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Optics Valley Information (430161): Spatial Information Technology Business Rapidly Increases System Integration Capability Significantly Improved

Optics Valley Information (430161): Spatial Information Technology Business Rapidly Increases System Integration Capability Significantly Improved

Event: The company released the semi-annual report for 2019, which reported an operating income of 94.7 million yuan, an increase of 56 in the future.

23%, net profit attributable to mothers was 5.76 million yuan, an increase of 84 year-on-year.


There are two major reasons for the increase in revenue: (1) the space information technology business has maintained steady growth, and the revenue has increased by 897 million over the same period of the previous year; (2) the company’s system integration capabilities have been strengthened, and the service target has shifted from the department level to the city level.The magnitude of individual projects has changed, resulting in an absolute increase in the proportion of income in the current period of 26 million yuan in the same period last year.

Optics Valley Information: Professional information technology service and consulting service provider.

The company is a professional information technology service and consulting service provider. The products and services it provides mainly include space information technology services, big data technology services, and system integration technology services. The business revenue ratio in 2019 was 43.

6%, 26.

5%, 29.

9%, mainly for inclusive finance and Internet + agriculture.

The company will adhere to the 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 information-oriented, data-centric, upgrade the existing industry-oriented technology and market capabilities into city-level application service capabilities (platform-level business), and expand the government-oriented 3S application capabilities to the enterprise market, Especially in the large industrial fields (2B business) of power, petroleum, steel, chemical, etc.

Spatial information technology services: Stock services such as mapping and data services have grown steadily, supplementing planning consulting services to cater for policy guidance.

In summary of the report, in addition to the research and development and promotion of smart government affairs collaboration platform, OpenGIS cloud platform, space-time big data platform, OVIT mobile application platform, surveying and data services, and “smart surveying and mapping”, the company’s natural resources are developing well.In addition, it has focused on developing planning consulting services.

After March 2018, many new types of planning, such as land and space planning, multi-planned village planning, and urban renewal, have entered the historical stage. Scientific planning solutions, regional development layout, and industrial positioning require strong data acquisition.And analysis of governance capabilities.

Optical Valley Information has served in the field of spatial data for nearly five years. It has data service capabilities in surveying, mapping, Internet of Things, and Internet big data mining. It has served land and resources for more than ten years and can provide “investigation and confirmation, planning and evaluation.””Using and repairing, supervising and enforcing” information services for the entire business process, the “cloud GIS platform and big data platform” with its own intellectual property can efficiently and stably support the restructuring of natural resources and planning operations.

The company established the Optics Valley Information Space Planning Institute, and the Guangzhou Branch was established in early 2019, forming a team of nearly 30 planners.

Since May 2018, the company’s team of planners has served a wide range of regions in Guangdong Province, such as Guangzhou, Huizhou, Longchuan County, Shixing County, Jiaoling County, Lianping County, Dapu County, etc.Master planning, regulatory detailed planning, village planning, village remediation, land use planning and other businesses have been widely recognized by customers.

At the baseline of the report, space information technology services achieved operating income of 4,244.

09 million yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

79%, revenue accounted for 45%.

Big data technology services have achieved in-depth development in agriculture + finance + operators, and business income has increased by 107%.

The reports are connected in series, and the company’s big data platform has been further developed and applied in the agriculture, finance, and operator industries. In addition to the offline batch processing business in previous years, the report summarizes that big data applications in these three industries have matched the real-time nature of the business.Requirements, realizing stream-based real-time processing, combined with machine learning models, for automated and intelligent data processing, real-time monitoring, early warning and real-time analysis.

In 2019, the company used the business experience and informatization results accumulated in the agricultural field to develop the “Village Revitalization Public Service Platform” and “Nongshe Cloud” to provide effective services for agricultural subjects and become the mainstay of new agricultural operations.
The report summarizes that the company’s service business realized by big data technology achieved operating income of 2,912.

140,000 yuan, an increase of 106 in ten years.


System integration technology services are centered on integration and cross-border, with revenue growing 75% annually.

With the expansion of IT assets of governments, enterprises and institutions, application depth, data accumulation, system integration and technical services, and increasing with each passing day, the company has now realized planning and consulting, overall solution design, application development, system integration, operation and maintenance services, operationsThe full-process information service of the service has covered internal service industries including land and resources, finance, education, energy, medical care, and operators.

The report summarizes that based on the user’s actual demand scenario, the company integrates services and application innovation ecology on the cloud, establishes the link between the details of citizens’ lives and the development of smart cities, and has achieved significant progress and far-reaching market opportunities in the smart county business direction.

At the same time, the company created an integrated solution for operators based on short message sending and business data analysis, and opened up the “last mile” for customers. Focusing on the development of county-level financial media centers, it integrated news collection, intelligent processing, and unified storage.The multi-functional industry platform of big data analysis helps the development of traditional media and the construction of new types of integrated media.

The report totaled 2,584 operating income from the system integration technology service business.

07 million yuan, an increase of 74 in ten years.


R & D expenditure continued to increase, and R & D revenue accounted for 15%.

According to the semi-annual report, the company’s R & D expenditure for this period was 14.57 million yuan, an increase of 33 each year.

69%, R & D accounted for 15% of revenue, mainly due to the company’s continued increase in R & D expenditures on big data business, in order to form internal core competitiveness, transfer more R & D talents, rising R & D labor costs.

The company’s current gross profit margin is 39.

22%, a decrease of 9 per year.

03pct, profitability has improved.The company’s cash flow is tight. The net cash flow from operating activities in 2017-2019H1 was negative, which was -58.66 million yuan in 2019H1, a decrease of 1,382 compared with the same period last year.

The decrease of 980,000 yuan was due to the fact that the company’s contract size with the upstream and downstream settlement periods and the average level of projects undertaken in this period exceeded the same period last year.As a result, the cash paid to employees and paid for employees increased by 5.6 million yuan over the same period of the previous year.

Investment suggestion: All three major businesses of the company have entered a period of rapid growth and have better ability to continue operations.

Finally the latest, the company’s market size is 3.

2.5 billion, PE (ttm) 6.

3 times, it is recommended to pay attention.

Risk reminder: the risk of technology upgrading, the risk of technology being corrected and the loss of confidentiality, and the risk of brain drain.

