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Eat more beef to nourish the spleen, stomach, qi and blood

Eat more beef to nourish the spleen, stomach, qi and blood

Beef is an indispensable dish on many family tables.

Chinese medicine believes that beef has a rare benefit.

“Han’s Medical Tong” records: “Yellow beef supplements Qi and works with Astragalus.

“The Compendium of Medical Forestry” believes that beef is sweet and specializes in replenishing the spleen.

The spleen and stomach are the basis of the blood after the weather.

In short, beef can replenish the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood, strengthen bones and bones, lack of gas, have both qi and blood, suffer from physical weakness, and pale faces. It is especially suitable for eating more beef.

  Water buffalo lowers sugar, and yellow beef replenishes qi.

First of all, people mainly eat buffalo and yellow beef.

Among them, buffalo is cooler and does not cause fever to “get angry”, which is especially suitable for people with eczema, allergies and other skin diseases.

In addition, “Compendium of Materia Medica” is particularly prominent, buffalo has a wonderful effect on the treatment of “thirst quenching” (ie, diabetes), so people with high blood sugar do not prevent eating more buffalo.

As the ranking rises, yellow beef supplements qi and blood, and strengthens bones and bones. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with osteoporosis.

In addition, people who usually have physical weakness and other symptoms of Qi deficiency can also eat more yellow beef.

However, people who are allergic to it are advised not to eat it because of their hotness and tongue sores.

  Eat beef, with great care.

There are many, many ways to eat beef.

For example, the simplest sirloin stewed with radish, carrots, white radish can be, and curry beef.

You can also learn to make canned yakiniku at home. The method is simple but the taste and nutrition are first-rate.

From the perspective of food therapy, beef with different ingredients will have different effects.

For example, beef with tomatoes is the best blood and beauty, beauty skin care food, beef is rich in high-quality protein, which can effectively improve the symptoms of blood deficiency; beef with venison, the best kidney, the effect is very suitable for people with excessive brain, premature agingBeef eaten alone or with cooked land, wolfberry, mulberry, etc., can improve hair loss caused by kidney deficiency; with Astragalus, the effect of Qi is best; with yam can strengthen bones; with gastrodia can reduce blood pressure, with Cordyceps can improve immunity, etc.

  Beef tendon is also a good “tonic”.

In addition to beef, beef tendon is also a rare good thing.

It can strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, and is especially suitable for elderly or post-fracture patients with pain in waist and legs.

It can be eaten with Eucommia ulmoides, which has a very good therapeutic effect on numbness of hands and feet and pain in waist and legs.

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Dangerous period of marriage life

Dangerous period of marriage life

In the long marriage life, there are often some dangerous periods. During this period, if the relationship between the husband and wife is not handled properly, the marriage will be broken.

In fact, there are seven dangerous periods in marriage life, which are: the birth of some children during the worry period of responsibility.

At this time, we should always convey respect and admiration to each other to consolidate and develop love.

  Tired of working housework was the focus of conflicts before this period.

As a wife, you must first realize that your husband has a willingness to share household chores and strengthen his intentions.

As a husband, since you recognize the responsibility to share household chores, you should take up the responsibility in practice.

  Gradually the period of separation to a certain time, there will be a so-called “quiet period” between husband and wife, rarely reveal their inner thoughts and emotions to each other, there seems to be nothing to say.

At this time, both men and women usually go to know who can talk to each other.

  The seven-year longing period is now the highest year for the divorce rate.

Smart couples often readjust their lives at this time to make them diverse.

  Power level bouts usually manifest as money, quarrels for children, for sex or for in-laws.

Improvement measures include: rejection should be heard; don’t expose to others, and you can have multiple discussions when both parties are relaxed and calm; not to mention the word divorce.

  The 20-year craving period is also commonly referred to as the “menopause period” for men.

This is when he needs comfort and understanding most.

If his wife cannot give him this understanding and comfort, it often leads him to look for another woman to get these.

  During the panic in old age, some people slowly lose their pursuit of life and start to appreciate or frustrate their lives.

Abide by this, the husband and wife should understand and comfort each other, and jointly overcome the panic.

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Clear skin moisturizing dead spots


Clear skin moisturizing dead spots

Winter skin moisturization is the first job, but there are several parts of the skin in the body, which are delicate, fragile, or easily overlooked. It is not a moisturizer to solve the problem, so you need special care to survive the winter.

  Dead corner 1: Eyebrow symptom: Peeling is located in the center of the T area of the face. The skin is most likely to be imbalanced with water and oil, and because the area around the eyes should be avoided when applying the face, it is often avoided even with the skin, which is prone to dehydration.

