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Healthy cooking of “gammon”

Healthy cooking of “gammon”

Ham, which is marinated or smoked pork leg, is delicious and nutritious. It is most famously produced in Zhejiang Jinhua and Yunnan Xuanwei.
However, when cooking, you must pay attention to some essentials, otherwise it will seriously affect the color, aroma and taste of ham.
In general, the “three don’ts” for cooking ham: Don’t use more pungent condiments.
Because the ham itself is thick and fragrant, it is delicious and mellow. If you use pungent condiments such as hot pepper oil and curry, it is easy to cover up the taste of the ham and lose its flavor.
Don’t fry.
The ham itself has very little moisture. Dry-frying can easily make the ham harder and harder. It not only loses its delicious flavor, but also makes the ham very difficult to chew and has extremely poor taste.
Do not use soy or soy sauce.
Soy sauce and soy sauce have a heavier taste. Cooking with them not only loses its own aroma and fresh taste, but the original red and white color will also become dark and ugly.
  In addition, before making ham, the moldy rotten skin of the ham meat should be cut off and washed with warm water.
Because ham is a salted product and contains a certain amount of salt, it is best to steam the ham for half an hour to one hour before cooking the ham to remove the salty taste of the ham itself.
And the soup steamed by de-salinity is also very fresh and delicious, which is a good dish.
  Ham is generally used as an embellishment for cooking. For example, when steaming eggs, making soup, or making ravioli, adding a little ham can achieve the effect of removing fishy fish, increasing freshness and improving nutrition.

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How high is the privacy seal of self-test psychology

How high is the privacy seal of self-test psychology

For a long time, psychologists believe that the ability to keep secrets is at the center of a person’s mental health.

In adolescence and adulthood, whether a person can fluently harmlessly lie in society is often related to his mental health.

Researchers have also found that the ability to keep secrets can enhance a person’s appeal.

  Test translation: When you are bored, you will want to find a place to take a walk to release your mood. What kind of road do you think will help you release your psychological stress?

  A, the busiest boulevard in the city center. The neon lights let the lively popularity drive away the depression. B, the winding suburban mountain roads. Like the road of life, there are rugged and good scenery. C, an empty avenue with few passersby, let you think alone.Unlimited interruption D, yoyo suburban roads, let clean air wash your mood test results analysis: A, the busiest boulevard in the city center, neon lights let the lively popularity drive away depressed friends who choose this option, meaningful seal 70%  On the surface, you seem to have a lively and cheerful nerve. You have good interpersonal relationships, many friends, and are good at dealing with strangers. But in fact, your heart is not as open as your words and deeds. On the contrary, you are the one who has everything to do.The person hiding in your heart, although you usually like to share the life with the people around you, but you will hide the important things silently in your heart and keep silent.

  B, winding mountain roads in the suburbs, like the road of life, friends who have rugged and good scenery, choose this option, privacy is 50%, strong ability to respond, like new things to seek excitement, you who are curious, because of your ability to adapt andYou are so intelligent that you wo n’t be exposed easily. Instead, you like to dig out the privacy of others. It is recommended that you do n’t be too curious about other people ‘s affairs.

  C, an empty road with few passers-by, you can think alone and unlimitedly disturb friends who choose this option. The privacy seal is 90%. You have a unique personality. You do n’t like to be with worldly people. There are very few people who can open the conversation box, soIt ‘s never been clear to gossip people, plus you keep a low-key mysterious temperament most of the time, and never show your own situation, so it ‘s hard to be dug into privacy, but sometimes because ofAnd “the heights are extremely cold, and my heart is unknown” and it is bleak.

  D, Yoyo Country Road, let the clean air wash your mood. Friends who choose this option, the privacy seal is 30%. In fact, for you, there is basically no privacy or privacy problem. Goodness, you have one.With a tolerant heart, you always believe that human nature is good, and you are transparent in your own life. There is nothing to hide, and you don’t like to be a human with a mask.

Kindness is good, but still pay attention to protect yourself.

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How to choose the most effective health care for eating spring leek

How to choose the most effective health care for eating spring leek

The spring cold is still steep, and the spring is in the dish.

Amaranth is also called “starting grass”, warm, and has the effect of tonifying kidney and yang.

The spring climate is mixed, and it is recommended that people eat more spring sorghum in the spring to chill and chill.

Moreover, the human liver is prosperous in spring, which affects the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach.

Eat more spring sputum can enhance the spleen and stomach, beneficial liver function.