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Sanhua Intelligent Control (002050): Single-quarter gross margin under pressure to improve operating cash flow

Sanhua Intelligent Control (002050): Single-quarter gross margin under pressure to improve operating cash flow

A brief review of the results of the company’s first quarter report for 2019. The company achieved revenue in the first quarter of 2019. Net profit attributable to mothers and net profit attributable to non-mothers were 27.

8.1 billion, 2.

5.9 billion, 2.

100,000 yuan, respectively +7.

9%, +4.

2%, -12.

1%, due to the increase in gross profit margin, the growth rate of net profit was lower than the growth rate of revenue.

The EPS is 0.

12 yuan.

Operating analysis The single quarter gross margin was under pressure, and operating cash flow improved significantly.

(1) The company’s gross profit margin continued to be under pressure, and the gross profit margin for Q1 was 25.

2%, a decline of 2 per year.

3 points.

(2) The growth rate of the first quarter’s performance has drifted along with the prosperity of the household appliances business (air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, micro-channel heat exchangers, etc.), and the overall automobile market has been sluggish and the growth rate has increased.

(3) The sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratios are 4 respectively.

0% / 5.

6% / 4.

0% / 1.

8%, compared with 15 of the same period last year.

7% down 0.

35 points.

Among them, due to Q2 2018?
Q3 was newly established. The acquired company increased management expenses and employee compensation, and the management expense ratio increased by 1.

33pct; the company’s financial expense ratio decreased by 1 due to a reduction in exchange cash losses.


(4) Q1 net operating cash flow improved due to good sales return, from -0 in the same period last year.

700 million increase to 2 in 2019Q1.

80,000 yuan, inventory decreased by 1 compared with 2018Q4.


Short-term performance growth and long-term support-Auto zero business is expected to benefit from breakthroughs in Model 3 production capacity and Shanghai plant volume.

The company’s short-term performance varies with the automobile market and the prosperity of the air-conditioning 武汉夜网论坛 industry. In the long run, the main home appliance industry has stabilized, and the auto zero business has been the main growth force.

The company exclusively supplies Tesla Model 3 thermal management parts, thermal expansion valves with solenoid valves, electronic expansion valves, electronic oil pumps, oil coolers, water-cooled plates, battery coolers, and briquettes. The value of the bicycle is about 2000 And the exclusive supply of Model S and X electronic expansion valves, which cost about 250 yuan.

It is estimated that 110,000 Model 3 crops will increase the company’s revenue by about 2.

33 trillion, 20 million output will increase4.

08 thousand yuan.

Tesla’s Shanghai plant plans to adopt a local procurement model, which benefits the company.

Profit forecast and investment recommendations The company’s net profit for 2019-2021 is expected to be 13.

8 trillion, corresponding to EPS.



696 yuan.

Give a target price of 17.

75 yuan, corresponding to the 2019 28x estimate, maintain the BUY rating.

Risks suggest that the automobile market is sluggish; the growth rate of the home appliance industry; the development of new energy vehicles is less than expected; the development of commercial refrigeration customers is less than expected; the market share of refrigeration products is reduced;

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Nuoli (603611): The headquarter’s business is steadily increasing and intelligent storage accelerates growth