  Solution: Avoid applying eye cream around the eyes, don’t forget to apply eyebrows and eyebrows, especially the eyebrows can be applied several times.

  Dead corner 2: Symptoms behind the ears: Tight skin is very sensitive. When applying cosmetics for the first time, it is also applied here to test whether the skin is allergic. It is easy to dry and tightens the facial skin to cause discomfort.

  Solution: After applying the face, don’t forget to apply some moisturizing cream on the ears, and gently massage your hands, which will also help relax the nerves.

  Dead corner 3: Nose symptoms: peeling, redness, headache, itching The most dense part of the body’s sebaceous glands, even dry skin will secrete oil in this area, but it will be dry in winter due to excessive care.

  Solution: You can reduce the number of nasal masks. If you feel too oily, use a cream that is more refreshing than your cheeks.

  The face is in the middle of the nose. The nose is light. The nose is in the most central part of the bladder. Any makeup method has little effect on it. The nose is the top priority of the nose.The skin in the place is smooth again, with a spot on it, black heads, and a shiny nose. You must not be beautiful.

  Dead corner four: Eye corner symptoms: Wrinkling If you want to see through a person’s physical age, look at her eyes. You can see how weak the skin is in this area, and it is most likely to become dry and wrinkles due to external influences.

  Solution: It is very important to choose the right eye cream. When using the ring finger of both hands, the strength of the ring finger is most suitable for massaging the eye.

Don’t forget to make eye mask once a week when you are doing intensive care.

  To prevent crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, we must first maintain a happy mood, not to worry and worry, to prevent frowning and crying from causing crow’s feet.

  Basically, we should avoid bad habits by accident. If someone likes to squint and look at things, lie down to read newspapers, squeeze his eyebrows, rub his eyes with dirty hands, etc., it is easy to cause eye problems and crow’s feet.

  Third, use fresh milk and honey in equal portions to make a thin paste. Apply on the areas where wrinkles are likely to appear on the corners of the eyes. Massage for 5 minutes after application, wash off after 30 minutes, once a night.

  Dead corner five: Neck and neck symptoms: The neck, like the eyes, is also an important part of exposed age. Here the skin connects the face and the body, which is very critical and special.

  Solution: Use a neck cream designed for the development of the neck skin. The application method is from bottom to top, and insist on massaging to prevent neck lines and skin sagging.

  Sexy focus, autumn beauty cervical massage can completely relieve fatigue, but also help correct blood circulation, promote skin metabolism, make the skin firmer, improve contours and reduce the generation of wrinkles.

However, due to the thin skin and poor elasticity of the skin, when massage occurs, the movement must be gentle and moderate in strength, otherwise it will have a moderately adverse effect.

  Dead angle six: Symptoms of each joint: Cleft palate requires frequent activities, and it is easy to cause friction with clothing and affect the normal breathing of the skin and become dry.

  Solution: Choose a good body moisturizer, apply it with emphasis, and massage it repeatedly and gently to strengthen blood circulation.


When washing hands, feet, and face, use soap or medicinal soap as little as possible, because the oil on the skin surface protects the skin. If the oil is washed too thoroughly, the skin is prone to dryness and cracking.

In cold weather, the frequency of washing hands and feet should be appropriately reduced.


Wipe dry immediately after washing and apply grease to protect the skin’s moisture.

There are many types of oils for skin care. Vitamin E or ointment in hospitals, petroleum jelly, glycerin, etc. can also protect the skin.

     Dead End Seven: Symptoms of the hands: Cleft palate is the hand that is used the most every day, and the hands that are washed the most are also the hands. The skin here is most prone to dryness and cracking.

  Solution: General hand cream only has a moisturizing effect. If you want to treat cracked skin of your hand, you still need to use a special hand cream.

Or put on gloves to sleep after applying hand cream at night, which can accelerate skin healing.

  Dead angle eight: Calf symptoms: The skin where the scalp is located at the bone is where the sebum secretion of the whole body is reduced. People with no major skin problems will also feel that the skin is dry, itchy, and dandruff in this winter.

  Solution: After taking a shower, take advantage of the mist in the bathroom to provide moisture to the skin, and apply body moisturizer in time to lock the moisture.

Normally apply when the skin is dry and itchy.

  Replenishing the eight dead corners one by one, resurrecting your skin’s spirit, even in winter, you can make your lover aware of the silky satin texture, which is ecstatic.

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Fight against bad habits of child growth

Fight against bad habits of child growth

Performance 1: All performances of boys are like girls; all performances of girls are like boy problems. Analysis: Some parents either like girls or see a baby boy look like a girl.