  1, increase appetite Amaranth contains plant-like aromatic volatile oil, has the effect of increasing appetite, the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. to eat some spring, is good for health.

  2, Jianwei Xiaoshi leek has the effect of keeping warm and stomach, and the crude fiber contained in it can promote bowel movement and help the body to digest.

It can not only prevent habitual constipation and intestinal cancer, but also wrap some of the impurities in the digestive tract and excrete it with the stool, so it is also called “saline grass” in the folk.

  3, dilated blood circulation 4, bactericidal anti-inflammatory leeks contain sulfur compounds have a certain bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit Pseudomonas aeruginosa, dysentery, typhoid, bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus.

  5, skin care eyesight amaranth instead of vitamin A, eat more energy supplement skin care, eyesight and lungs, but also reduce the risk of colds, colds and other diseases.

  6, qi and aphrodisiac ancient people called leeks as “aphrodisiac grass”, can suffer from impotence, polyuria, low back pain, soft legs and other kidney qi deficiency.

How to scientifically match the leek diet.

  Amaranth has a variety of ways to eat, can be used as the main ingredient fried; can be used as ingredients and eggs, pork fried, blast, simmer, etc.; can do pasta snacks, such as dumplings, buns, pots, simmer, simmerBox, do spring rolls, etc.

  The amaranth has four seasons, and the taste of each season is very different. Spring fragrance, summer spicy, autumn bitterness, winter sweetness, and spring glutinous rice is one of the most tender and delicious. It is no wonder that it has the reputation of “the first food of spring cuisine” since ancient times.
  As the saying goes: “January onion, February 韭”, the lunar calendar in February is the most tender.

Spring 韭 condensed the essence of the whole winter, sprouting the desire of life under the nourishment of spring rain, rushing upwards, and standing in the early spring of the cold.

At this time, the amaranth tastes good, the aroma is strong, and it is best to eat.

  How to choose fresh leek: 1, the root section is relatively uniform, pinching the roots of the leaves can stand upright, indicating that it is very fresh; the root section is growing a section, it is not fresh.

  2, leek is wide, fine leaves, broad leaf amaranth leaves light green, less fiber; fine leaf amaranth leaves slender, dark green leaves, more fiber, rich flavor.

Yellow is cultivated in the greenhouse, the leaves are yellowish, soft and tender but not as fragrant as leek.

  Handling amaranth tips: Cleaning: There are a lot of sediment in the cuttings of the roots of the leek, which is the most difficult to wash.

It is advisable to cut off a piece of root and soak it in salt water for a while.

  Hot: first add the roots to the boiling water (drop a few drops of oil) and then put them all together, until the color turns green and remove the cold water.

  Preservation: After the leek is cooked, it is wrapped in a Chinese cabbage page and placed in a cool place for 1 week.

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I heard that the game played out the baby’s teeth.

I heard that the game played out the baby’s teeth.

If you think that your baby’s language learning starts from the moment he says “Mom”, then he is wrong!

In fact, the baby started the language development process from the first cry after birth.

  Most of the parents care about whether the baby “talks”, but ignore the communication skills that should be developed before the baby learns to speak.

When the baby is still in the mother’s belly, he can already hear some sounds, and his hearing develops well around 7 months after birth.

Therefore, after falling to the ground, the baby begins to learn the language by “obeying”.

  Judging from the language development process, the baby can understand and understand the vocabulary at least 3 more than the vocabulary he actually speaks?
5 times.

You can provide your baby with sufficient visual and auditory stimuli, such as continuously telling him what he sees and what he is doing, so that the baby can connect language with everyday things in his brain and reserve language.
  For 0?
A 3-year-old baby is more important than non-verbal communication skills such as crying, body movements, or eyes, gestures, etc. These are important indicators of language development ability.

Therefore, you must first learn to observe your baby’s behavior and try to understand his facts, so as not to miss the opportunity to communicate with your baby, otherwise, your baby will become less and less expressive because you have not been inspired by you!

  The first level of mini-games to promote language development (auditory games) In the process of language development, “listening” is a very important foundation. Therefore, you can use various audio games to help your baby build auditory attention, find sound sources, and understand lifeA variety of sounds in your baby’s language skills to develop the auditory ability.

  1. Newborn babies already have the ability to “listen”. They can recognize familiar sounds, especially mother’s sounds, and it is easier to be quiet or happy.

You can place some music bells in front of the crib or play some soft music.

When the baby’s grasping ability gradually develops, you can also give him some small toys that can make sounds, let him play, learn to understand the sound.