Nuoli (603611): The headquarter’s business is steadily increasing and intelligent storage accelerates growth
The company has gradually repurchased 3 since May 19.58% of shares, paid 1.7 billion.Original planned repurchase budget 1.500-300 million, of which 0 is used for fair incentives.75-1.500 million, showing confidence in future development and emphasis on long-term incentives.We judge that the collaboration between internal logistics business will be carried out in 20 years, the profitability of SAVOYE will increase after the consolidation and the intelligent storage business is expected to continue to grow rapidly.4 billion, 3.3 billion, 4.100 million, corresponding to PE is 25/18/14 times. Maintain prudent recommendation.  The company’s revenue for 17-18 is 21.2 billion, 25.5 billion, 19 revenue in the first three quarters of 20.7 billion, a year-on-year growth rate of 61%, 20%, 13.8%, net profit attributable to mothers is 1.60 billion, 1.88 billion, 1.8.8 billion, a 10-year growth rate of 10%, 18%, 21%. Among them, the acquisition of Wuxi Zhongding in 17 years resulted in a significant increase in revenue.According to the breakdown of the 19-year report, logistics vehicles and equipment accounted for 73%, and intelligent storage business accounted for 26%. Wuxi Zhongding’s intelligent storage business increased its new orders in 19 years. Among them, new energy storage accounted for 50% -60%. Key customers include CATL, BYD, LG Chem, Panasonic, Murata, Funeng Technology, Yiwei Lithium Energy, And is the main supplier of new energy intelligent storage for leading battery companies such as CATL.19 semi-annual report announced 26 orders in hand.3 billion, of which new energy 14.8 billion accounted for 56%, medicine 3.4 billion accounted for 13.1%, furniture 2.600 million accounted for 9.9%.There were 11 new orders in the first half of the year.2 billion, of which new energy 7.600 million accounted for 68%.In 2020, the company will focus on strengthening downstream business expansion in pharmaceuticals, home furnishings, and cold chains. It is expected that new energy will replace less than 50% of new orders in 20 years. Zhongding’s technology-leading products are reliable, and downstream customers have a high degree of recognition. New orders will focus on identifying customer risks.The company’s payment is in 3331 mode, so the advance payment accounts for 30?60%, 19Q3 advance receipts11.200 million is mainly due to Zhongding advance receipts, a small part is Nuoli overseas advance receipts.Zhongding’s business model has the characteristics of “single order early + acceptance confirmation late”, so there are many advance payments, but they match the orders in hand. The acquired French SAVOYE, established in 1965, is an old-fashioned automated logistics company that has been selected as the top 20 global MMH.After being acquired through an industrial fund in 18 years, the company’s profitability has improved through the participation initiative and incentives in place.18 years of income 6.800 million, entering the US and Chinese markets, 19-20 revenue will accelerate.SAVOYE’s current assets are in good condition, and it can be operated independently without additional investment from the headquarters. 50% of the revenue is operating income, light assets, and stickiness of software upgrade customers.The software architecture is the biggest advantage, and the synergy is reflected in: 1) the establishment of a subsidiary to expand the Chinese market, which is 30-40% 40% more efficient than its domestic counterparts; 2) gradually opening up technology,) gradually opening up technology,) gradually opening up technology,) First-class technology is open. In the first half of 21 years, it assisted Nuo Li to complete the self-production of the software system. In the first half of the year, she assisted Nuo Li to complete the self-production of the software system. In the first half of the year, she assisted Nuo Li to complete the self-production of the software system. In the first half of the year, she assisted Nuo Li to complete the self-production of the software system. In the first half of the year, she assisted Nuo Li to complete the self-production of the software system. In the first half of the year, she assisted Nuo Li to complete the self-production of the software system. In the first half of the year, she assisted Nuo Li to complete the self-production of the software system. In the first half of the year, she assisted Nuo Li to complete the self-production of the software system.  In June 19, the company announced the acquisition of the entire equity of SAVOYE in France.The main process of reviewing the acquisition is as follows: In April 2018, NuoLi Company, Changxing Zicheng, and Zhejiang Changxing Financial Holdings jointly established an industrial merger and acquisition fund, Changxing Nuocheng, and Changxing Nuocheng held 99 杭州桑拿网 shares.99% of its holding subsidiary, Changxing Lincheng, acquired 100% of French Savoye, and its counterparty was Belgium Legris Industries S.E. At the end of 18, the total transaction value of the equity settlement was 43.36 million euros (about 3).300 million yuan).French Savoye earned 90 in 18 years.1 million euros (6.800 million yuan), operating profit1.1 million euros (8.35 million yuan).In June 19th, Nuo Li started with 3.Changxing Lincheng 99 is held by Changxing Nuocheng.99% equity.  Nuoli headquarters is mainly engaged in industrial vehicles such as light and small vans, electric storage trucks, etc. The growth in 19 was better than that of the industry, which was comparable to the growth rate of 18.According to the statistics of the Industrial Vehicle Branch of the China Construction Machinery Association, the total sales 夜来香体验网 volume (including exports) of the entire industry in the first half of 19 was about 30.660,000 units, a drop of about 0 a year.31%.First, the rapid growth of the global economy, the increasing trade friction between China and the United States, and the downward pressure on the domestic economy, the industrial vehicle industry market has entered an adjustment period.Against this background, Nuoli’s growth rate in the first half of 19 was better than that of the industry, so it still maintained a certain growth.The company has the ability and confidence for the growth in the next three years, which is reflected in: 1) the export accounted for 60%. At the end of 19, the Vietnamese factory has begun to convert, the cost is 20% lower than the Malaysian factory, and the overseas layout has been strengthened.The company is the world’s largest light truck market (40% + in stock), the new flagship is recognized by the market, especially European customers; 3) the development of major OEM customers such as Toyota, Doosan, etc., is expected to form continuous purchase demand starting from 20 years.Compared with the sales through dealer channels in the past, a new customer model has been opened; 4) The aerial work platform started to provide electric scissor type for JLG this year. JLG plans to close Tianjin electric scissor type, and purchase orders increased rapidly.  Nuoli headquarters and Wuxi Zhongding have synergy. The acquired French SAVOYE has further improved the company’s business chain and realized the entire industry chain coverage of internal logistics (core equipment + system integration + software).In addition to light compact trucks, smart warehouse stackers and other fist products, the company also earlier deployed AGV (Shanghai Nuoli Smart) and Smart Garage (Zhejiang Nuoli Garage), which still have a small business share but continued R & D sponsorship.The company has announced a gradual repurchase 3.With 58% of the shares, we judge that the company may restructure the fair incentives in 20 years or later. SAVOYE’s profitability will rebound after the consolidation. The intelligent storage business is expected to continue to grow rapidly and remain prudent.  Risk reminders: 1) The epidemic situation is less than expected, and the start-up of the manufacturing industry has affected the demand for industrial vehicles; 2) Trade friction has repeatedly affected the export of industrial vehicles; 3) Competition in intelligent storage has intensified, and the progress of new downstream factories in new energy has fallen short of expectations.4) The stability of the French company’s senior management and internal cost control were less than expected.

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Allegory of management that swept the office

Allegory of management that swept the office

These are also harmonious, and profound management fables are popular in the office.

In fact, more often, small stories are more moving than Daoli.

Here are some wonderful little stories, I hope to bring you a little joy and inspiration . About the basics-Ji Chang learns to shoot arrows from Fei Wei, Fei Wei does not teach specific archery skills, but requires him to learn to pay attention to the target and his eyes cannotBlinking, Ji Chang spent two years, and practiced another spine who stabbed at the corner of the eye without blinking.

The flying guard has increased the requirement for Ji Chang to train his eyesight. The standard is to achieve that the smaller things can be clearly enlarged, as if seen in close range.

Ji Chang worked hard for three years, and finally he could see the smallest lice as big as a wheel. Ji Chang opened his bow and shot the lice easily with an arrow.

After knowing the result, Fei Wei was very satisfied with the apprentice.

  To learn archery, you must first train your eyesight. The basic movements are solid, and the application can be ever-changing. Enterprise management is the same. Basic personnel, finance, technology, and business must be well mastered.

Running a business is like building a tower. If you just want to build bricks and forget to lay a solid foundation, one day the tower will collapse.

  Chicken pickers . Once there was such a person who stole the chickens of neighbors every day. Someone told him: “This kind of behavior is not in line with the gentleman’s way.

The man replied, “Then reduce it a little bit, and then steal a chicken every month. When next year, I won’t steal it at all.”

“This is also a gradual theory?

Is it ridiculous?

But sometimes we do this ourselves.

What can I do if smoking is harmful to the body?

Quit it, take less time every day; there are problems with the company’s management mechanism, and they will be solved step by step.

But what happened in the end?

The smoke is still smoking, and the problems of the enterprise have not been completely solved yet. Step by step!

  Wise managers will always remember such a thing when formulating a budget policy-make a schedule, never stop without achieving goals.

Plans embody our thinking and reflect what we expect to do, when we will do it well, who will do what, and how.

  The old farmer moved the stone . One old farmer planted a large stone for many years.

This stone broke several old farmers’ plowshares and damaged his cultivator.

The old peasant should be helpless. The boulder became a lingering illness when he farmed.

  One day, after another plowshare was broken, remembering the endless trouble that the boulder brought to him, he finally resolved to end the boulder.

