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Bairun Co. (002568): Pre-mix business returns to rising channel

Bairun Co. (002568): Pre-mix business returns to rising channel
1Q19 revenue exceeded market expectations Bairun shares announced 1Q19 results: Revenue 2.84 ppm, an increase of 14 years.62%, net profit attributable to mother 0.430,000 yuan, an increase of 65 in ten years.65%, corresponding to EPS 0.08 yuan.The revenue exceeded market expectations, mainly due to the unexpected growth in the pre-mix business.At the same time forecast the first half of the net profit1.10?1.34 ppm, corresponding to a single quarter net profit growth of 27.6?72.1%. The 4Q18 and 1Q19 revenue / net profit period has been the highest quarterly level since the company’s contraction adjustment in 2016 (4Q18 net profit excludes the impact of termination of distribution incentives). We believe the company has come out of the trough and returned to the upward channel. Development Trend The key to the pre-mix wine business returning to the rising channel is to acquire new consumer groups and open new consumption scenarios, bringing incremental space.The company has an alcohol score of 3?8 degrees, products with different styles and tastes, segment consumer groups.The focus of packaging has shifted from glass bottles to cans, introducing daily scenarios on multiple occasions, breaking through the previous impression of a single polydrink.Xinwei’s growth has become the strength of Hyundai’s growth, with revenue growth of 60% in 18 years, and we expect to continue to grow 55% in 19 years. In 19, marketing began to expand twice, but still more cost-effective.Optimize traditional and modern channels, expand e-commerce, nightclubs, and ready-to-drink channels.Expenses continue to focus on high-budget segmented products and channels. New products drive growth, and multiple product mixes promote the cultivation and development of the pre-mix wine industry.As the absolute leader of China’s pre-drinking industry, the company’s market share reaches about 80%, but the absolute size of the industry is still very small.The company has continuously promoted new product models and brand strategies, continued to conduct market segment education and cultivate consumer habits to gain incremental growth space.The company’s product reserves are abundant, continuous R & D investment is the support, and R & D expenditure in 18 years is zero.6.3 billion, accounting for 5% of revenue.11%. Earnings forecast is revised up by EPS 9 in 19/四川耍耍网20 due to the increase in the forecast for the growth of pre-mixed wine revenue.6% / 9.1% to 0.53/0.66 yuan. Estimates and recommendations As a result of the upward revision of earnings forecasts and the company’s basically upward growth trend, the target price is raised by 12% to 19.5 yuan, corresponding to 37 in 19/20.2/29.9xPE, current price corresponds to 19/20 33.2/26.7xPE, with 12% growth in target price. Maintain recommendation. Risk If the expenses are too large, the profit may not meet expectations.

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Depth-Company-SANY Heavy Industry (600031): record high revenue, high profitability, transformed into a cash cow

Depth * Company * Sany Heavy Industry (600031): record high revenue, high profitability and turn into a cash cow

Revenue of Sany Heavy Industry in 2018 was 558.

22 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.

6%, net profit 61.

16 ppm, an annual increase of 192%, and a net cash flow from operating activities of 105.

27 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.


As of December 31, 2018, the company’s total assets were 737.

7.5 billion, net assets attributable to shareholders of listed companies 314.

8.5 billion.

The company plans to reach 67 billion in revenue in 2019, an increase of 20%.

Key points of the supporting grade Leading products: Strong sales growth across the board, with gross margins generally rising.

In 2018, excavator sales revenue increased by 41% to US $ 19.2 billion, concrete machinery revenue was US $ 17 billion, an increase of 35% over the years, crane machinery revenue was US $ 9.3 billion, an increase of 78%, and pile machinery revenue was 4.7 billion, an increase of 61%.
Revenue from road machinery increased 21% to 21 billion.

In terms of profitability, mining machinery gross margin was 38.

66%, down 1.

The 96 units, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of small excavations in the second half of the year, changed the sales structure of excavators; the gross profit margin of concrete machinery was 25.

24%, up 1.

02 units; gross profit margin of lifting machinery 24.

85%, up 1.

86 per second; gross profit margin of piling machinery 37.

3%, up 6.

65 units; gross profit margin of road machinery 31.

34%, up 13.

14 averages.

Financial indicators: The operating capacity has been greatly improved and is at the best level in history.

(1) Gross profit margin of main business 31.

12%, an increase of 1 unit over 2017; net sales margin was 11.

29%, an increase of 5 from 2017.

48 units, net profit 61.

160,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 192%, and high profit quality.

(2) Expense control: Expenses and expenses during the period15.

02%, a sharp drop from 2017 compared to 5%.

In 2003, among them, the sales expense ratio, management expense ratio, and financial expense ratio decreased by 2 compared with 2017.

03, 0.

93, 3.

2 per share, interest expenses are reduced by 13 per year.

24%, interest rate income increases by 2 every year.

700 million US dollars, in addition, exchange gains and losses from the previous year expenditure of 700 million US dollars and more in 2018, more than 100 million.(3) Asset quality: The number of days of turnover of accounts receivable decreased from 174 days in the previous year to 126 days, the trend of overdue transactions decreased, the overdue ratio of value sales was controlled at the lowest level in history; the inventory turnover ratio was 3 from the previous year.

Raised 87 times to 4.

03 times.

(4) Capital structure: On December 31, 2018, the company’s assets and liabilities were reorganized55.

94%, the company’s financial structure is very stable.

The internationalization strategy is advancing steadily.

In 2018, it achieved international sales revenue of 136.

27 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

29%, accelerated growth in the second half of the year, sales of 75.

35 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.

49%; the company’s overseas major regions continue to improve the quality of operations, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Latin America and other eight overseas regions, Sany India, Sany Europe, Sany United States, such average prices achieved rapid growth; per capita income in overseas markets, overallProfit, sales recovery rate, growth in the speed and magnitude of foreign payment and inventory turnover, and sales expense ratio decreased; of which, the overseas market share increased significantly. Among them, the overseas market of excavators achieved rapid growth and the market share continued to grow.

