main metal copper, cobalt, and tungsten market 杭州桑拿 prices fell by 11%, 61%, and 15%. The company’s revenue and profits were under pressure.

In our in-depth report “Price performance of non-ferrous commodities under the global active destocking resonance cycle”: “In the March-October 2019 global active destocking resonance cycle, the probability of a significant decline in the prices of zinc, aluminum and copperLarge, there is a trend short window period, and by the end of 2019, the prices of non-ferrous industrial products may bottom.

“If the global active destocking resonance cycle ends and enters the active inventory replenishment phase, global commodity prices will bottom out.

During the period, expenses fluctuated slightly, and the company’s operations gradually improved.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s sales expenses, management expenses and financial 武汉夜生活网 expenses were 0.

4.1 billion, 4.

8.2 billion, 5.

08 thousand yuan, change -18 every year.

5%, 5.

2%, 16.


The increase in financial expenses was due to the increase in interest expenses in the current period compared with the same period of the previous year, and the company’s current assets and liabilities replaced 51.

87%, which is gradually decreasing.

Cash flow from operating activities decreased by 58.

8% was due to the decrease in the market price of copper and cobalt, the main product of the current period, and a decrease in operating income compared with the same period last year.

Changes in net cash flows from investing activities 30.

79% was due to the decrease in the replacement of maturity structured deposits in the current period compared with the same period of the previous year and the increase in the expenditure on acquiring minority equity in subsidiaries compared to the same period of the previous year.

Profit forecast and investment advice: Considering the impact of falling prices of metals such as copper and cobalt on revenue and profits, we adjust the company’s profit forecast.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 17 respectively.

56, 21.
93, 28.
75 ppm; EPS is 0.

08, 0.

1, 0.

13 yuan, with a daily corresponding P / E of 44X, 36X, 27X on August 28, 2019, giving an overweight rating.

Risk reminder: Mining environmental protection and safety risks, short-term fluctuations in copper and cobalt prices

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How high is the privacy seal of self-test psychology

How high is the privacy seal of self-test psychology

For a long time, psychologists believe that the ability to keep secrets is at the center of a person’s mental health.

In adolescence and adulthood, whether a person can fluently harmlessly lie in society is often related to his mental health.

Researchers have also found that the ability to keep secrets can enhance a person’s appeal.

  Test translation: When you are bored, you will want to find a place to take a walk to release your mood. What kind of road do you think will help you release your psychological stress?

  A, the busiest boulevard in the city center. The neon lights let the lively popularity drive away the depression. B, the winding suburban mountain roads. Like the road of life, there are rugged and good scenery. C, an empty avenue with few passersby, let you think alone.Unlimited interruption D, yoyo suburban roads, let clean air wash your mood test results analysis: A, the busiest boulevard in the city center, neon lights let the lively popularity drive away depressed friends who choose this option, meaningful seal 70%  On the surface, you seem to have a lively and cheerful nerve. You have good interpersonal relationships, many friends, and are good at dealing with strangers. But in fact, your heart is not as open as your words and deeds. On the contrary, you are the one who has everything to do.The person hiding in your heart, although you usually like to share the life with the people around you, but you will hide the important things silently in your heart and keep silent.

  B, winding mountain roads in the suburbs, like the road of life, friends who have rugged and good scenery, choose this option, privacy is 50%, strong ability to respond, like new things to seek excitement, you who are curious, because of your ability to adapt andYou are so intelligent that you wo n’t be exposed easily. Instead, you like to dig out the privacy of others. It is recommended that you do n’t be too curious about other people ‘s affairs.

  C, an empty road with few passers-by, you can think alone and unlimitedly disturb friends who choose this option. The privacy seal is 90%. You have a unique personality. You do n’t like to be with worldly people. There are very few people who can open the conversation box, soIt ‘s never been clear to gossip people, plus you keep a low-key mysterious temperament most of the time, and never show your own situation, so it ‘s hard to be dug into privacy, but sometimes because ofAnd “the heights are extremely cold, and my heart is unknown” and it is bleak.