So, he got a crowbar and went under the boulder, but he almost found that the stone was buried in the ground not so deep, so thick, and he could pry it up with a little hard work, and then smash it with a sledgehammer to clear it out.In the field, the old peasant’s mind was flashed in his mind for many years, and the view of the megalithic ruins flashed. He thought that he could deal with this headache earlier, and couldn’t help but grin.

  From this allegorical story, we will understand the truth in business management: when encountering a problem, we should immediately clarify the root cause, and if there is a problem, we must deal with it immediately without delay.

  Enterprise management activities often encounter recurring problems or undesired phenomena. If you suspect illness or delay medical treatment, the backlog will inevitably cause difficulties to the enterprise, and even make the production and operation of the enterprise impossible.Will threaten the survival of the enterprise.

Therefore, to reduce the frequency of problems in enterprise management, re-avoid, but seize the signs, investigate in a timely manner, trace the root cause, and find the solution and method in time.

  Spiders repair their webs . There are two spiders living in a shabby temple, one under the eaves and one on the shrine.

One day, the roof of the old temple collapsed. Fortunately, the two spiders were not injured. They were still busy weaving spider webs on their site.

A few days later, the spider on the shrine found that his web was always broken.

A small bird flies past, a small wind blows, and it will keep it busy repairing for a long time.

It asked the spider under the eaves: “Our silk is no different, and the place where we work has not changed.

Why is my net always broken, but yours is fine?

“The spider under the eaves smiled and said,” Don’t you find that the eaves on our heads are gone? ”

“It is naturally important to repair the net, but it is more important to understand why the net is broken.

Often you see busy managers, these managers who correct firefighters in management are like the busy spider, without thinking about the source of the problem.

  A story about organizational culture-crab fishing . People who have fished crabs may know that there is a group of crabs in the basket, there is no need to cover them. The crabs cannot climb out, because as long as one person wants to climb up, other crabsThey will cling to it, and as a result, pull it down, and none of them will go out.

  Organizations should also pay attention to and remove the so-called “crab culture.”There are often some elements in the enterprise. They don’t like to see the achievements and outstanding performance of others. Every day they try to destroy and suppress them. If they are not undone, over time, there will only be a group of crabs in the organization that restrain each other.

  The story of eagle feeding . The eagle is the strongest race among all birds, and according to zoologists, this may be related to the feeding habits of the eagle.

  The eagle gave birth to four or five eaglets at a time. Because of their high nests, the food they hunted back could only be fed to one eagle at a time. The feeding method of the eagles was not based on the principle of equality, not one by one.The eagle robs anyone who eats it. Under this circumstance, the thin eagle dies without food. The fiercest survivor survives. From generation to generation, the eagles are getting stronger and stronger.

  This is a story of the survival of the fittest. It tells us that “fairness” cannot be a recognized principle in the organization. Without an appropriate elimination system, the organization will often delay evolution due to small indifference and justice. In a competitive environment, it willWas naturally eliminated.

  About Leadership-Two Hedgehogs . Two sleepy hedgehogs embraced by the cold.

But because each of them had spines, they left a distance, but couldn’t stand the cold, so they got together.

After much struggle, the two hedgehogs finally found a suitable distance: they could get each other’s warmth without being stuck.

  The “hedgehog” rule is the “psychological distance effect” in interpersonal communication.

For leaders to do good work, they should maintain a close relationship with their subordinates so as to gain their respect.

Keep a psychological distance with your subordinates and avoid losing principles at work.

  Northerly and southerly winds . Northerly and southerly winds are more powerful than others, who can take off their coats on pedestrians.

The north wind first came with a cold wind and biting the cold, and the pedestrian wrapped the coat tightly.

The south wind was blowing slowly, and the wind was sunny and sunny. Pedestrians unbuttoned the buttons because they felt spring, and then took off their coats. South wind won the victory.

  This parable vividly illustrates a truth: warmth is better than severe cold.

Leaders apply the “Southern Wind” principle in management to respect and care for their subordinates. The subordinates are based on this, and they are more humane, so that the subordinates truly feel the warmth given by the leader, thereby removing the burden and motivating the work.

  The loneliness of the tiger . As the ruler of the forest kingdom, the tiger has tasted almost all the hardships and pains encountered in management.

It finally admitted that the tiger also had a weak side.

It is amazingly eager, and can enjoy the pleasure of getting along with friends like other animals; it can get the reminders and advice of buddies when making mistakes.

  It asked the monkey: “Are you my friend?

The monkey answered with a smile on his face: “Of course, I will always be your most loyal friend.

“That’s the case,” said Tiger. “Why can’t I get your advice every time I make a mistake?”

“The monkey thought for a while, carefully determined:” As your subordinate, I may have a blind worship of you, so I cannot see your mistake.

Maybe you should ask the fox.

“The tiger asked the fox again.

The fox’s eyes rolled around and pleased: “The monkey is right, you are so great, who can trim your mistakes?

“Like the poor tiger, many supervisors often experience the loneliness of” almost cold. ”

Due to the hierarchical structure of the organization, there is a deep gap between supervisors and subordinates.

All your subordinates treat you as much as you do with tigers, because: It is easy to point out your mistakes, but in case you are ashamed and angry, aren’t they doing it yourself?

What’s more, due to different positions, some subordinates will not even stop you from making mistakes, but will wait to see your jokes!

What’s more, an individual employee may be waiting for the day you fall, and he can just replace it.

  In order for a subordinate to point out the shortcomings or mistakes of the supervisor, three conditions must be met: first, he can be sure of his benefits; second, he must be brave enough; third, you, as the supervisor, have discerning eyesight and tolerance.

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Cervical spine discomfort Don’t mess with the massage carefully to aggravate the condition

Cervical spine discomfort Don’t mess with the massage carefully to aggravate the condition

As the weather gradually cools down, many people suffer from complications.

When you feel that your neck is uncomfortable, some people think that you can ask a masseur to push it and massage it.

I do n’t know how to do blindly to prevent massage, which greatly increases the risk of accidental injury, which can cause severe consequences such as paralysis.

  71-year-old old man massages cervical disability According to media reports, the 71-year-old Pharaoh suffers from the disease of cervical spondylosis, and his family is worried that the old man will be difficult to undergo surgery, so he took him to a massage massage shop near his home for treatment.

