How many big health mistakes you have to know


How many big health mistakes you have to know


Eating only healthy foods is harmful to your health?

銆€銆€As long as you eat healthy food, there will be no health problems.

Maybe, but there is a “degree” in everything.

This year, doctors discovered a diet-related illness: obesity (orthorexianervosa).

People with this disease will force themselves to eat some healthy foods to improve their health or treat certain diseases.

銆€銆€Some patients pursue extremes in their diet (some eat raw foods), but end up with a lack of vitamins.

Some patients prefer to buy foreign imported food or organic food at a very high price.

When a person is enthusiastic about pursuing healthy foods, eating behaviors fall into most of the day, and even raising the diet to a moral level will seriously affect his mood, this is the performance of 鈥渃rime鈥?

銆€銆€Not all doctors believe that obsessive-compulsive disorder for health food is indeed a condition, but given the people’s awareness of health and nutrition, the probability of this 鈥渃onsequence鈥?is increasing.


Does running hurt damage?

銆€銆€Many doctors usually advise us that swimming or walking is better than running if you want to exercise, because many people think that running often can cause damage.

However, the latest research shows that running does not cause damage, but also has a protective effect on a few.

銆€銆€Last year, the article published by Skeletal Radiology caused controversy.

In 1997, scientists in this study began to observe the health of athletes participating in the long-distance running of the Vienna Marathon.

Of the eight athletes, only one had problems.

However, the athlete’s cardiovascular health problems occurred long before the marathon, and after years of training, his correction problems disappeared.

In the subsequent training and competitions of the other seven athletes, there has been no problem in the series.

銆€銆€Scientists at Stanford University also published a research report last year that they have been tracking the health of retired long-distance runners from 50 to 70 years in 20 years.

At the beginning of the study, about 7% of athletes had pain in their bodies, but since they insisted on running, their implants were healthier than they were 20 years later.

In a certain period of time, although 100% of the people were healthy at the beginning of the study, after 20 years, 32% of the people had problems.

銆€銆€These studies have shown that running does not cause damage.

Conversely, shrinkage is usually compromised by external impact or running too little.

Rapidly re-damage, the human body may make a compensation response, change the pace of walking, break the balance of damage, and quickly a series of problems.


Sun bath: cure or cause disease?

銆€銆€Before the 20th century, people in many countries tried to avoid direct sunlight, but this phenomenon changed in the early 20th century.

銆€銆€At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists discovered that ultraviolet light and sunlight (containing ultraviolet light) can treat rickets.

The cause of the disease is the lack of vitamin D, the disease is very easy to fracture, and there are symptoms of skeletal deformities.

Niels Ryberg Finsen, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1903, found that the variety of light in the sun has a medical effect, and this step caused a sunbathing boom that lasted for many years.

銆€銆€Today, we all know that ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer, and this year, the sun has been regarded as a high-risk carcinogen like cigarettes, asbestos and other substances.

UV is no longer a possible carcinogen?



It is a carcinogen.

It has been thought that sunbathing is safe because the dose of ultraviolet radiation is small enough to cause cancer.

Indeed, small doses of sunlight are necessary for the production of vitamin D, but the dose is so small that it is still the focus of controversy in the scientific community.銆€銆€4.

Eat eggs often, the mortality rate is high?

銆€銆€In recent decades, many people think that the amount of traces and cholesterol in eggs is high. Doctors also recommend that people eat less eggs, so the health of eggs in the public mind has been greatly discounted.

銆€銆€Last year, the report published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even pointed out that the mortality rate of men who regularly eat eggs will increase by 22%. If it is diabetic, the probability will double.

銆€銆€However, don’t be scared by death.

At the lowest point, the cholesterol in the eggs (each containing about 200mg) does not increase the concentration of cholesterol in the blood like the slightness in the paste and meat, and the eggs are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.And other nutrients.

銆€銆€In addition, the increase in the minimum mortality rate of eating eggs has increased, although more doctors do not recommend eating eggs regularly, but more and more doctors have regarded eggs as an irreplaceable part of healthy food.


Is a piece of vitamins healthy every day?

銆€銆€One of the greatest medical advances of the 20th century was the discovery of vitamins and minerals.

Simply transforming the food structure and increasing the intake of certain vitamins can end diseases such as rickets, scurvy, retinopathy, and goiter.

銆€銆€In this case, why not eat a piece of vitamin tablets every day?

It sounds logical, and in the 1990s, doctors suggested that someone do this.

Thus, this suggestion raises some strange questions: high doses of beta-carotene increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers; high doses of vitamin C can make experimental mice more susceptible to cancer; vitamin E increases secondary heart diseaseDisease risk.