There is also the opposite fact that girls are raised as boys.

  Parents such as this do not raise children according to their actual gender, but raise their children according to their own expectations. At first, they do not see any problems, and sometimes they even find it interesting. However, after a long period of strengthening, the consequences become apparent. As a result, the child ‘sGender Identity Disorders.

  Gender identity disorders will have extremely negative effects on children’s personality.

Because their behaviors are different from the socially accepted codes of conduct, they often face discrimination and ridicule from their peers and the pressure of surrounding adults, resulting in introverted, lonely, depressed and other bad personalities.

Once this obstacle is removed and corrected in time in childhood, when they grow up, they will be more prone to psychological abnormalities such as homosexuality and cross-dressing madness than ordinary children. As a result, the patient will be depressed, negatively pessimistic, unable to work properly, study, loveMarriage can even have serious consequences such as boredom and suicide.

  Psychologists believe that as long as parents are well-directed and aware of their children’s gender education, while improving environmental conditions, and timely identifying and correcting existing problems, children’s gender identity disorders between the ages of 2 and 4 are highly available.Right.
Performance 2: Analysis of children’s frequent cheek support: Children often support the cheeks, causing pressure on the cheeks, which will hinder the normal development of children’s teeth over time.

  Moreover, after developing the bad habit of supporting the cheeks, the sitting posture will not be correct, and over time, it will affect the development of the spine.

Performance 3: Analysis of favorite snacks: According to market surveys, children’s snacks are mostly high in nutrition and low in nutrients. Some small foods are also added with food additives such as colorants, condiments and preservatives. Long-term consumption is not good for health.

  Some snacks also contain lead, which is a big “killer” for brain cells.

When the blood lead concentration reaches 5-15 micrograms / 100 ml, it can cause stunting and mental retardation.

Performance 4: Analysis of the problem of obesity: The problem of excessive nutrition of excessive children is becoming increasingly serious, and the average age of diabetic patients is falling sharply.

British scientists have issued warnings that many chubby babies under the age of 14 have begun to show early symptoms of diabetes, and if left to develop, they will develop diabetes in adulthood.

  In fact, with the exception of the United Kingdom, it is expected that historically too many children will be equally severe.

At the same time, medical experts have confirmed that poorly developed fat children are susceptible to iron deficiency anemia.

  In short, obesity is the culprit for many childhood diseases.

Performance 5: Analysis of toys obsessed with toys all day: Nowadays, with a wide range of toys, accompanied by children’s activity space, while adding fun to children, they are gradually alienating from adults.

  Medical experts point out that beware of children suffering from “toy autism.”

Some children sometimes become irritable once they leave the toy and disdain their parents or those around them.

  According to the analysis of pediatric psychologists, the main cause of children’s “onset” is that the pace of life of young parents is accelerating. If there is no more time to play with their children, they will use toys instead.

Performance 6: Analysis of the problem of playing a video game machine: Dr. Meng Xianzhang, a psychiatrist of the Medical College of Jinan University, analyzed that children’s addiction to playing video games is related to their psychological quality.

  Their thinking has never been stereotyped, their self-control ability is poor, and they are mostly based on their preferences.

Especially for the only children, parents generally meet their requirements, which is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s self-control.

According to analysis, young people have weak self-reflection consciousness and strong self-esteem. Psychological counseling by outsiders may be rejected, so parents are “the best psychiatrists.”

  Relevant experts also pointed out that if parents find that they are helpless, they can consult with youth counselling agencies, and many large hospitals have psychological diagnosis rooms.

Performance 7: Stuck in the house all day and unwilling to take part in outdoor exercise analysis: British medical experts point out that since televisions, video game consoles, etc. have replaced previous forms of entertainment, children are less active than in the past.This generation of adolescents is very vulnerable to criminality when they reach adulthood.

  Health experts from the British Heart Foundation have researched that children who are too stuffy in their homes can cause high blood pressure due to poor heart development. Parents with children with heart disease have a more severe heart disease than their parents.
  In order to ensure the normal development of children’s hearts and prevent and reduce the incidence of heart disease, it is necessary to remind parents to allow their children to take some time out to participate in physical exercise to achieve the amount of exercise required for heart development and ensure healthy growth of the human body.

Performance eight: Analysis of ear problems often: The ear canal skin is the same as the whole body skin, with hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and glands that secrete salamander.

There are many causes of itchy ears, which may be related to skin eczema, fungal infections, or water in the ear canals. These diseases and symptoms can cause itchy ears.