Unexpectedly, after pressing the button, Pharaoh’s neck became sore that it was difficult to reverse, and his left shoulder was too painful to lift.

At the hospital, the doctor diagnosed that Pharaoh was suffering from old dislocation of the left shoulder joint with left shoulder fracture and injury to the left shoulder due to improper massage and massaging. The left fracture caused bone damage, which resulted in a level 10 disability.

  In daily life, many patients with cervical spondylosis think that massage can relieve cervical spondylosis, but in general, massage shops are mainly for health care.

For example, if you are tired from shopping and can’t walk, you can go for a massage and relax, but the massaged area can only extend your limbs.

The blood vessels and nerves of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are abundant. The ordinary masseur is not familiar with the anatomy, which can cause damage to soft tissues, blood vessels and nerves.

Therefore, if the cervical or lumbar spine is uncomfortable, or your hand hurts.

Limbs numbness, severe pillow fall, etc., it is best to go to the hospital immediately.

  How to prevent and care cervical spondylitis everyday 1.

Correcting bad habits and wrong postures The bow-headed and office workers who often face the computer are often fixed in one posture, so the desk must be commensurate with the height of the chair.

In long-term work, do short-term temporary forward flexion, backward extension, left-right rotation and loop movement.

To improve cervical muscle fatigue and restore optimal stress.


Pay attention to incorrect sleeping habits. Normal people should have a pillow height of about 12 cm in the supine position. The side height should be the same as the shoulder height. The height of the pillow varies from person to person.

Patients with cervical spondylosis are roughly the same as normal people, and those with obvious hyperplasia at the posterior edge of the vertebral body may have a correspondingly higher pillow; those with hypertrophy of the yellow ligament and calcification should be lower.


Prevent cervical spondylosis in patients with cold cervical spondylosis. The cervical spine is much more sensitive to cold and hot external environment than normal people. In case of cold weather, it is best to wear a scarf.

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More dry autumn, more self-discipline

More dry autumn, more self-discipline

After the hot summer, there is a wave of cool autumn. On this day when the autumn wind is blowing, many people go to the hospital for treatment, because after some people sweat excessively in the summer, all tissues of the body feel insufficient water.The wind is cold, which can easily cause headaches, tears, dry throat, nasal congestion, cough, stomach pain, joint pain and other symptoms, and even relapse or induce new diseases. The main manifestations are fatigue, malaise, inability to concentrate, dry throat and skin, and poor stool., Irregular menstruation, upset and so on.

There were also colds, fevers and even pneumonia hospitalized.

  After the beginning of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night expands, and the moisture in the air is significantly reduced. Dryness is the main gas in autumn. At this time, people will obviously feel dry.

Office workers living in office buildings all day accompanied by documents, computers, photocopiers, etc. in a closed air-conditioned environment, virtually encountered the invasion of dry evil, coupled with insufficient exercise, insufficient exercise, decreased resistance, easy to feel autumnDry interference.

Among them, dry mouth, dry throat, dry skin, and poor stool are the main symptoms.

The characteristics of dryness and pathogenicity are injury and fluid consumption, which make the body yin deficiency and yang.

The skin becomes dry and rough and loses its elasticity without the moisture of the body fluid. The loss of body fluid will cause the stool to dry or constipation; the throat is the portal of the lungs, and the lack of lung yin will cause the mouth to dry and throat, or cause upper respiratory infections,Progression to bronchitis, pneumonia.

Long-term destruction by Qiuzao destroys the body’s weakness, weakness, weakness, or may cause endocrine disorders and so on.

  It can be seen that the diseases we often love in autumn are often related to the natural environment and the small environment and their physical conditions.

Everyone has to face climate change in nature. We can only adapt the latter two to adapt to nature.

  The most direct and simple method for Qiuzao is to drink more water, but some people repeat the day and night without drinking less water, and still dry mouth.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dry mouth caused by Qiuzao is a deficiency of Yin and Jin in the body, and simply drinking water may not be effective.

Generally you can drink green tea, or go to a Chinese pharmacy to buy some fat sea, wolfberry, barley and other teas.

Usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat more fiber-rich vegetables, such as radishes, tomatoes, tofu, white fungus, pears, persimmons, bananas, etc. These foods have the effect of moisturizing the lungs, nourishing yin.

Smoking, wine and hot products such as pepper.

In the late autumn season, people ‘s essence starts to be sealed. Tonic foods are easier to digest, absorb and store, which is helpful to improve the function of organs and enhance the quality of the human body. Note that it is best to drink soup after each meal and take nourishing yinDry diet: Pear porridge: Wash and chop the pears and cook them with rice.

It has a good moisturizing effect on people with dry mouth, dry nose, dry cough and no sputum. It can be used as a health food for autumn.

  Carrot porridge: Wash and chop the right amount of carrots, add rice to cook porridge.

In autumn, the weather is dry, people often have symptoms such as rough skin, cracked lips, dry eyes, and increased dandruff. Carrot porridge has a certain effect.

  At the same time, there are many precautions in daily consultations and I often know office workers. For example, people who work for a long time in the computer should pay attention to the radiation of the computer, especially in autumn and winter. The damage to the skin is subtle, and the environment should be changed frequently, such asTake a 10-minute break for 1 hour of work, etc. Many harmful gases are generated when the copier is working. It is best not to put it in a closed office.

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January Moon Diet Therapy

January Moon Diet Therapy

From 1950 to 2009, in a blink of an eye, I entered a rare age from the first young pioneers of Shanghai Wanzhu Primary School.

Seventy years old, more than fifty looks, and even more exciting is that I often fly around in many cities for health lectures and become an “flying man” who sow healthy seeds.

Many people ask me curiously: “How do you maintain such a spirit?

“In fact, health is based on the three treasures of” fine, qi, and god “, and the” three good “of eating, sleeping and exercising is the foundation.

I think the key to Miyoshi is to eat well!

People take food as their god.

Eating well provides nutrition, a reasonable estimate and guarantees my health.

  Three meals a day, eating every day, seems simple, but in fact, many people do not eat.

It is not easy to really eat, eat well and eat science.

This is a “nutrition diet” that incorporates many modern scientific knowledge.

  What is the difference between diet and medicated diet?

  The name of “medicine diet” originally appeared in “Hou Han · Lie Nuo Zhuan”, but the dietary therapies of the past generations often appeared under the names of “food support”, “food treatment” and “food therapy”.