銆€銆€In 2006, the National Institutes of Health pointed out that there is no convincing evidence that adhering to vitamin tablets every day is definitely good for your health.

Today, the more objective suggestion is that you don’t have to stop taking vitamin tablets, but you don’t have to start taking vitamin tablets.

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Longevity Rice–the nutrition and health function of black rice

“Longevity Rice”–the nutrition and health function of black rice

Black rice 100 g / 333 kcal (calorie) blood glutinous rice 100 g / 343 kcal (heat) black rice is a treasure in rice, known as “Gongmi”, “medicine rice”, “longevity rice” reputation, with specialNutritional value.
Modern analysis shows that the nutrients of black rice are very rich, containing 100 grams of protein per 100 grams of black rice.
73g, 37 times higher than white rice.
0%; the body’s “essential amino acid” 3280mg, 25.5% higher than white rice.
4%; At the same time, the trace element content is also very rich, such as iron per 52 grams of black rice.
46mg; calcium is 310.
7mg; zinc is 42.
02mg; manganese is 4.
975mg; copper is 34.
43mg; 138.
4%, 107.
9%, 34.
8%, 41.
2%, 38.
Black rice, also known as Heigongmi, was discovered by Zhang Wei, the pioneer of the Silk Road in the Western Han Dynasty. He dedicated it to the Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. After Hanwang, he praised the “Godmi” and was enjoyed by the emperors of the past.Hegungmi has long enjoyed a good reputation.
銆€銆€The nutritional value and medicinal value of black rice are relatively high. It is recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica: It has the effects of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, strengthening the spleen and warming the liver, and improving eyesight and promoting blood circulation.
銆€銆€Nutrition and health functions of black rice Black rice is considered to be a treasure in rice. It is one of the internationally popular 鈥渉ealthy foods鈥?in recent years.
Compared with ordinary rice, black rice not only has a high protein content, but also contains a large number of natural black rice pigments, various trace elements and vitamins, especially rich in iron, selenium, zinc, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.Wait.
Chinese folks commonly refer to black rice as “medicine rice” and “monthly rice” as a tonic for maternal and debilitated patients, and also used to improve the condition of iron deficiency anemia in maternal, child, and anemia animal models.
銆€銆€According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” and “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, invigorating the spleen and appetizing, supplementing the vital energy, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

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Summer health – ginger


Summer health is: ginger

“Home ginger, little illness does not panic.

“This folk rumor has been proved by modern medicine.

The main ingredients of ginger are volatile oil, gingerol, resin and starch.

It has three functions: sweating, cold, vomiting and detoxification.

Therefore, in addition to daily seasoning, ginger can treat too many complications in the summer.

銆€銆€Treatment of abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea: high temperature in the summer season, various pathogens are active, slightly inadvertently easy to cause abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea and other acute gastrointestinal ulcers, appropriate to eat ginger or drink ginger soup, can play a role.

銆€銆€Summer heat: Chinese medicine believes that ginger can “pass the gods”, which means that you can refresh your mind.

When the summer heat is stunned and unconscious, a cup of ginger juice can be used to make the patient wake up quickly.

For general heat, it is also a good idea to eat ginger properly.

Heatstroke Chinese medicine person Dan Li contains ginger porridge.

銆€銆€Treatment of waist and shoulder pain: Summer is difficult to heat, some people like to take a shower or sleep outdoors, especially the elderly can easily cause frozen shoulder.

In this case, you can prepare some hot ginger soup, first add some salt and vinegar to the hot ginger soup, then dipped the towel into the wring and apply it to the affected area several times.

This method can make the muscles change from the Zhang, relax the muscles and promote blood circulation, which can greatly relieve the pain.

銆€銆€In addition to foot sweaty foot odor: Dip the feet in hot ginger soup, add salt and vinegar when soaking, soak for about 15 minutes, wipe dry, add some talcum powder, eliminate the odor.

銆€銆€Although ginger can play some therapeutic effects in the summer, it is a hot and irritating product, so yin deficiency and pregnant women must be avoided.

Gingerol can also cause degeneration, necrosis and interstitial tissue hyperplasia in liver cells of hepatitis patients, causing liver dysfunction.

Therefore, hepatitis patients should not eat ginger.

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A good bed helps you have a good night’s sleep


A good bed helps you have a good night’s sleep

When people choose a bed, they always think it is hard. The mattress is thick and the spring is good for the body. This is not the case. The experts of the China Interior Decoration Association reminded that the hard bed is not necessarily healthy, the mattress is too hard, although it does not seriously affect the spine.Bone health, but the retina and chest are stressed, making people feel uncomfortable.