  D, Yoyo Country Road, let the clean air wash your mood. Friends who choose this option, the privacy seal is 30%. In fact, for you, there is basically no privacy or privacy problem. Goodness, you have one.With a tolerant heart, you always believe that human nature is good, and you are transparent in your own life. There is nothing to hide, and you don’t like to be a human with a mask.

Kindness is good, but still pay attention to protect yourself.

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Fight against bad habits of child growth

Fight against bad habits of child growth

Performance 1: All performances of boys are like girls; all performances of girls are like boy problems. Analysis: Some parents either like girls or see a baby boy look like a girl.

There is also the opposite fact that girls are raised as boys.

  Parents such as this do not raise children according to their actual gender, but raise their children according to their own expectations. At first, they do not see any problems, and sometimes they even find it interesting. However, after a long period of strengthening, the consequences become apparent. As a result, the child ‘sGender Identity Disorders.

  Gender identity disorders will have extremely negative effects on children’s personality.

Because their behaviors are different from the socially accepted codes of conduct, they often face discrimination and ridicule from their peers and the pressure of surrounding adults, resulting in introverted, lonely, depressed and other bad personalities.

Once this obstacle is removed and corrected in time in childhood, when they grow up, they will be more prone to psychological abnormalities such as homosexuality and cross-dressing madness than ordinary children. As a result, the patient will be depressed, negatively pessimistic, unable to work properly, study, loveMarriage can even have serious consequences such as boredom and suicide.

  Psychologists believe that as long as parents are well-directed and aware of their children’s gender education, while improving environmental conditions, and timely identifying and correcting existing problems, children’s gender identity disorders between the ages of 2 and 4 are highly available.Right.
Performance 2: Analysis of children’s frequent cheek support: Children often support the cheeks, causing pressure on the cheeks, which will hinder the normal development of children’s teeth over time.

  Moreover, after developing the bad habit of supporting the cheeks, the sitting posture will not be correct, and over time, it will affect the development of the spine.

Performance 3: Analysis of favorite snacks: According to market surveys, children’s snacks are mostly high in nutrition and low in nutrients. Some small foods are also added with food additives such as colorants, condiments and preservatives. Long-term consumption is not good for health.

  Some snacks also contain lead, which is a big “killer” for brain cells.

When the blood lead concentration reaches 5-15 micrograms / 100 ml, it can cause stunting and mental retardation.

Performance 4: Analysis of the problem of obesity: The problem of excessive nutrition of excessive children is becoming increasingly serious, and the average age of diabetic patients is falling sharply.

British scientists have issued warnings that many chubby babies under the age of 14 have begun to show early symptoms of diabetes, and if left to develop, they will develop diabetes in adulthood.

  In fact, with the exception of the United Kingdom, it is expected that historically too many children will be equally severe.

At the same time, medical experts have confirmed that poorly developed fat children are susceptible to iron deficiency anemia.

  In short, obesity is the culprit for many childhood diseases.

Performance 5: Analysis of toys obsessed with toys all day: Nowadays, with a wide range of toys, accompanied by children’s activity space, while adding fun to children, they are gradually alienating from adults.

  Medical experts point out that beware of children suffering from “toy autism.”

Some children sometimes become irritable once they leave the toy and disdain their parents or those around them.

  According to the analysis of pediatric psychologists, the main cause of children’s “onset” is that the pace of life of young parents is accelerating. If there is no more time to play with their children, they will use toys instead.

Performance 6: Analysis of the problem of playing a video game machine: Dr. Meng Xianzhang, a psychiatrist of the Medical College of Jinan University, analyzed that children’s addiction to playing video games is related to their psychological quality.

  Their thinking has never been stereotyped, their self-control ability is poor, and they are mostly based on their preferences.

Especially for the only children, parents generally meet their requirements, which is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s self-control.

According to analysis, young people have weak self-reflection consciousness and strong self-esteem. Psychological counseling by outsiders may be rejected, so parents are “the best psychiatrists.”

  Relevant experts also pointed out that if parents find that they are helpless, they can consult with youth counselling agencies, and many large hospitals have psychological diagnosis rooms.