  Use unclean instruments to dig and dig. The ear canal which is most vulnerable to injury can cause inflammation of the ear canal; implanted, the ear canal is physiologically curved, it can’t be done well, and it hurts the eardrum to cause deafness.

  If the child’s ears are itchy, parents should ask them to go to the hospital for an examination. If the doctor does not find any obvious abnormalities, they can use their fingers to massage the ears and the tragus in front of the ears, or rub the ears or shallow ear canals with cotton wool and alcoholItches and disinfects.

Gradually change your ear habit.

Performance 9: Love spending money, love asking money Analysis: Children are extremely plastic.

In order for children to develop a good habit of being frugal and not spending money arbitrarily, parents’ correct guidance is extremely important.

  The danger of children’s improper access to money is damaging and is never tolerated by social morality and legal discipline, but the root cause is that they spend money uncontrollably.

  Allowing children to spend money uncontrollably increases their endurance to lose their livelihoods and endure hardships, and even embarks on the path of “finding money” desperately.  As living standards improve, it is even more important to educate children about the correct outlook on money and consumption, and instill in them a sense of diligence and thrift.

“How many things rise and fall in the world is caused by diligence, thrift, and extravagance.” This is an eternal truth.

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If you want to be healthy, which is better, chicken and duck

If you want to be healthy, which is better, chicken and duck

Patients often ask me after seeing a doctor; “Doctor, what can I eat?

Can the chicken eat it?

Or “I want to eat some nutritious items to supplement my body. Is it better to eat chicken or duck?”

“. Sometimes people always ask these questions, especially whether cancer patients can eat chicken, and they ask more, so it is necessary to explain.

  From a modern medical point of view, chickens and ducks are poultry foods, which are composed of protein, trace amounts, vitamins, inorganic salts and other nutritional ingredients. Although some aspects are different, the overall difference is not much.

Therefore, if you ask these questions to Western medicine, the answer is probably: “Nothing, you can eat.

“It may also be because there is more protein in the chicken, and less in the few, which may be biased towards eating more chicken.

  However, from a dialectical point of view of Chinese medicine, the sexuality and function of these two types of poultry are different.

Chinese medicine believes that chickens are warm and sweet.

It functions moderately, nourishing qi, and tonic.

Therefore, chicken is a good nourishing food.

A book dedicated to dietary therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Easy Living Diet Chart” records: “Chicken tonic, warm stomach, strong bones and bones, blood circulation and menstruation, analgesic band (treatment of menstruation and leucorrhea), urination frequency.

“So clinically, you can use deafness, deafness, excessive nocturia, and weak bones.

Especially in Jiangxi, a kind of black-bone chicken produced in rural Anhui, the medicinal value coefficient is mostly used for menstruation and stop bleeding (more menstruation or prolonged time, dripping unclean).

The famous gynecological medicine “Wuji Baifeng Pill” is made with silk bone chicken as the main medicine, which can treat menstrual disorders and anemia.

However, for people who have hyperactivity of liver yang, such as those who often have dizziness, headache, and elevated blood pressure; or have internal movement of liver wind, such as hands and toes, convulsions from time to time, lip numbness, and those who have aura in strokes cannot eat chicken, especiallyIt is chicken head, chicken feet, chicken wings, Chinese medicine believes that it can produce sputum, help fire, move the wind, and even not eat.

Regarding whether cancer patients can eat chicken, there are still transformations. Some people think that it is not appropriate to eat chicken, and some people think it is not harmful.

My opinion is rather not to eat, because the tumor is qi stagnation, blood stasis, sputum condensation, chicken can produce sputum, help fire, may be harmful to the tumor, eat duck or goose instead.

  Duck is flat or cold, sweet and salty, nourishing yin and tonic, diuretic and swelling.

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Duck, waterfowl too.

For urination of water conservancy, male ducks should be used for urination, and white ducks for black bones should be used for treatment of toxins and fever.

“So people with edema and heat inside Yin are more suitable to eat ducks.

Especially when feeding duck with Cordyceps sinensis, the mechanism of action and its unique flavor are famous dishes.

However, ducks are cooler, and the “Dietary Spectrum of Living with the Rest” considers that Fan Yang is weak, the external sensation is unclear, and diarrhea is not suitable for eating ducks.

In comparison, duck meat is flatter than chicken meat, so anyone who cannot eat chicken can use duck meat instead.

Those who are afraid of cold and prone to diarrhea can eat chicken.

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After hair dyeing, it will be more carcinogenic when washed in the haze, and it can be done in time.

After hair dyeing, it will be more carcinogenic when washed in the haze, and it can be done in time.

Guide: Hair dyeing can make the gray-haired old people reappear, and let the beautiful women shine.