Product strategy: Continue to launch new product series that are intelligent, energy efficient and comfortable to operate.

(1) Excavator H series: In 2018, H series excavators such as SY155H, SY225H, SY305H, and SY395H were launched. They have a variety of performance advantages such as high efficiency, reliability, intelligence, and energy saving, which can meet the spectrum coverage of large, medium and small mines.

(2) Crane T series: 80 tons of T series truck cranes are the industry leader in cost performance. In 2018, the market share of Sany in 80T reached 39%, ranking first in the industry.

Sany has already stocked products in countries 5 and 6 of each tonnage. The possibility of outbreak of renewal demand caused by environmental protection upgrades is planned in advance.

(3) Pump truck: In 2018, Sany launched two new bridge trucks of 30 and 37 meters in size, SYM5180THBES30C-8 and SYM5230THB370C-8. The market share of that year’s sales reached a high level.

In 2019, the company released a new generation of C10 series pump trucks with 52 meters of 3 bridges and 62 meters of 4 bridges to the world.

The market share of categories of products has risen in an all-round way, pushing the industry pattern to continue to solidify.

Concrete equipment is the world’s number one brand. Excavators, large-tonnage cranes, rotary drilling rigs, road equipment, etc. have promoted products to become China’s number one brand.

In terms of market share in 2018, the market share of Sany’s excavators, truck cranes, crawler cranes, concrete machinery, etc. has all increased: (1) in terms of excavators: Sany leads domestic excavators to replace rich brands.One excavator market share of 23% ranks first in the domestic industry; (2) Truck cranes: Sany breaks through the dual duopoly distribution layout, and Sany continues to seize the market share of leading enterprises, with its share rising to 22% in 2018 and 2019The increase in market share will be more obvious; (3) Concrete machinery: Sany pump trucks account for more than 50% of the market, and mixer trucks account for 15%.

5%, the market share continues to rise on average, and the brand advantage is very obvious.

R & D expenses hit a 杭州桑拿网 record high.

The proportion of R & D investment in revenue from 2016 to 2018 was 4.

83%, 5.

00%, 5.

38%, reaching 1.1, 19, and 3 billion yuan, respectively.

The research and development in 2018 is mainly used to strengthen the speed of R & D and innovation of construction machinery products and key components, realize the upgrading of mainframe products, strengthen the research and development of core components, and further enhance the company’s core competitive advantage.

It is estimated that we will increase the company’s profit in 19/20 from 90/99 / to 90/102 billion US dollars, mainly based on the continuous improvement of the company’s various products’ gross profit margins. The comprehensive environmental protection upgrade of construction machinery starting in 2020 will promote construction machineryMaintain 西安耍耍网 a high level of prosperity.

The current 19/20 PE corresponding to the market value is estimated to be 12/10 times, maintaining the buying level.

The main risks faced by the grade The sustainability of the high prosperity of the domestic construction machinery industry in the second half of the year.

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10 foods a woman can’t live without

10 foods a woman can’t live without

Humans are full of blood, but look good.

Blood is actually the most important material basis for women’s beauty.

Chinese medicine believes that only with sufficient blood can the eyes see clearly and the complexion can be plump and rosy.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” said: green nourishing liver, red nourishing heart, yellow nourishing spleen and stomach, white moisturizing lung, black nourishing kidney.

In our daily life, the five colors, each with different viscera, have different properties, and each have different health effects.

  The 10 most inseparable foods for a woman’s life. Tomatoes 1. Anti-aging: Tomatoes have anti-aging and plasma-lowering elements that help prevent senile diseases. They are suitable for regular consumption. As a result, hepatitis is a large country in the world.Must protect the liver.

  2, Vitamin C is rich: delicious, charming appearance, fresh color on the table, many people like to eat, in fact, tomatoes are not only delicious, but also have a certain “medicinal effect”.

Tomatoes contain vitamin C, which can prevent colds, and lycopene, which is a large amount, is a natural pigment that makes tomatoes red, and has the effect of oxidizing damage and softening blood vessels.

  3. Anti-cancer: Lycopene in tomatoes has a high anti-oxidant effect, it can protect cells from damage, can repair damaged cells, and inhibit and clear free radicals in the human body.

Protect the cardiovascular system, reduce blood pressure, the incidence of high blood pressure, and have certain effects on anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

  4. Whitening: Do you want to keep your skin fair?

Of course, tomatoes are often eaten. The vitamin P contained in it is a substance that cannot be metabolized by normal cells. It can make skin pigments and dark spots disappear and prevent pigmentation.

  Second, spinach 1, not anemia: Spinach replaces iron, which is one of the raw materials of human blood and is a good food for women during menstruation.

People who regularly eat spinach look rosy and radiant, and can stay away from iron deficiency anemia.

  2, strong constitution: Spinach contains considerable protein, which can help the body develop and burn vigorously.

  3. Good skin: Vitamin K, which is lacking in many vegetables and fruits.

The human head is bright and shiny, and the skin is white and shiny. In addition to vitamin A, B, and C, vitamin K is indispensable.

  4. Detox: Spinach can clear the heat of the human stomach, avoid constipation, and keep the excretion unobstructed.

And the speed of spinach is very low.

  5. Protecting eyesight: We know that lack of vitamin A can cause dry eyes and “fuzzy” things.

The carotene in spinach is converted into vitamin A in the body, reducing the risk of repeated degradation.

It should be of great help to people who use computers frequently.

  6. Stabilizing mood: The rich vitamins A, B, and C in spinach can help you get out of your restless state, drive away tension and improve depression.