Performance 7: Stuck in the house all day and unwilling to take part in outdoor exercise analysis: British medical experts point out that since televisions, video game consoles, etc. have replaced previous forms of entertainment, children are less active than in the past.This generation of adolescents is very vulnerable to criminality when they reach adulthood.

  Health experts from the British Heart Foundation have researched that children who are too stuffy in their homes can cause high blood pressure due to poor heart development. Parents with children with heart disease have a more severe heart disease than their parents.
  In order to ensure the normal development of children’s hearts and prevent and reduce the incidence of heart disease, it is necessary to remind parents to allow their children to take some time out to participate in physical exercise to achieve the amount of exercise required for heart development and ensure healthy growth of the human body.

Performance eight: Analysis of ear problems often: The ear canal skin is the same as the whole body skin, with hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and glands that secrete salamander.

There are many causes of itchy ears, which may be related to skin eczema, fungal infections, or water in the ear canals. These diseases and symptoms can cause itchy ears.

  Use unclean instruments to dig and dig. The ear canal which is most vulnerable to injury can cause inflammation of the ear canal; implanted, the ear canal is physiologically curved, it can’t be done well, and it hurts the eardrum to cause deafness.

  If the child’s ears are itchy, parents should ask them to go to the hospital for an examination. If the doctor does not find any obvious abnormalities, they can use their fingers to massage the ears and the tragus in front of the ears, or rub the ears or shallow ear canals with cotton wool and alcoholItches and disinfects.

Gradually change your ear habit.

Performance 9: Love spending money, love asking money Analysis: Children are extremely plastic.

In order for children to develop a good habit of being frugal and not spending money arbitrarily, parents’ correct guidance is extremely important.

  The danger of children’s improper access to money is damaging and is never tolerated by social morality and legal discipline, but the root cause is that they spend money uncontrollably.

  Allowing children to spend money uncontrollably increases their endurance to lose their livelihoods and endure hardships, and even embarks on the path of “finding money” desperately.  As living standards improve, it is even more important to educate children about the correct outlook on money and consumption, and instill in them a sense of diligence and thrift.

“How many things rise and fall in the world is caused by diligence, thrift, and extravagance.” This is an eternal truth.

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Baby cold care method hot pack

Baby cold care method hot pack

In today’s family, there are usually several people caring for a baby. The baby has a headache and brain heat. The whole family is turning around. Therefore, baby care is very important.

Especially for younger babies, how do you take care of them?

Below, I will introduce the method of baby cold care.

  How to take care of your baby’s cold If your baby just has a cold runny nose, replace other associated symptoms, like fever, diarrhea, etc.

Can be controlled by physical therapy and diet.

  1. Hot compress Wet the towel with hot water and apply it to the baby’s nose. If the towel is cold and then exchange heat, rotate it several times.

After the nasal mucosa contracts, the nasal cavity will be relatively smooth, and the sticky snot will be easier to hydrate and flow out.

Keep your movements gentle during hot compresses. If you find nasal booger in your baby’s nostrils, you can use a cotton swab to soak it in water. You can also slowly massage your baby’s nose or both sides of the nose.

  2, soak your feet, drink warm water to warm your baby’s feet with warm water before going to bed, you can also add a few slices of ginger in the water to prevent cold.

But be careful not to get too much water and don’t burn your baby.

After the water is cold, you can continue to change the water until the child’s forehead sweats, drink more warm water.

Helps the baby’s blood circulation, helps the nose to thin, easy to clean up, and rests early.

  3, steaming the face, moisturizing If there is a steaming device at home, turn on the steaming device, let the steaming device face the baby’s face, and let him be exposed to moisture and heat.

Steam can wet your baby’s nasal cavity and expel a large amount of nasal discharge quickly and naturally.

But be careful not to get too close to the baby when using it, so as not to hurt his delicate skin; and it should not be used for too long, about 3 minutes.

  4. Increase the indoor temperature or maintain the indoor and outdoor temperature balance. If it is in the season of acute drop or rise, the baby will be prone to runny nose and cold symptoms.

