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4 whitening meals, moisturizing, white and tender _1

4 Whitening Meals

To whiten, you ca n’t just rely on external maintenance. In fact, many times, you can use beauty food to fully improve the internal environment of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of whitening.

In the big family of food, some ingredients are born with very magical whitening effects, and if accurately integrated and manufactured, they can better meet your whitening needs and the needs of your taste buds.

Today, let ‘s take a look at this whitening Manhan table. In the future, pay attention to supplement the skin with whitening meals.

  前菜[美白防晒沙拉]  材料:芝士片2片,大番茄2个,熟蛋白2个,生菜6片,洋葱半个。  Ingredients: Salad dressing Practice: 1.

Cut the tomatoes into slices, cheese slices, and 8 cooked eggs each, and place them on a plate.


Cut the onion into slices and stir the salad dressing together with the lettuce. Place the plate and you’re done.

  Efficacy: Do not look at this is a common vegetable salad, but its whitening effect is unusually high.

The tomato has a slightly cold nature and glycine acid in the salad. It not only has ordinary meaning, but also has a certain skin beauty effect. It also contains a glutathionin that can inhibit the activity of tyrosine and make the precipitated pigment fade or disappear.; And the benefits of cooked protein and the protein in cheese tablets for whitening are well known.

On a sunny spring day, this delicious salad not only enhances the skin’s antioxidant properties, gradually diminishes small sunburn on the skin, but also has a superb sun protection effect to make your whitening effect remarkable;Low, it will definitely not affect your weight loss plan!

  主菜一[四物乌鸡美颜方]  材料:乌骨鸡1只,当归、芍药、参须、黄耆各3钱,枸杞子2钱,生姜3片,香菇2朵。  Ingredients: salt, spring onion

Angelica sinensis, Chuanxiong, Baijiu, washed well, cut into thin slices, put them in cloth bags, cut shiitake mushrooms into pieces.


Add black bone chicken and Chinese herbs to the casserole, add about 5 small bowls of water, boil over high heat, remove the floating ends, add ginger slices, turn to low heat, simmer until the chicken and bones are soft, season and remove the medicine packServe ginger slices.


Add seasonings to your liking.

  Efficacy: This beauty formula is for MM with pale complexion, cold limbs, and cold, which can not only change the skin color and strengthen the body, especially when consumed before or after the monthly holiday, it also has the effect of nourishing and regulating menstruation.

Silky chickens are flat and sweet, can nourish the five internal organs, nourish qi and nourish blood, and the melanin contained in it (of course, it is completely different from the melanin that darkens your skin). It can make the human body’s red blood cells and hemoglobin proliferate after the medicine is taken;Angelica is warm, Weiganxin, has the function of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation; Chuanxiong is warm, Weixin, has the function of promoting blood circulation and activating blood; Combination of all things, has blood, nourishing yin and nourishing liver. When blood is sufficient, it can improveThe blood circulation of the facial skin adds a healthy color to your fairness!

  Contraindications: Exogenous unhealed, spleen and stomach stagnation, food and drink weak, stool defecation is not suitable.

  主菜二[金玉满盘白嫩餐]  材料:珍珠粉3克,白果20粒,豆腐100克,虾仁100克,红椒2个,熟蛋白2个,水发冬菇丝少许。   Ingredients: salt, green onion, each amount. Method: 1. Cut the tofu into diced, simmer with ginkgo in boiling water for 3 minutes and serve.

  2. Divide the red pepper into pieces and cut the protein into pieces.

  3, heat the oil in the wok over medium heat, stir-fry the shallots, add shrimp, red pepper and winter mushrooms, stir-fry for 3 minutes, add ginkgo and cooked protein, and add the tofu to the pan after 30 make.
  Efficacy: The whole dish is colorful and delicious, and more importantly for women, this dish also has smooth skin and nourish and whiten the effect.

The pearl powder in the meal is slightly cold, which can clear fire and detoxify, nourish yin and nourish beauty, and effectively regulate endocrine; ginkgo has flat taste and bitterness, and has the effects of nourishing yin, lungs, and nourishing blood; and the protein contained in tofu and shrimpIt is the main element of whitening; this kind of whitening meal, which is suitable for all seasons, can also be a big meal for the whole family throughout the year.

  特色美白饮[奶白双仁饮]   材料:薏仁及甜杏仁等份。   Method: Grind barley kernels and sweet almonds into a fine powder, mix with powdered milk during leisure time and brew.