銆€銆€Every day, people try to improve their quality of life and care for their bodies, but they often overlook the quality of sleep.

Back pain is a common disease in modern people. In addition to office habits and incorrect sitting posture, the most important reason is that sleep does not fully achieve the effect of relaxation and rest, and this has a great quality and placement.relationship.

Experts from the China Interior Decoration Association said that some people often feel that they can’t sleep well at night, or sleep more and more tired. This is because some people have some misunderstandings when they buy beds and swing beds.

People want to break the normal mindset, and a bed will change the quality of a person’s life.

銆€銆€Usually, when people choose a bed, they always think it is hard. The mattress is thick and the spring is good for the body. This is not the case. The experts of the China Interior Decoration Association reminded that the hard bed is not necessarily healthy, and the mattress is too hard.Does not seriously affect the health of the spine, but the force on the ankle and chest makes people feel uncomfortable.

If some people have lumbar pain, it is better not to sleep on a hardwood bed, so as to prevent the disease from getting worse. Sleeping mattresses are much healthier than not sleeping mattresses.

銆€銆€The mattress is not as thick as possible.

The thickness of the mattress is not necessarily related to its supporting force, especially the spring mattress. If the thickness of the spring does not change, the thicker bottom padding is only for better comfort, not for the supporting force.

A latex mattress with a thickness of about 12 cm and a high density, with a hardwood bottom, provides enough support, but the latex is used for a long time, the surface is easy to harden, thus reducing the elasticity; if the spring mattress is durable,Springs 12 to 18 cm thick are ideal.

銆€銆€According to experts from the China Interior Decoration Association, the impact of sleep is also related to the placement of the bed. From a scientific point of view, the bed is not suitable for placement: the bed is placed under the window, mainly because the bed is under the window and the person sleeps.There is insecurity.

In the case of strong winds and thunderstorms, this feeling is even stronger. Besides, the window is a place of ventilation, and people will catch a cold when they are a little careless during sleep.

銆€銆€The bed should not be placed in the ventilated part of the bedroom door or window. The person in the living room can see the bed in the bedroom at a glance. The lack of tranquility in the bedroom affects sleep. People walk around in the bedroom wearing pajamas and look unsightly.

銆€銆€The bed should not be placed right in the mirror. This is mainly because when people get up at night, especially when people in sleep wake up or when they wake up in a nightmare, they will be in the dark place.When you see yourself or other people in the mirror, you are easily frightened. Before you put a mirror in the bed, you will always be scared by yourself in the middle of the night.

銆€銆€Beds are not high and low, modern people use spring pads. If the quality of the mattress is not good, the spring will be deformed, which will affect health.

Therefore, the choice of mattress is also very important. The height of the person’s spine is curved on the mattress that is deformed by sleep. When you sleep for a long time, it affects the blood circulation, making people fatigue and getting sick.

銆€銆€It is not advisable to pile up debris under the bed.

Under the bed is often a non-breathable dark place, put on debris, easy to get wet with mildew or bacteria, and usually difficult to clean, resulting in a sanitary corner, feeling very uncomfortable.

銆€銆€In addition, from a scientific point of view, it is not appropriate to move things forward when the bed is placed. This is because the earth itself has a geomagnetic field. The direction of the earth’s magnetic field is north-south (sub-north and north pole). The magnetic field has the property of attracting iron, cobalt and nickel.These three elements are contained in the human body, especially the blood contains a lot of iron, so the sleep east-west will change the distribution of blood in the body, especially the blood distribution of the brain, which may cause insomnia or dreams, affecting the quality of sleep.

銆€銆€Choosing a bed is not as simple as people usually think.

A good set of sleeping utensils can quickly restore your physical strength and protect your health. Generally, the choice of bed should be noted, in line with the requirements of human physiological hygiene and sleep hygiene, without affecting the development and growth of the body; keeping the natural curvature of the spine; avoidingThe body is partially compressed, affecting blood circulation, causing soreness and paralysis; the mattress material does not cause skin irritation, and the ventilation is good, leaving no odor and mildew.

銆€銆€When many people choose a bed, they pay great attention to the material and style of the bed, but they often overlook the very important bed frame. In fact, the bed frame has the only effect on sleep after the mattress.

The bed bottom frame mainly includes a whole wooden bed board, a slat bed board with a gap, a bed type soft bed board, a wire bed and a brown rope and the like.