Because the baby’s external environment is particularly sensitive to the stimulation of the air, the indoor and outdoor temperature balance is always maintained, so that the baby will not suddenly feel unacceptable when going out.

If you are not going out, you can keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable temperature to relieve your baby’s nasal congestion and runny nose.

  5. Clean up the snot When the baby’s nose has too many secretions and the nasal sound is very heavy, the mother can use a nasal aspirator to help the baby clean up the snot.

However, pay attention when using it. When sucking on one side of the nostril, it is better to block the other nostril at the same time.

In addition, the nasal aspirator can suck a lot of nasal discharge and secretions at one time.

Before use, parents are advised to check whether there is booger in the baby’s nasal cavity, and keep the movements gentle, so as not to go too deep into the baby’s nasal cavity, causing pain or injury. Wash them after use.

  6, honey garlic paste is not suitable for all babies, babies under 1 year old are small, because babies within 12 months of consumption of honey may be poisoned.

But babies over one year old can try, the method is to take equal amounts of garlic and honey and stir well, and use about 80% of boiling water to drink, one tablespoon each time, can drink 4?
6 times, very effective for influenza runny nose.

  7. Onion and white boiling water Onion and white boiling water are very effective in relieving your baby’s cold and runny nose. Cut the onion to the length of your fingers, and then add about 300 ml of water to boil.Add some sugar to make your baby more acceptable.

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Beware of eat-out autism

Beware of “eat-out” autism

In recent years, the number of children with autism has increased.
Children’s mental health experts point out that the typical characteristic of children with autism is loneliness-some are indifferent and indifferent; some are fearful and timid and silent all day; some are extremely sensitive and emotionally prone to anger or anger.
  The mechanism of childhood autism was thought to be caused by brain dysfunction and improper education.
In recent years, researchers at home and abroad have discovered that the occurrence and development of childhood autism is also closely related to excessive consumption of “acidic foods”.
  In modern life, people’s dining tables are mostly high-fat, high-sugar, high-protein “nutritive” and “fine” foods, while “coarse foods” such as vegetables and miscellaneous grains are few.
Studies have shown that high fats, high sugars, and phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine in animal foods are prone to form acidic substances in the human body, so some people call these foods “acid foods”; while vegetables, fruits, and cerealsRich in potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other ingredients, it appears alkaline in the human body. These foods are called “alkaline foods”.
Pay attention to the “acid-base balance” of the diet, which is beneficial to the relative stability of the body’s PH value, coordinate various metabolic functions, and thus maintain a good health of the body and mind.
  Childhood is at a critical stage of growth and development. Children who eat too much acidic food will gradually develop a series of symptoms-cold hands, feet, colds, reduced skin resistance, often crying and disturbing, and immune function decline; seriousPeople and brain function-basic mineral ions such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and zinc are essential for brain development and maintenance of brain function. If the intake is too small, it can cause mental disorders and affect children.The development of autism plays a role in fueling the situation.
  At present, coarse grains are gradually being replaced by fine grains, and diets are refined.
Especially for a considerable number of only children, snacks with high sugar content such as candy and chocolate continue to be more likely to form an “acid constitution”.
Therefore, under modern living conditions, the prevention of child autism cannot be ignored.
Babies should be breast-fed as much as possible, because breast milk is rich in alkaline minerals, which is beneficial to the development of children’s intelligence.
Older children should eat less sugar and eat more “alkaline foods” such as vegetables, fruits, and grains.
  Of course, comprehensive measures must be taken to prevent and treat children’s autism. In addition to paying attention to the “acid-base balance” of the diet, children must also participate in various exercises and participate in collective activities.
Don’t let your child live a “closed” life for a long time, so as not to form a lonely character and affect the child’s life.
Once the child is found to have symptoms similar to children’s autism, they should consult a doctor in a timely manner, take appropriate measures, and conduct induction training.

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Experts recommend ten ways of decompression yoga

Experts recommend ten ways of decompression yoga

For modern women, working hard every day and facing more and more difficult to resolve the pressure, bad emotions will swell extremely, skin erodes women’s physical health.