  Efficacy: Coix kernel is cool, sweet and light, rich in protein and vitamins B1, B2, is the whitening holy product; sweet almond, flat, sweet, rich in protein and vitamins A and E, can balance skin moistureEffectively resist the damage of the royal external environment to the skin, help the body cells to resist oxidation, prevent muscle relaxation and melasma; at the same time, fusion with milk can double the whitening effect, make a lot of white tender, smooth and elastic; even naturalFor women with yellow and dark skin, as long as they take this drink often, they can gradually make the skin return to fine and white. In addition, this milk-white paired drink has a good taste, and is less threatened by preservatives than drinks in the workshop.I believe your family will like it too.

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Autumn and winter sleep health tips


Autumn and winter sleep health tips

Is there any way to save the most health?

If you ca n’t eat or move, close your eyes and wake up to achieve health effects. I believe this is very attractive to urban people who are afraid of trouble.

In fact, one third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. The correct way of sleeping and good sleep are closely related to health.

Traditional Chinese medicine advocates “prevention before disease” and “work to cure disease”, noting physical and mental conditioning, known as “adequate cold and heat during the four seasons, and live in a place where mood and anger live, and tune yin and yang while being rigid and soft”,Promote health perspectives that focus on improving righteousness and disease resistance.

The so-called “existence of righteousness, evil can not be done”, by adjusting daily methods, you can maintain health and prevent disease.

Due to sleep health, Chinese medicine naturally has unique secrets.

  Focusing on sleep can be good for both health and sleep.

“Good sleep can replenish energy, restore vitality, and have the effect of” Yin Yang Pei Yuan “.

Therefore, to master the essentials of sleep and health, change to a simple and easy way of health.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has inferred the holistic view of “the unity of heaven and man”. The human body must maintain harmony in the internal circulation and pay attention to harmony with the external environment of nature.

Chen Xiuhua, deputy director of the Traditional Therapy Center of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after spring, summer long, long summer, autumn harvest, winter and Tibetan season changes, the human body must adapt to it, so there is a saying of “four seasons health”.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the yang of the natural world gradually converges and is closed. At this time, you should pay more attention to maintaining the yin of the inner guard, which is the right time for sleep and health.

  ”Early morning and early morning in autumn, early morning in winter and late in winter” is the main sleep regimen at this time.

For specific sleep time, it is recommended to take a rest every night at 9 o’clock (that is, 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock), which helps to fall asleep at 11:00 o’clock.

Because when the child is the weakest yang, when the yin is the strongest, and then sleep, it can nourish the yin most and the sleep quality is the best. It can often achieve a health effect that is more effective.

  There are different claims about the direction of sleep, which is surprising.

Some studies have pointed out that due to the influence of the earth’s magnetic field, when people sleep, they adopt the orientation of head and foot south, so that the magnetic field lines run smoothly through the human body, which can reduce the interference of the earth’s magnetic field instead.

However, previous ancient health experts believed that the sleeping direction of people should change with the alternation of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

A famous medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, mentioned in Qian Qian Fang: “The mortal lie down, spring to summer and east, and autumn and winter to west.

“This is because of the fact that” they should lie down at all times. “Because the five seasons of Chinese medicine correspond to the five parties, there are Chundong, Xianan, Changxiazhong, Qiushixi and Dongbeizhi, so sleepThe position also corresponds to the solar terms at that time.

  Associate Professor Chen Xiuhua pointed out that although these theories have some truth, in actual life, they are affected by the orientation of the house and the layout of the home, and there are certain limitations. The citizens don’t actually have to stick to these theories too much, causing unnecessary worry.

Instead, it is recommended that you pay attention to ensuring adequate sleep time. Before going to sleep, you should be calm and calm, drink hot milk or royal jelly, or use warm water to bathe your feet. It is best to supplement it with foot massage, etc.Intersect “. these measures have a more pronounced effect on improving sleep quality.

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Four types of abdomen exercises

Four types of abdomen exercises

Four-type abdomen exercise: First put your hands behind the neck, bend your legs, and then step on one leg alternately. Pay attention to the distance between the legs of the pedals and the ground, but not too high, and your feet should not touch the ground.Then the other side.

The elbows on the top and the knee joints on the other side should be as close as possible, and at the same time controlled by the lateral abdominal muscles, each leg must be pedaled at least fifteen times for a total of three groups.