  3. Ginger 1. Prevent colds and enhance resistance: Ginger is an important condiment, and can also be eaten alone as a vegetable, and it is also an important Chinese medicinal material.

It can penetrate its own spicy flavor and special aroma into the middle, making it delicious and delicious.

Gingerol in ginger has a particularly strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals after entering the body, and has a certain degree of anti-aging effect.

Ginger also has the function of promoting blood circulation and dispersing cold evils, catching cold, and does not prevent boiled some ginger soup when catching a cold, which can play a very good role in prevention and treatment.

  2. Detoxification and sterilization: China has a long coastline. People living near the sea almost always eat seafood. Just like we usually eat pine eggs or fish and crabs on the table, we usually put some ginger and ginger juice on it.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is warm in nature and has the effect of relieving the skin.

  Fourth, potatoes 1, protect the spleen and stomach: people living in dry climates eat more potatoes to breathe hot and constipated, but also to maintain the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and intestines.

  2. Eliminate bags under the eyes: Placing potato chips on the eyes can reduce the bags under the eyes and also have effects on fine wrinkles.

It is said that applying potato juice to nails can make nails more delicate and smooth.

  3. Vitamin C is rich and contains no traces: the protein content of potatoes is the same as that of cereals, and it is a food that can be used as both a vegetable and a food supplement.

The potato has a flat taste and sweetness, and has a role in reconciling the stomach in Chinese medicine.

Essentially free of vitamin C, with edible potassium in the skin, fresh potatoes contain about 80% moisture and 20% dry matter, which translates to about 100 calories and contains no traces.

  Fifth, mushrooms 1, nutrient-rich: The protein content of mushrooms is more than 30%, which is much higher than ordinary vegetables and fruits.

Contains multiple vitamins and rich calcium, iron and other minerals.

The most important thing is that it also contains 8 kinds of amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself.  2. Improving immunity: After the mushrooms are irradiated by the sun, the special substances contained in them will be converted into vitamin D. After being absorbed by the human body, it will help to increase resistance.

Shiitake can also stimulate the body to produce more interferon and eliminate viruses in the body. Therefore, Shiitake has a certain effect on preventing colds.

  3, weight loss: mushrooms have a lot of rich nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc., but the conversion is very low, often eaten will not gain weight.

And the high-grade plant cellulose contained in mushrooms can prevent constipation and reduce the blood plasma content.

Vitamin C in mushrooms is much higher than normal fruits, which can promote the body’s metabolism.

  Six, soybean 1, inhibit tumors: Isoflavones and genistein in beans are anti-cancer antioxidants, which are very helpful for reducing cancer and cervical cancer in women.

  2. Stay away from coronary heart disease: Adults in soybeans are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which is a good food to prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

  3, delay aging: black beans completely replace the role of preventing arteriosclerosis, but also eliminate free radicals in the body and delay deterioration.

  Seven, eggs 1, enhance memory: Lecithin, triglycerides, cholesterol, yolks, etc. in eggs, have a great effect on the nervous system and physical development, and even have a certain hindrance to memory loss.

  2. Beauty: rolling freshly cooked hot eggs on the skin for a few minutes, the skin and skin relax, enhance blood circulation, the skin absorbs nutrients, and then use cold water to shrink pores and blood vessels, which is a simple and economical beauty method.
  3, no longer listless: if the body lacks vitamin B2, people will be emotionally depressed, lazy all day long, and often feel general weakness.

Consistently eating one or two eggs every day, you will soon become refreshed.

  4. Don’t lose the yolk: It is a very unscientific way to eat only the protein part of the egg.

One of the proteins that consumes the body’s vitamin H, always eats only protein, and the skin may deteriorate.

Not only does egg yolk not consume vitamin H, it also helps us synthesize it.

  Eight, walnuts 1, brain: the nutritional value of a pound of walnut is equivalent to 5 kg of eggs or 9 kg of milk.

The protein in walnuts has lysine, which is very important for the human body, and is good for the brain.

Therefore, people with high work pressure and dizziness, forgetfulness, palpitations and other symptoms may wish to eat some walnuts to try.

  2, emollient: eat a few walnuts every day, or drink porridge with walnuts, insist on crushing, you will feel the skin is delicate and moisturized.

  Nine, fish 1, eat a good mood: there is a special fatty acid in fish, which is related to the “happy hormone” in the human brain.

Therefore, when people feel depressed, they eat more fish consciously, and their mood will gradually improve.

Traces of magnesium and boron in fish meat, magnesium has a sedative effect, eating fish often can relieve tension.

  2. The gospel of smokers: One of the early symptoms of arteriosclerosis is bladder dysfunction, and smoking can cause bladder dysfunction.

But amino acids in fish can prevent arteriosclerosis.

So if you can’t quit smoking for a while, eat more fish.

  Ten, oranges 1, anti-cancer: a medium-sized orange can provide a person with vitamin C a day, improve the body’s ability to resist bacterial damage.

Oranges can remove free radicals that are harmful to health and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Of all the fruits, citrus contains the highest antioxidants, including more than 60 flavonoids and 17 types of carotene.

Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory, strengthening blood vessels and inhibiting blood clotting.

Carotenoids have a strong antioxidant effect.

These ingredients make oranges inhibit the development of various cancers.

  2. Orange juice cannot replace fresh orange: oranges contain vitamin A, vitamin B1, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, potassium and other minerals and inorganic salts, as well as fiber and pectin. If you only drink orange juice, health effects will be greatly discounted.

Because in the process of juice extraction, almost all of the fiber is lost, and vitamin C, flavonoids, and carotenoids are also lost more.

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Cut nails from childhood

Cut nails from childhood

Cultivating your baby’s habit of cutting nails frequently needs to start from a very young age, step by step, let him slowly accept, and finally become his own initiative.

  Most little guys don’t like to cut nails, but their little hands like to touch everywhere, so they must be cut often.

