Chinese medicine massage to remove dysmenorrhea

Chinese medicine massage to remove dysmenorrhea

Abdominal pain occurs before and after menstruation, accompanied by low back pain, bloating, breast tenderness and other symptoms. This is a common disease of women-dysmenorrhea. Many unmarried women are very annoyed by this.Give it a try.

  Here are a few acupoints that are very effective for dysmenorrhea, namely: Shenshu: on the lower back, level with the navel, and next to the spine 1.

5 inches, one hole on each side; A is a point: the most painful part of the waist on both sides;

5 inches; Tongguan Yuan: 3 inches below the navel; Sanyinjiao: The internal resonance point is 3 inches above the posterior edge of the bone.

  In addition, there is a Yaoyangguan (you can find the spine as the vertical coordinate and the highest point of the lumbar bone as the horizontal coordinate), and massage each acupoint for a few seconds.

  A woman with dysmenorrhea lies flat on the bed, and the family stands by to help her massage. The massage can be done by pushing (pushing the palm root back and forth) or rubbing (circling motion with the palm root), whether clockwiseIn order to achieve fever, soreness is appropriate.

Treatment is performed 1 week before menstrual cramps, once a day, and continuous treatment for 3 months is a course of treatment.

  In addition, while massaging the acupoints, you can use hot compress method during dysmenorrhea. Fry about 1 kg of coarse salt in an iron pan, put it in a cloth bag, and apply it to the abdominal pain once a day.

  What is needed here is that women with dysmenorrhea usually pay attention to keeping their menstrual periods warm in their lives and not to be overly tired.

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