There is a difference in concept between medicated diet and diet therapy.

  Traditional Chinese medicine diet is a special supplement with health care, disease prevention, and treatment functions. It is a reasonable combination of different drugs and food under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory. It is processed into a unique color, fragrance, taste and shape.Food products can not only satisfy the people’s pursuit of deliciousness, but also promote human health, condition the body, prevent disease, assist treatment and promote the recovery of the body. Therefore, the traditional Chinese medicine diet has been Chinese for thousands of years.The estimation that the nation is very good at is also a guarantee of the health of the people.

  TCM dietetics should study the performance and efficacy of food, and how to use food to maintain human health and prevent disease.

Here, food includes both ordinary food and some medicines with the same origin.

It can be seen that the ingredients of diet therapy are much larger than those of medicated diet.

Essentially, diet is not necessarily medicated, but it must be included in diet.

  The Osamu Regimen is Osamu’s solar term around January 5th of the solar calendar.

There is a saying in the folk: Xiaohan Dahan, cold ice.

Literally, the big cold is smaller than the small cold, but in the meteorological records, the small cold is much colder than the big cold. It is the coldest solar term in the 24 solar terms today.

There are often “cold in thirty-nine” statements, and this “three-nine days” is exactly in Xiaohan’s solar terms.

  Xiaohan’s solar terms have been counted for nine cold days, and people can no doubt make up for special supplements, but tonic supplements cannot be ruled out, and should be based on the principle of “serving meals according to people”.

Yuan Dynasty’s “Diet Notes” published: “Diet is to keep in good health, but you don’t know that physical properties are suitable and taboo. Even if it is mixed, it may be discord between the five, and it may be a disaster.

“When it comes to tonic, there have been statements from ancient times,” three nine supplements one winter, no illness in the coming year “.

Reasonable tonic can not only replenish qi and blood in time, resist the invasion of the cold, but also make the next few years less ill.

  The combination of food supplement and medicine supplement is recommended, and warm supplement is appropriate.

Commonly used tonics are ginseng, astragalus, gelatin, Cordyceps sinensis, Shouwu, Chinese wolfberry, angelica and so on.

Food supplements should be combined with the nature of food to choose mutton, dog, pork, chicken, duck, catfish, turtle, squid, and shrimp, etc. Other foods such as walnuts, dates, longan, sesame, yam, lotus seeds, lilies,Chestnuts and so on.

  Nourishing should not be more beneficial, taking too much ginseng, velvet antler, gelatin, white fungus and other drugs, but it is harmful to the body.

  Ingredients for Xiaohan Jinbu Recipe: Leek 60 grams, 100 grams of rice, fine salt.

  Production: Wash and shred the leek first.

When the porridge is ready, add leek, fine salt, and cook for a while until the rice blossom soup is thick.

  Efficacy: aphrodisiac and kidney-reinforcing, Gujing stop left, warm stomach and spleen, Xingqi scattered blood.

  Application: cold pain in the abdomen caused by spleen and kidney yang deficiency, sore waist and knees, impotence, premature ejaculation of nocturnal emission, frequent nocturnal urination, cold pain and menstrual flow.

  Note: This porridge should be cooked and eaten now, not eaten every other day. It should not be eaten for patients with internal heat of yang deficiency, sores and complications of eye diseases.

  Ingredients for peppercorn porridge: 5 grams of peppercorn powder, 50 grams of rice (or glutinous rice), 3 scallions, and white sugar.

  Production: When the porridge is ready to be cooked, chop the scallion and mix it with the peppercorn powder and white sugar into the porridge. Stir and cook for a while.  Efficacy: nourishing the stomach in the middle, dispersing cold and relieving pain.

  Application: cold stomach pain caused by defocus cold, vomiting clear water, hiccup pantothenic acid, abdominal cold pain, Xiwenxiyin, and chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, asthma due to asthma in children and adults.
  Note: As the peppercorn contains volatile oil, it should not be boiled for a long time.

  Ingredients for mutton porridge: 150 grams of fresh refined mutton, 100 grams of previous rice, 3 slices of ginger, 3 scallions, and appropriate amount of fine salt.

  Production: Wash the mutton and cut into diced meat, and place it in the casserole with the previous rice.

When the porridge is ready, add ginger, spring onion, and fine salt, stir well and cook for a while.

  Efficacy: Bu Yuan Yang, warming the spleen and stomach, replenishing essence and blood.

  Application: Deficiency of kidney yang, thin body due to cold of spleen and stomach, chills and cold, limbs not warm, waist and knees cold, epigastric cold and pain.

  Eucommia ulmoides fried cashew raw materials: 15 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 250 grams of pork kidney, cooking wine, soy sauce, refined oil, vinegar, green onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, wet starch, monosodium glutamate, refined salt.

  Production: Cut the pork loin into two halves, cut into loinclothes after decanting, put Eucommia in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil about 50 ml of medicinal juice; stir in the loincloth, quickly stir-fry, stir-fry evenly to tasteto make.

  Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, lowering blood pressure.

  Application: Deficiency of liver and kidney yang, soreness of waist and knee caused by lack of seminal blood, weakness, weakness, impotence, lack of sperm, tinnitus, dizziness, and poor sexual function.

  Longan egg soup ingredients: 50 grams of longan meat, 2 eggs.

  Effect: nourishing and regulating menstruation.

  Application: Irregular menstruation caused by blood deficiency, postmenstrual period, small amount of light color, lower abdomen pain, poor complexion and postpartum blood deficiency.

  Ingredients of yam mutton soup: 500 grams of mutton, 150 grams of yam, and 6 grams of pepper.

  Efficacy: warm spleen and kidney.

  Application: tiredness caused by deficiency of spleen and kidney yang, weak limbs, loss of appetite, frequent urination, low temperature in women’s lower abdomen, and high leucorrhea.

  The Great Cold Health Classic has the method of “Great Cold and Great Cold, Protecting against Wind and Cold, Drinking Ginseng, Astragalus Liquor, Qiqi Dihuang Wan in Evening Service”.

  In the cold season, suitable supplements include angelica ginger mutton soup, red Qitian chicken, sweet and sour carrot shreds, milk porridge, etc., which have the effects of dispersing cold in the warmth, tonicing blood, and nourishing the lungs and intestines.