However, according to the British “Daily Mail” reported on February 24, a study published in the authoritative scientific journal “Materials” shows that instead of hair dye products used in barber shops, or hair dyes sold in supermarkets, all containA harmful chemical secondary amine.

  Secondary amines are easy to react with epoxy, aldehyde, and acid gases, etc., and can be used as dye fixatives to stabilize the dye adhesion effect.

It can penetrate into the skin and hair, stay for weeks, months, or even years, and react with tobacco smoke or exhaust gases in the air to form the strong carcinogenic chemical nitrosamine.

Professor David Lewis, a researcher and expert in chemical dyes, said: “Although it is not certain how much nitrosamines will be produced, it is clear that there are many potential dangers to hair dyeing.

“Hair dyes have been reported to be linked to a variety of cancers, including breast, bladder, uterine, brain, and leukemia.

As early as 2009, a female woman in the UK used hair dyes more than 9 times a year and was at risk for blood cancer. One year later, the European Commission banned 22 hair coloring products that cause bladder cancer.

  In addition, the hair dye also contains heavy metal salts. Once it enters the body, it is difficult to re-externally accumulate in the body for a long time, which will cause poisoning, cause dizziness, headache, fatigue, numbness of the limbs and other poisoning symptoms, and may enterThe liver, kidneys and brain disrupt the function of these organs.

  Therefore, researchers suggest that you should not dye your hair.

If you must dye your hair, leave it at least 3 months apart, and it is best to go to a professional barber shop.

Do not apply oil for a week before dyeing your hair. Do not wash your hair on the day of dyeing. The oil secreted by the scalp has a protective effect. If the scalp has wounds and ulcers, it should not be dyed. Skin sensitivity tests should be done 48 hours before dyeing.Apply lotion or petroleum jelly to prevent the hair dye from touching the skin and causing damage. If there is a slight adverse reaction to the scalp during hair dyeing, stop it immediately.

Li Hongzhu, an associate professor at the Tianjin Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, recommends that if you look forward to being in a smoky environment after dyeing your hair, you should wash your hair frequently to remove the harmful substances adsorbed on the hair in a timely manner.

It is best to wear a hat when traveling on a hazy day and take off your jacket immediately after entering the house to reduce the harm of dust and dirty air to the body.

  The frequency of hair dyeing in February is not to overdose the number of times. Usually after one hair dye, when the root part of the hair grows 1-2 centimeters of new hair, you can make up dyeing.

This period is usually around 6-8 weeks.

In this way, even if the color of the hair is maintained uniform, it will not be too much dyed.

Before dyeing the hair, you can apply a layer of skin care products on the skin around the hairline to prevent darker colors from sticking to the skin and making it difficult to clean.

It can also be rubbed a little, and it can be easily washed off in case of any contamination.

After dyeing your hair, wash your hair thoroughly so that no hair dye remains on your hair.

When washing your hair, be careful not to scratch your scalp with your fingers to avoid causing allergies.

  The color after dyeing the hair can generally be maintained for 2 months. After 2 months, after the steps such as shampooing, sunlight and humidity in the air, natural oxidation will occur, resulting in loss of pigment and poor hair quality.

In addition, the hair is 1-1 per month.

The growth rate of 5 cm is increasing from the growth rate of the hair, and the time for replenishing and dyeing the hair should also be 2 months.

  Experts are especially good at rubbing the hair dye on the skin behind the ears before dyeing the hair. If there is no abnormal reaction after 2 episodes, you can dye the hair.

Also note that different brands of hair dyes should not be used together, as chemical reactions may occur.

  Decolorizing hair loss after dyeing and drying hair 3 answers to post-dye care issues More and more hairstyles are appearing in our eyes, and the opportunities for hair dyeing have become more and more.

Hair coloring is enough to increase your fashion and change your style.

However, hair care after dyeing is often the most difficult to maintain, and hair loss, color loss and frizz often occur.

To alleviate this situation, there are several points to note.

  When doing hair care, you should avoid drying your hair. It is best to use a shampoo containing alkali and softness in the daily routine.

Shampoos and conditioners for dyeing hair can stabilize pigment particles, making it difficult to lose them quickly.

  In addition, the heat of the hair dryer will also accelerate the pigment precipitation, so be sure to apply some hair care accessories before the hair dryer to maintain stable pigment conversion in the heart.

  Two methods to treat hair loss: First, food therapy 1) Yuzu nuclear treatment of hair loss: If the hair is yellow and alopecia areata, you can use 25 grams of grapefruit kernel, soak in boiling water for 24 hours, apply 2?
3 times to speed up hair growth.