What’s more important is to let your baby cooperate with you and slowly take your nails as a habit.

  0-1 years old: Don’t make him afraid of a newborn baby. Although he can’t sit or run, his little hands can’t rest, waving around, often hurting himself by mistake.

The baby’s resistance is weak. These scratches and breaks can give bacteria a chance to cause wound infection.

Therefore, if the nails of newborn babies are longer than their fingertips, they should be cut short in time.

  First of all, just settle once a week or so.

The best time to cut your nails is while your baby is asleep or nursing.

The sleeping baby’s sensitivity to the outside world is greatly reduced, and the mother can rest assured to perform alternative work.

If you add your nails while your baby is awake, you can call dad or someone else a baby and draw your baby ‘s attention, and you can concentrate on it.

When cutting your nails, hold your baby’s fingers firmly to prevent cutting your skin. Don’t cut your nails too short.

If the baby is injured by cutting his nails, he will be afraid and resist cutting his nails.

  TIPS should choose the right tool for cutting baby’s nails ● The baby nail clippers with blunt head design on the top.

This nail clipper is specially designed for small nails of babies, it is safe and practical, and it has a natural arc after supplementation.

  ● Baby nail clippers.

This nail clipper is designed according to a curved surface, which does not hurt the nails, and the front end of the scissors is deformed, which will not hurt the baby.

  Tips for the appropriate length of nails (toenails) nails The appropriate length of nails (toenails) nails is: the tops of the nails (fingers) are flush with or slightly shorter than the tops of the fingers (toes).

Fingernails should be cut into arcs, but toenails cannot be cut into arcs. They should be cut in a zigzag shape to prevent the baby’s nails from growing into meat and becoming “inlay nails”.

Inlay nails can cause purulent infections of the subcutaneous tissue, causing paronychia or other inflammation.

  1-3 years: Let him learn to cooperate with your baby’s language comprehension to further enhance, can inspire him to talk about what happens if the nails are not cut?

(It will keep growing.

What’s so bad about nail growth?

(The longer the nail grows, the more dirty it becomes.

) How can I keep my nails from getting dirty?

(Cut your nails regularly, don’t scratch your nails.

) Finally let the baby check his nails and talk about what to do.

  In this way, the baby knows how to cooperate with parents to cut nails.

You can also develop your baby’s habit of cutting your nails frequently by reading rhymes, such as cutting and singing: “The fingernails are long and long, and small bacteria are hidden inside.”

Nails are often cut for hygiene, and babies are healthy and strong.

TIPS nails need to be rounded to prevent them from being cut into corners.

After cutting, touch it with your own hand to see if the nail section is smooth. If it is not smooth, use a nail file to smooth it.

  3-7 years old: from passive to active baby is older, you can cut your nails while telling the story.

Children who have reached the kindergarten stage also have the concept of time, telling the children to clean their nails once a week, and cultivating the child’s consciousness to remind mothers to habit of cutting their nails regularly (such as every weekend), but don’t underestimate this littleAs a reminder, this is a great change from passive to active.

So when your child reminds you, be sure to praise him immediately.

When he is six or seven years old, he can try to teach him to cut his nails by himself.

  TIPS ● In the dry season, timely find and deal with the thorns that appear near the baby’s nails.

Do not remove it directly manually to avoid damaging the surrounding skin tissue.

Use scissors to cut the meat spurs evenly, and at the same time let your baby drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables.  ● The components that make up nails are mainly protein and calcium.

If you find that your baby’s nails are fragile, pay attention to let your baby eat more milk, beans, fish, grains and other high protein and calcium foods.

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Devil figure comfort at home

Devil figure comfort at home

Facing the chilling wind, I really don’t want to move out of the warm nest.

Nestled all day at home, how can I maintain a perfect figure?

Walk through the carpet, bed, sofa, seat and other familiar “partners” at home to comfortably shape the “devil” figure.

Training times: Do 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps.

  For a seated V-shaped knee, choose a longer stool, or a one-piece sofa, with your body sitting straight at the edges, abdomen, and elbows, leaning back slowly, so that your feet are off the ground and parallel to the surface of the stool.

  Then fold the upper body and the lower body to one place, bend the knees toward the chest, straighten and align them so that the upper body is in contact with the knees forward, hold for a while, and then gradually reach the starting position.

  Note: Always keep your abdomen tightly and your spine straight to protect your waist.

  Training times: Do 3 sets of 10 to 30 reps.

  Lie on your back with a slow pedal bike on your back, your left knee is bent forward on your chest, your right leg is raised, tilted, and at a 45-degree angle to the ground.Rotate the middle of the body so that the humerus is opposite the left knee.

Hold it for a while, then slowly bend your right knee, raise your left leg, point your left elbow at your right knee, and hold it for a while, and continue to rotate repeatedly.

Exhale and inhale at least once each time you twist your body.

  Note: To feel that the retina and retina are exerting force, when the upper body is turned, the abdomen has a contraction feeling.

  Training times: Do 2 to 3 groups, each group 10 to 20 times.

  Lie on your side with your body to the right, with your legs straight, with one leg on top of the other.

Keep your left arm straight up and your right elbow and forearm on the ground.

Stomach abdomen and absorb abdominal force to lift the upper body and hips to the ground.

Keep your posture at the highest point of the action; the method is the same on the other side.

  Note: The body needs to be straight.

Training times: Count slowly from 1 to 5, and repeat it 1 to 3 times.

  Lie down with your elbows bent on the ground, hold your hands together, let your body rest on your forearms and toes, and chin close to your chest.

The abdomen is tightened, keeping your spine straight, and breathing slowly and deeply.

  Note: The waist must not be discouraged, slackened or collapsed, and the front cannot be lifted up. Keep the body straight.