  You do n’t need professional equipment or special venues. At home, you can simply and happily slim your belly. This is the home slimming exercise. Let us teach you how to slim your belly at home and give you a belly.waist.

  Abdominal breathing method of thin abdomen exercises Abdominal breathing method is to make the belly bulge when inhaling, and make the belly tighten when exhaling.

This is the most basic training for a MM practicing yoga or vocalization.

The advantage of the abdominal breathing method is to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, which can promote the discharge of waste in the body and thus smooth the air flow.

  And when we are walking or almost at ordinary times, as long as the abdomen is strongly reduced, and abdominal breathing is used, the lower abdomen muscles can be tightened, and your goal of thinning the abdomen can be achieved.

It may not be very accustomed at first, so be sure to stick with it.

  The toes of the thin abdomen exercise method are to lie down first.

Bend your thighs at a 90-degree right angle, while your calves are parallel to the ground.

The hands are naturally flat on the sides of the body, with the palms facing down.

At this point, your upper body should be tight and your back should be close to the floor.

  Then lower your left leg in two steps, starting with your hips only, your toes rushing to the ground, and your toes cannot really land.

Then exhale, return the leg to the starting position in two steps, and then change the right leg to do the same.

Repeat this action with your legs alternately, doing each leg twelve times.

  Slimming exercise with supine alternation method The main exercise part of this supine alternation method is the lateral abdominal muscles.

  First put your hands behind your neck, bend your legs, and then step out on one leg alternately. Pay attention to the distance between the legs of the pedal and the ground, but not too high. Do not touch your feet with the ground, then the other side.

The elbows on the top and the knee joints on the other side should be as close as possible, and at the same time controlled by the lateral abdominal muscles, each leg must be pedaled at least fifteen times for a total of three groups.

  The stovepipe method of flexing the legs and abdomen method, and this bent leg method of abdomen exercise is the lower abs.

  First, keep your upper body still, keep your hands on both sides of your body, and let your back flex your legs and abdomen. When your legs are down, straighten your legs and keep your feet away from the ground.You can rest for thirty to forty seconds in the middle.

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Chinese medicine first aid three treasures

Chinese medicine “first aid three treasures”