  2, find the sound baby 3?
At 4 months old, he began to train his response to sound sources.

The mother can often talk on both sides of the baby, let him learn to turn to the sound source, or take some bells and sounding toys as an aid, let the baby try to identify where the sound comes from.

When the baby finds the correct sound source, he can give the sounding toy to him as a reward.

  In addition, you can cover the sound source (bell, sounding toy) with a piece of cloth or cardboard, and let your baby find the sound source.

This game can help your baby to establish the “permanent concept of physical hearing”.

  Advanced small mouth, move (oral action games) language development is not just the development of “vocabulary”. The more coordinated the lips, tongue, cheeks, vocal cords, and throat muscles, the more babies can “clear the teeth” in the future.

Through some small games of oral movements, let the baby experience the fun of vocalization and promote the flexibility of oral movements.

  1. Playing with the mouth When the baby can “slap” his lips, he can start playing the “kiss” game with the baby. This can not only promote the baby’s ability to close his lips, but also increase the baby’s intimacy with the mother.

After the baby is one year old and learns to wrap his lips around the edge of the cup to drink water, he must start to practice water absorption or drink with a straw. This “suck” action can promote the strength of the cheek muscles and the strength of the lips.
  2. Put some cream or sugar water around the baby’s lips while playing with the tongue, and let the baby try to move the tongue out of the mouth and move up, down, left, and right;flexibility.

  3, blowing a blow When the baby is still young, you can gently blow on his cheek, let him feel the airflow.

When your baby is older, ask him to imitate your mouth and try to blow. If he does n’t know how to blow, he can use some small props, such as small windmills, feathers, or small pieces of paper to inspire him.

  4, chew a baby chew at about 4?
Starting to receive complementary foods around 6 months, many babies begin to grow teeth at the age of 6 months, so chewing function is very important.

At this time, you can train your baby to eat foods that are easy to chew, such as bruces, bread, or other semi-solid, solid foods.

After the baby is more than one year old, he can cut the food into smaller pieces, let him practice the “bite” action, and train his tongue, teeth and oral movements to coordinate.

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12 traditional Chinese medicine recipes for colds

12 traditional Chinese medicine recipes for colds

Although we can’t unify it for colds, we still have ways to prevent and alleviate the symptoms. When another season of colds is coming, some ways to deal with colds, you can try.

  01. Soak your feet in hot water: Soak your feet for 15 minutes with hot water (the temperature is too high to be tolerable) every night. Pay attention to the amount of water when you soak your feet, so that your feet become red after soaking.prevent getting cold.

  02. Raw green onions: When you eat green onions raw, you can pour the oil on the finely chopped spring onions and mix them with other vegetables. This is delicious and prevents colds.

  03, saline gargle: morning and evening, gargle with fresh saline after meals to remove oral bacteria.

In the flu epidemic, you should pay more attention to mouthwash. At this time, rinse your head with mouthwash to make the mouthwash more effective.

  04, cold water bath surface: use cold water every day to wash your face, wash your nostrils with a handful of water, that is, gently replace the water with your nostrils (be careful not to inhale too deeply to avoid pinching), and then scoop out repeatedly.

  05, massage nasal sulcus: rub hands with two hands, massage Yingxiang acupoint (located in the nasal sulcus, leveling the midpoint of the outer edge of the nose) more than ten times after warming the palm, which can prevent colds and relieve nasal congestion symptoms after a cold.

  06, put onion in the nose: what should I do if my nose is not ventilated after a cold?

You can put one fresh scallion strip in each nostril when you sleep, and take it out after 3 hours, usually it can be cured once. If it doesn’t work, you can plug it again the next day.

It is worth reminding that: first, the onion strips should be thicker and thinner, first, the drug strength is small; second, it is easy to absorb the deep nasal cavity, and it is not easy to remove;Apply a thin layer of cotton wool.

  07. Liquor rubbing body: Use copper coins, coins and other smooth and hard objects to dip the liquor. Gently scrape the front and back chests, Quchi, and lower limbs and crevices until the skin becomes red and hot, and then drink a bowl of hot ginger sugar water, which will grow after about 15 minutesSweat.

After sweating, the whole body is relaxed and comfortable. At this time, pay attention to the local cold, and the cold will soon heal.

  08, Coca-Cook ginger: 20-30 grams of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped, put it into a large bottle of Coca-Cola, boil it in an aluminum pan, and drink it while it is cold.