If you buy a bed with a bed board, you should also pay attention to the fact that some steel wires will make a sound when used. Brown bed, bamboo rafts and other bed plates are more common in old-fashioned beds, and their breathability is better, but the comfort of support isSlightly below the wooden bed board.

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Futian health and calming


Futian health and calming

“Su Wen 路 Four-intensity theory”: “Summer March, this is a show, the heavens and the earth, the real thing, the night, get up early, do not hate the day, make the mind no anger, make Huaying Chengxiu,Let the gas vent, if it is outside, this summer should be the way to raise the long.

“The weather in summer is falling, the earth is rising, the atmosphere of heaven and earth is going up and down, and everything is beautiful.”

People should sleep late and get up early, so that their emotions are happy, and there is no depression in their hearts, so that the yang in the body can be over-expanded and developed. This is the reason for adapting to the summer and protecting the long-raising gas.

Summer health should pay attention to the following points: easy to get angry, need to nurse the mind, Chinese medicine believes that summer is a fire, and the heart is corresponding, summer heart fire is easy to flourish, the patient is angry and angry, so in the hot summer, pay attention to the mind and health.
It is required to be refreshed, happy, happy, broad-minded and full of spirit.

銆€銆€Warm water bath against cold flu Many people like to cool down to the night on the street in the summer night, and even sleep under the stars all night, in fact, this is a bad habit, although the summer is hot, but the fog in the night will still hurthuman body.

It is easy to cause cold and cold, mainly in the symptoms of aversion to cold, headache, fever, stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, etc. At this time, drink a bowl of ginger soup, you will find that the symptoms of cold are much better.

It is a measure worthy of promotion for a hot summer and a warm bath every day.

銆€銆€绁?婀?婀?楗 楗 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 璋冭妭 婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀?婀縏he yin is getting heavier, people are not suitable for eating too cold food in the summer, the drink hurts the spleen and stomach, causing diarrhea.

Therefore, you can use Musk, Perrin, and Atractylodes tea to drink the phlegm and dampness and adjust the function of the spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€Exercise and do a reasonable exercise Summer climate is hot, the body is too hot, if the amount of exercise is too large, it will cause excessive sweating, irritating yin, patients with dizziness, chest tightness, palpitation, thirst, nausea, and even coma, soDo not stay up late in the summer, and it is best to exercise during the morning and evening when it is cool. You should choose a small or moderate exercise mode, such as walking, jogging, tai chi, qigong, radio exercises, etc.Go to the alpine forest and the beach area to recuperate.

銆€銆€Make up sleep, regulate yin and yang, summer sleep should be “night, get up early, do not hate the day.

“Sleeping at night can conform to the lack of natural yin. Early rise can be followed by yang filling, which is conducive to emotional smoothness. It should be rested at noon, one can avoid the heat and inflammation, and the second can alleviate the lack of nighttime sleep and eliminate fatigue.
銆€銆€After treating the scorpion with herbal medicine, after the summer heat, it is often wet in the summer heat, steaming in the heat of the summer, the weather is sultry, susceptible to hemorrhoids, lice and so on.

Pay attention to skin care and use some natural herbal baths instead of a healthy and enjoyable summer.

Such as mulberry leaf bath, put about 100 grams of mulberry leaves into the pot for 10 to 15 minutes, then pour into the tub, can eliminate skin ulcers, bloated and so on.

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Summer swimming to remember these things or the consequences are unimaginable


Summer swimming to remember these things or the consequences are unimaginable

Summer swimming to remember these things, otherwise the consequences can not be expected 1, swimming time can not be too long, each time swimming time can not be too long, many people will think that the outside sun is too toxic, staying in the pool is also very good, in factSuch an idea is harmful to the body.

When we enter the swimming pool, the skin is irritating to the cold, and such stimulation, in general, is divided into three dimensions.

The first layer is that when people just enter the water, the skin will be stimulated by cold water, the blood vessels will start to shrink, and the skin will become pale.

The second layer is in the water, the blood on the surface begins to flow, and the skin begins to change from pale to light red.

The third layer, when swimming, the heat dissipation of the body surface is greater than the heat, the skin will appear goose bumps, the boots will appear chills.

First of all, do not swim more than two hours each time.

2, people who reduce the disease to reduce the number of swimming in the life of people who should be included in the disease should reduce the number of swimming, in general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease to reduce the number of swimming, to avoid swimming time is too long to hurt the body.

At the same time, otitis media, people with acute keratitis should also reduce the number of swimming, the water in the pool will infect the ears, eyes.