By purifying the body through poses and calming the senses through concentration, yoga has become more and more recognized.

Here, please come to a professional yoga instructor to perform ten yoga moves, I hope to help you decompression.

  He Jingping, a senior professional yoga instructor, said that the practice of yoga is to purify the body through posture, calm down the senses through concentration, and finally reach the state of decompression and relaxation.

A balanced posture. Whether you focus or not will determine the strength of your body adjustment effect. At the same time, to achieve decompression through yoga, self-discipline and persistence will become the key. An action can only be done if you persist for a period of time.Reflect physical changes.

For example, the original soreness of the cervical spine disappeared, and psychological stress was strengthened.

  In addition, it is not to say that only one or a few movements have a decompression effect. All yoga movements actually have decompression effects. The most important thing is whether the movement is suitable for you.

For example, some movements are not suitable for people with severe cervical problems.

In addition, no matter what yoga movements are made, it is extremely important to cooperate with the correct breathing method. Slowly inhaling, slowly exhaling, uniform and consistent, this is its principle.

  Tips: The ten yoga moves mentioned below can be combined into a set of decompression yoga, or you can do them separately.

In addition, there is no standard for the degree of each action, especially the stretching and stretching action, as long as it is personal limit.

  1. Tree-type decompression effect: This is a balanced movement in yoga posture exercises, which can strengthen joint functions and help regulate body posture, help the spine to maintain integrity and health, and keep internal organs functioning normally.

Yoga theory believes that the integrity and health of the spine will directly affect the function of each internal organ.

  Action essentials: left foot forward, bend the right leg above, put the right foot close to the left leg thigh posture, then, folded your hands together, maintain normal breathing 3 times, slowly stretch your hands over the head to maintain this balanced posture breathing 6-8 times.

Exhale again, return your hands to your chest, then relax your legs to return to the standing position.

Swap and repeat.

  2, cow face decompression effect: can prevent adults from accumulating on the upper arm, making the arm slender.

Prevent periarthritis, eliminate stiffness of shoulder and neck, and increase elasticity of pelvic and knee joints.

Prevent insomnia, relieve fatigue and stress.

  Action essentials: Kneel on one foot and take a deep breath.

Bend your knees, your right foot, and your legs crossed so that your left foot is on the outside of your right thigh.

The left hand goes around the back from the top, holding the right hand behind each other, staying for a few seconds, taking a deep breath.

When you first start, you can also connect your hands with a towel.

Revert, adjust interest rates, and change sides.

During the process, focus on the arm muscles.

  3, bow decompression effect: This is a relatively strong posture, this posture can strengthen the spine, strengthen the spine’s flexibility, and strengthen the massage of the entire visceral system.

However, people with stomach ulcers should not stretch or give up this position because the posture is too strong.

  Action essentials: Start with the forehead on the ground in a prone position, bend your knees, place your feet against your arms, and hold your hands with both feet to step on. When you inhale, tilt your upper body upwards, but keep your thighs on the ground.Long time.

Exhale, slowly return to the ground, return to the prone position to relax the body.

  In order to strengthen the massage of the abdomen and tibia, when the practitioner is capable, he can shake his body back and forth and left and right while maintaining his posture.

This position can be repeated 2-3 times.

  4. Twisting decompression effect: can effectively eliminate back pain, abdominal pain and flatulence, improve poor blood circulation, and stimulate normal hormone secretion.

  Action essentials: Starting from the kneeling position, sit to the left of the leg, place your right foot next to the left, your left elbow at the top right, your left hand at the top right, and your right hand at the front and back.

Inhale, straighten your back, exhale, twist your body backwards, and keep your posture to breathe normally 6-8 times.

  5, boat-type foot decompression effect: strengthen the strength of abdominal muscles and lumbar muscles, strengthen liver and kidney function.

  Action essentials: Grasp your feet with both hands, inhale, lift your upper body and legs, form a V shape about 60 cm from the ground, and breathe naturally for 10-20 seconds.

Exhale and return slowly.

