More dry autumn, more self-discipline

More dry autumn, more self-discipline

After the hot summer, there is a wave of cool autumn. On this day when the autumn wind is blowing, many people go to the hospital for treatment, because after some people sweat excessively in the summer, all tissues of the body feel insufficient water.The wind is cold, which can easily cause headaches, tears, dry throat, nasal congestion, cough, stomach pain, joint pain and other symptoms, and even relapse or induce new diseases. The main manifestations are fatigue, malaise, inability to concentrate, dry throat and skin, and poor stool., Irregular menstruation, upset and so on.

There were also colds, fevers and even pneumonia hospitalized.

  After the beginning of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night expands, and the moisture in the air is significantly reduced. Dryness is the main gas in autumn. At this time, people will obviously feel dry.

Office workers living in office buildings all day accompanied by documents, computers, photocopiers, etc. in a closed air-conditioned environment, virtually encountered the invasion of dry evil, coupled with insufficient exercise, insufficient exercise, decreased resistance, easy to feel autumnDry interference.

Among them, dry mouth, dry throat, dry skin, and poor stool are the main symptoms.

The characteristics of dryness and pathogenicity are injury and fluid consumption, which make the body yin deficiency and yang.

The skin becomes dry and rough and loses its elasticity without the moisture of the body fluid. The loss of body fluid will cause the stool to dry or constipation; the throat is the portal of the lungs, and the lack of lung yin will cause the mouth to dry and throat, or cause upper respiratory infections,Progression to bronchitis, pneumonia.

Long-term destruction by Qiuzao destroys the body’s weakness, weakness, weakness, or may cause endocrine disorders and so on.

  It can be seen that the diseases we often love in autumn are often related to the natural environment and the small environment and their physical conditions.

Everyone has to face climate change in nature. We can only adapt the latter two to adapt to nature.

  The most direct and simple method for Qiuzao is to drink more water, but some people repeat the day and night without drinking less water, and still dry mouth.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dry mouth caused by Qiuzao is a deficiency of Yin and Jin in the body, and simply drinking water may not be effective.

Generally you can drink green tea, or go to a Chinese pharmacy to buy some fat sea, wolfberry, barley and other teas.

Usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat more fiber-rich vegetables, such as radishes, tomatoes, tofu, white fungus, pears, persimmons, bananas, etc. These foods have the effect of moisturizing the lungs, nourishing yin.

Smoking, wine and hot products such as pepper.

In the late autumn season, people ‘s essence starts to be sealed. Tonic foods are easier to digest, absorb and store, which is helpful to improve the function of organs and enhance the quality of the human body. Note that it is best to drink soup after each meal and take nourishing yinDry diet: Pear porridge: Wash and chop the pears and cook them with rice.

It has a good moisturizing effect on people with dry mouth, dry nose, dry cough and no sputum. It can be used as a health food for autumn.

  Carrot porridge: Wash and chop the right amount of carrots, add rice to cook porridge.

In autumn, the weather is dry, people often have symptoms such as rough skin, cracked lips, dry eyes, and increased dandruff. Carrot porridge has a certain effect.

  At the same time, there are many precautions in daily consultations and I often know office workers. For example, people who work for a long time in the computer should pay attention to the radiation of the computer, especially in autumn and winter. The damage to the skin is subtle, and the environment should be changed frequently, such asTake a 10-minute break for 1 hour of work, etc. Many harmful gases are generated when the copier is working. It is best not to put it in a closed office.

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