  2) Ginger treatment for hair loss: Cut ginger into pieces, wipe repeatedly on alopecia areata, persist 2-3 times a day, and stimulate hair growth.

  Second, massage care 100 combs of hair every morning can not only stimulate the hair follicles, but also make the hair seam well ventilated, because the hair is most likely to sweat and is covered by heat, so combing the hair often can prevent hair loss and dandruff.

  Treatment of dry hair after dyeing: When washing your hair, wash your hair with shampoo after washing your hair, without conditioner, and then evenly apply it on the hair with a hair mask, then wrap it with a hot towel 7, 8Minutes can be used. This can compress the “steaming” effect of the hair salon for perming. It should be noted that it is best to dye the hair after perming for about a week to reduce damage to the hair.

  After dyeing hair, pay attention to diet and nutrition, calcium and vitamin foods, which is conducive to the maintenance of hair quality.
  a, eat more sulfur-containing proteins: eggs, milk, lean meat, beans, fish and shellfish, yeast and so on.
  b, eat more vegetables and fruits: the interior contains many trace elements necessary to make up hair.

  c, eat more vitamin B6, vitamin E: vitamins can prevent gray hair and promote hair growth.

Examples include oatmeal, peanuts, beans, bananas, yeast, honey, eggs and pork liver.

  Do not use the hair dryer again. This will spread the sebum on the entire hair evenly, which will help protect the hair and keep its luster.

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Devil figure comfort at home

Devil figure comfort at home

Facing the chilling wind, I really don’t want to move out of the warm nest.

Nestled all day at home, how can I maintain a perfect figure?

Walk through the carpet, bed, sofa, seat and other familiar “partners” at home to comfortably shape the “devil” figure.

Training times: Do 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps.

  For a seated V-shaped knee, choose a longer stool, or a one-piece sofa, with your body sitting straight at the edges, abdomen, and elbows, leaning back slowly, so that your feet are off the ground and parallel to the surface of the stool.

  Then fold the upper body and the lower body to one place, bend the knees toward the chest, straighten and align them so that the upper body is in contact with the knees forward, hold for a while, and then gradually reach the starting position.

  Note: Always keep your abdomen tightly and your spine straight to protect your waist.

  Training times: Do 3 sets of 10 to 30 reps.

  Lie on your back with a slow pedal bike on your back, your left knee is bent forward on your chest, your right leg is raised, tilted, and at a 45-degree angle to the ground.Rotate the middle of the body so that the humerus is opposite the left knee.

Hold it for a while, then slowly bend your right knee, raise your left leg, point your left elbow at your right knee, and hold it for a while, and continue to rotate repeatedly.

Exhale and inhale at least once each time you twist your body.

  Note: To feel that the retina and retina are exerting force, when the upper body is turned, the abdomen has a contraction feeling.

  Training times: Do 2 to 3 groups, each group 10 to 20 times.

  Lie on your side with your body to the right, with your legs straight, with one leg on top of the other.

Keep your left arm straight up and your right elbow and forearm on the ground.

Stomach abdomen and absorb abdominal force to lift the upper body and hips to the ground.

Keep your posture at the highest point of the action; the method is the same on the other side.

  Note: The body needs to be straight.

Training times: Count slowly from 1 to 5, and repeat it 1 to 3 times.

  Lie down with your elbows bent on the ground, hold your hands together, let your body rest on your forearms and toes, and chin close to your chest.

The abdomen is tightened, keeping your spine straight, and breathing slowly and deeply.

  Note: The waist must not be discouraged, slackened or collapsed, and the front cannot be lifted up. Keep the body straight.

  Number of trainings: Keep this position, count slowly from 1 to 10, and then repeat it 1 to 3 times.

  Sit up and sit up on the carpet, bend your legs, and lift them to the top of your hips. Cross your feet and cross your feet. Hold your head in your hands and bend your elbows. Then slowly move your head, neck and shoulders.Roll up the ground, tighten your abdomen tightly, and exhale, while lifting your waist and hips, leave the floor, and then slowly return to the starting position.

  Note: When lifting the hips, do not bend your legs and waist toward the face, and keep your upper body still.

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Ganoderma anti-aging six supplements

Ganoderma anti-aging six supplements

Editor’s note: Everyone will age. This is our unchangeable fact. However, although we cannot change this result, we can improve the process. By doing something to eat some food, we can help us delay aging.

So how to fight aging?

What to eat anti-aging?

Next, I recommend to you six Ganoderma anti-aging medicated diets, hurry up and check them out.