  6. Snake decompression effect: It is good for the hip nerves and muscles, and increases the elasticity of the spine.It is also helpful for sciatica and common advanced diseases, which can improve the elimination of irregular menstruation.

  Action essentials: knees on both knees, and make a vertical angle with both shoulders.

Lean forward with your forehead on the ground and your arms outstretched.

Bend your arms, raise your head, collapse your waist, let your waist close to the ground, and let your torso slowly move forward along the ground.

When he reached his heart, Democracy straightened, held his upper body up, tilted his head back, and looked up.

Hold for 20 seconds and breathe naturally.

Then, do it in the reverse order and return to the original posture.

  7, pigeon-type decompression effect: strengthen the spleen and stomach, eliminate intragastric flatulence.

It can regulate the disorders of gastrointestinal organs (kidney, liver, spleen, intestine) and constipation.

It can also improve symptoms, weak knee joints, and eliminate bone spurs at joints.

Beautify body lines, promote blood circulation throughout the body, and improve physiological functions.

  Action essentials: Spread your legs forward and keep sitting.

Bend the right knee, with the right heel against the perineum or the left leg, with the left leg open to the side, and the knee joint bent, trying to align the two thighs in a straight line.

Hold your left foot in your left hand, and lift your lower and upper calves upward, with your insteps resting on your elbows.

With your hands clasped in front of you, your arms go around behind your head, and your face turns to the upper right to straighten your sternum.

Hold this position for 5 sets of abdominal breathing, exchanging legs to the other side.

Adjust your knees in a straight line from the left to the right, and place your consciousness on your waist.

  8, Diamond wheel arch decompression effect: soft back bone, stimulating gonads, promoting hormone secretion.

  Action essentials: Kneel on the floor, knees and feet together, with the feet above the slenderness behind, and then on the heels.

Gently place your hand on your thigh.

Put your arms behind you and hold your hands tightly.

Inhale, look up and bend the spine.

When stretching your chest with your elbows, hold your hands tightly behind you.

Take a deep breath and slowly recover.

  9. Heron-type decompression effect: the leg can be fully contracted, strengthen the leg muscle lines, beautify and trim the leg shape, and tighten and beautify the leg lines.

  Action essentials: Raise your right foot and hug it with your left and right elbows, and shake your body slightly back and forth for several minutes.

Hugging your left and right elbows, keep your right leg close to your chest, keep your head upright, pull your right foot up, and keep your back straight.

Each movement should be practiced symmetrically, which can be done several times.

  10, candlelight meditation decompression effect: enhance the metabolic function in the body, make the body flexible and full of energy, change the sub-healthy state of the person, can eliminate negative emotions, treat insomnia, neurasthenia and other common diseases in modern urban people.

  Action essentials: Close your eyes and open them again, look up again, look down, 10 to 15 rounds.

  After doing eye-relaxation, slowly open your eyes. Do not look directly at the candlelight. Look at the front of the leg first, slowly move your gaze up, and finally move to the candlelight to stare. When you gaze, relax your eyes. Do n’t stare.Do n’t blink, turn on condensation and stare at candlelight until you ca n’t blink. When you feel that tears are going to shed or have shed, gradually restore your eyes, close your eyes, arch your palms, and buckle your palms into bowls. Do not touch your eyes.Take 5 to 7 breaths and relax.

  Open your eyes and stare directly at the candlelight. Feel your eyes sore. Close your eyes when your tears are going to shed or have shed, and rub your palms together and buckle them.

  Guiding expert He Jingping, a nationally renowned yoga instructor

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Can winter supplements be used for diabetic patients?

Can winter supplements be used for diabetic patients?

With the improvement of winter, tonic has become a topic of concern, and cream is a better choice for winter tonic.

Some diabetics have asked, can diabetics take the cream?

As a result, old Chinese medicine practitioners said that diabetic patients can take ointment, but in the selection of ointment, different medicinal materials and excipients should be selected according to personal circumstances.

  The use of sugar is an important part of the cream, and most of the distortion of the cream by diabetic patients.

However, although sugar also has a certain tonic effect, it is mainly used to correct the taste in the ointment, and does not affect the overall effectiveness of the ointment.