  09. Breathing steam: When you first catch a cold, pour boiling water into the cup and take a deep breath into the hot air until the water in the cup is cold, several times a day, which can alleviate the symptoms of nasal congestion.

  10, hot air blowing surface: When the cold starts, you can use a hair dryer to blow hot air to the temple for 3 to 5 minutes, several times a day, can reduce symptoms and accelerate recovery.

  11, garlic puree honey: After mixing equal parts of garlic puree and honey, take it with boiling water, one tablespoon each time, 4 to 6 times a day, which has a good effect on the treatment of influenza.

  12, sesame oil mix eggs: heat one or two sesame oil into a fresh egg, then rush into boiling water and stir well, then drink while hot, take each morning and evening, 2 to 3 days to cure the cold after a cold.

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6 Ways To Remove Acne With Lavender Essential Oil

6 Ways To Remove Acne With Lavender Essential Oil

Take 5 drops of lavender essential oil + 10CC base oil, replace and mix together, apply to the acne marks, and massage for 15 minutes with the correct massage technique, can promote cell regeneration, regenerate damaged tissues, and lighten acne marks.

. There are 6 ways to remove acne from lavender oil.

Massage method: take 5 drops of lavender essential oil + 10CC base oil, replace and mix together, apply to the acne mark, and massage for 15 minutes with the correct massage technique, it can promote cell regeneration, regenerate damaged tissue and lighten acne marks.


Application method: Mix 5 drops of lavender essential oil with 10 ml of base oil. After cleansing, use a cotton swab to apply on the acne marks, which is suitable for any skin type.

It can also be applied to the entire face, and it can also regulate the secretion of oil from the skin.


Prepare an aromatherapy furnace by steaming, add fresh water to the water container, and then add 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil, then heat the aromatherapy furnace, wait for the heat to release the essential oil in the water slowly, and help create a different atmosphere.

The enhancement of body fluid activity accelerates, thereby improving the internal environment and further achieving the role of regulating the entire body.

Quickly change the local tissue cells, the cell’s living environment, and accelerate the transformation of metabolism.


Lavender essential oil is added to the boiling hot water by inhalation. It can also be used with tea tree oil, but it must not exceed six drops. After stirring evenly, cover it with a large bath towel to bury the face.In the hot air from hot water, breathe alternately with mouth and nose for 5-10 minutes.


Cold compress method The method of cold compress is similar to hot compress, except that hot water is replaced with cold water.

It also stimulates the skin, speeds up the metabolism of the skin, and quickly dilutes the acne marks.


Prepare 200ml warm water with hot compress method, add 3 drops of essential oil, take a clean towel and immerse it in water, then wring out the water.

Apply on cleansed face, then gently squeeze the towel with both hands to let the essential oil quickly penetrate into the skin, and remove it after 5 minutes.

Can accelerate skin blood circulation, accelerate cell regeneration, and quickly remove acne marks.

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Allegory of management that swept the office

Allegory of management that swept the office

These are also harmonious, and profound management fables are popular in the office.

In fact, more often, small stories are more moving than Daoli.

Here are some wonderful little stories, I hope to bring you a little joy and inspiration . About the basics-Ji Chang learns to shoot arrows from Fei Wei, Fei Wei does not teach specific archery skills, but requires him to learn to pay attention to the target and his eyes cannotBlinking, Ji Chang spent two years, and practiced another spine who stabbed at the corner of the eye without blinking.

The flying guard has increased the requirement for Ji Chang to train his eyesight. The standard is to achieve that the smaller things can be clearly enlarged, as if seen in close range.

Ji Chang worked hard for three years, and finally he could see the smallest lice as big as a wheel. Ji Chang opened his bow and shot the lice easily with an arrow.

After knowing the result, Fei Wei was very satisfied with the apprentice.

  To learn archery, you must first train your eyesight. The basic movements are solid, and the application can be ever-changing. Enterprise management is the same. Basic personnel, finance, technology, and business must be well mastered.

Running a business is like building a tower. If you just want to build bricks and forget to lay a solid foundation, one day the tower will collapse.

  Chicken pickers . Once there was such a person who stole the chickens of neighbors every day. Someone told him: “This kind of behavior is not in line with the gentleman’s way.

The man replied, “Then reduce it a little bit, and then steal a chicken every month. When next year, I won’t steal it at all.”

“This is also a gradual theory?

Is it ridiculous?

But sometimes we do this ourselves.

What can I do if smoking is harmful to the body?