  Ganoderma lucidum anti-aging six supplement diet Ganoderma has been known as “fairy grass” since ancient times. Modern medicine has proven that ganoderma has obvious effects on improving human immunity, eliminating free radicals, and delaying aging. Six ganoderma diets are recommended below.

  Ganoderma lucidum is a herb for food and food. Ganoderma spores have a stronger immunomodulatory effect. It is now widely used as adjuvant treatment after tumor radiotherapy or chemotherapy and has better curative effects. Ganoderma lucidum diet also has its unique nourishing and strong effect.Introduce the following as follows: 1, Ganoderma lucidum turtle: 30 grams of ganoderma, 1 turtle, 10 red dates, red dates pitted, turtles in the pot, boiled in water, remove the meat, remove the internal organs, cut into pieces, and fry with red datesGanoderma lucidum is mixed into a casserole soup, seasoning, delicious soup, nourishing fitness, nourishing and soothe the nerves, suitable for tuberculosis, neurasthenia, hyperlipidemia and tumors.

  2, Ganoderma lucidum hoof soup: Ganoderma lucidum 15 grams, astragalus 1 gram packed in gauze bag, tie mouth; 100 grams of beef or pork hoof tendon washed with stewed ganoderma, astragalus and water until cooked, remove the medicine bag, season, eat soup.
Its function is to strengthen the spleen and soothe the nerves, nourish the kidney and nourish the liver, and is suitable for chronic hepatitis, loss of appetite, weakness, and neurasthenia.

  3, Ganoderma stewed chicken: 30 grams of ganoderma, 1 chicken (about 2000 grams), 15 grams each of ginger, green onion, 5 grams of refined salt, 25 grams of cooking wine, pepper, washed into boiling water and saturated with blood.

Remove the chicken breast and add it to the steamer. Add ganoderma, ginger, spring onion, salt, cooking wine, pepper powder, 500ml of water, seal the bowl with wet cotton paper, steam on the basket for about 3 hours until the meat is cooked, and remove.Steamer, peel off the cotton paper and add MSG.

Function is to warm the spleen and stomach, suitable for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, reduced diet, indigestion, nausea and diarrhea.

  4. Stewed pigeon with ganoderma: 3 grams of ganoderma and 1 pigeon with proper seasoning.

Suckling pigeons are removed from the internal organs, washed and added to the cup, add an appropriate amount of water.

The ganoderma is washed and sliced, and added to the cup, Gsau wine, ginger slices, green onions, salt, monosodium glutamate, and cooked over water.

The function is to replenish qi and benefit, and is suitable for the symptoms of weak qi, fatigue, fatigue, spontaneous sweating, and leukopenia.

  5, Ganoderma menthol drink: 2 grams of ganoderma, 5 grams of mint, and grain buds, 25 grams of sugar (for those with diabetes, aperibatam is replaced), 250 ml of water.

The ganoderma is washed and sliced, and the mint is cut into sections. The sautéed sprouts of ganoderma and ganoderma are cooked with water and sugar until the soup is thick, and then boiled for 10 minutes.

The fragrance is delicious, and it is the best product for invigorating the brain and nourishing the brain.

  6, Ganoderma lucidum wine: 100 grams of ganoderma, 1000 grams of good white sprinkles or good rice wine, washed and cut into pieces, immersed in the wine and sealed for 7 days, 1-2 small cups each time in the morning and evening.

Its functions are to nourish internal organs, strengthen the body, and delay aging. It is especially suitable for neurasthenia, insomnia and forgetfulness.

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Master 4 maintenance tips to make your skin supple

Master 4 maintenance tips to make your skin supple

Whether the effective ingredients in skin care products can be removed, the most important thing is to prevent the absorption of nutrients from the skin.

For example, the whitening ingredients must penetrate deep into the basal layer deep in the skin to achieve the whitening effect. As long as you master 4 tips, you can double the absorption of the skin.

  How to make skin efficiently absorb nutrients?

  1. When the skin is supplemented with enough water to provide the skin with sufficient water supply, it will reduce the barrier function and allow water to penetrate the stratum corneum cells.

When the amount of water in the skin is insufficient, it will affect the absorption of skin care products. You may wish to use lotion first, so that the skin can get sufficient moisture.

Care should be done in life, and every time after washing your face, you should apply skin care products with moisturizing and water-retaining effect.

  2. Regularly remove the stratum corneum. When the stratum corneum is too thick, it will cause rough skin, make the complexion look dull, and affect the skin’s absorption of skin care products.

As long as the stratum corneum is made thinner, the active ingredients in skin care products can more easily enter the skin, thus exerting its effects.

