Medicinal diet for cirrhosis

Medicinal diet for cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is a chronic renal sclerosis caused by malnutrition, chronic alcoholism, viral hepatitis, initial infection, and toxic effects in one family or one or more pathogenic factors.

Patients often have a history of viral hepatitis, toxic hepatitis, drinking alcohol, schistosomiasis, biliary disease, and drug-induced liver disease, with viral hepatitis being the most common.

In the early stage of liver cirrhosis, patients may have symptoms such as loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, anorexia, liver discomfort, or no obvious clinical symptoms, and liver function is mostly normal or slightly abnormal.

  In addition to the treatment of patients with liver cirrhosis, in addition to physical, mental and physical therapy, the most basic is diet therapy.

Eating a medicated diet that regulates liver function normally is beneficial to improving the quality of life and delaying the development of the disease.

Patients may choose the following medicated diet.

  1 red carp soup (about 500 grams).

Descaling, gills and viscera, add 100 grams of red beans into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, stew until the red beans are cooked, and take in portions.

Take it continuously for 10 days.

It is not advisable to add salt to the soup. Ginger may be added to remove the smell.

This prescription has a beneficial effect on water and swelling.

  Anchovy tofu soup: Take 1 live anchovy (about 300g).

Descaling, gills and viscera, add an appropriate amount of water into the pot, cook until cooked, add 1 tofu (about 150 grams), and then cook thoroughly, add onion ginger as appropriate without stinking.

Eat fish, tofu, and soup (not salt).

This side can also be replaced with 500 grams of loach, 250 grams of tofu.

Take it continuously for 10 days.
This prescription has the effect of dampness and dehydration. It is especially suitable for patients with ascites who have poor appetite and thin stools.

  Winter melon porridge: 150 grams of fresh winter melon peel.

Wash, cut into small pieces, cook with 100 grams of instant rice ready-to-eat rice to make porridge.

Take it continuously for 10 days.

This recipe is particularly suitable for patients with ascites accompanied by scarce urination, dry stools, and dry mouth.

  For duck and winter melon soup, remove 1 white duck’s hair and offal, wash and cut into half and cut into pieces (about 400g), wash and cut the skin with winter melon (about 300g), and cut into 50g of coix seed.

Cook the duck meat first, add winter melon and barley kernels, and cook until it is cooked and seasoned.

Take it continuously for 10 days.
This prescription can be taken as liver ascites, especially those with liver and kidney yin deficiency.

  Plum tea 100-150 grams of fresh plums, 2 grams of green tea, 25 grams of honey.

Cut the plums into petals.

Add 400 ml of water, boil for 3 minutes, add green tea and honey, eat plum and drink tea.

Take 3 times, 10 days as a course of treatment.

This recipe has the effect of promoting blood circulation, intestinal laxative, and replenishing water.

  Poria, steamed mandarin fish Poria 15 g, mandarin fish 150 g.

Add water and seasoning and steam until cooked.

Eat fish and soup.

This prescription has the functions of strengthening the spleen and dampness, nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

  30 grams of stewed pork stew, 100 grams of lean pork.

Put the two together, add water to the casserole, and stew the medicine residue, eat meat and soup.

This prescription has the functions of purging fire, expectorant, and laxative. Those with ascites can use this prescription.

  Kiwi root stew 100 grams of fresh kiwi root, 200 grams of lean pork.Add the above two things in a casserole and cook with water. After cooking, remove the residue.

This prescription has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting dampness and promoting blood circulation, and is suitable for those who have long-term recurrence and have liver cancer potential.

  Portulaca braised eggs Portulaca Porta + 2 fresh eggs.

Portion of Portulaca marinade is made with boiled water and boiled, then 300 ml is taken and eggs are boiled in the pot.

Once a day, take the soup together.

This prescription has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and removing stasis, and analgesic effect, and is suitable for those who have liver cirrhosis, fever, and thirst.

  30 ml stewed egg tartar sauce, 1 egg, a small amount of rock sugar.

After the eggs are opened and stirred well, add the tartar sauce. After stirring, add some rock sugar to steam it a little. Take it often.

This prescription has hemostatic, analgesic, and silting effects, and is effective for those with liver cirrhosis and bleeding.

  30 grams of Chinese wolfberry and soft-shelled turtle, 150 grams of soft-shelled turtle.

Steam the wolfberry and soft-shelled turtle until they are cooked together. Eat the wolfberry and soft-shelled turtle soup.

Once a week, it is not advisable to eat more, especially those with indigestion and insomnia.

Avoid eating white wine, peppers, sour pork, chives, fatty meats, pungent condiments, and fried, hard foods.

This formula has the effects of nourishing yin, clearing heat, dissolving knots, and cooling blood, and can improve the body’s immune function.

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