Nowadays, many families have their own Angong Niuhuang Pill as a first-aid medicine. Especially after a stroke, they take it without asking the symptoms and without the guidance of a doctor. They feel that it can be brought back to life.
However, Yao Weihai emphasized that this idea is completely wrong.
銆€銆€Speaking of first aid, very few people think of Chinese medicine.
In fact, Chinese medicine also has “first aid three treasures”, namely Angong Niuhuang Wan, Zi Xuedan, Zhibao Dan.
Compared with Angong Niuhuang Wan, Zi Xuedan and Zhibao Dan are little known.
Yao Weihai, chief physician of the emergency department of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, pointed out that at present, Angong Niuhuang Pills are used the most, and Zi Xuedan is relatively rare, and Baodan is basically not used.
銆€銆€The three treasures are all “old-fashioned” Angong Niuhuang Pills from the “Warm Diseases” of the Qing Dynasty, from Niuhuang, Rhinoceros, Musk, Coptis, Astragalus, Raw Scorpion, Cinnabar, Pearl, Borneol, Mingxiong,Yujin composition.
Chinese medicine believes that the heart is like a monarch in the human body, and the pericardium is the palace of the heart.
“Angong” describes the drug as “a house in the palace”.
Yao Weihai introduced that, to this day, the formula of Angong Niuhuang Pill has changed a little. For example, artificial bezoar is used, and rhino horn is also replaced with water horn concentrate.
But Yao Weihai believes that this does not affect the efficacy.
“The examples over the years have shown that a large number of buffalo horns are comparable to the rhinoceros.
Zi Xuedan has the longest history in Sanbao, because the appearance is like “frost and snow purple”, and the drug is cold, cold and frosty, so it is named Zi Xuedan.
The medicine includes gypsum, cold water stone, talc, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn, woody incense, agarwood, yuan ginseng, cohosh, licorice, clove, pudding, saltpeter, musk and cinnabar.
More on the market today is another drug of the drug, Zi Xue San.
銆€銆€Zhibao Dan has a large number of valuable medicinal herbs in one body, and its curative effect is outstanding. The person who got it is the best, so it gets its name.
The party first appeared in the book “Lingyuan Fang”.
The ancient recipes of Baodan did not only have expensive herbs such as musk, rhinoceros and amber, but also 50 pieces of gold and silver foil. This is to enhance the effect of amber and cinnabar in the prescription.
Nowadays, the rhinoceros horn in Zhibaodan has also been changed into buffalo horn concentrated powder. At present, the common one on the market is 鈥渢he bureau Fang Zhibao鈥?
銆€銆€Sambo attending fever and coma TCM is a clinical discipline of acute febrile diseases and infectious diseases. “First aid Sambo” is mainly used to treat infectious and infectious diseases, and is a representative drug for clearing away heat.
Therefore, it is also known as “the three treasures of warm disease.”
But the three drugs are different, Angong Niuhuang Pill is the coolest, followed by Zi Xuedan, and again to Baodan.
Angong Niuhuang Pill is suitable for patients with high fever, unconsciousness, and faintness.
Zi Xue Dan is suitable for patients with convulsions, irritability, convulsions of hands and feet, and often vocalization.
Zhibao Dan is more suitable for patients with coma and fever, unconsciousness and silence.
Incorporating these characteristics, the use of Chinese medicine by word of mouth has become “ping-pong ping-pong purple snow Dan, not sounding to Bao Dan, sloppy Niuhuang Wan”.
銆€銆€TCM syndrome differentiation of heat-clearing pericardium, Western medicine diagnosis of epidemic encephalitis, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, acute cerebrovascular disease, hepatic coma, stroke, respiratory diseases, febrile seizures in children, and high fever caused by infection or poisoning,Anyone can use Angong Niuhuang Pills.
In 1956, large-scale Japanese encephalitis broke out in Beijing and Hebei. At that time, a large number of Chinese medical scientists pointed out that the use of Angong Niuhuang Pill may be better, so Mao Zedong also gave instructions to encourage the use of the drug.
銆€銆€Zhibao Dan is suitable for Western-type diagnosis of epidemic encephalitis, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, uremia, heat stroke, epilepsy, etc. TCM syndrome is a heat-closed pericardium.
In addition to clearing away heat, Zi Xuedan is especially suitable for patients with high fever and coma with convulsions and limb twitching.
Nowadays, many young children will cause febrile seizures due to inflammation and suppuration of the tonsils. Zi Xuedan has a good antipyretic and antispasmodic effect. Therefore, if you have children, you may wish to use Zi Xue San under the guidance of a doctor, and otherThe soup is treated.
銆€銆€It is necessary to be cautious when taking Sambo. Many families now have Angong Niuhuang Pill as a first-aid medicine. Especially after a stroke, they take it without asking the symptoms and without the guidance of a doctor. They feel that it can be brought back to life.
However, Yao Weihai emphasized that this idea is completely wrong.
銆€銆€First of all, Chinese medicine should pay attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, or life-saving medicines may become “poisons”; “warm disease three treasures” are all medicines of big cold, people who are physically weak may not save their lives, so they can not be used without authorization.
Second, these drugs are expensive and not suitable for long-term preservation.
Finally, there are many contraindications when taking Sanbao. If it can only be used for a short period of time, it is not suitable to eat spicy, greasy, and sputum during the medication. Pregnant women should avoid it. For patients who are physically weak but must be used, they should pay attention to the delivery method.If you take Angong Niuhuang Pills and supplemented with ginseng soup, you need to do it under the guidance of a doctor.

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1420 100-year-old Shouxing University survey!

There is only one commonality, not diet, not exercise, but also.

1420 100-year-old Shouxing University survey!

There is only one commonality, not diet, not exercise, but also.

This article is transferred from the public number: a long history. Your source: “Happy Old Man”, Life Times and other Shandong Province’s fourth birthday list was released not long ago, the life of the birthday, habits, health methods, etc. are different, but through the hundredAfter the birthday of the birthday, do you know what their unique commonality is?

The Sichuan Chengdu Municipal Committee on Ageing has conducted a survey of 720 centenarians in the city. American researchers have also conducted a three-year follow-up study on 700 centenarians. Coincidentally, Chinese and foreign researchers have found that there is only one commonality among the birthday stars!

The only commonality of 1420 centenarians is not diet, not exercise, or even. It is shocking that the only commonality of these birthday stars is optimism!

It is optimistic!
It is optimistic!
The Sichuan Chengdu Municipal Committee on Ageing also conducted a survey of 720 centenarians in the city, 89 of them.