You can choose a facial cleanser or scrub with scrub particles to sand the skin.

In addition, you can choose fruit acid products to speed up the replacement and replacement of the stratum corneum.

  3. Allow skin care products to stay on the skin. The concentration of active ingredients in skin care products affects the skin’s absorption of nutrients. If it stays in the skin for too short a time, it will weaken its absorption effect.

For example, the concentration of active ingredients in the essence is very high, and it can only exert its skin care effect if it is fully absorbed by the skin.

If the lotion is applied immediately after the essence is applied, it will replace the product with a high active concentration, which affects its effect.

  4. Appropriate massage to promote absorption After applying the skin care products, the massage should be done correctly, so that some small particles of active ingredients can quickly enter the skin and hair follicles, and finally reach the basal layer.

However, the massage time should not be too long. It can be controlled for about 15 minutes, which can accelerate the absorption of nutrients by the skin.

In addition, the rational use of the mask can promote the skin’s absorption of active ingredients.

Because the mask can seal the local skin, it increases the water-holding function, raises the local skin temperature, and facilitates the penetration of water molecules.

  Reminder: The above 4 methods work together to better absorb nutrients, but you must choose the right skin care products according to your skin quality and age. You ca n’t choose inferior ones because you want to be cheap, but eat more fresh ones.vegetables and fruits.

Go to the stratum corneum at least once a week to avoid staying up late and ensure adequate sleep.

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Baby cold care method hot pack

Baby cold care method hot pack

In today’s family, there are usually several people caring for a baby. The baby has a headache and brain heat. The whole family is turning around. Therefore, baby care is very important.

Especially for younger babies, how do you take care of them?

Below, I will introduce the method of baby cold care.

  How to take care of your baby’s cold If your baby just has a cold runny nose, replace other associated symptoms, like fever, diarrhea, etc.

Can be controlled by physical therapy and diet.

  1. Hot compress Wet the towel with hot water and apply it to the baby’s nose. If the towel is cold and then exchange heat, rotate it several times.

After the nasal mucosa contracts, the nasal cavity will be relatively smooth, and the sticky snot will be easier to hydrate and flow out.

Keep your movements gentle during hot compresses. If you find nasal booger in your baby’s nostrils, you can use a cotton swab to soak it in water. You can also slowly massage your baby’s nose or both sides of the nose.

  2, soak your feet, drink warm water to warm your baby’s feet with warm water before going to bed, you can also add a few slices of ginger in the water to prevent cold.

But be careful not to get too much water and don’t burn your baby.

After the water is cold, you can continue to change the water until the child’s forehead sweats, drink more warm water.

Helps the baby’s blood circulation, helps the nose to thin, easy to clean up, and rests early.

  3, steaming the face, moisturizing If there is a steaming device at home, turn on the steaming device, let the steaming device face the baby’s face, and let him be exposed to moisture and heat.

Steam can wet your baby’s nasal cavity and expel a large amount of nasal discharge quickly and naturally.

But be careful not to get too close to the baby when using it, so as not to hurt his delicate skin; and it should not be used for too long, about 3 minutes.

  4. Increase the indoor temperature or maintain the indoor and outdoor temperature balance. If it is in the season of acute drop or rise, the baby will be prone to runny nose and cold symptoms.

Because the baby’s external environment is particularly sensitive to the stimulation of the air, the indoor and outdoor temperature balance is always maintained, so that the baby will not suddenly feel unacceptable when going out.

If you are not going out, you can keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable temperature to relieve your baby’s nasal congestion and runny nose.

  5. Clean up the snot When the baby’s nose has too many secretions and the nasal sound is very heavy, the mother can use a nasal aspirator to help the baby clean up the snot.

However, pay attention when using it. When sucking on one side of the nostril, it is better to block the other nostril at the same time.

In addition, the nasal aspirator can suck a lot of nasal discharge and secretions at one time.

Before use, parents are advised to check whether there is booger in the baby’s nasal cavity, and keep the movements gentle, so as not to go too deep into the baby’s nasal cavity, causing pain or injury. Wash them after use.

  6, honey garlic paste is not suitable for all babies, babies under 1 year old are small, because babies within 12 months of consumption of honey may be poisoned.

But babies over one year old can try, the method is to take equal amounts of garlic and honey and stir well, and use about 80% of boiling water to drink, one tablespoon each time, can drink 4?
6 times, very effective for influenza runny nose.

  7. Onion and white boiling water Onion and white boiling water are very effective in relieving your baby’s cold and runny nose. Cut the onion to the length of your fingers, and then add about 300 ml of water to boil.Add some sugar to make your baby more acceptable.

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