Don’t let jealousy drive your lover away

Don’t let jealousy drive your lover away

Girlfriend has a lively and cheerful personality, and often likes to participate in some school-organized activities, and sometimes goes out with school boys. Whenever this happens, I feel extremely uncomfortable.Whoever did something together.

At first, I asked first, and my girlfriend was able to answer them one by one patiently, but slowly, she began to resent me, and often refused to answer my calls.

So we have quarrels.

  Recently, my girlfriend and several boys frequently texted me. I don’t think she needs to maintain such a close relationship with boys other than me. She said that it is normal communication with those boys, so I don’t want to interfere.

But I think she is my girlfriend and I have the right to ask her like that.

She was angry that she was not my prisoner and immediately broke up with me.

Hearing her break up and being very determined, I was stunned.

I cried and said to her that I was so nervous because I cared. As long as she didn’t leave me, I would do whatever she wanted me to do.

After my hard begging, she finally made an agreement with me to suspend the contact temporarily. After graduation, we will continue to contact after we find a job. She promised that she would not find a boyfriend while we were separated.

Her commitment made me feel relieved too much, but I have always been used to being with her, and used to send her greeting text messages every day, and now suddenly stopped contacting, I feel that life has suddenly become a lot of things.

Sometimes I can’t help but call her, she always doesn’t answer, she doesn’t return messages, and I start to worry about whether my girlfriend will really leave me.

  Chen Xiao’s girlfriend Xiaoye responded: I was originally an extrovert, and it is normal for some heterosexual friends.

However, Chen Xiao always looked at me and didn’t even let me interact with the boys. I couldn’t stand his interference and distrust in me. I was very depressed with him.

But I didn’t want to break up with him at this point, I just hope that everyone will be separated and we will consider each other’s feelings when we can maturely face all this.

  Diagnosis: The above situation is caused by Chen Xiao’s inability to face his suspicion and jealousy.

It is normal for jealousy to exist in sexual relations, especially among young men and women.

However, everyone has a different sense of jealousy. Some people are born after the relationship between the person they love and others, and some people regard the object of love as their own

While Chen Xiao ‘s jealousy is similar to what we said, it also stems from his loss of self. When he found that he was about to lose his loved one, he cried to the loved one, as long as she did n’t leave herself,She allows herself to do anything.

Although Chen Xiao expressed his love, he lost his dignity when he said this sentence.

His actions make it difficult to get the respect of his girlfriend, which is also an important reason why his girlfriend wants to leave him.

  Prescription: To be respected by others, you must first respect yourself.

Without respect, there is no recognition.

Dignity is the support point of a person. With it, there is self-confidence and self-love, and then the ability to love others and inspire others to love themselves.

After this, it is recommended that Chen Xiao love to learn to love himself before loving others. At the same time, in contrast to his self-confidence, establish self-esteem, use the time separated from his girlfriend to hone his self-control and sense of internal control, so as to enrich his heart and pay attention toDu recovers from his girlfriend.

Only by making myself connotative, mature, stable and confident, I think my girlfriend will come back to you one day.

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