Quit it, take less time every day; there are problems with the company’s management mechanism, and they will be solved step by step.

But what happened in the end?

The smoke is still smoking, and the problems of the enterprise have not been completely solved yet. Step by step!

  Wise managers will always remember such a thing when formulating a budget policy-make a schedule, never stop without achieving goals.

Plans embody our thinking and reflect what we expect to do, when we will do it well, who will do what, and how.

  The old farmer moved the stone . One old farmer planted a large stone for many years.

This stone broke several old farmers’ plowshares and damaged his cultivator.

The old peasant should be helpless. The boulder became a lingering illness when he farmed.

  One day, after another plowshare was broken, remembering the endless trouble that the boulder brought to him, he finally resolved to end the boulder.

So, he got a crowbar and went under the boulder, but he almost found that the stone was buried in the ground not so deep, so thick, and he could pry it up with a little hard work, and then smash it with a sledgehammer to clear it out.In the field, the old peasant’s mind was flashed in his mind for many years, and the view of the megalithic ruins flashed. He thought that he could deal with this headache earlier, and couldn’t help but grin.

  From this allegorical story, we will understand the truth in business management: when encountering a problem, we should immediately clarify the root cause, and if there is a problem, we must deal with it immediately without delay.

  Enterprise management activities often encounter recurring problems or undesired phenomena. If you suspect illness or delay medical treatment, the backlog will inevitably cause difficulties to the enterprise, and even make the production and operation of the enterprise impossible.Will threaten the survival of the enterprise.

Therefore, to reduce the frequency of problems in enterprise management, re-avoid, but seize the signs, investigate in a timely manner, trace the root cause, and find the solution and method in time.

  Spiders repair their webs . There are two spiders living in a shabby temple, one under the eaves and one on the shrine.

One day, the roof of the old temple collapsed. Fortunately, the two spiders were not injured. They were still busy weaving spider webs on their site.

A few days later, the spider on the shrine found that his web was always broken.

A small bird flies past, a small wind blows, and it will keep it busy repairing for a long time.

It asked the spider under the eaves: “Our silk is no different, and the place where we work has not changed.

Why is my net always broken, but yours is fine?

“The spider under the eaves smiled and said,” Don’t you find that the eaves on our heads are gone? ”

“It is naturally important to repair the net, but it is more important to understand why the net is broken.

Often you see busy managers, these managers who correct firefighters in management are like the busy spider, without thinking about the source of the problem.

  A story about organizational culture-crab fishing . People who have fished crabs may know that there is a group of crabs in the basket, there is no need to cover them. The crabs cannot climb out, because as long as one person wants to climb up, other crabsThey will cling to it, and as a result, pull it down, and none of them will go out.

  Organizations should also pay attention to and remove the so-called “crab culture.”There are often some elements in the enterprise. They don’t like to see the achievements and outstanding performance of others. Every day they try to destroy and suppress them. If they are not undone, over time, there will only be a group of crabs in the organization that restrain each other.

  The story of eagle feeding . The eagle is the strongest race among all birds, and according to zoologists, this may be related to the feeding habits of the eagle.

  The eagle gave birth to four or five eaglets at a time. Because of their high nests, the food they hunted back could only be fed to one eagle at a time. The feeding method of the eagles was not based on the principle of equality, not one by one.The eagle robs anyone who eats it. Under this circumstance, the thin eagle dies without food. The fiercest survivor survives. From generation to generation, the eagles are getting stronger and stronger.

  This is a story of the survival of the fittest. It tells us that “fairness” cannot be a recognized principle in the organization. Without an appropriate elimination system, the organization will often delay evolution due to small indifference and justice. In a competitive environment, it willWas naturally eliminated.

  About Leadership-Two Hedgehogs . Two sleepy hedgehogs embraced by the cold.

But because each of them had spines, they left a distance, but couldn’t stand the cold, so they got together.

After much struggle, the two hedgehogs finally found a suitable distance: they could get each other’s warmth without being stuck.

  The “hedgehog” rule is the “psychological distance effect” in interpersonal communication.

For leaders to do good work, they should maintain a close relationship with their subordinates so as to gain their respect.

Keep a psychological distance with your subordinates and avoid losing principles at work.

  Northerly and southerly winds . Northerly and southerly winds are more powerful than others, who can take off their coats on pedestrians.

The north wind first came with a cold wind and biting the cold, and the pedestrian wrapped the coat tightly.

