High sunscreen SPF value can cause skin allergies_1

High sunscreen SPF value can cause skin irritation

For the sisters, ensuring skin health is the most important part of summer skin care.
The sun is hot and poisonous. Ultraviolet rays permeate this skin. What should we do to keep healthy skin?
How to choose sunscreen is suitable?
In the face of the big sun, is it a mess?
Don’t worry, let’s see what the experts say.
  北京协和医院皮肤科陈金波孙秋宁 SPF只表明防晒产品对中波紫外线的防护能力  一些“SPF值越高,防中波紫外线的效果越好”的概念,使得厂商和消费者片面的追求高SPF产品, Some Japanese products even have SPF values above 200.
However, an excessively high SPF means that a large amount of ultraviolet absorbers and scatterers are used in the product, and excessively high levels of absorbers and scatterers will cause skin irritation, allergies, and other insecurity and discomfort in use.sense.
SPF only indicates the protection ability of a certain sunscreen product against medium-wave UV, and does not mean protection against long-wave UV in the sun.
  研究表明 长波紫外线是导致衰老和皱纹的主要原因  近年来研究已明确,长波紫外线是导致真皮胶原纤维破坏,引起皮肤衰老、产生皱纹的主要原因,而只有SPF指标的产品是不能防长波紫外线的,Even higher SPF values cannot guarantee safety.
  Therefore, in many countries, such as the United States, the maximum limit of SPF for sunscreen cosmetics is 30, and the maximum for Australian and New Zealand products is 15, but there is no upper limit in China.
  Experts recommend scientific sun protection strategies. Therefore, when young women choose sunscreens, they should mainly consider the pigmentation caused by ultraviolet stimulation. Sunscreen products should be selected to prevent medium-wave UV.
  For middle-aged and elderly people, wrinkle generation and pigmentation prevention should be the main reason. On the basis of prevention of middle-wave ultraviolet rays, anti-long-wave ultraviolet rays should be taken into consideration.
  Choose different SPF values according to different areas. Those who work indoors are easy to access the light, they should choose SPF10 / PA + / PFA2 ~ 4 products.
  People who work outdoors and have outdoor activities at noon should choose SPF20 / PA ++ / PFA4 ~ 8 products.
  Those who are active under the hot sun or bathing in the sea should choose SPF30 / PA +++ / PFA> 8 products.

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