3, unfamiliar waterside don’t go to the above mentioned news because of the death of swimming and falling into the water, more happening to the waters that swimmers are not familiar with, many people will think that their swimming skills are very strong, do not care about these,I will go down to the river to swim, but I don’t want to. There are often many “traps” in such rivers.

4, fasting swimming injury many people will want to swim to lose weight, do not eat, swim, in fact, this situation is also harmful to the body, this is because in the fasting state, swimming will affect appetite,Will affect the ability to digest.

Swimming is also a physical exercise. When you don’t eat, you will feel dizziness, fatigue, and even leg cramps during swimming.

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1420 100-year-old Shouxing University survey!

There is only one commonality, not diet, not exercise, but also.

1420 100-year-old Shouxing University survey!

There is only one commonality, not diet, not exercise, but also.

This article is transferred from the public number: a long history. Your source: “Happy Old Man”, Life Times and other Shandong Province’s fourth birthday list was released not long ago, the life of the birthday, habits, health methods, etc. are different, but through the hundredAfter the birthday of the birthday, do you know what their unique commonality is?

The Sichuan Chengdu Municipal Committee on Ageing has conducted a survey of 720 centenarians in the city. American researchers have also conducted a three-year follow-up study on 700 centenarians. Coincidentally, Chinese and foreign researchers have found that there is only one commonality among the birthday stars!

The only commonality of 1420 centenarians is not diet, not exercise, or even. It is shocking that the only commonality of these birthday stars is optimism!

It is optimistic!
It is optimistic!
The Sichuan Chengdu Municipal Committee on Ageing also conducted a survey of 720 centenarians in the city, 89 of them.

17% are optimists, and their mentality is their only commonality.

American researchers conducted a three-year follow-up study of 700 centenarians and unveiled their longevity secrets: cheerful, rarely swearing, basically not getting angry, and maintaining a calm attitude throughout their lives.

Let’s take a look at some real cases – 鈻?115-year-old Zhang Cunhe in the fourth Shandong Shouxing list, the old man Zhang Cunhe in Rucheng County ranked second in the 115-year-old.

Many people are curious, what is the magic weapon of Zhang Cunhe’s longevity?

Asked about the longevity secret of Zhang Cunhe’s old man, his daughter Zhang Aizhi said, “He has a good attitude and always treats others with tolerance.

“Zhang Cunhe’s life is optimistic and up-to-date. Although he is 100 years old, his mind is flexible and his mind is clear. These age spots are rarely seen, just like the 70-year-old man.

The 101-year-old Chen Tongshou also said that he was never angry, and the readers did not see anything.

Chen Tongshou’s optimism is learned from the book. 鈥淚 read all the books and often let the younger generation recommend the list.鈥?

In Chen Tongshou’s view, the optimistic old man is even sweeter when he sleeps. If he thinks less, he will not lose sleep. “I take a bath before going to bed every day, read a book to relax my body, and then go to sleep with no worries.”

People who have no heart and lungs are the easiest to live longer. According to the survey of the Chinese Geriatric Society, genetics accounted for 15% of the longevity of centenarians, social factors accounted for 10%, medical conditions improved by 8%, and climatic conditions accounted for 7%.60% is about the elderly themselves.

The secret of ranking first is the mentality.

“No heart and no lungs”, in many people’s eyes, is not a very good word: big, can eat and sleep; straightforward, everything goes to the heart.

Can you know?

In the eyes of experts, this kind of “heartless lungs”, people who live a thicker line, often live long.

“For modern people, anger is to come out, qi is better than that, urgency is made, and the disease is eaten.
鈥?A 94-year-old man, a child with a hairy look, is alive and well, looking like he is in his early 60s.

Asked him the secret of longevity, what tonic, what to do sports, he smiled and said: “I only have two sentences, called ‘speaking and laughing, no heart and no lungs’.

“There is no heart and no lungs” means that the mind is open and the little things are confused.

“Speaking and laughing” means optimistic and cheerful, and things are not in my heart.

A western sentence is a proverb called “no worries, no anger, no sphygmomanometer.”

Visible, careful eyes, love anger is a major psychological obstacle to longevity.

Therefore, it is necessary to be a little confused, to be a little more chic and to be wider.

“There is no heart, no talk, no laughter.” They are very satisfied with the status quo, contentment is always happy, life is relaxed, there is no big mood swing, so these people have the highest chance of entering the “Shouxing” ranks.

Why can’t you become an “optimist”?

Relatively speaking, why can’t you become an “optimist”?

Xiao Li, a national second-level psychological counselor, said that some people will have unfair mentality caused by changes in social scale.