  Number of trainings: Keep this position, count slowly from 1 to 10, and then repeat it 1 to 3 times.

  Sit up and sit up on the carpet, bend your legs, and lift them to the top of your hips. Cross your feet and cross your feet. Hold your head in your hands and bend your elbows. Then slowly move your head, neck and shoulders.Roll up the ground, tighten your abdomen tightly, and exhale, while lifting your waist and hips, leave the floor, and then slowly return to the starting position.

  Note: When lifting the hips, do not bend your legs and waist toward the face, and keep your upper body still.

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Four spring porridge

Four spring porridge

Spring congee, porridge with some amaranth, leek, celery, etc., not only crystallizes, but also helps Chunyang rise, it is an ideal health food.

The following introduces a number of porridges that are usually spring:[Amaranth porridge]Pour the previous rice into the pot and add water to boil, then add the washed amaranth to cook the same porridge. The ratio of rice to amaranth is 1: 1.

In the spring, other vegetables are more expensive on the market, and amaranth is a good seasonal disease.

Absolutely, research data show that eating wild vegetables such as amaranth can help increase the resistance of organisms.

  [Leek porridge]first boil the rice with water, then participate in the washing and chopped leek and cook for porridge.

Leek has been a gourmet vegetable since ancient times. It can be used for vitamins A, B, C and sugars, amino acids, and flavoring to kill germs.

Spring eclipse can help Yang and promote breeding.

  [Celery porridge]Wash the celery with roots, boil it with water, and cook the juice with the previous rice to make porridge.

Celery is available in all seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and in the off-season season of spring and vegetables, fresh celery is one of the favorite vegetables of many people.

It includes amino acids, aunts and vitamins A, B, and C, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., especially the content of calcium and phosphorus is high, containing 8 calcium per 100 grams of celery.

5mg, phosphorus 61mg, quite suitable for fluffy children.

  [Red Date Porridge]Use red dates to cook porridge with rice. The ratio of rice to red dates was 2: 1.

Qualified beneficial effects of red dates, its calm nature, can nourish the blood and blood stability, especially for a long time illness, weak, and hate those with poor addiction.

Another folk saying goes: “To make the skin good, add red dates to the porridge.

“It can be seen that the red date porridge is also very good for making the skin beautiful and beautiful.

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Inventory: Top ten life killing habits of white-collar diet

Inventory: Top ten “life killing” habits of white-collar diet

I often hear people around me say, “What to do, I have detected abnormal blood lipids”, “So and so blood pressure is too high”, “What to do if I have become fat recently, the last physical examination already has fatty liver!
“These problems may have happened to you.
In fact, one of the root causes of these problems is “eating”-here is a list of the top ten health killers about “eating”: life-threatening habits 1: eating too fast life-reaching reasons: aggravating the burden on the stomach and causing obesity.
Many office workers eat their lunch in a hurry.
Eating too fast, food is not fully chewed, which is not conducive to the initial digestion of food in the mouth and salivary amylase, which increases the burden on the stomach and intestines. If the chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still overexcited. In the long run, it is easy to become obese due to high appetite.
  See tricks: Make your teeth and tongue move as slowly as possible. If time is really tight, sacrifice a bit of playing cards or dozing off.
  Everyone knows that an unhealthy diet may cause terrible illnesses, but often ignores some small habits after meals. I don’t know that these humble habits of life are likely to become your fatal “killer” of health .吃早餐  夺命理由:严重伤胃,使你无法精力充沛地工作,而且还容易“显老”。  Researchers from the University of Erlangen, Germany, followed a long-term follow-up of 7,000 male and female subjects and found that 40% of people used to not eat breakfast, and their life span was shortened by an average of 2 compared with the remaining 60%.

5 years old.
In another study of 80-90-year-olds, another university found that one of the things they have in common with longevity is to eat a hearty breakfast every day.
  See tips: Breakfast foods should be as delicious and appetizing as possible; have sufficient quantity and good quality; small size and high heat energy; save time and effort in preparation.
  We know that the length of time that different foods stay in the stomach is different, and the blood glucose response they cause is also different.
Under normal circumstances, dry and thin mixed food can stay in the stomach for 4-5 hours, while liquid food is large and feels full right after eating, but stays in the stomach for a short time, in which the nutrients are too late to be fully digested.Excreted, rising blood sugar levels quickly fall down and cannot be sustained.
Therefore, in the choice of food, we must pay attention to dry and thin mix, both vegetarian and vegetarian.
  夺命恶习3:晚餐太丰盛  夺命理由:傍晚时血液中胰岛素含量为一天中的高峰,胰岛素可使血糖转化成脂肪被凝结在血管壁上和腹壁上,晚餐吃得太丰盛,久而久之,人They became obese.
At the same time, a long and usually rich dinner will destroy the normal biological clock of the human body, and easily cause people to suffer from insomnia.
  For office workers, dinner is almost a day’s dinner.
Breakfast depends on the “table” and lunch depends on the “live”. Only at night can you really relax and sit at the table and eat a beautiful meal.
  See tricks: First, eat dinner early.
Eat early for dinner can greatly reduce the incidence of urinary calculi.
Second, eat dinner elements.
Dinner must be vegetarian, mainly carbohydrate-rich foods, especially should eat more fresh vegetables, try to reduce the intake of excessive protein and fatty foods.
Third, eat less for dinner.
It is generally required that the calories provided for dinner do not exceed 30% of the total calories of the whole day meal.
  Fatal Habit 4: Drinking coffee Fatal reason: 1.
Reduce fertility.
Drinking a cup of coffee per person per day may reduce the conception rate by 50%; 2.

