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CBA Guangdong 127-116 Qingdao won three straight victories Zhu Fangyu 28 + 6 + 2 Yi Jianlian 20 + 7_1

CBA Guangdong 127-116 Qingdao won three straight victories Zhu Fangyu 28 + 6 + 2 Yi Jianlian 20 + 7
Beijing, November 9th, Zhongshan News, the CBA14-15 season fourth round of the competition began a full competition, with the veteran Zhu Fangyu scored 28 points, the Guangdong team beat the Qingdao team 127 to 116 at home, winning the league three consecutive victories.  Qingdao and Guangdong CBA played a total of 12 games in the history, Guangdong team 10 wins and 2 losses in absolute advantage.At home, Guangdong’s record against Qingdao is 6 wins and 6 wins.In this game, both sides played high concentration on the offensive end. Both coaches expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance after the interview.The Guangdong team played an offensive high efficiency in the second quarter and scored an amazing 47 points in a single quarter.In the second quarter, the Guangdong team made 10 of 13 3-pointers and shot 76.9%.Daniels faced Haddadi’s defense in this quarter and pulled to the outside attack, making 2 of 3 3-pointers.Du Feng can be polished to make targeted deployments for Hadadi’s slow moving speed.Zhu Fangyu broke the ball and Yi Jianlian made a defense against Harris Dufeng in the third quarter of Qingdao’s three foreign aids. He boldly gave young players the opportunity to play. Gao Shang, Ren Junfei and other teenagers did not live up to the trust of the head coach.After the three quarters, the game still maintained a leading edge, giving veterans such as Yi Jianlian and Zhu Fangyu enough rest time.In the fourth quarter, the Guangdong team’s domestic players gradually took advantage of their strengths. In particular, veteran Zhu Fangyu scored 5 of 6 3-pointers in the fourth quarter and contributed 17 points to help the team beat their opponents at home.In this game, Zhu Fangyu played 33 minutes, scoring 28 points and 6 rebounds and 2 assists.The wide-body commentary jokes that today the Zhongshan Stadium is home to Zhu Fangyu.  Yi Jianlian played 33 minutes and contributed 20 points and 7 rebounds.The performance is still stable, especially in the last period of direct confrontation with Haddadi, effectively inhibiting the opponent’s play.  Moody’s contributed a triple-double today, scoring 22 points and 11 rebounds and 13 assists.It can be polished that this young man is gradually integrated into the team, and the understanding with his teammates is gradually improving. It is believed that there is still much room for improvement in the future.  The Qingdao team can be said to perform well today.After the game, the team’s head coach Li Qiuping thought that the team scored 116 points on the road is a pretty good performance.But today the Qingdao team is still against three foreign aids. The team has only three players in double-doubles, all of which are foreign aids.Three foreign aid players scored 85 points, which accounted for more than 73% of the team.Because the team has three foreign aids, it is not too confident to grind domestic players. When there is an opportunity, domestic players do not dare to attack decisively. They all give the foreigners the right to fire in the attack.The most domestic player in this game is Lu Wei, with only 9 points.It is difficult for teams that overcome foreign aid alone to achieve good results in the CBA.  From the statistics, the Guangdong team has 25 assists in this game, while the Qingdao team has only 13 assists.It can be polished that the Guangdong team attaches more importance to team combat, while the Qingdao team is more individual combat.The Guangdong team has 44 rebounds, especially 21 offensive rebounds.The Qingdao team has only 32 rebounds, including only 8 offensive rebounds.The Guangdong team had only 8 turnovers and the Qingdao team had 14 turnovers.  Guangdong team starting goals: Chen Jianghua, Wang Shipeng, Zhu Fangyu, Yi Jianlian, Daniels Qingdao team starting goals: Haddadi, Deng Temeng, Chen Kai, Zhang Chengyu, Tang Hai The next round of matches, Guangdong team went to challenge Fujian team away, andThe Qingdao team returned home to play against the Bayi team.