17% are optimists, and their mentality is their only commonality.

American researchers conducted a three-year follow-up study of 700 centenarians and unveiled their longevity secrets: cheerful, rarely swearing, basically not getting angry, and maintaining a calm attitude throughout their lives.

Let’s take a look at some real cases – 鈻?115-year-old Zhang Cunhe in the fourth Shandong Shouxing list, the old man Zhang Cunhe in Rucheng County ranked second in the 115-year-old.

Many people are curious, what is the magic weapon of Zhang Cunhe’s longevity?

Asked about the longevity secret of Zhang Cunhe’s old man, his daughter Zhang Aizhi said, “He has a good attitude and always treats others with tolerance.

“Zhang Cunhe’s life is optimistic and up-to-date. Although he is 100 years old, his mind is flexible and his mind is clear. These age spots are rarely seen, just like the 70-year-old man.

The 101-year-old Chen Tongshou also said that he was never angry, and the readers did not see anything.

Chen Tongshou’s optimism is learned from the book. 鈥淚 read all the books and often let the younger generation recommend the list.鈥?

In Chen Tongshou’s view, the optimistic old man is even sweeter when he sleeps. If he thinks less, he will not lose sleep. “I take a bath before going to bed every day, read a book to relax my body, and then go to sleep with no worries.”

People who have no heart and lungs are the easiest to live longer. According to the survey of the Chinese Geriatric Society, genetics accounted for 15% of the longevity of centenarians, social factors accounted for 10%, medical conditions improved by 8%, and climatic conditions accounted for 7%.60% is about the elderly themselves.

The secret of ranking first is the mentality.

“No heart and no lungs”, in many people’s eyes, is not a very good word: big, can eat and sleep; straightforward, everything goes to the heart.

Can you know?

In the eyes of experts, this kind of “heartless lungs”, people who live a thicker line, often live long.

“For modern people, anger is to come out, qi is better than that, urgency is made, and the disease is eaten.
鈥?A 94-year-old man, a child with a hairy look, is alive and well, looking like he is in his early 60s.

Asked him the secret of longevity, what tonic, what to do sports, he smiled and said: “I only have two sentences, called ‘speaking and laughing, no heart and no lungs’.

“There is no heart and no lungs” means that the mind is open and the little things are confused.

“Speaking and laughing” means optimistic and cheerful, and things are not in my heart.

A western sentence is a proverb called “no worries, no anger, no sphygmomanometer.”

Visible, careful eyes, love anger is a major psychological obstacle to longevity.

Therefore, it is necessary to be a little confused, to be a little more chic and to be wider.

“There is no heart, no talk, no laughter.” They are very satisfied with the status quo, contentment is always happy, life is relaxed, there is no big mood swing, so these people have the highest chance of entering the “Shouxing” ranks.

Why can’t you become an “optimist”?

Relatively speaking, why can’t you become an “optimist”?

Xiao Li, a national second-level psychological counselor, said that some people will have unfair mentality caused by changes in social scale.

In the view of Liu Jingping, director of the oncology department of Beijing Electric Power Hospital, many elderly people are most afraid of getting sick. They have a headache and brain fever, and they are worried that they have a serious illness. I heard that the old neighbors died.

When it comes to high cholesterol, it “blocks” eggs. When it comes to high blood sugar, it rejects all sweets.

However, many centenarians never quit, and they are dying.

An optimistic attitude is most helpful for disease resistance and cancer.Sun Ruiying, a 100-year-old from Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, was suffering from advanced cervical cancer at the age of 50. She also had a major operation at the age of 95. She did not worry about her illness. She still had morning tea, went to the flower and bird market, went to the market and old chat with.

Optimism can be acquired. Yu Xiaonian, director of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, Aviation General Hospital of China Medical University, believes that optimism is the longevity quality that can be learned.

“More with optimistic and laughing people, positive emotions can be infected.

In addition, exercise can make people lively and cheerful, increasing social possibilities.

To remind yourself to stick, you can put a pair of sneakers at the door.

For the negative situation due to illness, Xiao Li suggested that the family can help him to be optimistic: 1. Provide a case of providing the same disease and cure, and bring him to exchange experience with the patient; 2. Take him regularly for medical examination to avoid it.The sickness of the disease; 3, let him talk more about the changes and feelings of the body; 4, ask the patient to do something he can do.