Prone to heart disease.
Coffee contains high concentrations of caffeine, which can change heart function and increase cholesterol in blood vessels; 3.

decrease productivity.
  Studies by American medical scientists have found that a person who drinks 5 or more cups of coffee a day is twice as likely to develop heart disease than a non-drinker, and the longer the years of coffee addiction, the more he drinks, and the more likely he is to develop heart disease.Big.
A survey of 858 first-time myocardial infarction patients aged 45-69 years and the same number of people who have never had myocardial infarction has proven that the risk of illness is increased by 70% for those who drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day.
  See tricks: drink less.
  Life-threatening Habit 5: Excessive consumption of alcohol Life-reasoning reasons: Excessive or regular drinking will cause alcoholism in the liver, causing inflammation and swelling, affecting the reproductive and urinary systems.
  See the tricks: If you want to drink, you must learn how to drink first. The best varieties of wine include white wine, beer, and fruit wine. From a health perspective, red wine, one of the fruit wines, is the best.
French people benefit from less heart disease.
According to researchers, drinking red wine often reduces the risk of heart disease by half.
  It is safer to drink alcohol after 2 pm every day.Because several hours in the morning, the concentration of alcohol-dehydrogenase, the enzyme that breaks down alcohol in the stomach, is lower, and the same amount of alcohol is exchanged, which is easier to absorb than in the afternoon, which increases the alcohol concentration in the blood.

  Cause damage to liver, brain and other organs.

In addition, it is not advisable to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, before bedtime, when you have a cold or when you are emotional, especially liquor, to avoid cardiovascular damage.

  Optimal Drinking A person who weighs 60 kg should be allowed to accept less than 60 grams of alcohol per day.

Those who weigh less than 60 kg should be reduced accordingly, preferably at about 45 grams.

Transformed into various finished wines should be: 50 grams of 60 degrees liquor, 1 kg of beer, 250 ml of whiskey.

Although red wine is good for health, it should not be allowed in excess, preferably 2 to 3 glasses per day.

  The best side dishes from the perspective of alcohol metabolism, when pushing up protein and vitamin-rich foods.

Such as fresh vegetables, fresh fish, lean meat, beans, eggs and so on.

Please note that salted fish, sausages, and bacon should not be used to drink wine, because this smoked food contains a lot of pigments and nitrosamines, which reacts with alcohol, which will damage the liver, and damage the oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer.

  Life-threatening Habit 6: Smoking after meals Reason for death: To make harmful substances in smoke more easily enter the human body.

  After smoking a cigarette, the amount of poisoning is greater than the sum of ten cigarettes.

After a person has eaten, the gastrointestinal motility is strengthened and blood circulation is accelerated. At this time, the human body’s ability to absorb smoke enters the “best state”. Toxic substances in smoke enter the human body more easily than usual, thereby causing greater damage to human

  See Tricks: Comprehensive Smoking.

  Life-threatening habit 7: The reason for making tea in a thermos cup is to destroy the vitamins and exudate a large amount of carbonic acid and theophylline.

  Tea contains a large amount of residual acid, theophylline, tea sesame oil and multivitamins. It is more suitable to brew with water at about 80 ° C. If the tea is continuously immersed in high temperature water in a thermos cup, it can be cooked in mild waterGradually, all the vitamins in tea were damaged, a large amount of tea volatile oil was volatilized, a large amount of sulfuric acid, and theophylline exuded.

This not only reduces the nutritional value of tea, reduces the aroma of tea, but also increases harmful substances.

  See tricks: change the cup.

  Life-threatening habit 8: The feast stays away from raw food. Reason for life: causes various parasitic diseases.

  Salmon, geoduck, sea bass, mullet, sashimi, snake, turtle, crab and other office food of choice for business dinners, there is a high probability of the presence of parasites and pathogenic bacteria, coupled with the chefs’ pursuit ofThe taste is delicious, and the cooking is often not enough. It is easy for you to get sick from the mouth when you are happy.

  See the trick: lettuce, the active substance in the raw juice is close to the human body, it becomes white blood cells in a normal state, and it can restore the immune function damaged by eating cooked food.

With these benefits in mind, practice your stomach first.

After all, eating raw food is also about -1.

Fresh fresh vegetable juices and juices daily.

  2.Mix fresh vegetables with vinegar and salt.

  3.People can eat cooked food to maintain their life. First, eat raw food such as fruits, and then eat cooked food. There will be no increase in white blood cells.


Do not eat processed foods, such as canned foods and foods added with preservatives, colorants, and chemical raw materials.

  Life-threatening habit 9: Fruit as a staple food Cause: The body lacks protein and other substances, nutritional imbalances, and even causes disease.

  Many family members in the office are suffering from digestive problems, increased blood lipids, and vascular sclerosis due to long-term meditation work methods. They do need nutrients in fruits to resolve them.

However, fruits cannot be used as staple food.

Because although fruits contain a variety of vitamins and sugars, the body needs proteins and certain trace elements.

  See the trick: first go online to see what your constitution is suitable for and what you can’t eat.

  Life-threatening habit 10: Insufficient drinking water causes life-threatening: cause brain aging; induce cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases; affect renal metabolic function.

  Office workers at work, because of high concentration during work, it is easy to forget to drink water, resulting in insufficient water supply.

Water in the body decreases, blood concentration and viscosity increase, which can easily lead to thrombus formation, induce cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases, and then affect kidney metabolism.

  See tricks: Drink plenty of water and go to the bathroom frequently; but you should pay attention to some friends with poor metabolism of the large intestine, it is best to drink water when you are thirsty, so as not to cause disorders of the body’s water metabolism.

