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Le Verre fought a battle of the gods!Slash 51 points to let the Green Army hate home

Le Verre fought a battle of the gods!Slash 51 points to let the Green Army hate home
Every NBA player will have a highlight moment of his career. Almost only he can save the team and save the game. For the Nets player Lewell, the most flashy game of his career happened today in Boston Celtics.Home.Today, the Nets challenged the Celtics away. At the end of the first three quarters, the home team still maintained a 17-point lead, but the subsequent game changed suddenly. The Nets played 51-34 in the final quarter and 11-2 in overtime.129 to 120, the Nets completed a magical reversal away, the biggest hero is Lewell.Lewell scored 37 points in the fourth quarter and overtime.Video screenshot The first three quarters of the game ended, Lewell only played normally and scored 14 points, but after entering the final quarter, Lewell made 7 of 10 shots in a quarter, including 4 of 6 three-pointers, 8 of 11 free throws, and scored 26 in a single quarterPoints, especially at the last moment of regular time, Lewell caused three fouls after fouling, leading the team into overtime.In overtime, Lewell continued to feel hot. He shot all 11 points of the Nets on 4 of 6 shots and led the team to the end.In the end, Lewell scored a career-high 51 points, including 37 points in the final quarter and overtime alone, while the Celtics team only scored 36 points in the same period.According to US media statistics, in the final quarter and overtime data, Lewell surpassed Kobe, Trey Young and others, creating a new high of the last 20 seasons.Considering the serious injury suffered by the Green Army, Tatum, who had just won the best player of the Eastern Month, was absent due to illness. The top star Walker’s injury was closer to the field. Hayward and Jaylen Brown both left the field early due to injury.Matt also left 6 offenses in the first half of overtime. The Nets reversal has some luck, but it is precisely because of the above factors that Lewell ushered in a career war.In the 2016 draft, Lewell was selected in the 20th overall pick in the first round. This year is his fourth season with the Nets. The overall performance is quite satisfactory, and the position in the team has steadily improved.In the team’s plan, he played an important role beside Durant, Irving and Ding Weidi.However, after this battle, Lewell’s self-confidence will be greatly improved, and a big step in his career will naturally become possible.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreads Wei Zhuo

Frozen 2 broke 500 million in the mainland, temporarily ranked fourth at the animated movie box office

“Frozen” 2 broke 500 million in the mainland, temporarily ranked fourth at the animated movie box office
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On November 30, according to Cat Eye Professional Edition data, the Disney animated film “Frozen 2” internally released on the ninth day, the total box office broke through 500 million US dollars, and gradually broke before the deadline.300 million box office, and today surpassed the new movie “Two Tigers”, once again becoming the single box office champion on Saturday, and leading the new movie box office breakthrough (currently “Frozen 2” 57 million yuan, “Two Tigers” 23 million yuan).Box office analyst Luo Tianwen believes that all the box office performance this weekend came from word-of-mouth. Although “Two Tigers” has Ge You and Zhao Wei sitting on the line, the word of mouth is not good, and Douban scored 6.5 points is much lower than “blade out of the sheath” 8.4 points, “Frozen 2” 7.At 3 points, there is not much difference between “Two Tigers” and “Blade Blade” at the box office, and it is likely to be overtaken by the shell.Today’s strong performance of Frozen 2 is likely to surpass the strong IP fan base and family fun type to continue to harvest the box office.At present, such a performance, “Frozen 2” is temporarily ranked fourth in this year’s Chinese animated film box office list (the first three are “The Nerd’s Devil’s Coming”, 4.9 billion, “The Lion King” 8.$ 200 million, “The Primitive Age of Bears” 7.100000000).Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Wang Xin