Eight minefields for ladies fitness

Eight minefields for ladies fitness

Fitness exercises often have some small habits that people ignore, but it is these small habits that make your fitness less effective day by day, and also bring some hidden dangers to your body.

  1. Weightlifting will only cause feces to accumulate. Many women refuse to use barbells or dumbbells because they have heard that weightlifting can only cause feces to accumulate and not consume aunts at all.

This statement is incorrect.

Lifting weight can completely reduce the amount of feces in the body and will continue to consume the feces in the body’s metabolism.

Use dumbbells of the right weight as exercise equipment, and adhere to regular exercise, the effect will be more significant.

  2. The more you sweat, the more you can lose weight. When you exercise in the gym, you don’t sweat a drop, but your companion is sweating. Do you feel both worried and suffering?

Don’t rely on it. Scientific research proves that sweating consumes water, salt and minerals, not aunts.

The lack of sweating during exercise has nothing to do with whether it is good for consumption.

  3. There is no need for warm-up preparations before the formal exercise. Many women rashly conclude that it is irrelevant to do no warm-up exercise. This is wrong.

A muscle that has not been moved is easily sprained because it is not fully prepared to withstand sudden large movements.

  Any warm-up action can increase the adaptability of the muscles and make the joints flexible and mobile.

Keep in mind that warming up before a workout is good for your cardiovascular system, which is good for your health.

  4, anyway, exercise, enjoy eating and drinking is not a big problem Many people are happy to think that during the fitness period, you don’t need to implement that nasty diet, but it is not.

Although someone does any physical exercise, the body does consume more traces and impurities, but it does not mean that all food is given a green light.

  The key is to maintain a balanced nutrition and eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, grains and lean meat.

Only by maintaining a scientific balance between diet and fitness can the best exercise results be achieved-significantly reducing excess meat and improving physical condition.

  5. Abdominal rehabilitation device is perfect for perfecting the abdomen. The abdomen is properly affected, so that the market is full of a wide range of abdominal equipment, even to the point of flooding.

However, simple abdominal exercises (including freehand and instrumental exercises) cannot make the “big belly” smaller.

  If you do not have a low-fat, low-carbohydrate recipe, do not do aerobic fitness exercises, and simply rely on abdominal exercises to shrink the belly, it is a waste of time.

  6, super weight-bearing exercise is better. If we observe carefully, we will find that many women carry small weights on their wrists and feet to exercise, and stepping on consumes more aunts.Damage to joints and deformities of the limbs, including spinal deformation.

  7, once you stop exercising, the effect will soon be “soaked,” and more people will be fatter than before.

In fact, only muscle mass formed by weightlifting exercises will start to decrease in the second week after you stop exercising.

But aerobic exercises, such as swimming for many years, long-distance running, aerobics, walking, and horse riding, have reduced muscle mass slowly.

  Of course, such muscle mass is not eternal.

The only way to keep your muscles lasting is to maintain regular fitness exercises and a controlled diet throughout your life.

  8, exercise a day, rest a day In some strength-type fitness exercises, muscles must rest at least 24 hours after each exercise.

Many people use this as a basis for a day of exercise and a day of rest.

In fact, doing so is useless.

  You can develop a rotation exercise plan, such as practicing leg muscles today and arm strength tomorrow.

Aerobic exercise and abdominal exercise can be carried out daily, so that you will not feel too boring and time will pass quickly.

  In short, don’t be fooled by some plausible fitness concept.

It is enough to remember one thing: perseverance.

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