Medicine is not as good as diet, diet is not as good as heart treatment, this “heart treatment” prescription, please collect!

“Pharmaceutical treatment is not as good as diet, and diet is not as good as heart treatment.”

To a certain extent, even the best medicines are not as reasonable as expected, and even better expectations are not as good as having a good attitude.

All kinds of bad emotions on our week will make the body change.

For example, when you are angry, there will be symptoms such as pulse, heartbeat, and rapid breathing; when you are sad, the digestive juice secreted by the digestive gland will be reduced, the appetite will be reduced; fear, lying central nervous system, will cause blood pressure to rise at any time.

How to maintain a good mentality, let’s take a look at this “heart therapy” prescription that experts have opened for everyone, it will be very rewarding!

1, laughter is confirmed by nutrient research, laughter can lower blood pressure; laugh for 1 minute can press the boat for 10 minutes; laugh can release pressure, eliminate the sense of offset; laugh can stimulate the body to secrete dopamine, making people feel euphoric.

Middle-aged and older people should be more in contact with people with a sense of humor, and more comedy, comics, and more cross talk.

2, “Medical therapy” is a special medicine. The White House health doctor has given Bush a health secret: heal therapy, communicate with his family at least 15 hours a week; couples exchange at least two hours a day, including dinner together.Or lunch.

3, friends are “not old Dan” elderly long-term solitude will cause huge social psychological pressure, and may even cause endocrine disruption and immune function decline.

American researchers have found that people with a wide circle of friends have an average life extension of seven years.

Therefore, unless you are a retired elderly person, don’t always stay at home, try to expand your life circle, gather with old friends, and try to say hello to your neighbors who have never met.

4, tolerance is the total realization of the adjustment valve people in social interaction, loss, misunderstanding, and wronged.

Faced with these, the most sensible choice is to learn tolerance.

A person who does not tolerate and only asks for others is likely to cause nervous excitement, vasoconstriction, and high blood pressure, which causes psychology and physiology to enter a vicious circle.

Learning to be tolerant is equivalent to putting a regulating valve on your own psychology.

5, indifferent is an immunizing agent to do small things confused, big things are clear.

I’m tired of thinking about some things all over the place.

If you are in trouble, be bold and generous, and maintain a pleasant mood and inner satisfaction, which will help you to live longer.

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Talents are different, but they are playing basketball: Zhan Wei is on the list, one person is walking away from teammates, and the last one is healthy.


Talents are different, but they are playing basketball: Zhan Wei is on the list, one person is walking away from teammates, and the last one is healthy.

There are a lot of players in the NBA, and there are many players who play sports, but the health is also divided.

Some have physical fitness for major competitions, so they usually maintain health.

Some are because they are old and afraid of injury.

Of course, there are people who are healthy because they are afraid of being tired.

Let’s take a look at the stars in the NBA to raise a basketball.

Wade Wade, now we can call him a gangster or a grandfather.

The so-called “older and more sorrowful,” is the representative of the old-aged health-care play.

Now 36-year-old Wade is basically seldom playing the extreme break of the drawbar. This is what young people do. Wade is more dependent on the storm after the air cut and the middle distance and throwing. Sometimes it is also flying. It is really flying.Not moving.

Wiggins Andrew Wiggins, when going down the fast break, can lay a layup and never dunk. If it’s not a high altitude, you can’t see that this is a maximum bounce that can reach 1.

12 meters player.

Usually you can walk on the field, but running faster than the leopard, and if there is a big box, you will definitely try to dunk.

But every time this short moment passed, Wiggins would change back to laziness and continue to maintain health.

Curry Curry arithmetic is not a gift of talent, physical fitness, shooting talent is really high!

However, in the past two years, Curry may be the strength of the team itself, do not need him to work too hard, has been playing the body ball, because of too many injuries, from time to time to rest two!

James James’s talent doesn’t have to say much, how good it is, but in recent years, he has experienced the growth of Lao Zhan’s age. He doesn’t usually play hard at the usual time. This is normal. No one is iron, and he has not been exhausted.what.

Although Lao Zhan usually maintains health, but the key moments are not soft. In the playoffs last season, we saw the old Zhan in the peak state. He played against the team in the offensive and defensive confrontation and brought the Cavaliers into the finals alone.
Harden’s real health basketball, with a very good back line, is strong enough and fast enough, but Harden is more technically playing, dunks and the like, you rarely see Harden.Go and do it.

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