In the view of Liu Jingping, director of the oncology department of Beijing Electric Power Hospital, many elderly people are most afraid of getting sick. They have a headache and brain fever, and they are worried that they have a serious illness. I heard that the old neighbors died.

When it comes to high cholesterol, it “blocks” eggs. When it comes to high blood sugar, it rejects all sweets.

However, many centenarians never quit, and they are dying.

An optimistic attitude is most helpful for disease resistance and cancer.Sun Ruiying, a 100-year-old from Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, was suffering from advanced cervical cancer at the age of 50. She also had a major operation at the age of 95. She did not worry about her illness. She still had morning tea, went to the flower and bird market, went to the market and old chat with.

Optimism can be acquired. Yu Xiaonian, director of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, Aviation General Hospital of China Medical University, believes that optimism is the longevity quality that can be learned.

“More with optimistic and laughing people, positive emotions can be infected.

In addition, exercise can make people lively and cheerful, increasing social possibilities.

To remind yourself to stick, you can put a pair of sneakers at the door.

For the negative situation due to illness, Xiao Li suggested that the family can help him to be optimistic: 1. Provide a case of providing the same disease and cure, and bring him to exchange experience with the patient; 2. Take him regularly for medical examination to avoid it.The sickness of the disease; 3, let him talk more about the changes and feelings of the body; 4, ask the patient to do something he can do.

Medicine is not as good as diet, diet is not as good as heart treatment, this “heart treatment” prescription, please collect!

“Pharmaceutical treatment is not as good as diet, and diet is not as good as heart treatment.”

To a certain extent, even the best medicines are not as reasonable as expected, and even better expectations are not as good as having a good attitude.

All kinds of bad emotions on our week will make the body change.

For example, when you are angry, there will be symptoms such as pulse, heartbeat, and rapid breathing; when you are sad, the digestive juice secreted by the digestive gland will be reduced, the appetite will be reduced; fear, lying central nervous system, will cause blood pressure to rise at any time.

How to maintain a good mentality, let’s take a look at this “heart therapy” prescription that experts have opened for everyone, it will be very rewarding!

1, laughter is confirmed by nutrient research, laughter can lower blood pressure; laugh for 1 minute can press the boat for 10 minutes; laugh can release pressure, eliminate the sense of offset; laugh can stimulate the body to secrete dopamine, making people feel euphoric.

Middle-aged and older people should be more in contact with people with a sense of humor, and more comedy, comics, and more cross talk.

2, “Medical therapy” is a special medicine. The White House health doctor has given Bush a health secret: heal therapy, communicate with his family at least 15 hours a week; couples exchange at least two hours a day, including dinner together.Or lunch.

3, friends are “not old Dan” elderly long-term solitude will cause huge social psychological pressure, and may even cause endocrine disruption and immune function decline.

American researchers have found that people with a wide circle of friends have an average life extension of seven years.

Therefore, unless you are a retired elderly person, don’t always stay at home, try to expand your life circle, gather with old friends, and try to say hello to your neighbors who have never met.

4, tolerance is the total realization of the adjustment valve people in social interaction, loss, misunderstanding, and wronged.

Faced with these, the most sensible choice is to learn tolerance.

A person who does not tolerate and only asks for others is likely to cause nervous excitement, vasoconstriction, and high blood pressure, which causes psychology and physiology to enter a vicious circle.

Learning to be tolerant is equivalent to putting a regulating valve on your own psychology.

5, indifferent is an immunizing agent to do small things confused, big things are clear.

I’m tired of thinking about some things all over the place.

If you are in trouble, be bold and generous, and maintain a pleasant mood and inner satisfaction, which will help you to live longer.

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Extinguish elephant thick legs in one month


Extinguish elephant thick legs in one month

What exercise can thin thighs?

The skinny legs introduced this time can receive the full effect of the legs, making the thighs look slimmer and slender.

銆€銆€The hind legs are bent over and lying on the ground, and the hands are folded to place the forehead position, and the face is placed on the fingers of the interlocking fingers.

The pelvis is close to the ground, then flex your knees and try to keep your knees close together.

The legs should be raised upwards, and the distance from the ground should not exceed five feet.

When lifting your legs, concentrate on the hind leg and gluteal muscles for one second, then slowly put your legs back on the ground.

銆€銆€The side is swinging on the knees, and the right leg is extended to the side. The left knee and the left hand are used to support the body, and the palm of the left hand is placed on the ground.

Then raise your right foot to hip level and keep it straight, and the outside of the thigh should feel tight.

During the lifting of the leg, the abdomen should be used as the balance point of the body.

