Messi staged an assist hat trick, and this season has doubled in the number of cakes

Messi staged an assist hat trick, and this season has doubled in the number of “cakes”
In the 23rd round of La Liga, a focus game started this morning at the Redis Lubana Stadium. Messi staged an assist hat trick to help Barcelona beat Real Betis 3-2.Barcelona has recently experienced turbulence, the team’s results are not consistent, and the King’s Cup has also been eliminated.In this campaign, facing Betis, the team’s only goal is to focus on the field and take all three points.At the beginning of the game, Barcelona was awarded a penalty for handball. Betis first went to the city, and only 4 minutes later, De Jong went all the way into the penalty area and Messi picked up the pass before the shot.De Jong also became the 45th Barcelona player to receive Messi assists.Messi subtly assists De Jong.Since then, Messi has provided two assists to help the team win 3-2, and also ushered in his fourth career assist hat trick.Messi, who assisted and wore a hat this time, participated in the team’s victory without accident and scored 10 points after the game.In this game, Messi assisted De Jong, Busquets and Langley to score; and in the game against Levante, Messi scored twice assisted Fati.Barcelona’s nearly five goals were all directly involved in the “baker king” Messi, and he became the second player to score in the five major leagues this season, assisting all players who “weared a hat”.So far this season, Messi has twice completed three single-game achievements. This is his first single-game three assists this season, just like Leipzig striker Werner.In addition, Messi is the only player with more than two assists in a single game this season.After this campaign, Messi has double figures in La Liga goals and assists this season, with 14 goals and 11 assists in La Liga scoring and assists respectively.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wang Xin