Therefore, for diabetic patients, replacing xylitol instead of other sugar components not only meets the requirement of diabetic patients not to take sugar, but also has little effect on drug efficacy.

  Chinese medicine divides diabetes into three types: “upper consumption”, “medical consumption” and “lower consumption”. They are characterized by polydipsia, polydipsia and polyuria, but the three cannot be separated.

The main pathogenesis of “Shangxiao” is lung heat and injury, which is manifested as polydipsia and drink more, dry mouth and tongue, frequent urination, sharp red tongue, thin yellow fur, etc.The effect of clearing away heat and moisturizing the lungs, replenishing and quenching thirst.

The main pathogenesis of “Zhongxiao” is that the stomach is hot and flaming, manifested as irritability of eating more food, thin body, dry stools, yellow fur, etc. You can use Yu Nu Jian to add or subtract to achieve the purpose of clearing stomach, purging fire, nourishing yin and increasing fluid.

The main pathogenesis of “Xiaxiao” is deficiency of kidney yin or deficiency of yin and yang. The former is characterized by frequent urination, turbidity such as fat cream, or sweet urine, dry mouth, dry lips, and red tongue.

It manifests itself as a frequent urination frequency, cloudy like cream, dark complexion, soft waist and knees, cold and cold, and pale tongue and white fur.

The main treatments are Liuwei Dihuang Pill and Jin Yi Shen Qi Pill, to nourish yin and warm yang, and tonify the kidney and take pictures.

  At different stages of diabetes development, the substitution of ointment is also different.

In the early stage of diabetes, lung and stomach yin deficiency are more common. The main treatment method is to nourish yin and clear heat, and supplement qi, replacing Shengmai drink and Shashen Maidong Decoction.

In the later stage of diabetes, kidney deficiency deficiency or yin and yang deficiency syndromes are more common. The main treatment methods are tonic tonifying kidney yin and warming Yang solid photography, instead of Liuwei Dihuang Wan and Jinshen Shenqi Wan.

In addition, due to diabetes, the main pathogenesis of yin deficiency and dry heat, it is easy to burn and stagnate the blood network, so the method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can be consistent.

  Chronic diseases are suitable groups for plaster prescriptions, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, chronic hepatitis, chronic gastritis, chronic nephritis and so on.

However, the doctor reminded that in the acute phase of chronic diseases, it is not possible to take the ointment, such as the acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, the acute exacerbation of chronic gastritis, and the active period of hepatitis.

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8 yoga moves to eliminate Little Belly

8 yoga moves to eliminate “Little Belly”

Sedentary, do not love sports, but also a little sweet, even if the woman is not fat, the abdomen will inevitably have some fat.
With the continuous feast, do we really want to be a veritable little belly?
Abdominal weight loss?
8 thin abdomen movements specifically target stubborn fat in the abdomen and completely eliminate it!
Start acting now!
銆€銆€Action 1 Stand, separate your feet, flex your elbows and clench your fists to your ears, recover the elbows inward, lift your left leg forward and bend your knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground, hold for 5 seconds, retract your arms and thighs, and returnInitial state.
The change side was repeated 20 times.
銆€銆€Action 2 Sit in the front half of the chair, put your feet together, lift your arms flat in front of your body and shoulder width, and gently touch your fists; keep your arms flat and slowly turn your body to the left, then slowly pullGo back to the front.
Change the side and repeat the action 20 times.
銆€銆€Action 3 Sit in the chair, put your feet together, your upper body is straight, your right hand is akimbo, the left hand is lifted to the right, take a deep breath, hold your chest and abdomen, keep your posture for a few seconds, then restore.
Change side, repeat multiple times.
銆€銆€Action 4 Prone, try to make the waist and hip bone close to the floor, adjust the breathing, lift the shoulder blade, lift the spine and hips up, straighten the right leg, perpendicular to the floor, exhale, and then slowly return to the prone position.
Repeat this action 5-10 times.
銆€銆€Action 5 Sit on the floor, feet close together, slightly lifted up, hands stretched forward parallel, parallel with the ground, abdomen, while the upper body is also lifted off the ground, take a deep breath, hold for 5 seconds, return to the initial state.
Repeat multiple times.
銆€銆€Action 6 Stand up, naturally separate your feet, hands on your hips, lift your left leg, bend your knees until it is parallel with the ground, then inhale, raise your head, chest, abdomen, keep the state for 5 minutes, then repeat the movements.
銆€銆€Action 7 Lying on your back, your toes are straight, hold your left knee tightly, straight up the upper body, and straighten your left leg 45 degrees obliquely, and your toes are straight.
Correct use of abdominal strength to maintain balance.
Adjust the breath, alternately bend the left and right legs and repeat 10 times.
銆€銆€Action 8 Lie on the floor, legs close together, lift the calf and feet, put them on the chair, bend the arms together, and lift them to the chest position, slowly lift the upper body until the elbowsHit your knees, hold your position for 2 seconds, and lay back on the floor.
Repeat the action 20 times.