The action lasts for a second, then slowly put your right foot back on the ground.

After repeating ten times, I turned to my left foot.

銆€銆€The lowering body rides first upright on the ground, the legs are slightly open, the earlier shoulders are wide, the toes are crossed, and the thighs should have a tight feeling.

The two countries should extend to both sides while keeping the abdomen tight.

Then slowly squat down, focus on the buttocks, and make sure that the knees do not go beyond the tip of the toes, and the thighs and buttocks should have a tight feeling.

The action lasts for a second and then slowly reverts to the initial position.

銆€銆€Each exercise is divided into averages. Each group of actions is repeated ten times, and three exercises are performed every week. The experts guarantee that the results will be seen within one month.

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Weight loss yoga action shaping the body curve


Weight loss yoga action shaping the body curve

Core Tip: Weight loss yoga action recommended, help you shape the whole body curve, where to thin where to thin.

銆€銆€Weight loss yoga action one: the tiger type is supported on the bed, and the arms and thighs are kept vertical.

Exhale, bend your right leg forward, arch up the spine, bow your head, and try to keep your nose close to your head.

Hold this position and hold your breath for 6 seconds.

Inhale, lift your right leg up, bend your knees, raise your head, tighten your feet forward, and turn your toes toward your head.

The spine is arched downward.

Hold this position for 6 seconds.

Repeat 3 times.

Change your legs and do it 3 more times.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Balance the nervous system, enhance the body’s control and balance, and make the leg muscles more slender.

銆€銆€Weight Loss Yoga Action 2: The bow type is flat and flat, the double curls, the heels close to the buttocks, and the hands grasp the toes.

Inhale, raise your feet with your back and lift your head and chest together.

Hold your breath for 6 seconds and keep your head raised.

Exhale slowly and put your legs, chest, and head back to the starting position.

Then relax.

Practice 5 rounds.

銆€銆€Efficacy: It is good for the spine and waist joints, as well as the abdominal muscles and internal organs to be massaged.

銆€銆€Weight loss yoga action three: push and hold sitting, legs apart, stretch forward and straight.

Fingers interlocked, I imagined holding the handle of the stone.

Exhale, bend forward and lean forward.

Push to the right, inhale and try to lean backwards and push backwards.

The body is moved with the waist as the axis, ten times clockwise and counterclockwise.

銆€銆€Efficacy: exercise the waist muscles, can adjust the regularity of the whole menstrual cycle, can also be used for recovery after new life.

銆€銆€Weight loss yoga action four: Eagle-style standing posture, legs together, hands folded in front of the chest.

Bend the left leg, then the right leg from the front to the back around the left knee, stacked on the left thigh, the foot hooked on the left calf, and the body balanced on the left leg.

The left elbow is placed on the right elbow, and the elbows are overlapped up and down. The two arms are perpendicular to the ground and the fingers are straight to the sky.

Take a deep breath, press down while exhaling, hold for 15-20 seconds, then return to the mountain standing position and repeat the action on the other side.

銆€銆€Efficacy: reduce toe, calf, excess excess meat.

銆€銆€Weight Loss Yoga Action 5: The head is inverted and the legs are bent. The body sits on the legs and the upper body leans forward. The two crankshafts are placed on the ground to form a triangle with the body.

Lift the top, the thighs are perpendicular to the ground, then place your head in the triangle and hold your head with your hands.

Straighten your feet, point your toes, and slowly move your legs to the right until the back is perpendicular to the ground.

Tighten the abdomen, push the chest back, exhale, lift the legs, bend and bend, and thighs parallel to the ground.

Inhale, the pedals are straight, the toes are tilted upwards, the legs are close together, and the body is in a vertical line.

After 1 minute, slowly return to the original action.

銆€銆€Efficacy: exercise your legs, hips and abdomen to reduce fat.

銆€銆€Weight Loss Yoga Action 6: The triangle gradually stretches the legs straight, and the opening is equal to two shoulder widths, and the extension is raised and straightened to the same height as the shoulder.

The upper body bends to the back of the right leg, the left hand is placed behind the right foot, the right arm is straight up, the head is pointed to the right finger tip, and the left arm is in line with the right shoulder.

After a few seconds, return to the initial action.銆€銆€Efficacy: for obese people.

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Eight habits unconsciously lose weight


Eight habits unconsciously lose weight

I often grasp the ratio of ingestion and consumption, and I am afraid that when I call for weight loss, I will sneak up on the “swim ring” on my waist.

Then, we must adhere to the 8 big enjoyment weight loss habits, so that the extra cockroaches have nowhere to hide.