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How to escape the psychological menstruation period

How to escape the “psychological menstruation” period

In psychological consultation clinics and general hospital clinics, sometimes such patients can be seen: One week before menstrual cramps, women who are usually emotionally stable and have normal mood suddenly become depressed, their ability to work and social activities decline, and some people become irritableUneasy, often arguing about small things, yelling at children, affecting the relationship with colleagues in the unit and the harmonious atmosphere of the family.
In addition, some patients have symptoms such as excessive diet, excessive sleep, and craving for sugar.
What’s more, the idea of resignation arises because it can’t stand this recurrent bad mood.
For this reason, many women can’t help but be confused-premenstrual tension syndrome, also known as premenstrual reaction, premenstrual discomfort.
Specifically, some women may have abnormal moods about one week before menstrual cramps, and their tempers may become irritable, arguing with others, and feeling upset.
However, some people’s emotions are opposite, such as being silent and depressed.
In addition, there may be physical symptoms and instinct abnormalities, such as increased appetite, bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc. These symptoms and signs can heal on their own and do not require treatment, but the problem is that before the next menstruation, the above symptoms and signsAnd return to the old state.
So what are the causes of PMS?
  Physiological phenomena determined by biological factors are only partially affected by mental factors.
The current consensus on the cause is normal ovarian function, rather than cyclical biochemical changes caused by hormonal imbalance alone.
  Who is susceptible to PMS?
Studies have found that the following factors are associated with premenstrual syndrome: insufficient vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids, imbalanced calcium and magnesium ratios, unstable blood glucose, food allergies, and imbalanced estrogen and progesterone ratios.
  Some symptoms, such as breast tenderness, may be related to the imbalance of prolactin, a hormone that produces milk.
At the same time, women who have experienced such a life are prone to premenstrual syndrome: personal or family history of depression (2/3 of women with depression also have premenstrual tension syndrome, and premenstrual tension syndrome patients have45% to 70% of people have a history of depression), a history of migraine, a history of postpartum depression, excessive smoking and drinking.
Certain mental illnesses are also risk factors for PMS.
  It is understood that in the treatment of premenstrual tension syndrome, there are the following methods for reference: Natural remedies: Some women can change their diets to significantly relieve symptoms.
Excessive intake of sugar, salt, dairy products, and refined flour can aggravate symptoms, while stopping caffeine, alcohol and high-sugar foods, eating small meals, eating enough protein and cereals, and rich fresh vegetables and fruits can be beneficial.
In particular, you should eat more bitter foods, such as bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, green tea, etc. They have a good role in regulating nerves, clearing minds, refreshing, and refreshing nervousness, and help the cerebral cortex to eliminate fatigue.
It is worth noting that caffeine is not only derived from coffee, it is also found in tea, soft drinks (non-alcoholic), chocolate and some over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.
  Regular physical exercise is also important.
For example, do aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time.
Its benefits are reflected in helping the cardiovascular system to maintain muscle coordination, controlling weight, and reducing fluid retention, thereby enhancing confidence.
  To relieve dysmenorrhea, hot water can be applied to the abdomen or hot bath, which can improve blood flow and relax muscles.
  Usually most people sleep 7 hours per night is enough, but more rest before the menstrual period will make you feel physically and mentally comfortable.
This can be seen from the performance of some women. In the first week of menstruation, they often need extra sleep to ensure normal status.
  If natural remedies do not work, take appropriate sedatives under the guidance of a doctor to relieve anxiety.
If symptoms persist, try vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin B6 (total daily 100mg) can reduce the symptoms of depression. Daily supplementation with calcium carbonate containing 1200mg elemental calcium can alleviate symptoms throughout the luteal phase, and daily oral magnesium 200mg (at least two months) can reduce the premenstrual tension syndrome.Water retention symptoms.
  Those who do not respond to the above treatments can be given medications, and treated with antidepressants, anxiolytics, and drugs that inhibit ovulation. Some experts have suggested that progestins, androgens, or contraceptives be used as appropriate.

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Summer supplement and health food therapy


Summer supplement and health food therapy

Many people think that summer can’t make up, but it’s not always true. If you make up for it properly, it can also lead to health and fitness.

Summer supplements, the “clearing method” commonly used by Chinese medicine, is the use of foods or drugs that can complement and quench thirst and cool the body to supplement the lack of substances in the body. It is not suitable to eat ginseng, velvet, dog meat and other heavy and humid tastes.It is even more inappropriate to use the medicine to make up the supplement. Instead, you should eat the following fresh fruits and vegetables and the medicines that are more calm and cold.

銆€銆€Mung bean is cold and sweet.

Clearing away heat and detoxification, diuretic swelling.

In the summer heat, drink some green bean soup to quench your thirst.

If you eat toxic foods, mung beans can be used to detoxify.

Eating green bean sprouts in the summer has great intentions for the body.

銆€銆€Cucumber is cool and sweet.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting thirst and diuresis and reducing swelling.

The head of the cucumber is bitter and contains a kind of carotene, which increases the body’s immune function and produces anti-tumor effects.

銆€銆€Loofah loofah is not a summer-time vegetable, tonic, but also has the effect of preventing disease and curing diseases.

According to “Lu Chuan Materia Medica” records, loofah can “sweet thirst, relieve heat and trouble.”

Treating fever and thirst, and having a lot of heat and irritability.

銆€銆€Watermelon is cold and sweet.

It clears away heat and relieves heat, and is rich in nutrients. It contains fructose, glucose, malic acid, amino acids, phosphoric acid, vitamin C and other substances. It can quickly replenish the large amount of water and energy consumed by the summer body.

“The summer is half a melon, the drugs don’t need to be caught.” People have long said this.

銆€銆€Winter melon has a light and refreshing taste, and it is suitable for cooking and cooking.

Winter melon is rich in nutrients. It has been a good food supplement since ancient times. It has the effect of diuretic swelling, clearing away heat and removing phlegm. It is extremely effective for patients with chronic nephritis, chronic bronchitis, hypertension, hypertension, edema and

With melon, coix seed, lily, lotus seed and duck stew, can heat the heat, appetizing and eating.

銆€銆€The tomatoes are slightly cold and sweet.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, strengthening stomach and digestion, and quenching thirst.

