Experts recommend ten ways of decompression yoga

Experts recommend ten ways of decompression yoga

For modern women, working hard every day and facing more and more difficult to resolve the pressure, bad emotions will swell extremely, skin erodes women’s physical health.

By purifying the body through poses and calming the senses through concentration, yoga has become more and more recognized.

Here, please come to a professional yoga instructor to perform ten yoga moves, I hope to help you decompression.

  He Jingping, a senior professional yoga instructor, said that the practice of yoga is to purify the body through posture, calm down the senses through concentration, and finally reach the state of decompression and relaxation.

A balanced posture. Whether you focus or not will determine the strength of your body adjustment effect. At the same time, to achieve decompression through yoga, self-discipline and persistence will become the key. An action can only be done if you persist for a period of time.Reflect physical changes.

For example, the original soreness of the cervical spine disappeared, and psychological stress was strengthened.

  In addition, it is not to say that only one or a few movements have a decompression effect. All yoga movements actually have decompression effects. The most important thing is whether the movement is suitable for you.

For example, some movements are not suitable for people with severe cervical problems.

In addition, no matter what yoga movements are made, it is extremely important to cooperate with the correct breathing method. Slowly inhaling, slowly exhaling, uniform and consistent, this is its principle.

  Tips: The ten yoga moves mentioned below can be combined into a set of decompression yoga, or you can do them separately.

In addition, there is no standard for the degree of each action, especially the stretching and stretching action, as long as it is personal limit.

  1. Tree-type decompression effect: This is a balanced movement in yoga posture exercises, which can strengthen joint functions and help regulate body posture, help the spine to maintain integrity and health, and keep internal organs functioning normally.

Yoga theory believes that the integrity and health of the spine will directly affect the function of each internal organ.

  Action essentials: left foot forward, bend the right leg above, put the right foot close to the left leg thigh posture, then, folded your hands together, maintain normal breathing 3 times, slowly stretch your hands over the head to maintain this balanced posture breathing 6-8 times.

Exhale again, return your hands to your chest, then relax your legs to return to the standing position.

Swap and repeat.

  2, cow face decompression effect: can prevent adults from accumulating on the upper arm, making the arm slender.

Prevent periarthritis, eliminate stiffness of shoulder and neck, and increase elasticity of pelvic and knee joints.

Prevent insomnia, relieve fatigue and stress.

  Action essentials: Kneel on one foot and take a deep breath.

Bend your knees, your right foot, and your legs crossed so that your left foot is on the outside of your right thigh.

The left hand goes around the back from the top, holding the right hand behind each other, staying for a few seconds, taking a deep breath.

When you first start, you can also connect your hands with a towel.

Revert, adjust interest rates, and change sides.

During the process, focus on the arm muscles.

  3, bow decompression effect: This is a relatively strong posture, this posture can strengthen the spine, strengthen the spine’s flexibility, and strengthen the massage of the entire visceral system.

However, people with stomach ulcers should not stretch or give up this position because the posture is too strong.

  Action essentials: Start with the forehead on the ground in a prone position, bend your knees, place your feet against your arms, and hold your hands with both feet to step on. When you inhale, tilt your upper body upwards, but keep your thighs on the ground.Long time.

Exhale, slowly return to the ground, return to the prone position to relax the body.

  In order to strengthen the massage of the abdomen and tibia, when the practitioner is capable, he can shake his body back and forth and left and right while maintaining his posture.

This position can be repeated 2-3 times.

  4. Twisting decompression effect: can effectively eliminate back pain, abdominal pain and flatulence, improve poor blood circulation, and stimulate normal hormone secretion.

  Action essentials: Starting from the kneeling position, sit to the left of the leg, place your right foot next to the left, your left elbow at the top right, your left hand at the top right, and your right hand at the front and back.

Inhale, straighten your back, exhale, twist your body backwards, and keep your posture to breathe normally 6-8 times.