Basically, as long as the abdomen, waist, arms, thighs, and aunt’s layer on the shoulders become thinner, the whole person looks slimmer and the pressure is not too great.

銆€銆€3 principles 1.

Losing weight is our attitude to life. Don’t be surprised when you hear someone say that you want to lose weight. Women’s weight loss is not simply 鈥渄ecrease for others鈥? Don’t feel stupid.

Losing weight is a positive attitude towards life. It is to treat one’s own performance and to make your image more ideal. It is a visual sense of enjoyment.


Losing weight is a kind of enjoyment, not self-abuse. We don’t want to be tired and tired of being abused on fitness equipment. The quality of rest after work is high. We choose aerobic exercise with low intensity, which can make the stiff ligaments and muscles stretch.Can regenerate into more energetic energy.

We don’t break fast. We need everyone to taste it. We can relieve mental stress during the process of chewing food, stimulate the cerebral cortex, make the mood better, and easily grasp the sample of 鈥渟even fullness鈥?

We don’t sacrifice health, so those diet pills that let us diarrhea, vomiting, and powerless eyes should go away.


Losing weight is not a reduction in weight and weight. It is the right standard for our weight loss, but we should not simply reduce weight.

First calculate your BMI value to see if it meets the requirements, and then plan to reduce the position corresponding to the standard value.

If you let the fat that looks like a bubble become a tight muscle, the weight may not increase, but you look a lot thinner.

銆€銆€8 habits 1.

Eat less and eat more than 5 times a day, irregular diet can make yourself a machine for the aunt to burn.

At the standard feeding time, the gradual digestive system conditioned reflex is in an optimal state, and the absorption of nutrients is very strong in this state.

Therefore, in addition to three meals in the morning and evening, you can add meals in the morning, eat some yogurt and nuts, add some fruit or beef jerky in the afternoon, and use the snacks to ensure that there will be no strong fatigue when you eat.Eat too much.


Low card philosophy 0.

5 kg = 3500 card speed.

With a reference to the BMI value, you know how many calories you should add in a day.

The previous formula is to remind you to guarantee the low card philosophy of eating. Don’t always eat it. If you inject 3,500 cards, your weight may increase by 0.

5 kg, on the contrary, less intervention will reduce 0.

5 kg.


It is enough to get up early and sleep 8 hours early, and sleep quality is best between 11 and 12 in the evening.

Develop this good habit, so that you can be full of spirits throughout the day, and the movement cells can be activated once they are mobilized.

The wilting look is that you can’t take the initiative to go to the gym. At this time, you just want to sleep, not to lie on the sofa.


In the morning and evening, weigh the weight to make people wake up. We put an electronic scale at the door and weigh it when we go out and go home.

The biggest advantage of the electronic scale is the digital precision, which is accurate to the decimal point after the kilogram.

Limit your weight to only about 1 kilogram, or you should reflect on yourself too much.


The waistband wears low-waist pants is a layered fashion style. Many trousers have no belts on the waistline, so many girls don’t wear belts for a long time.

You can help the waist force, exercise the abdominal muscles, and control the waist of the stomach, etc., must be back again, so that when eating, it will quickly cause the pressure on the stomach to the belt, reminding yourself to stop eating.

At the same time, the belt can keep the waist line, so unfortunately will not be stuck here for a long time.

One hour of exercise every day has to squeeze out sporadic time to make an hour of exercise.
Waiting for the bus, go to the gap between the toilets, must cultivate sports interest, and put the rigid joint activities.

In winter, vasoconstriction causes insufficient blood supply at the end of the limb, cold hands and feet, and the best way to drive the cold is to exercise, speed up blood circulation, make your face rosy and warm.

Toes, bends and turns around the neck, it is very simple to reduce the pitiful look of shrinking hands and feet.

銆€銆€7, crazy entertainment to play when you want to enjoy, laugh, or scream loudly is very energy-consuming, a new way to lose weight with yoga laughter.

If you are still a K-King, then carefully as a wheat tyrant, deeply affect each song, adjust the breathing, you will find the lower abdomen, chest muscles, buttocks are very nervous, singing a song is equivalent to doing a comprehensive physical training.


Keep away from caffeine and nicotine, and do not inhale too much caffeine. Coffee, cola, tea, and alcohol should be controlled in moderation.

Nutritional studies combined with kinematics have shown that people’s balance energy balances between 300 and 500 calories and will maximize exercise.

These drinks, which are very irritating to the stomach, destroy normal working mechanisms and affect the body’s energy balance.

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