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Zhang Jie collaborated with Hao Lei to premiere the drama, not Xie Na’s lead

Zhang Jie collaborated with Hao Lei to premiere the drama, not Xie Na’s lead
Li Yishe Wenyanshe was screened by Chinese playwright Lai Shengchuan, directed by, director, Hao Lei, Zhang Jie, Qu Zhongheng, Fan Ruijun starring, “the Lai Shengchuan’s life illusion journey” starred in the actor and actor of the Shanghai Theater “Once That Is” December 9 in Shanghai TheaterStaged.”Once This Is” is a big work that Lai Shengchuan has been gestating in his heart for ten years. He has begun to create many times, and has postponed it for many reasons. Until the beginning of this year, Lai Shengchuan was invited by his alma mater California Berkeley University to do creative teaching.》 This drama, and a workshop-style performance at the end of April.  ”It used to be” has 4 scenes and 75 plays, with a total of more than 300 characters, and the performance time is 5 and a half hours (including two intermissions).The actress “Snow Lotus” is led by actor Hao Lei, while the actor Dorje and Lai Shengchuan specially invited singer Zhang Jie to collaborate.In the version, Lai Shengchuan also once again worked with Maimei and costume designer Sandra Woodell to create the “Double Lotus Pond” stage. The poster design was personally designed by Huang Hai, which was also his first time designing a poster for a drama work.It is reported that the play will be performed until the 22nd, with the lyrics by Lai Shengchuan, the composition by Hu Shuai, and the theme song of the same name sung by Zhang Jie have also been released on December 9th.  Director Lai Shengchuan looks like “like a dream” but is very different. “It used to be” is a new perception of Lai Shengchuan after “Dream of Dream” 19 years later, “” It used to be as possible “as possible一起比较,可能是因为长度以及‘莲花池’的用法。But this is actually two very different works.To me, “Dream of Dreams” is like a huge free association exercise. The sky and the sky are empty. “Once Once” is another kind of horse, flying into another kind of “empty”.Free associations exist, but they are connected in a rigorously structured narrative.”The story of” Once This Is Long “is a long and grand story. It is believed that people in a village have started a life of displacement because of an earthquake in a wedding. After they fled to New York, they experienced the disaster of” 9.11 “again, and they approached once.””Death”, Lai Shengchuan wanted to start thinking about human nature, time and man and nature in this work. The whole story is full of love and redemption.  The “Double Lotus Pond” created by Lai Shengchuan and old friend Sandra Woodell was also changed to “Dream of Dreams”: “In” Dream of Dreams “we used the lotus pond, the audience sat in the middle, playing around the lotusPool.I wanted to make any changes at Berkeley. In the end, we made a double lotus pond, a bit like a guitar, like a figure of eight.But unlike “Dream of Dreams”, there is no building on the stage this time, and there is an island in the middle of the lotus pond, which is also a small performance area, so that the audience will see more comfortable.”The starring Hao Lei’s script helped me answer my life’s doubts. After Meng Jinghui’s” Rhino in Love “and” Softness “,” Once So “was Hao Lei’s third stage work, which has passed five times since she last stood on the theater stage.year.Choosing Hao Lei as the heroine, Lai Shengchuan’s evaluation is, “Actors like Hao Lei are very demanding of themselves, and she is very confident in her heart.”  Hao Lei clearly remembered watching the script for the first time. From 12 pm to 4 am the next day, after reading it, she ran to the bathroom and cried a lot. After she calmed down, she wrote a long WeChat and sent herselfMy feelings were sent to Lai Shengchuan’s wife Ding Naizhu: “I did this because I was very moved.”The Once Used” script has been very in-depth. As an actor, at this stage, I can encounter such a script that can help me answer some troubles about life.I hope that after finishing this play, many questions left in my mind will be answered.For the role of “Snow Lotus”, Hao Lei’s first reaction to the script was to sigh.There is a line in “Once So” that “there may be tens of thousands of snow lotus in the world, but everyone is working hard to live, and in the end may really be like a dream, it is a void.”Hao Lei will collapse every time he plays this: “To watch” Once That Was “, two preparations are needed, one is to bring a tissue and handkerchief, and the other may be hungry, because I am a noodle shop and I have been making noodles all my life, from YunnanIn New York, I can’t move until I am old.I think Xuelian is not just a character, it is the whole life, it may be mine, or it may be yours.”Leading director Zhang Jielai helped me become Zhang Jie, the actor of the talking instrument actor” Duo Ji “. In fact, he knew Lai Shengchuan more than ten years ago. Lai Shengchuan felt that many of the characteristics of the character” Duo Ji “in the movie fit well with Zhang Jie himself.Then the two hit it off: “To be a drama actor, first of all, I have to have a good process with the director. Teacher Lai understands my personality. Over the years, no matter what state of life I am in, he can seeTo my heart without too much change, I am also a very simple person in life, citing several other roles, Duoji’s heart is relatively pure and close to his personality.From the outsider’s point of view, there must be a matchmaker in Zhang Jie’s ability to appear in “Once That Was”. Naturally, he thought of He Jiong and Xie Na, who had worked with Lai Shengchuan, around him. For this statement, Zhang Jie pointed out that he decided to play “”Once So”, the two of them did not know before, but the first person he knew was his wife Xie Na. Xie Na’s first reaction when she knew Zhang Jie was going to play the drama was: “I didn’t expect that I would watch you play as an audience from the stage., Is it a bit reversed.”The way Zhang Jie told He Jiong was more direct,” I not only played the stage work of Teacher Lai, but also sat in the dressing room you used to play “The Book of Water”.”Being involved in the stage of drama, Zhang Jie feels lucky:” There are so many good actors in the work such as Hao Lei, Fan Ruijun and Qu Zhongheng. They can take me into a good rhythm.Teacher Lai helped me become a musical instrument that could speak and sing, and tuned out my best voice.My character is illiterate, but he can see the text from the air and sing them out by singing. Of course, this performance is still a challenge for me.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Zhen

Frozen 2 broke 500 million in the mainland, temporarily ranked fourth at the animated movie box office

“Frozen” 2 broke 500 million in the mainland, temporarily ranked fourth at the animated movie box office
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On November 30, according to Cat Eye Professional Edition data, the Disney animated film “Frozen 2” internally released on the ninth day, the total box office broke through 500 million US dollars, and gradually broke before the deadline.300 million box office, and today surpassed the new movie “Two Tigers”, once again becoming the single box office champion on Saturday, and leading the new movie box office breakthrough (currently “Frozen 2” 57 million yuan, “Two Tigers” 23 million yuan).Box office analyst Luo Tianwen believes that all the box office performance this weekend came from word-of-mouth. Although “Two Tigers” has Ge You and Zhao Wei sitting on the line, the word of mouth is not good, and Douban scored 6.5 points is much lower than “blade out of the sheath” 8.4 points, “Frozen 2” 7.At 3 points, there is not much difference between “Two Tigers” and “Blade Blade” at the box office, and it is likely to be overtaken by the shell.Today’s strong performance of Frozen 2 is likely to surpass the strong IP fan base and family fun type to continue to harvest the box office.At present, such a performance, “Frozen 2” is temporarily ranked fourth in this year’s Chinese animated film box office list (the first three are “The Nerd’s Devil’s Coming”, 4.9 billion, “The Lion King” 8.$ 200 million, “The Primitive Age of Bears” 7.100000000).Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Wang Xin