The south wind was blowing slowly, and the wind was sunny and sunny. Pedestrians unbuttoned the buttons because they felt spring, and then took off their coats. South wind won the victory.

  This parable vividly illustrates a truth: warmth is better than severe cold.

Leaders apply the “Southern Wind” principle in management to respect and care for their subordinates. The subordinates are based on this, and they are more humane, so that the subordinates truly feel the warmth given by the leader, thereby removing the burden and motivating the work.

  The loneliness of the tiger . As the ruler of the forest kingdom, the tiger has tasted almost all the hardships and pains encountered in management.

It finally admitted that the tiger also had a weak side.

It is amazingly eager, and can enjoy the pleasure of getting along with friends like other animals; it can get the reminders and advice of buddies when making mistakes.

  It asked the monkey: “Are you my friend?

The monkey answered with a smile on his face: “Of course, I will always be your most loyal friend.

“That’s the case,” said Tiger. “Why can’t I get your advice every time I make a mistake?”

“The monkey thought for a while, carefully determined:” As your subordinate, I may have a blind worship of you, so I cannot see your mistake.

Maybe you should ask the fox.

“The tiger asked the fox again.

The fox’s eyes rolled around and pleased: “The monkey is right, you are so great, who can trim your mistakes?

“Like the poor tiger, many supervisors often experience the loneliness of” almost cold. ”

Due to the hierarchical structure of the organization, there is a deep gap between supervisors and subordinates.

All your subordinates treat you as much as you do with tigers, because: It is easy to point out your mistakes, but in case you are ashamed and angry, aren’t they doing it yourself?

What’s more, due to different positions, some subordinates will not even stop you from making mistakes, but will wait to see your jokes!

What’s more, an individual employee may be waiting for the day you fall, and he can just replace it.

  In order for a subordinate to point out the shortcomings or mistakes of the supervisor, three conditions must be met: first, he can be sure of his benefits; second, he must be brave enough; third, you, as the supervisor, have discerning eyesight and tolerance.

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10 foods a woman can’t live without

10 foods a woman can’t live without

Humans are full of blood, but look good.

Blood is actually the most important material basis for women’s beauty.

Chinese medicine believes that only with sufficient blood can the eyes see clearly and the complexion can be plump and rosy.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” said: green nourishing liver, red nourishing heart, yellow nourishing spleen and stomach, white moisturizing lung, black nourishing kidney.

In our daily life, the five colors, each with different viscera, have different properties, and each have different health effects.

  The 10 most inseparable foods for a woman’s life. Tomatoes 1. Anti-aging: Tomatoes have anti-aging and plasma-lowering elements that help prevent senile diseases. They are suitable for regular consumption. As a result, hepatitis is a large country in the world.Must protect the liver.

  2, Vitamin C is rich: delicious, charming appearance, fresh color on the table, many people like to eat, in fact, tomatoes are not only delicious, but also have a certain “medicinal effect”.

Tomatoes contain vitamin C, which can prevent colds, and lycopene, which is a large amount, is a natural pigment that makes tomatoes red, and has the effect of oxidizing damage and softening blood vessels.

  3. Anti-cancer: Lycopene in tomatoes has a high anti-oxidant effect, it can protect cells from damage, can repair damaged cells, and inhibit and clear free radicals in the human body.

Protect the cardiovascular system, reduce blood pressure, the incidence of high blood pressure, and have certain effects on anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

  4. Whitening: Do you want to keep your skin fair?

Of course, tomatoes are often eaten. The vitamin P contained in it is a substance that cannot be metabolized by normal cells. It can make skin pigments and dark spots disappear and prevent pigmentation.

  Second, spinach 1, not anemia: Spinach replaces iron, which is one of the raw materials of human blood and is a good food for women during menstruation.

People who regularly eat spinach look rosy and radiant, and can stay away from iron deficiency anemia.

  2, strong constitution: Spinach contains considerable protein, which can help the body develop and burn vigorously.

  3. Good skin: Vitamin K, which is lacking in many vegetables and fruits.

The human head is bright and shiny, and the skin is white and shiny. In addition to vitamin A, B, and C, vitamin K is indispensable.

  4. Detox: Spinach can clear the heat of the human stomach, avoid constipation, and keep the excretion unobstructed.

And the speed of spinach is very low.

  5. Protecting eyesight: We know that lack of vitamin A can cause dry eyes and “fuzzy” things.

The carotene in spinach is converted into vitamin A in the body, reducing the risk of repeated degradation.

It should be of great help to people who use computers frequently.