Tomatoes, which are both fruits and vegetables, are suitable for both cooked and cooked foods and can supplement vitamin C deficiency in the body.

銆€銆€Honeysuckle in the summer, the use of honeysuckle and chrysanthemum can relieve heat, clear the brain and eyesight, with the hawthorn can help digestion, through the blood, add honey to add nutrients, make up the smell of sweet and sour, it is a good cool drink.

Suitable for patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease and other treatment.

銆€銆€American ginseng is cool and replenishing, can help the righteousness, reduce the fire, and produce fluid, in addition to tiredness.

Summer heat, hot and sweaty, will consume the righteousness, attenuate the body’s Yinjin, hurt the Yinjinsheng virtual fire, fatigue, body dryness, dry mouth, dry mouth, upset, red tongue and urine red symptoms, can take American ginseng 1?
2 grams, soaked in water for tea.

銆€銆€The tonic proof varies from person to person.

Infirm people can supplement some honey, fish, ginseng, and American ginseng.

The function of the elderly body is weakened. In the hot summer, the secretion of digestive juice is reduced, the digestive function is reduced, and it is not suitable to eat too much greasy food such as big fish and big meat. It is suitable to supplement some foods such as American ginseng soup, white fungus soup, lotus seed soup, etc.Supplemented with mung bean soup, winter melon soup, dried bamboo soup, etc., this can increase appetite and benefit the body.

Young and middle-aged physique and metabolic function are better, generally do not need tonic in summer, as long as you eat more vegetables and fruits, appropriate reduction of oil and sugar substitutes, pay attention to the rules of daily life, that is, can reduce and avoid heat to bring to the human bodyThe adverse effects.

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Choose oranges in the winter to eat bright and good mood


Choose oranges in the winter to eat bright and good mood

Seasonal fruits in winter, in addition to the common apple pear bananas, the most common on the shelves are the bright and warm oranges. Seeing the oranges, it seems that the heart is as pleasant as the sun.

Oranges are just raw hydrating and vitamin supplements, and there is no flavor in the dishes!

Today we recommend an orange fish fillet for everyone.

Orange fish fillet ingredients: 1 slice of Longli fish, 2 oranges, 1 egg yolk, starch, cooking wine, ketchup, white vinegar, white sugar, salt, edible oil, water. Method: 1. After thawing the dragon fishWash, separate from the middle of the two halves, cut with a sharp knife, slice into a thick piece of about 8 mm, then use salt, cooking wine to grab the fish fillet, marinate for 10 minutes for use; 2, put egg yolk in the fishGrab the fillet to a uniform package of egg yolk, add about 30 grams of cornstarch, and evenly spread the fish fillet; 3. Juice the oranges with a juicer for use, add fresh orange juice to white sugar, white vinegar,Tomato sauce in a bowl and mix thoroughly to make the juice, 1 tsp corn starch + 1/2 tbsp water in the bowl to make water starch; 4, the oil in the pot, put the fish fillet and blast it to the surface goldYellow pick up, leave 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in the pot, pour the sauce into the pot and simmer until the sugar is dissolved. Add the water starch to the simmer, stir it with a spatula until the sauce becomes thick.After the fire is turned off; 5, pour the fried fish fillet into the sauce and mix well, so that the fish is evenly covered with orange juice.椋焨se.
: First, oranges are seasonal fruits in winter. Appropriate supplements to enhance immunity. Oranges are also known as sweet oranges, yellow fruits, citrus fruits, golden rings, and lycopene. The fruits can be peeled and eaten with fresh flesh. The flesh can also be supplemented with other foods.Another important use of fruit is juice extraction, which is one of the most popular fruits in autumn and winter.

Chinese medicine believes that the taste of orange is cool, it can be wide-bodied, hangover and medium, appetizing and spleen, but people with qi deficiency and body cold should eat less. Eating oranges may also hurt the liver, so it is most important.

Nutrition believes that eating an orange a day can reduce the incidence of cancer in the mouth, esophagus and stomach by half, and eating citrus fruits every day can also reduce the incidence of stroke by 19%.

Citrus fruits are the largest family of fruits, including oranges, oranges, grapefruits, grapefruits, kumquats, and lemons.

Among them, oranges are traditionally metabolized as the main source of vitamins and vitamin C in the West. Citrus fruits can resist oxidation and strengthen the immune system. The flavonoids contained in them have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, strengthen blood vessels and inhibit blood clotting.Carotene has a strong antioxidant effect.

In fact, citrus fruits are not very high in every nutrient.

If the content of potassium, magnesium, iron and other minerals and vitamin C content, can not compare with fresh dates; if the content of flavonoids, can not compare with hawthorn; if the content of carotenoids, can not compare with papaya andMango.
However, citrus fruits are abundant in production, cheap in price, and edible in all seasons, and the nutritional significance in the expectation is paid more attention.

Second, drinking orange juice is worse than eating oranges. Eat more. Beware of orange peel. Because oranges are sweet and sour and delicious, many people like to replace orange juice. But in fact, nutrition experts do not recommend eating orange juice instead of

Because in the process of juicing, a large amount of vitamin C in the orange is easily oxidized by contact with oxygen, losing its original physiological function, and losing the rich fiber rich in the orange tissue during the juice extraction, which is not conducive to prevention of constipation.

Of course, for older people with bad mouth, proper supplementation of orange juice still has its meaning.

In addition, citrus fruits should not be eaten too much.

Only on the basis of nutritional balance, the effect of various foods on health can be fully reflected.

I can’t because I love to eat oranges, because the pursuit of nutrition is to eat a few pounds a day, so it is easy to suffer from “orange peel disease”, making people’s skin yellow.

Eating a lot of citrus fruits on an empty stomach will have a stimulating effect on the stomach.

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