  Many elderly people often experience symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as backache, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia, fatigue, and decreased sexual function, etc., steamed catfish, braised catfish, fried shrimp and other tonic kidney essence; astragalus kidney flower and other kidney and impotence.

  Anti-aging Chinese medicines include: Astragalus membranaceus, Polygonatum sibiricum, maturity, ginseng, Codonopsis, Lycium barbarum, Shouwu, Atractylodes, Chinese yam, jujube, Cordyceps, etc .; traditional Chinese medicines for tonifying kidney and refining: Cistanche, Ziheche, Lycium barbarum, Huangjing, Turtle boardChinese herbs for tonifying the kidney and impotence are Morinda officinalis, Epimedium, Cynomorium, Eucommia, Curculigo, Leek Seeds, Psoralea, Golden Cherry, Sparrow Meat, SpinyFive plus.

  Ingredients for porcine liver porridge for Dahan Jinfu Recipe: 100 grams of pork liver, 100 grams of rice, 3 scallions, 3 slices of ginger, and salt.

  Efficacy: blood tonic, liver benefits, eyesight.

  Application: Dizziness caused by liver and blood deficiency, blurred vision, vision loss, dry eyes, tears in the wind and anemia, chronic hepatitis, night blindness and other liver blood deficiency.

  Ingredients for braised bonito shreds: 500 g bonito, brown sugar, refined oil, soy sauce, wet starch, and vinegar.

  Production: Put the oil in the wok and heat it. Turn the shredded fish wire back and forth, then add soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, cook with water, and add the appropriate amount of wet starch to serve.

  Efficacy: Qi, spleen and swelling.

  Application: Physical fatigue caused by deficiency of temper, lack of diet, shortness of breath, dizziness, adverse urination, malnutrition edema, etc.

  Sijun Steamed Duck Ingredients: 1 fat duck (about 2000 grams), 15 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of Atractylodes, 10 grams of Poria, 6 grams of sucrose grass, scallion, ginger, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, and refined salt.

  Production: Process Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, and Licorice into pieces, pack them in gauze bags, and tie tightly; put the medicine bag in the belly of the duck, add ginger, green onion, cooking wine and a certain amount of broth.Duck is over cooked, remove the medicine bag, add refined salt to the original soup, MSG is ready.

  Efficacy: Yiqi Jianpi, Ziyin Yangwei.

  Application: Frustrated diet due to deficiency of spleen and stomach, abdominal distension, diarrhea, fatigue, shortness of breath, pale yellow, unfavorable urination, edema of the limbs; dry cough due to deficiency of qi and yin, hotness of bone steam and chronic gastritis, duodenal stomachIntestinal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, indigestion, etc.

  Ingredients for jujube braised pork trotters: 1,000 grams of trotters, 100 grams of peanuts (red skin), 40 jujubes, cooking wine, soy sauce, caster sugar, cumin, pepper, ginger, shallots, refined oil, monosodium glutamate, refined saltRight amount.
  Efficacy: blood, soothe the nerves, increase milk.

  Application: Bloodlessness caused by blood deficiency, dizziness, palpitation, palpitation, insomnia, memory loss, postpartum milk or scarcity of milk, and anemia, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, neurasthenia and other blood deficiency.

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10 tricks to make dry babies fall in love with drinking water


10 tricks to make “dry” babies fall in love with drinking water

The mothers in the community often worry about the problems of babies not eating, porridge, paste, appetite and so on.

I heard that all methods are exhausted: picking up in the hospital, taking Chinese medicine, western medicine . the situation has not improved.

I summarized that all the babies who have the above problems have one thing in common-do not like to drink water.

My daughter didn’t like drinking water before. Since she was very young, I have tried everything to make her fall in love with drinking water, at least not to refuse boiled water.

Here are some of my water-feeding experiences: 1. Beginning to feed thinned fruit juice, each time it is thinner than the previous one, so that she slowly adapts to the faint taste.

2. Sometimes when she has a good time, she feeds one or two sips. If she doesn’t refuse, she feeds again. If she cries, she won’t feed. Generally, her daughter will not refuse when she is in a good mood.

3, sometimes use games to coax the daughter to drink water, first feed the bear (the doll that the daughter usually prefers), the mother takes another sip, pretends to taste good, and then the baby drinks it.

At that time, the daughter would drink very well. When the baby drank it, she would say “good”, and she would be very happy.

4. Babies like to drink adult’s things. If she doesn’t like to drink with her own cup, I will use her own cup to drink for her.

5, the baby likes to do it by myself, I let her pour water to drink, or poured it into the cup a little bit, let her hold and drink.

Don’t forget to praise your baby. Properly encourage your baby to be more willing to drink water.

6, a cup has been used for a long time, the baby will not feel fresh, sometimes I will change the other utensils to give her water to drink, the baby will love it.

7. The cups I give my baby have animal patterns. When the baby refuses, tell her to kiss the animal in the cup. I will kiss one first, and then the baby will kiss, so the baby will be veryDrink well.

8. Almost all babies love to play with water. I sometimes feed her half a glass of water while bathing. When I have fun, I will never refuse.

9. The baby likes someone to talk to her. I talk to her and feed her water.

10, the baby also has a “herd effect”, go to the community and watch other babies drink water!

Naturally follow suit.

Mom added: I refuse to give my baby sweet water or flavored water except for fresh juice.

In the process of feeding water, it is very important not to force the baby, try slowly and repeatedly, and wait patiently for the results to appear.

Don’t forget to cheat in the process. When she completes the task of drinking water, she should brag about her good behavior. The baby will be happy to be exaggerated into good behavior, and will be happy to do it next.