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Futian health and calming


Futian health and calming

“Su Wen 路 Four-intensity theory”: “Summer March, this is a show, the heavens and the earth, the real thing, the night, get up early, do not hate the day, make the mind no anger, make Huaying Chengxiu,Let the gas vent, if it is outside, this summer should be the way to raise the long.

“The weather in summer is falling, the earth is rising, the atmosphere of heaven and earth is going up and down, and everything is beautiful.”

People should sleep late and get up early, so that their emotions are happy, and there is no depression in their hearts, so that the yang in the body can be over-expanded and developed. This is the reason for adapting to the summer and protecting the long-raising gas.

Summer health should pay attention to the following points: easy to get angry, need to nurse the mind, Chinese medicine believes that summer is a fire, and the heart is corresponding, summer heart fire is easy to flourish, the patient is angry and angry, so in the hot summer, pay attention to the mind and health.
It is required to be refreshed, happy, happy, broad-minded and full of spirit.

銆€銆€Warm water bath against cold flu Many people like to cool down to the night on the street in the summer night, and even sleep under the stars all night, in fact, this is a bad habit, although the summer is hot, but the fog in the night will still hurthuman body.

It is easy to cause cold and cold, mainly in the symptoms of aversion to cold, headache, fever, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, etc. At this time, drink a bowl of ginger soup, you will find that the symptoms of cold are much better.

It is a measure worthy of promotion for a hot summer and a warm bath every day.

銆€銆€绁?婀?婀?楗 楗 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀縏he yin is getting heavier, people are not suitable for eating too cold food in the summer, the drink hurts the spleen and stomach, causing diarrhea.

Therefore, you can use Musk, Perrin, and Atractylodes tea to drink the phlegm and dampness and adjust the function of the spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€Exercise and do a reasonable exercise Summer climate is hot, the body is too hot, if the amount of exercise is too large, it will cause excessive sweating, irritating yin, patients with dizziness, chest tightness, palpitation, thirst, nausea, and even coma, soDo not stay up late in the summer, and it is best to exercise during the morning and evening when it is cool. You should choose a small or moderate exercise mode, such as walking, jogging, tai chi, qigong, radio exercises, etc.Go to the alpine forest and the beach area to recuperate.

銆€銆€Make up sleep, regulate yin and yang, summer sleep should be “night, get up early, do not hate the day.

“Sleeping at night can conform to the lack of natural yin. Early rise can be followed by yang filling, which is conducive to emotional smoothness. It should be rested at noon, one can avoid the heat and inflammation, and the second can alleviate the lack of nighttime sleep and eliminate fatigue.
銆€銆€After treating the scorpion with herbal medicine, after the summer heat, it is often wet in the summer heat, steaming in the heat of the summer, the weather is sultry, susceptible to hemorrhoids, lice and so on.

Pay attention to skin care and use some natural herbal baths instead of a healthy and enjoyable summer.

Such as mulberry leaf bath, put about 100 grams of mulberry leaves into the pot for 10 to 15 minutes, then pour into the tub, can eliminate skin ulcers, bloated and so on.

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