  5, boat-type foot decompression effect: strengthen the strength of abdominal muscles and lumbar muscles, strengthen liver and kidney function.

  Action essentials: Grasp your feet with both hands, inhale, lift your upper body and legs, form a V shape about 60 cm from the ground, and breathe naturally for 10-20 seconds.

Exhale and return slowly.

  6. Snake decompression effect: It is good for the hip nerves and muscles, and increases the elasticity of the spine.It is also helpful for sciatica and common advanced diseases, which can improve the elimination of irregular menstruation.

  Action essentials: knees on both knees, and make a vertical angle with both shoulders.

Lean forward with your forehead on the ground and your arms outstretched.

Bend your arms, raise your head, collapse your waist, let your waist close to the ground, and let your torso slowly move forward along the ground.

When he reached his heart, Democracy straightened, held his upper body up, tilted his head back, and looked up.

Hold for 20 seconds and breathe naturally.

Then, do it in the reverse order and return to the original posture.

  7, pigeon-type decompression effect: strengthen the spleen and stomach, eliminate intragastric flatulence.

It can regulate the disorders of gastrointestinal organs (kidney, liver, spleen, intestine) and constipation.

It can also improve symptoms, weak knee joints, and eliminate bone spurs at joints.

Beautify body lines, promote blood circulation throughout the body, and improve physiological functions.

  Action essentials: Spread your legs forward and keep sitting.

Bend the right knee, with the right heel against the perineum or the left leg, with the left leg open to the side, and the knee joint bent, trying to align the two thighs in a straight line.

Hold your left foot in your left hand, and lift your lower and upper calves upward, with your insteps resting on your elbows.

With your hands clasped in front of you, your arms go around behind your head, and your face turns to the upper right to straighten your sternum.

Hold this position for 5 sets of abdominal breathing, exchanging legs to the other side.

Adjust your knees in a straight line from the left to the right, and place your consciousness on your waist.

  8, Diamond wheel arch decompression effect: soft back bone, stimulating gonads, promoting hormone secretion.

  Action essentials: Kneel on the floor, knees and feet together, with the feet above the slenderness behind, and then on the heels.

Gently place your hand on your thigh.

Put your arms behind you and hold your hands tightly.

Inhale, look up and bend the spine.

When stretching your chest with your elbows, hold your hands tightly behind you.

Take a deep breath and slowly recover.

  9. Heron-type decompression effect: the leg can be fully contracted, strengthen the leg muscle lines, beautify and trim the leg shape, and tighten and beautify the leg lines.

  Action essentials: Raise your right foot and hug it with your left and right elbows, and shake your body slightly back and forth for several minutes.

Hugging your left and right elbows, keep your right leg close to your chest, keep your head upright, pull your right foot up, and keep your back straight.

Each movement should be practiced symmetrically, which can be done several times.

  10, candlelight meditation decompression effect: enhance the metabolic function in the body, make the body flexible and full of energy, change the sub-healthy state of the person, can eliminate negative emotions, treat insomnia, neurasthenia and other common diseases in modern urban people.

  Action essentials: Close your eyes and open them again, look up again, look down, 10 to 15 rounds.

  After doing eye-relaxation, slowly open your eyes. Do not look directly at the candlelight. Look at the front of the leg first, slowly move your gaze up, and finally move to the candlelight to stare. When you gaze, relax your eyes. Do n’t stare.Do n’t blink, turn on condensation and stare at candlelight until you ca n’t blink. When you feel that tears are going to shed or have shed, gradually restore your eyes, close your eyes, arch your palms, and buckle your palms into bowls. Do not touch your eyes.Take 5 to 7 breaths and relax.

  Open your eyes and stare directly at the candlelight. Feel your eyes sore. Close your eyes when your tears are going to shed or have shed, and rub your palms together and buckle them.

  Guiding expert He Jingping, a nationally renowned yoga instructor

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