Caring Management in Modern Enterprises

“Caring Management” in Modern Enterprises

In foreign countries, a service called the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has been popular for a long time. It helps organizations to overcome stress and psychological difficulties.
Nowadays, some large enterprises in China have also begun to pay attention to the mental health of employees, and have actively introduced EAP.
The complete “caressing” governance EAP (Employee Assistance Program) was invented by Americans and was originally used to address psychological barriers caused by the effects of alcohol, drug use and adverse drug effects on employees.
The start-ups are in the “testing water” phase in many aspects such as institutional settings and compensation plans. At this time, EAP is used to adjust the mentality, ecology, form and state of everyone, which is a perfect strategy.
  The EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is literally translated into an employee assistance program.
It is a systematic, long-term welfare and support program set up by employees for employees.
Through professional diagnosis, suggestions and professional guidance, training and consultation provided to employees and their immediate family members, it aims to help solve various psychological and behavioral problems of employees and their family members, and improve employee performance in the enterprise.
  As of 2004, more than 98% of Fortune 500 companies have established EAP projects.
Japanese companies have created a model called “caressing” governance when applying EAP.
Some companies have set up relaxation rooms, vent rooms, tea rooms, etc. to ease the tension of employees; or formulate employee health modification plans and health promotion programs to help employees overcome physical and mental illness and improve their health.
There is also a series of courses for routine health check-ups, self-discipline exercises for mental health, personality analysis and psychological examinations.
  The complete EAP includes: stress assessment, organizational change, promotion, education and training, stress counseling, etc.
Specifically, it can be divided into three parts: the first is to deal with the external stressors that cause problems, that is, to reduce or eliminate inappropriate governance and environmental factors; the second is to deal with the reactions caused by stress, that is, emotions, behaviorsAnd physical symptom relief; third, changing the individual’s own weaknesses, that is, changing unreasonable beliefs, behavior patterns, and lifestyles.
  The function of EAP workplace governance is “giving employees peace of mind” and “removing the barriers between operators and employees psychologically”. This is the inevitable magic weapon for all outstanding companies.
而近年来EAP则以一种制度化和法制化的建设,将职场压力治理变成EAP的三大功能:  一是“稳定军心”功能  康师傅的商流体系在全国有280多家据点,服务于4,500 dealers, which provide 80% of the turnover, and its business personnel visit 550,000 retail stores within a month.
Why are they so desperate?
The reason is that it has a unique human resource development strategy.
In order to achieve a corporate strategy known as “sustainable operation”, Ting Hsin Company puts “growth is our greatest gain”, focusing on the individual knowledge commitment of employees, and shaping employees’ “occupational safety” instead of “Job security. ”
This “occupational safety” includes not only career design, but also provides employees with comprehensive employability guarantees.
On the corporate side, organizations have focused on results rather than the specific form of job functions or organizational models; on the employee side, individuals believe that a truly meaningful career is full of creative work andIt doesn’t matter whether this happens in a fixed company or a series of companies.
  The second is the “mental massage” function. At present, more than a quarter of corporate employees in the United States enjoy EAP services all year round, and this number is increasing.
In the UK, nearly 10% of all employees are serviced by EAP.
Studies by British experts show that the health problems caused by stress each year through direct medical expenses and indirect work absenteeism cause losses of up to 10% of GDP!
EAP is considered the best solution to stress problems.
This kind of mental governance technology is similar to “spiritual massage”. Through long-term counseling and regulation, employees can gain a strong psychological capacity to cope with changes anytime, anywhere.
Whether it is a new venture or not, whether it can form a unique and viable culture is the key to the healthy and orderly development of the enterprise.
  三是“财务外收益”功能  通过帮助员工缓解工作压力、改善工作情绪、提高工作积极性、增强员工自信心、有效处理同事与客户关系、迅速适应新的环境、克服不良嗜好等,使员工人力资源By making full use of it, enterprises can obtain great benefits in the following aspects: saving recruitment costs; saving training expenses; reducing false terminations; reducing compensation costs; reducing the rate of absenteeism (sick leave); reducing the burden of administrative staff and increasing the public of the organizationImage; improve organizational climate; improve employee morale; increase retention; improve production governance; Oxford Management Review[oxford.

com]News: Improve productivity.
  Chinese companies need EAP. According to a survey, 20% of Chinese (especially large cities) employees feel overstressed.
Some studies in recent years have begun to find that the incidence of depression in China is quite high, and in some high-anxiety and high-stress work environments, such as hospitals, the military, and large companies, this proportion may be even higher.
The incidence of some physical and mental diseases (such as hypertension and coronary heart disease) related to stress and psychological problems is also increasing. Therefore, China is also calling for the arrival of EAP.
However, due to the influence of traditional concepts, the company’s awareness of paying attention to employees’ psychology is still very weak.
Experts believe that China’s EAP can not only solve specific and realistic personal problems, but also help enterprises prevent psychological problems, mainly targeting normal people, not people who have problems.
  Encouragingly, China’s fast-growing and highly competitive high-tech industry first introduced EAP.
Under the auspices of a psychologist, Lenovo Computer’s customer service staff helped launch the program.
This is the first attempt of a domestic EAP project.
Afterwards, Oxford Management Review[]News: China’s professional EAP service organization was established.

There is no doubt that EAP will be accepted by more and more enterprises.

  The huge benefits of implementing EAP for new companies Generally speaking, start-up companies are in the “testing water” stage in terms of institutional settings, compensation plans, performance evaluation, personnel changes, employee collaboration, and governance efficiency.”” Exploration can be used to determine the above-mentioned issues that are closely related to each employee.

During this period, various abnormal factors are testing the very fragile nerves of the new enterprise, and the nerve center of the enterprise at the decision-making level may be the most prone to problems. Therefore, EAP is used to adjust the mentality, ecology, and shape of everyone.And state is the perfect policy.

  There are three main psychological pressures on employees of start-ups: first, the panic state under the pressure of employment has just been eliminated, and it is immediately shrouded in a new fear of uncertainty; second, the new environment is extraordinary and new interpersonalPsychological differentiation caused by the various maladjustments generated by relationships and the rustiness of corporate culture; third, the anxiety about performance growth, the distress of personal development, and the formation of inexplicable psychological cues caused by the direction of corporate development.

  In addition to this “outside” psychological pressure on the startup, there is also a potential “background” pressure, which comes from the unhappiness and emergencies of marriage, family and human relations, and from the consumption of alcohol and abuse.Bad hobbies such as taking medications come from legal disputes and long-term concerns about domestic violence. They are also a hidden killer of employees’ mental health.

  The combination of these two pressures will cause psychological and pathological consequences such as absenteeism, turnover rate, accident rate, physical exhaustion, mental stupefaction, loss of efficiency, low organizational effectiveness, depression and suicide.”Mental virus” or even “dead”.

  In order to maintain and improve the mental health of employees, some companies require employees to receive regular psychological counseling as an institutionalized welfare measure; at the same time, use behavioral therapy to improve the employee’s bad behavior; and specialize in psychology when selecting middle and senior management personnelThe study method has a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s ability and development potential. Since the company can correctly employ and use the best people, it brings huge benefits to the enterprise.

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