  6. Stabilizing mood: The rich vitamins A, B, and C in spinach can help you get out of your restless state, drive away tension and improve depression.

  3. Ginger 1. Prevent colds and enhance resistance: Ginger is an important condiment, and can also be eaten alone as a vegetable, and it is also an important Chinese medicinal material.

It can penetrate its own spicy flavor and special aroma into the middle, making it delicious and delicious.

Gingerol in ginger has a particularly strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals after entering the body, and has a certain degree of anti-aging effect.

Ginger also has the function of promoting blood circulation and dispersing cold evils, catching cold, and does not prevent boiled some ginger soup when catching a cold, which can play a very good role in prevention and treatment.

  2. Detoxification and sterilization: China has a long coastline. People living near the sea almost always eat seafood. Just like we usually eat pine eggs or fish and crabs on the table, we usually put some ginger and ginger juice on it.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is warm in nature and has the effect of relieving the skin.

  Fourth, potatoes 1, protect the spleen and stomach: people living in dry climates eat more potatoes to breathe hot and constipated, but also to maintain the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and intestines.

  2. Eliminate bags under the eyes: Placing potato chips on the eyes can reduce the bags under the eyes and also have effects on fine wrinkles.

It is said that applying potato juice to nails can make nails more delicate and smooth.

  3. Vitamin C is rich and contains no traces: the protein content of potatoes is the same as that of cereals, and it is a food that can be used as both a vegetable and a food supplement.

The potato has a flat taste and sweetness, and has a role in reconciling the stomach in Chinese medicine.

Essentially free of vitamin C, with edible potassium in the skin, fresh potatoes contain about 80% moisture and 20% dry matter, which translates to about 100 calories and contains no traces.

  Fifth, mushrooms 1, nutrient-rich: The protein content of mushrooms is more than 30%, which is much higher than ordinary vegetables and fruits.

Contains multiple vitamins and rich calcium, iron and other minerals.

The most important thing is that it also contains 8 kinds of amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself.  2. Improving immunity: After the mushrooms are irradiated by the sun, the special substances contained in them will be converted into vitamin D. After being absorbed by the human body, it will help to increase resistance.

Shiitake can also stimulate the body to produce more interferon and eliminate viruses in the body. Therefore, Shiitake has a certain effect on preventing colds.

  3, weight loss: mushrooms have a lot of rich nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc., but the conversion is very low, often eaten will not gain weight.

And the high-grade plant cellulose contained in mushrooms can prevent constipation and reduce the blood plasma content.

Vitamin C in mushrooms is much higher than normal fruits, which can promote the body’s metabolism.

  Six, soybean 1, inhibit tumors: Isoflavones and genistein in beans are anti-cancer antioxidants, which are very helpful for reducing cancer and cervical cancer in women.

  2. Stay away from coronary heart disease: Adults in soybeans are mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which is a good food to prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

  3, delay aging: black beans completely replace the role of preventing arteriosclerosis, but also eliminate free radicals in the body and delay deterioration.

  Seven, eggs 1, enhance memory: Lecithin, triglycerides, cholesterol, yolks, etc. in eggs, have a great effect on the nervous system and physical development, and even have a certain hindrance to memory loss.

  2. Beauty: rolling freshly cooked hot eggs on the skin for a few minutes, the skin and skin relax, enhance blood circulation, the skin absorbs nutrients, and then use cold water to shrink pores and blood vessels, which is a simple and economical beauty method.
  3, no longer listless: if the body lacks vitamin B2, people will be emotionally depressed, lazy all day long, and often feel general weakness.

Consistently eating one or two eggs every day, you will soon become refreshed.

  4. Don’t lose the yolk: It is a very unscientific way to eat only the protein part of the egg.

One of the proteins that consumes the body’s vitamin H, always eats only protein, and the skin may deteriorate.

Not only does egg yolk not consume vitamin H, it also helps us synthesize it.

  Eight, walnuts 1, brain: the nutritional value of a pound of walnut is equivalent to 5 kg of eggs or 9 kg of milk.

The protein in walnuts has lysine, which is very important for the human body, and is good for the brain.

Therefore, people with high work pressure and dizziness, forgetfulness, palpitations and other symptoms may wish to eat some walnuts to try.

  2, emollient: eat a few walnuts every day, or drink porridge with walnuts, insist on crushing, you will feel the skin is delicate and moisturized.

  Nine, fish 1, eat a good mood: there is a special fatty acid in fish, which is related to the “happy hormone” in the human brain.