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Gourmet mix to eat sexy body

Gourmet mix to eat sexy body

In fact, it doesn’t matter at all, you can make yourself more beautiful and more eye-catching.
According to the following, you can eat luxurious hair and slender waist like a star. You want to: Have a luxurious hair like Hollywood famous actress Ashley Judd.
  You should eat more: beef, chicken, fish, chicken liver, eggs, sardines and fruits such as raisins and apples.
  Why: Do you know?
Your hair should contain 97% protein.
Hair expert Aiya said that no matter when your hair is dull, hairy, or even hair loss, it means that your hair lacks certain minerals such as vitamin B12, iron, amino acids and protein.
Beef, chicken and fish are just rich in these nutrients.
  You want to: have a sharp face like the versatile Hollywood movie star Scarlett Johansson.
  You should eat more: Almond Barley Pudding Why: When you feel the face is more bloated, eat almond barley pudding as a dessert.
Molding expert Mary gave this remedy as a gift to her clients.
Almonds contain a lot of protein and minerals, and barley is also rich in vitamins and minerals.
Nutrition experts at the Weight Loss Center point out that all of these factors help to remove a lot of excess water from the face, making the face look more compact and stylish.
  You want to: Have the delicate skin of the Australian star, Nicole Kidman, the main character of the red mill.
  You should eat more: bird’s nest, nuts, fish, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, papaya.
  Why: Bird’s nest is rich in protein, and the most important thing is that bird’s nest can make and replenish collagen in the skin.
Of course, this requires a lot of money. If you don’t have so much money, it is not bad to buy a packet of pistachios, almonds or walnuts.
According to nutrition experts, nuts are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, as well as fatty acids that keep your skin full.
In fish, papaya and vegetable buds, zinc and vitamin C are very beneficial for skin health.
Salmon also contains fatty acids that make the skin more elastic and vital.
  You think: you have the slender waist of the smashing sex video on the Internet, and the patron of the international hotel industry giant Hilton family, Paris Hilton.
  You should eat more: chicken fried with mushrooms and scallion Why: Chicken and mushrooms are rich in high protein and vitamin B, and the scallions are also rich in minerals, which help the body to drain excess water.
According to nutritionists, these substances will speed up the body’s metabolism and blood flow.
As your body’s circulation speeds up, you will no longer have constipation and other phenomena, and the excess water in your body will be completely removed. This way, having a slender and sexy waist is no longer a difficult thing for you.
  You think: Have a beautiful and healthy black movie star Halle Berry’s moving eyes You should eat more: 枸杞 Why: Fortunately, for people nowadays, myopia is no longer an incurable disease.
However, do you know how to make your eyes more vivid?
Eat it, it can make you have a pair of clearer, brighter, more moving eyes.
Spend two tablespoons, brew it with hot water the evening before, and then drink it, whether it is cold or hot.
Because our body will repair itself at night, drinking in the morning on an empty stomach will have a multiplier effect.
  You think: I have the long legs and arms of the European and American actress Terry Hatcher, who is famous for her “Desperate Housewives.”
  You should eat more: red bean stewed fish and tomatoes Why: According to nutrition experts, these substances are rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, which can increase blood circulation and reduce excessive water in the body.
In this way, the muscles of your legs and arms will no longer appear slack and weak.
Cook a pot of red beans, then fry the fish with oil, ginger, shallots and a little red wine. Finally, pour the red bean soup into the frying pan and simmer for 8 minutes.
Tomatoes should be eaten more because they contain natural amino acids that speed up the body’s metabolism.
At this time, the kidneys will release more water, which can help the body to remove toxins and remove the fat that has been deposited for a long time.
These fats are excreted through the urination system.
You can try canned tomatoes because it is the essence of being squeezed out of excess water.
Therefore, it is more nutritious than eating raw tomatoes.
  TIPS: Healthy body food with eating Pig liver & spinach: Pork liver and spinach have the power of blood, one by one, and the combination of food for the treatment of anemia has special effects.  Beef & Potato: Beef has a high nutritional value and has a spleen-stomach effect, but the beef is rough and will irritate the stomach mucosa.
Potatoes and beef can be used to protect the gastric mucosa.
  Kelp & Tofu: Tofu is rich in nutrients, and its saponin can promote the discharge of iodine in food and is absorbed by the body.
Kelp contains a lot of iodine, and the two can improve the nutritional efficiency.
  Mutton & Ginger: Mutton is yang, ginger is cold and warm, and it can be used together to exhale evil and treat abdominal pain.
  Chicken & Chestnut: Chicken spleen and hematopoiesis, chestnuts and spleen, the combination of the two is beneficial to the body to absorb the nutrients of the chicken, and the hematopoietic function will also increase.
  Duck & Yam: Duck meat can make up the yin, with anti-inflammatory and cough effect.
The power of yam is stronger, and it can be used with duck meat to eliminate greasy and good results.
  Lily & Eggs: Lily has the effect of clearing simmering fire, tonifying kidney and qi and blood. Eggs can supplement yin and blood. Both of them can be cooked and added with appropriate amount of white sugar. They can nourish yin and moisten, clear heart and calm the nerves, and have unique health effects.
  Fruit & Meat: Fruits generally contain large amounts of potassium and sodium salts. Participation in human metabolism can make body fluids weakly alkaline.
Meat contains a lot of fatty acids, which are easy to make body fluids weakly acidic after being metabolized in the body.
The same food can maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids, which is good for your health.

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Fattening delicious recipe: Songren 鹌鹑_1


Fattening delicious recipe: Songren

The meat and eggs are high in nutritional value and rich in protein and vitamins. They are excellent nutritional supplements. They are called 鈥済inseng鈥?and are a feast for the feast.

Introducing a fattening recipe – Songren 楣岄箲, is a good choice for thin meat and long meat!

銆€銆€Ingredients: 300 grams of clam meat accessories: pine nuts 75 grams seasoning: 25 grams of green onions, 25 grams of sesame oil, 5 grams of MSG, 25 grams of soy sauce, 15 grams of cooking wine, 1 grams of salt, 10 grams of white sugar, 25 grams of ginger, peanut oil 100Features: The color is brownish red, the fragrance is sharp, and the meat is smashed.

銆€銆€Practice: 1.

Wash the 楣岄箲 and change it to 1.

5 cm square block, slap on the knife; 2.

Heat the wok on the fire and pour in the cooked peanut oil. When it is cooked to 160 掳 C, the poultry meat is fried into golden yellow and drained; oil 3.

Then the pine nuts are fried and ready for use;

The wok is said to be net, put 25 grams of peanut oil to heat, the onion section, the ginger piece stir fry the fragrance;

Then add soy sauce, salt, Shao wine, sugar, MSG, chicken soup, boil; 6.

Pour the fried simmered meat, remove the froth, and simmer the simmer until the meat is rotten;

Under the pine nuts, use the big fire to collect the juice, drench the sesame oil, pour it into the dish and let it cool.

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