Therefore, when people feel depressed, they eat more fish consciously, and their mood will gradually improve.

Traces of magnesium and boron in fish meat, magnesium has a sedative effect, eating fish often can relieve tension.

  2. The gospel of smokers: One of the early symptoms of arteriosclerosis is bladder dysfunction, and smoking can cause bladder dysfunction.

But amino acids in fish can prevent arteriosclerosis.

So if you can’t quit smoking for a while, eat more fish.

  Ten, oranges 1, anti-cancer: a medium-sized orange can provide a person with vitamin C a day, improve the body’s ability to resist bacterial damage.

Oranges can remove free radicals that are harmful to health and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

Of all the fruits, citrus contains the highest antioxidants, including more than 60 flavonoids and 17 types of carotene.

Flavonoids have anti-inflammatory, strengthening blood vessels and inhibiting blood clotting.

Carotenoids have a strong antioxidant effect.

These ingredients make oranges inhibit the development of various cancers.

  2. Orange juice cannot replace fresh orange: oranges contain vitamin A, vitamin B1, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, potassium and other minerals and inorganic salts, as well as fiber and pectin. If you only drink orange juice, health effects will be greatly discounted.

Because in the process of juice extraction, almost all of the fiber is lost, and vitamin C, flavonoids, and carotenoids are also lost more.

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Let your baby recover properly

Let your baby recover properly

Aunt’s fatty acids are divided into saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, which are usually not synthesized by the human body and must be provided by food. Therefore, they are also called essential fatty acids.

  Aunt is an incredible nutrient.

The main functions of my aunt are as follows: First, it provides heat energy.

Auntie can provide 37 per gram.

68 kilojoules of thermal energy, for infants and young children, 30% -35% of the thermal energy is provided by the aunt.

  Second, constitute the organization.

Lipids are important components of human tissue cells, especially the main components of brain nerve cells.

  Third, promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K must be dissolved in trace amounts to be absorbed and utilized.

  Fourth, warmth and protection.

Auntie Reserve is stored in the subcutaneous muscle space and visceral space. It has thermal insulation and support to protect internal organs, as well as joints, nerves, etc. accompanied by external force friction, collision to injury.

  Fifth, enhance taste.

The use of feces while staying can promote appetite, prolong the time that food stays in the stomach, and has obvious fatigue resistance.

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Anti-aging massage 5 minutes daily to prevent sagging_1

Anti-aging massage for 5 minutes daily to prevent sagging

The reality of “aging” cannot be avoided, but the process of “aging” can be delayed.

In fact, the secret to breaking the aging curse has always been hidden in our bodies, and hidden “anti-aging points” have been found. Massage can improve the obvious spots, fine lines and relaxation, and restore the radiant and firm face.

  Faced with a computer for a long time, the Zhuzhu Point is prone to edema, fine lines and sagging on fragile eye skin.

  Efficacy: Promote eye microcirculation, increase oxygen content and absorption of eye skin, and prevent fine lines.

  Position: The position of the brows on both sides.

  Massage method: Press the acupressure point of the index finger and cooperate with breathing. Press for 30 seconds.

  Yingxiang cave is polluted. Ultraviolet rays erode the delicate skin every day. Poor blood circulation leads to dull skin and loose skin.

  Efficacy: Enhances blood circulation on the face and hydrates the skin.

  Location: depressions on both sides of the nose.

  Massage method: Make a ring-shaped blockage of the forefinger and massage for 1 minute.

  Long-term lack of exercise in nursing homes may lead to slowed metabolism in the body, accumulation of toxins, stains and wrinkles.

  Efficacy: Dredge the meridians, effectively improve facial pigmentation, wrinkles and skin, so it is also a special acupuncture point for acne

  Position: The area around the outside of the wrist.

  Massage method: use the index finger to do the movement of pushing and rubbing, and cooperate with soothing breathing, massage for one minute continuously.

  Clarins Clarins Lotus Facial Oil Price / Specifications: 40ml / 380 yuan Efficacy: Reduce oil secretion.

Regulates skin surface oils.

With bactericidal effect.

Purifies skin and prevents skin contamination.

  Features: 100% plant extract (no preservatives added).

Contains a variety of highly concentrated essences, including hazelnut oil.

For moisturizing skin, the texture is extremely lightweight.

The contained oil has unparalleled penetrating power and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

  Massage method: use the index finger to do the movement of pushing and rubbing, and cooperate with soothing breathing, massage for one minute continuously.

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